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Most of the class watched as a girl went up to stroke one of the hippogriffins, it nibble her finger friendly. Kaegen jolted up and strutted to the girl, taking huge steps as he walked. He yanked her back so hard that she almost fell. Kaegen lead her out of the classroom. Makena looked next to her and she could see Aurelia was getting restless, the whole class was. Makena felt a tap on her shoulder it was Aurelia.
"Makena, I don't think the professor is coming anytime soon. I'm going out for a walk in the forest, you can follow if you wish."
Makena stood up, grabbed her bad and followed Aurelia since she knew the professor wasn't getting here anytime soon and she was just going to be sitting waitng bored. Aurelia also saw that another boy she must of knew him looked bored as well.
"You can come along too, Austin."
Aurelia then stood up, hung her sack around her shoulder and walked towards the door. Makena followed but she wasn't sure if the boy was coming as well. They then passed Kaegen and the girl outside. The girl was shouting furiously at him. 
"Hey, Kaegen, I'll be out wandering in the forest if the professor asks."
Aurelia said to the bot as we walked passed. "So where to now?" Makena asked she wasn't worried she knew a few defence and attack spells she could do well and she was an okay navigator but not the best but she hoped Aurelia was. They were about to leave when the assistant Kaegen came up to them 
"I have somewhere else, fun but a bit safer."
"Where" Makena asked but she still wanted to go for a walk in the forest. Makena looked at Aurelia waiting for her to say something.

Makena D

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Kaegen had a tint of frustration in his expression when she told her she was heading to the forest. There were footsteps behind her, she turned around and saw Makena m catching up to her. Aurelia smiled, she knew someone would tag along.
"Great, you came," She said.
So where to now?
"I don't know. At least some where besides this dreadful place." She replied and continued walking.

Aurelia was already a few feet away from the class when somebody called out.
She stopped in her tracks and spun around.
I have somewhere else, fun but a bit safer.
Was Kaegen really offering her a suggestion? She knew Kaegen hated her already for being so impulsive, especially after she insulted him. She squinted her eyes skeptically. She thought. Kaegen knew the forest well however didn't want to take her there. It should mean that he knew the dangers of the woods and was trying to steer her away. Maybe he had good intentions, or maybe he was leading her to a place where he could lock her and Mekana up so they would no longer be his problem. Or maybe, he was just trying to buy time and lead her back to class when the professor had arrived. But whatever it was, a scrawny twig like Kaegen couldn't do much to harm her. She also knew a spell to unlock doors if he was ever to lock her up.

"Alright, Kaegen, show us the way to the place you consider fun and safe." She said.

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Kaegen's mind raced with different possibilities.
They could go sailing on the lake in a log, try and dodge the squid if it showed but they would probably jump in the water. They could go to this cool glade Kaegen found in the forest, but the point was to avoid that place. They could go to Kaegen's lair, but that was sorta secret, and he certainly wouldn't want to lead a huge group there. There was some cool places by the lake, maybe they wanted to go there? It was pretty hard to find somewhere fun that these people wouldn't mess with. But nonetheless he eventually came up with a place he knew, a fun thing to do. These people wanted to play with creatures, didn't they? Well, he knew where creatures were that wouldn't kill them. There were a few hedgehogs living in a bush, off to the side of the field. If they waited a bit, perhaps they could see them. Hedgehogs weren't hard to find. They didn't move very fast, after all. The other students probably wouldn't touch them, because of the spikes. So if they had the sense to not be too loud, they might have fun. It was impossible to not like looking at the fat little balls of spikes with the two little eyes and cute button nose.
"That way"
Kaegen checked to make sure that the hippogriffs had gone back to the stables, and that no one was following them, and then started smoothly walking off across the field.

flectere si nequeo superos, Achaeronta movebo

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Kaegen's mouth remained still. Aurelia looked at him with judging eyes, did he really know a place? He looked like he was concentrating on something, as if he was thinking hard. Then he opened his mouth and spoke
That way
Kaegen had pointed. She glanced at the direction he had pointed, it was a field with waist-high grass swaying to the wind's direction. Aurelia wasn't convinced, there didn't seem that there was a creature in the patch of grass that could interest her, Kaegen started walking in the direction of the field. Aurelia sighed, maybe she should trust him for once. She combed through her long flowing black hair, and braided it, wrapping the end with a hairband to sercure it. Her hair was now in a nice fishtail braid, trailing from the crown of her head and across her shoulder. She didn't want her hair blowing in her face and getting tangled up when she was onto having her first adventure at Hogwarts.

"Wait up," she called and skipped excitedly towards Kaegen.

"Try to keep up," she said to Mekana.

"If you think you might get in trouble, lost, or possibly get hurt, it's not to late to return back to class." She told her.

Aurelia leaves thread

I'll be creating a new thread for this adventure
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I've created the thread. It's called Adventures 101. You guys can join me.

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It wasn't long until Austin got bored of the class. Sure, he liked magical creatures, but why isn't the professor here yet? 

Austin starts to wonder if the Professor would come. Maybe that rude guy was right.
Maybe they were waiting for nothing but thin air?

It didn't matter. Austin was bored and he had to find a way to amuse himself, somehow.

It wasn't long until Austin's mind came up of something brilliant. He remembered something. "THE FOREST!" Austin seemed to say out loud. 

It was almost like everyone stared at him as he said those words. Austin puts on his apologetic face and smiles at everyone, all while saying sorry.

He wondered, though, are they allowed to go to the forest? He already saw about two people go outside. He grabs a thing he copied from the school bulletin board from his pocket, it contained the school rules.

He ran through the pages of the book but he saw nothing. He was confused. He knew he copied everything from the board! But where was it?

He read everything from top to bottom.
But he still couldn't find it.

