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Occupational hazards of Minion-dom  closed 

It had been a while since Lear implied Kaegen was his assistant, and he hadn't really assigned any tasks to the boy. So Kaegen had just decided to find tasks of his own. Letting the small herd of Hippogriffs out of the stable, the boy watched them as they walked around. It took him an eternity to bow to each one, wait for it to bow back, offer it some rodents he had found in a bucket and then groom it until the fur and feathers shined. He picked under the scales for scale mites, taking extreme pains to be respectful. He talked about how beautiful the creature was, he acted like it was more of a manicure and less of a cleaning. It was going well until he wasn't quite as bowing as he should be, and moved too quickly when grooming the back of a hippogriff. The beast lashed out at the 11 year old ravenclaw with it's beak, and nipped a chunk out of his robe. He would have been hurt if his reactions were any slower, having pulled his arm out of the way just in time. Moving backwards, out of the hippogriff's range, Kaegen moved too close too fast to a different, bigger specimen. He was normally so careful, was he losing his edge? His eyes started snapping back and forth as fast as they could go, looking for a way out as the talons came down on the boy. The offended hippogriff clearly meaning to teach him a lesson. Slipping out from the path of the claws, adrenaline shooting through his veins, the boy turned this time, and looked to see where he was dodging to, weaving smoothly out of the herd like a leaf being blown around trees by a wind. That had been far, far too close. And he had still not groomed home, saving the little hippogriff for last. Mostly because Kaegen was fairly positive, should he attempt to get close, home would bite his face off.
Humming his calming tune, moving slowly closer, Kaegen pulled his best bow, introducing himself in the most formal of ways to the little beast.
"I, Kaegen Deathmote Fens-Born Scarf-Wielder. He who was called fat tadpole as a babe, suicidal idjit as a toddler and earned the name Eeh before arriving at hogwarts request your permission to touch, and stroke your magnificent fur and splendid feathers."
Home, however, was having none of it. She threatened the boy with sharp claws and beak. By the end of the day, a severely exhausted, slightly bleeding boy crawled up in his bunk at ravenclaw tower. Leaving a herd of very clean, well fed hippogriffs in the newly mucked out stables.


Occupational hazards of Minion-dom  closed 

The next day:

Kaegen rose out of bed, set traps, had breakfast and went to a few classes. At the first sign of free time, however, the young boy took off to go complete his duties as assistant. He headed down to his traps, got the mice out of the bucket he had combined with a round log and peanut butter, and fed them to the hippogriffs. More as a fresh snack than anything else, Prof. Lear had food for them that he also handed out. Next up was that little tree full of bowtruckles. They ate fairy eggs and woodlice, right? Where would he get those? Deciding to just let them hunt for food, Kaegen collected them as softly as possible, talking to them and only getting stabbed in the hand once. Dripping blood from his palm, Kaegen transferred them to a tree by the lake he knew for a fact to have plenty of woodlice. Soon the bowtruckles were happily at work eating up the little crawlies.
But they kept moving further up the trunk until the twig like creatures were completely lost to sight. And that's when Kaegen started to panic. Climbing up in the tree, desperately looking for the little creatures that seemed to have just vanished off the face of the earth. Could they turn invisible? No, the ravenclaw boy didn't think they could. It was just extremely good camouflage.
This theory was proven to be accurate when he found one. It had just moved quickly, in an attempt to snag an especially fat woodlouse. Snatching it up, Kaegen ran all the way back to the little tree lear had been keeping them in, and put it there. Then the boy ran all the way back. Looked until his eyes grew tired flashing around, staring at any leaf that moved, finding one and then going back to the little tree. It took him until the next class, where he had to take a break. It then took him past meal times, breaks, everything. All free time that day was devoted to finding plant creatures in trees. But at least they got fresh air and exercise, right? There was a bunch of suspicious looking bloody hand prints on the tree, stable door and several places inside the stable, but the boy was too tired to care. A bunch of happily tired, full bowtruckles slept in their little tree, and Kaegen slept in his bed, in ravenclaw tower.


Occupational hazards of Minion-dom  closed 

Fire crabs. He was supposed to clean out their cages? Lear hadn't specifically mentioned cleaning out their cages, but their cages were dirty, so that meant they must need to be cleaned out? Kaegen wondered to himself why they would be called fire crabs. They didn't look very fiery. In fact, they looked like upside down, jewel encrusted cauldrons. Still, he was not going to let his guard down. Not now, or ever. And even though he had not been expecting the fire crab to blast fire from that particular area, he was still on guard enough, his eyes had been moving as fast as they ever did, and had caught movement, and the beginnings of flame. Just in time to get away with burns. But not severe burns. Nothing too major. However, even thought the burns weren't that bad, they were still burns. And they still hurt like crazy. Not moving, staring straight ahead, the boy bit his tongue until he could taste the coppery sensation of blood. And then he tried again. This time he was more careful, and more importantly he knew where the flames came from. Working as quickly, as softly as he could, Kaegen finished cleaning the shells, and the cages. He fed them, gave them water, and only got burned two more times after the first. Only one of which was bad enough to warrant him going to the hospital ward, where he was given some kind of ointment, and a warning not to play with fire. Why was being lear's assistant so hard? Shouldn't the professor be helping with some of these, or at least showing him how to do it right? He hadn't known how to handle the crabs, it would have saved him a lot of pain if the professor had let him know ahead of time. Grumbling internally about professor lear, the ravenclaw still knew he was grateful to the professor. This was still better than not messing with the creatures at all. Kaegen crawled into ravenclaw tower, found his bed, and fell asleep.


