Care of Magical Creatures

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Hiding from Troubles  Closed 

Kai takes off her glasses and wipes the tears from her face in a huff. She was angry that she couldn't keep the tears from falling before she made it to the barn that housed the some of the magical creatures. "I am not a filthily fat mudblood... I'll show them." A snobby Slytherin had whispered that nasty say to her as the last class had let out and everyone had been rushing to get to the evening meal.

She sniffed as she pushed open the door and slipped in through the crack that was big enough for her. Once inside she pushed the heavy door shut again.

She stood there for a moment to let her eyes adjust to the dimmer lighting of the building.  She sighs seeing that is was just her and the creatures. Still sniffing she walks over to one of the hippogryffe's stall. She wipes her tears before bowing to the majestic beast. It showed no hesitation in bending a knee to her.

With the necessary greetings out of the way, she held up a hand to the beast for it to scent her and become familiar with her scent. Kai had a feeling she was going to spend a lot of time here in this barn...

Kai's Stats: Stamina 7 | Agility 2 | Strength 2 | Control 6 | Arcane power 6 | Accuracy 7

Hiding from Troubles  Closed 

Bryant was quiet as he had entered the barn after the girl about five or so minutes after her. She seemed to be sad, and curiosity got him moving. Even for not liking to have to talk to other people, he was kind of worried for the girl.

Yellow and grey eyes peer into the dimly lit area, as he pushed the door open. And in one smooth motion, he shut it behind him. He stood there, staring at the girl, trying to find words to say, but he couldn't, he never could speak, at least, not now, even though he worries for her, Bryant doesn't know if he can trust her.

Instead, he picked up a stick and wrote on the ground, "You okay?" He doesn't know how much space she would want to have.

Bryant showed her, that on his scarf, was that of the Ravenclaw, in case if she wondered what house he was in. He listened to the animals and everywhere else just in case if anyone else tries to show up.

People are not his thing, but he does have a heart as pure as his mother's when it comes to helping others out if it looks like they need someone to talk to. He still has his social shell guard up, seeming as he still doesn't know what to think if the girl.

Hiding from Troubles  Closed 

Bryant looked at the girl for a minute as she was petting the hippogriff. Then she finally told him what was wrong. She was bullied, he guessed, from her response. He could feel like he was slowly coming out of his social shell as he knows what it feels like to be bullied.

He wiped the dirt of his previous message and then he wrote on the ground with the stick, "My name is Bryant Engals. And just because you are used to it, doesn't mean it is okay."

He waited as she would read the message on the ground before coming just a little bit closer. He still kept his distance as he doesn't entirely know the girl before him. That, and he has read about hippogriffs. One must not venture towards such a majestic creature too fast, or they will suffer the consequences.

Instead, Bryant sat down where he was, as he looked at the girl with his own uniquely colored eyes. His eyes were part of the reason why he himself has been bullied so much in the past. And he was thankful that hasn't been a problem here. A sigh escaped his lips as he waited for the girls response.

Hiding from Troubles  Closed 

Kai's glassy chocolate colored eyes dart over and quickly reads the new message. She sighs in response to his own. "I know. But I have yet found a way to escape their need to point out what I am already too aware of. I know I am... overweight. I hate it but one of my 'feel better' technique is to eat sweets... It is an ugly cycle."

She then winces visibly. Why in the world did she just say that? It just came tumbling out once the flood gates were open. She shook her head before continuing. "I have always loved equines so instead of finding the kitchen I thought I would find refuge here."

The eagle head beast tilts his head to the new student and gives a warning hiss sound. He has not bowed or shown the stallion any respect.

"Easy Tin," She spoke once again resuming her petting of the large creature. "I am sure he won't hurt you."

"Bryant, from what I have read, they like to be respected. A bow goes a long way." Suddenly as if in agreement the hippogriff bobs his large eagle head before tossing his head like he had a mane and snorts thought his beak.

Kai couldn't help but smile at the proud beast. She would love to have one of her own.

Kai's Stats: Stamina 7 | Agility 2 | Strength 2 | Control 6 | Arcane power 6 | Accuracy 7

Hiding from Troubles  Closed 

Bryant listened to the girl as she spoke. She didn't seem that overweight as she claims to be. Then again, be will never understand how evil other people can be and their true colors. He erased the last message and was about to write something else but was surprised by the Hippogriff as it was unsettled by his presence. He then heard the girl say something else. It was about hippogriffs and how they need to be bowed to in order to be good with any newcomers.

Bryant nodded and got back up on his feet, them bowing to the majestic creature. After a minute, he got up from his bow and went back to where he was,and wrote in the dirt once more. "People always look for the imperfections in others. It makes them feel good. I've had my fair share of dealing with other bullies." He pointed to his two different colored eyes, hoping that the girl understands what he meant by his gesture.

He let out a soft sigh, as he realized that he is trusting this girl more and more. But it was only because she seems to have a hard life of people bullying her, just like he does. Bryant stayed quiet, not ready to use his voice just yet.

Hiding from Troubles  Closed 

Kai nods at the message he had written in the dirt. "That was true." She sighs and wipes her face with her hand just to make sure her face was clear of tears - in the process she smudged a bit of dirt on her cheek.

When Bryant bowed the hippogryffe snorted through its beak before seemingly to look the boy over. As if considering to accept the bow. It took long moment before it bent a knee and bowed back. Accepting his company and maybe him as a rider or caretaker but nothing else.

Really Kai didn't notice how different his eyes were until he pointed them out. "Oh!" she said in a moment of understanding. "So, you know what its like to be a target of a bullies wrath too. People can be so mean and ugly.... despite some of their looks." She knows she was repeating what he has written but it sounded better when given in a voice.

Tin, nudged Kai again this time more in her side where her pockets were. He could smell something tasty there. When she kept talking to the boy, he actually chirped softly and nipped gently on Kai to get her attention back to him.

With a laugh Kai turned to him and asked, "What is it boy?" Almost as if he understood he nudged at her pocket again. "Oh! You must smell my leftovers from lunch." And with that Kai pulls out a muggle sandwich bag with some cooked chicken chunks in it that she took from lunch earlier that day. "I forgot I had it. Here..." She said as she pulls a thumb sized piece out and holds it out for Tin to take.

Ever so gently, with gentleness that was uncommon for any such beast, Tin took the piece of chicken from Kai's grasp.

Kai's Stats: Stamina 7 | Agility 2 | Strength 2 | Control 6 | Arcane power 6 | Accuracy 7