Care of Magical Creatures

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POST NUMBER: 666 if that isn't foreboding I don't know what is.

The young ravenclaw had been doing homework when the idea suddenly popped into his head that he wanted to fly. More specifically, fly on a hippogriff. So he walked into the stables, picked out a darkish, large specimen with especially large talons that he thought looked pretty cool and bowed to it. It didn't bow back, so Kaegen bowed again, lower this time. It took him 5 more times and the bribe of a dead rabbit, but eventually the beast came out, however begrudgingly. Luckily for Kaegen he had been cleaning out the stalls and feeding the hippogriffs the past few days and was on better terms than most. Still not good terms, but at least not bad. He stopped, prompting the hippogriff to stop next to him. There was a sort of lift off pad that he had cobbled together for more or less no reason. It was a flat rock with a half empty glass of water and a large coil of rope and it was there the two of them had stopped. Bowing once more, the boy slipped onto the back of the creature and looked ahead. He had no idea what riding a hippogriff was going to be like, but it looked like it was going to be interesting. Extremely interesting. The creatures breaths made it's back rise and fall taking Kaegen with it. The motion sent a tingle down his spine as he slowly became more and more aware of what this creature could do. It could snap him in two like a matchstick if it wanted, but more importantly it could snap other things in two. Assuming it wanted to, which was the current problem. The hippogriff was playing with the rope with it's beak and talons, eventually grabbing on to a section of it and flinging the rest of the coil away with its beak, unraveling it. It then turned to look at Kaegen. It had been bored before, playing with some rope that it was holding on to because it didn't have a reason to let go, but the beast now saw an opportunity to have some fun. And as its eyes glinted with the mischievous realization, Kaegen knew what was about to happen. Creatures were much easier to read then people were. But knowing what was going to happen was not the same as being ready for it, as the creature spread it's wings and took off, low to the ground as fast as it could go. Kaegen's eyes shot open wide, then squinted almost shut as the shock and rush of wind followed each other in succession. His little hands gripped the feathers around it's neck until his knuckles showed bright white, contrasting the dark feather like two blots of white ink on a black piece of paper. He was terrified, powerless and wondering desperately how much it would hurt if he jumped, the rope beginning to trail behind.
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When Max first decided to head down to check out the magical creatures, he'd expected a relatively quiet day of learning the temperament of a Hippogriff and ignoring the rest of the world at large. Based on the reading he'd done, winning the respect of one of the beasts was a task the unworthy weren't up to, and it made for a great way to test himself against someone impartial. Creatures didn't care about the past or the kids you didn't get along with in school; what happened today would say much more about who he was then some dumb first grade's words.

So he was prepared for difficulty. Maybe even disappointment if he didn't measure up the way he'd hoped. But he wasn't prepared in the slightest for this. This horror show debacle that was a terrified-looking Ravenclaw on the back of a beast bigger than he'd imagined, growing slowly more distant... Scratch that. It was gaining ground bloody quickly and might be gone in another moment.

His first thought was to get the hell out of there and pretend he hadn't seen anything. The kid might fall off and break his neck, but it wasn't Max's problem. Except for the fact that people would've seen him heading this way and rumours spread like wildfire around here. 'That Avery boy' being at the stables the same time and day another boy died from falling from a Hippogriff would stir up a fuss he wasn't sure could be gotten rid of. With his reputation as somewhat of a 'bully,' the people who didn't like him might claim he forced the Ravenclaw onto the Hippogriff and slapped its hindquarters for good measure. Which meant walking away was no longer an option.

Uttering a word most adults would wash his mouth out with soap for, he took in the whole situation with a desperate, almost panicky eye and came to the despairing conclusion that there was only one thing he could do to try and stop the Hippogriff. There was a rope. There was the world's worst idea. Then there was him lunging for the rope, grabbing it before the whole thing uncoiled and he couldn't do a single thing.

Unfortunately, he'd miscalculated - or ignored, in a moment of stupidity - just how weak he was. "Stop," he tried to command in a voice reserved for pets, but then the slack in the rope ahead of his hands disappeared and the heels he'd dug in were being dragged through the dirt. Now his options were to let go and fall backwards, risking rope burn and a ruined reputation, or keep clinging on. Choosing the latter may not have been the worst decision he'd ever made in the entirety of his life, but as he realized that the beast could actually fly upwards at any moment, it was pretty damn close.

M. Avery
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An evening spent at a library, a book, and some terrible curiosity prompted Reid to actually trudged down towards the area where people mentioned a plethora of creatures. If he heard right, his Head of House was the Professor for Care of Magical Creatures, thus all he wanted to do was look at the beasts he read about in that book. Well he didn't exactly even read the book, it was a quick glance through the photos and diagrams that satiated his mind. 

There were better things he could occupy his time with, surely, but studying rarely enticed his appetite as much as the outdoors. But his attention drew less to seeing the animals and to the sound that he heard as he was coming around a bend. The first guess was an animal that was just stomping about, but never did it occur to him that students would be on or near said animal. At first, amusement flashed on his features before it quickly fell to sheer horror at the realization. 

"What ..." Was that a rope? Without even thinking properly with all of the possible outcomes that this situation could entail, the boy ran for the end of the rope. He was strong, but he wouldn't ever think he was strong enough to stop a beast such as a Hippogriff. Still, with the best intentions and not exactly the most complete mental function, Reid grabbed the rope and dug his heels into the soft earth. What was that Ravenclaw boy doing on it? Was he mad? "What is he do -", his voice cut short as a rock tripped him. 

