Care of Magical Creatures

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Sir, we have incoming.  PV   Finished 

Her headache got worse with every second that she had to spend in this man's company. She quirked her eyebrow a tiny bit as he took the bag off the bird's head and allowed him to move freely once more. Why was she still holding the Phoenix if she did not need to? Geesh. He totally did that to annoy her. Hjørdis watched as the bird perched herself onto his head, where she secretly hoped it pooped on him.

The fellow Professor's voice carried throughout the room but she was no longer paying any attention to him. She looked at the bird for a moment, observing it as it started to peck the man on the top of his head. Hjørdis could not help but smirk a little, a little amused by the fact that he was being abused by his friend. It was no less than what he deserved, to be fair.

She wanted to smack him in the face for pretty much the majority of the time that she had been here. Sadly, it was probably not the sort of environment where it was suitable to gut punch or deck your colleague in the face. The temptation was real, however. At least the bird was getting some sort of revenge back for her, it was kind of satisfying to be quite honest.

Mentally rolling her eyes, Hjørdis could not help but wonder why he felt the need to 'booby trap' the door anyway. The mere thought was something that should not have even occurred to him. None of the other classrooms or offices required such a thing. Locks were enough to keep the students out when the building was vacant. They had special spells for that, that were a little too advanced for the students to crack.

This man was definitely someone that she deemed to be suspicious. Hjørdis could not quite put her finger on it but there was something about him that she just did not trust at all. A familiarity that she was not comfortable with. It was as though she was missing something very important that she really should not be missing.

Hjørdis wanted so much to comment on his fraudulent politeness. However, he was no longer worth the breathe or time. He was simply wasting her time with his antics and she no longer had the patience or empathy to deal with such nonsense. Yes, she had run out of empathy - because so far, all she had done was display that kind empathy she had and it simply had gone in vain with the animal that stood in front of her, which did not go by the name of Perthyn Wendigo.

The Slytherin simply looked at the Phoenix, rather than the Care of Magical Creatures Professor. She gave the magnificent bird a small nod of her head, as a simple sign of respect and acknowledgement. It was also her way of saying goodbye. Griffith got nothing. She did not even bother to look at the man or even acknowledge his presence anymore. He was simply not worthy of a goodbye - or any signs of respect, because she simply had no respect for him.

The blood that had been escaping from Perthyn Wendigo had stopped straight after the flour had been added. She was glad that, at the very least, there were no physical dangers for the magical creature. The very same blood, however, had stained her own clothing. Hjørdis looked down at her own outfit. A frown crossed her eyebrows as she observed it. She did not actually care that there was blood on the white dress that she wore. She normally would, to be honest.

Her appearance was something she always took seriously. It was something she worked hard to keep in pristine condition. She was shallow enough and vain enough to be into looks, after all. The truth was that today, she had willingly let her own clothing get dirty to help Perthyn Wendigo, however best she could. Sadly, it was not something that was appreciated.

The frown on her face was more for Griffith's benefit. He could see how annoyed she was that her clothing had gotten dirty and continue to believe that the Slytherin was simply stuck up and uncaring. That was a reputation that she was happy to maintain. She tutted audibly, as though to indicate that she was not impressed by the mess that this situation had made. It was almost as though she wanted to make a point to him that her beautiful outfit was ruined because of him. Of course, she could - and would - clean it up. However, her pride hurt and she was going to make sure he knew that she was not pleased with this whole situation.

She did not bother to acknowledge this 'gratitude' either. In truth, she just thought it was sarcasm, rather than anything sincere. Without much further ado, the Slytherin simply turned around and pushed the door open with a forceful shove with her palm on it. She only used on hand to open it but the sound of her palm hitting the door was loud enough to know that she hit it with a lot of force. The impact probably stung her palm a little too, to be honest but she was too irritated to care about the physical pain of it right now.

Hjørdis shoved the door open, exiting the building without bothering to close it behind her. She had been half tempted to blow the door open with magic, in all honesty. The only thing that prevented her from doing that was the impact that it would have on the animals in the area. Without much further ado, Hjørdis left the enclosure as quickly as she entered it.

Sir, we have incoming.  PV   Finished 

It was rare, that a day should work out so well. But the cards were finally turning up Griffith. He maintained his composure up until she left the building. She had been upset and frowning and clearly angry at him, but he didn’t care. Who would, after all. Anger was something everyone felt, it didn’t hurt anything. The emotion only served to make others more predictable. She got mad so she left. She would sulk for a few days and then forget all of this ever happened. He wasn’t exactly important enough to remember. It was a good thing that had just happened, to be sure. But all the same he did feel a bit upset about the arrangement. She had been pretty nice, all things considered. She had held his bleeding friend and not even commented on it. She would have been, looking back on the scenario, a potentially amazing friend to have.

But he knew very well that friends wouldn’t do. He couldn’t afford them right now, but maybe later. Maybe in a few months, when he knew everything was fine…
It was a nice thought that he entertained until bitter reality reared its ugly head to remind him that it wasn’t going to happen. In a couple months, he would push making friends back another couple. He had to be safe, would be the excuse. It always was, after all. But this time he could feel the opportunity slip past tangibly, and it made him wince. It was a new feeling, and one that he recognized, acknowledged for what it was, and then firmly suppressed.

Perthyn Wendigo was clearly still mad at the man, but he tried to reconcile with the creature after waiting five or so minutes. Enough time that, should she have been waiting at the door, which he really doubted she would unless she was some sort of brilliantly acting super spy or just plain weird. He held out a hand, which the Phoenix began to savage, biting weakly without intent to harm, but enough to be clearly uncomfortable. The bird still liked the man and the treats and companionship, that wouldn’t change just because he had done one thing Perthyn Wendigo thought was stupid.

“Hey, buddy I know. She was nice to you and all, but we don’t need people around here. I took a job to teach, that doesn’t require me to make friends.

...Don’t give me that look, you know why we’re doing this. Why am I even talking to you? It’s not like you can answer, you probably just spend all day judging me from that stupid perch of yours.”

He sometimes wondered just how much went on in the heads of some of those creatures. It didn’t matter, anyway. Mostly because that was a question he couldn’t figure out on his own. He considered watching a movie for about a half second before realizing where he was. There was a price to pay for safety, and in this case it was sacrificing some of the best things muggles ever managed to do. Sighing to himself, he continued.

“I’m sorry. You gave me a pretty big fright back there. I’ll apologize to her later, but it’s not going to change anything, just you wait. The day she comes back willingly is the day I chug a bottle of hot sauce.

Now let’s get you some food.”

“If this is a complaint would you mind sending it with an owl? It's easier to ignore."