This bothered him massively. He was bored but he didn't want to break the school rules!

He starts to think. 'That rude guy is outside, does he even know the rules?' 'He says stuff as if he knows everything. I mean, he might, right?'

Austin couldn't think of anything else to do so he grabs out a notebook he was carrying from under his desk. It was a pretty large one.

It was labeled, ''Beasts of Hogwarts, Austin Finch" The notebook looked pretty old. It was dark red.

Written there was his beast discoveries in Hogwarts. Sadly, he couldn't write something in the notebook since he never actually saw a magical beast in Hogwarts yet. And if he did, he wouldn't have a camera to take a picture of it and paste it in the notebook.

Austin starts to think. He might find creatures in the forest! If he went outside, and he didn't know the rules, then that would be a good execuse! I mean, the professor wasn't there! What is there to do?

Choices were fighting in his mind. He starts to compare the choices in his mind.

'If I waited patiently here, I'd be safe. If I went outside, It would be dangerous and I might get into trouble.' Austin thinks. 'Maybe I should ask Verla's opinion.'

"Verla," Austin smiled at Verla as he says, "You're a Hufflepuff, right? Do you think we should go outside to the forest? I'm getting kind of bored. I'm not sure if it's against the rules, though. Kaegen definitely did go outside. That brat."

"What do you think, Verla? I'm getting kinda bored, Kaegen might be right." Austin asks in a whispery tone. He puts his hand on behind of his head and scratches it.

~A. Finch~

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She nodded and smiled "sure I guess." She said and stood up. She gathered her things and her Bowtruckle Oliver fell out of her cloak, she gasped and quickly put him back. She looked at Austin, hoping he wouldn't mind Ollie. What were they going to do out in the forest? She just remembered she was going with a boy! What if.... she shook her head. Then she shivered. She never knew she would be friends with a boy. She had a guy friend when she was little and he was great, maybe Austin Finch was too, didn't hurt to give him a chance. She blushed as she walked out to the forest with him. What were they going to do? 

She was as red as a fire truck. She could feel it, she didn't want to do the wrong thing, or say the wrong thing. What if her power got out of control. What if she hurt Austin? So many questions and she wasn't even out the door yet. She began to nibble on a cookie and read a book as she walked to calm her nerves. Maybe this way she'd think she was too nerdy and change his mind.

"What cannot be seen, felt, or carried?" Person who gets this right I will donate some money to them.

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Austin notices that Verla was reading a book. He thinks that bookworms would be good friends because he doesn't like reading. It's just that he thinks that It would be better to watch two-hour movie than read a two-day book.

Being the innocent boy he was, as soon as they stepped out the room's door, he held Verla's hands in a friendly manner. He was thinking, 'What if she's scared? Maybe holding her hands might make her feel better.'

He still wasn't sure if they were allowed to go to the forest, but it seemed like Verla just didn't get what he was trying to say earlier. He thought that it would be rude if he didn't come with her after giving such a request.

It was still awkward for the two, Austin still managed to speak despite of the awkwardness, though. "If you were wondering," Austin pauses for a bit, he seemed to hear a scary sound from the forest. "Why- uhm, I invited you to come with me is, I thought you were interested on seeing magical beasts in the forest? I also wanted to at least write one thing in my Beast Discoveries notebook." He continued. Austin shows Verla his notebook.

"Speaking of Beasts!" Austin shouts as he remembered something. "Isn't Ollie, your bowtruckle, a beast?" Austin asks. "Here, wait, let me write it down my notebook."
Austin let go of Verla's hand for a bit and started taking notes on his notebook. "Verla, maybe I can just take a picture of Ollie later, I didn't get to brung my Polaroid camera."

They continued walking, Austin held Verla's hands again. He was feeling more comfortable than earlier.

As they approached a denser part of the forest, Austin speaks up, "But- Verla- I'm not sure if this is allowed. The actual forest is through here, should we even go through?"

Luckily, Austin managed to read the sign posted on one of the tall trees.

"The Forbidden Forest.." Austin reads out loud from the sign.

"Forbidden?" Austin's voice got louder out of shock. "Kaegen and that other girl shouldn't be here, then!"

"Sh-should we report it to Professor-"

For an unknown reason,Austin starts feeling dizzy. He suddenly loses grip of Verla's hand and falls to the ground.

Sorry for leaving you this much responsibility.. lol. Maybe take Austin to the Hospital wing?

~A. Finch~

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Crystal huffed and looked away, and started to walk away.
‘He’s just so stubborn! Always wanting to keep his reputation up! God!’
Crystal then looked around and found there was no where else to sit.
She then grabbed her stuff and walked to a corner and placed her stuff there.
‘Well this class just got boring where is the professor? Wouldn’t he be here by now?’
Crystal thought.
She then heard someone was going to the forbidden forest.
Her heart jumped and her eyes went wide.
She wanted to go, she needed to go.
Crystal then broke into a smile and walked on over to the group of kids that she could hear where talking about going into the forest, moments as she walks over she sees a kid about to fall to the ground eminently she grabs her wand from inside her cloak and pointed it at the boy, time seemed to slow down, as the magic quickly caught the boy.
Crystal then lowered his body to the ground safely and ran to him she didn’t know him but she didn’t care she then shook him.
“Are you ok? Are you ok?!”
Crystal started to freak out she then took to fingers to his neck and checked his pulse. He was ok, and he was breathing. Just passed out, or something like that.
Crystal then looked up at the girl that was with him.
“Sorry, I’m Crystal. And do you know what happened before he fell?” Crystal waited for an answer.
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Uhm, sorry Crystal but Verla and I started a Private thread already in the Hospital wing, maybe you can just cancel your post? Or delete it? Or edit it? I'm so sorry.

~A. Finch~

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