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The Stables

The stables, a long stone windowless building that was drab, but grand at the same time. A perfect rectangle plenty large enough for several gigantic beasts to comfortably sleep in. The top had a odd roof made of bricks, an angled sort of affair that seemed a lot as if someone had placed a long triangle on top of a long rectangular block.

A tall stone fence extended from the stables in a large circle. What was once a wooden pen had been replaced with a fortress of sorts. The new professor had taken precautions, and always keeps the door locked. A large chain link dome stops intruders from the air, or perhaps stops escapees from the ground.

It became a castle in and of itself within a few days, but not a overly large one. Big enough to hold around three dragons at maximum capacity. Assuming, of course, that someone wanted to keep three full grown dragons locked up together. Where would someone even come by three large dragons? The forbidden forest's borders had been marked with signs that had red paint letters on them saying

"Stay out-that means you. Yes, You."

And other such warnings. If some idiot child got eaten on his watch, there was no way he was going to be legally liable for it. Only a fool put themselves in the ministry's line of sight. It was a fortress of solitude, no windows to shed any light into the rectangle longhouse, and it seemed a bit dismal. There were two entrances. One led directly into the pen that was attached to the main stables, and was for all intensive purposes a door sized slab of stone. THAT WAS THE BACKDOOR. Above it was a little sign that read

"use front door"

If one were to go to the stone longhouse, which made up the main stables, there would be another stone slab identical to the first. This one, too, had a sign.

"Pull cord for professor Griffith. If no one answers, I either am currently occupied with something, am not here or don't want to talk to you. In any of these cases remember. You don't have to go home, but I don't want you here."

The cord was a piece of black ribbon glued to the slab. To say it was an interesting arrangement would be putting it very lightly indeed. if someone tried to force entrance by means of alohomora or other magical means there were a few things set in place, the strongest of which was that it was a big stone door, which meant you needed a pretty big amount of physical strength to open it.

Morfran was a paranoid man, and a man that wanted dearly to be left to his own devices. That meant if he didn't want anyone to come near his creatures, no one had better come near his creatures. The biggest defense, of course, was himself. He hardly ever leaves the stables, and when he does it's only to grab food from the house elves.

Students walking by the stables might hear the occasional screech, or perhaps a muffled roaring from within the confines. But as of yet, no one below third year had ever ventured inside. And no one had been brave enough to try and force entry by one means or another. The obvious route , which was to ask the professor himself had been disregarded entirely. No one was brave enough to strike up a conversation with the man. And he gave strong hints that he preferred it that way.

The most obvious of which was a sign planted next to the front door that read

"If you have no business here, I don't want you here."

Now and again there have been rumors of a black cat covered in scars lurking near the building. But that probably means nothing anyway. Nothing at all.
You will not see the cat, however you may catch a glimpse of it. Feel free to make RPs here, but be warned they may be subject to sudden interruptions, either by myself or a random creature. This is highly unlikely, but possible. If you need Morfran for anything, I will be opening a separate topic for those that pulled the cord.

“If this is a complaint would you mind sending it with an owl? It's easier to ignore."

The Stables


“If this is a complaint would you mind sending it with an owl? It's easier to ignore."