His clothes became stained with the unforgivable clods of dirt and mud. The boy, still gripping the rope and now having his knees in the dirt, was dragged like a toy till he was fully prone. Even his best efforts to try and stand up for some footing was lost to the wind as the speed of the Hippogriff was too hard to deal with. The rope was gripped as white as the blood that was draining from his face from sudden realization. This thing was going somewhere, possibly higher -very high. With a voice full of doubt and pure fear, he uttered, "That thing's going to go higher, oh bloo -" Something smacked him in the face, of course.

It was easier to leave now, he wouldn't be in danger and besides, he's already had his fair share of danger. Days in the infirmary and a burnt forest could do a lot to a kid who barely got out by the skin of his teeth. Still, he'd never be able to live it down knowing he shied away from at least attempting to help. Maybe there was a bit of crimson running through his veins after all. But a pair of canvas shoes had no traction and his young self was probably not enough for him to even put a dent in its stride. It would be a long ride and thus his hand gripped the rope even tighter.

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"The mist never holds on to anything, so what makes it stay in the fens?"
-Kaegen Deathmote

By some cruel twist of fate the hippogriff did indeed want to go up. Rising in height until the rope’s end was barely touching the ground. Kaegen had been holding on, not really wanting to look behind or down, but he thought something was wrong. He may have been scared, but something in front of him was surprisingly interesting. He could see the rope the hippogriff was holding, but it wasn’t whipping about like it should.

It was taught, and the hippogriff actually seemed like it was struggling to maintain it’s speed and altitude. That was interesting, the only reason it would be doing that is if something heavy was attached at the base, but he could have sworn it was a free coil of rope a second ago.

He normally would never have considered loosening his hold enough to glance backwards, but this was incredibly bizarre. Looking down along the length of the tight rope he noticed two other students, hanging on for dear life as they were slowly being lifted higher and higher off the ground.

That anyone was stupid enough to grab on to the rope came as a bit of a shock to the boy. Logically the last thing one would do when coming across a random rope would be to grab on. It wasn't just the random boy either, it was two random boys. Which meant it probably wasn't just a strange anomaly. It was probably something that could yield consistent results.

Which meant if he ever wanted to capture people for one purpose or another, all he would have to do is trail a random length of rope along the ground. The boy was so enamored with the prospect of being able to go fishing for students, should he want to, that he loosened his hold just long enough to temporarily lose his balance.

Not long enough to fall off, or get seriously dislodged even. But long enough that he learned his lesson about losing focus. Stretching his neck as far as it could go in a desperate attempt to make his mouth face the two figures, and thus increase his chances of actually being heard. His voice carried a surprisingly far distance when he wanted it to, but it was still too quiet to make it to them easily.

Besides, the wind was probably in their hair and faces, just as it was in his, making it difficult to concentrate or notice anything aside from the loud rushing. He was going to try anyway, he just didn't have very high hopes.
"What are you two doing?"

He didn't really know what else to ask, the predicament was just too strange. They would have had to see a rope sliding along on the ground and voluntarily grabbed it. They must have known that a hippogriff was strong enough to lift them both, no one was stupid enough to think that they could stop one, right?

The hippogriff seemed to accept the challenge, and started to move faster, still in the upwards direction. The course was set for the lake, which made Kaegen wonder how good of a grip strength the other two boys had. And if it was weak, he hoped they were decent swimmers.
More importantly, he hoped that his own grip was good enough.


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In his head, Max had told himself that there was no way the situation could get any worse. Wrong move - when you even so much as thought that, it always got worse. Now, not only was the bloody beast beginning to go higher despite his fruitless commands, but when he shot a longing glance back at the stables he was shocked to find yet another person holding the end of the rope and being literally dragged through the dirt. Let go, he mentally urged at the unfamiliar face when it became clear that not even two people could help. Let go so that you can be a witness that I tried to stop this from happening. If this boy gave up, he could give up too because he clearly wasn't out to murder anyone if he was trying to save the Ravenclaw.

But no. No one appeared to be letting go any time soon, and Max's grip only tightened until the rope was biting into his hands so hard that all the colour from his knuckles must have drained into his palms. His face contorted into a grimace as he looked back at the boy on the Hippogriff, mouth dropping open with a sound halfway between a shout and a squawk of horror when he lost his balance for one heart-stopping moment. "Idiot," Max said in voice that most definitely was not scared or shaken up, but the wind ripped away the word and tore it to pieces before anyone could hear it.

The Ravenclaw appeared to be trying to say something, but all Max caught was ' -at - ' and ' - do - ', which wasn't very helpful. It was impossible to hear with the velocity picking up and he couldn't exactly lift a hand to do some word mimes when all the (admittedly, little) strength of his hands was going into an iron grip on the rope. He wondered if he should shout back. He'd probably have more luck talking to the kid behind him, since the wind would be completely counterproductive if he shouted in front of him. Nonetheless, in poor situations communication was key. So he dug deep and shouted with all of his breath, "We'll help you!"

Except the cool wind seemed to steal the words and also some of his saliva to throw back in his face. Disgusting. Attempting to wipe it away on his shoulder, he shot a glance behind him and wondered how exactly two boys whose combined strength was a pittance compared to a Hippogriff could do anything. The only thing that would really work at this point was trying to appease the creature. Maybe if they radiated calm at it? Terrible idea, but he was desperate.

"Oi!" he yelled down the length of the rope, wondering how to collaborate with someone being dragged through dirt. "I think weEEEEEEEE - " His voice rose into an alarmed shriek as his feet were suddenly lifted off the ground when the beast gained altitude. Whatever he'd been about to suggest disappeared from his mind as he tangled one of his legs in the rope to give him extra security. His arms had already been sore from the bumpy trip before, but the sudden liftoff destroyed his shoulders and he couldn't stop himself from releasing the rope with a hiss. He was dead, he was dead, he was dea - He was hanging upside down by the one leg tangled in the rope. Ah. This was not ideal.

M. Avery
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