Occupational hazards of Minion-dom  closed 

For once, he had an easy task. Well, an easy self-assigned task. He was going to feed the flobberworms, and clean out their pens. It was unbelievably boring. So much so that the young ravenclaw was considering letting the bowtruckles out, just so he could catch them again. It had been hell two days ago, but today it might be better than what he was currently doing. Which was nothing. He had cleaned out the cages in the first 15 minutes and now found himself staring at some flobberworms eating lettuce. Just, eating there. Eating. Lettuce.
He decided to just watch them. Maybe they sprouted wings and flew, or had acid skin after they ate enough or something like that. It would certainly beat this. But even though all they did was eat, they were still sorta interesting in their own boring way, so he sat, and watched, and thought about the upcoming ball. He had heard tell that the food was going to be divine. A whole buffet table, drinks and snacks. It was going to be magnificent. Assuming he could get a date, which you needed to access the ball, like a ticket. Where would he even get one? His train of thought halted suddenly when a flobberworm died in front of him, a victim of overeating. Noticing the bloat, he pulled the rest of the lettuce out of the enclosure. Lear should have warned him about that, why wasn't the professor helping again? Disgruntled at the lack of help, but satisfied that the worms were fed, and only one had actually died, Kaegen headed off to the library to finish his homework.


Occupational hazards of Minion-dom  closed 

The gate was unlocked. He would open the gate with a single strong tug. The smell of damp straw and dusty quarters wafted through the air. A scone on the wall was already lit, an illuminating spell he never puts out. Greg was afraid of the dark. The stables lined a long wide hallway on either side. The snort, grunt and stomp of the various stabled creatures heralded his presence. He would meander down the hall, looking into the stables as he did so. They were restless and unusually clean.

The Flobberworms were fed.

The Fire Crabs cages were clean.

He was pretty sure that door was supposed to be clothed.

Had the Hippogryph been groomed?


Weird. He did not remember doing any of this. He would look into the watering trough, it was full. Had he been charmed to forget? His heart had hastened as the passing thought gripped his paranoia and dug its claws into the back of his mind. There was much to do still before Ackerly caught on, before the Professors stopped him.

The stables had been mucked even. He looked at his hands, there were no blisters. "Weird..." he muttered as he inventoried his shovels and rakes. Everything was in place. He was getting faster, albeit more forgetful in his middle age. Most of the stables were unlocked, somehow. Yet the animals appeared happy and well-fed, some even tired as they napped in their straw beds. He would lift the heavy chains, they were enchanted of course so they were not easy to break. He would wrap the chains around the door to each of the stables one by one. With a tug and a click, a lock was firmly fastened in place.

He would repeat this in every stable, the process would take almost 40 minutes. He wondered when he found all the time to unlock them all. When he locked the last door he thought he heard a voice, a muffled distant complaint. He could not make out the words said but he assumed it came from the Chimera, her ability to speak had proven troublesome in terms of putting her on display. Over time her lexicon has waned, it has been three years at this point. It was rare by now but every once in awhile a recognizable syllable, an almost human sound could be heard from her, his most dangerous but prized creature. He would check one last time, the locks on THAT door were never removed. Some charms were more powerful than others, to not only keep ne'er do well out but dangerous creatures in. 

Shame he forgot. Shame he did not realize. Shame that the Ravenclaw was so forgettable. "Farewell one and all!" He would proclaim in a jovial voice, his gaze fixed on a door that simply said "Darla." "Bye honey!"

There would be a ruckus as he barred the stable and locked it as well, potentially leaving the first year trapped inside.


If you are in there, find a way to escape or better yet get some help breaking out. If you are still in there, let's put you somewhere fairly 'safe' -- a Doxy Nest in a corner stall. Fairly large space, 30x30. Chicken wire mesh as strong as steel covers the window preventing an easy escape but perhaps you can call for help. The door to this particularly large stall has been blocked shut. Through the crack along the edge of the door you can spy one of the other stalls that was until recently unlocked now locked with a heavy chain and a runed padlock.

If you wish yo get some other kids involved (2 active ones max) then find a reason to get them to notice you and play it up. I will need some stats (refer to Quidditch) because I am doing the early phases of an adventure system. 

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Occupational hazards of Minion-dom  closed 

Kaegen had been making sure the Doxies had been taken care of, and had just finished feeding them when he heard a click behind him. The boy immediately called after the professor, but his voice just sounded like a breeze that had floated in from somewhere far away. Not at all like a kid in distress. More like a leaf rustling in peril as it falls off of the cliff. It didn't take him long to find out what kind of a situation he was in, eyes flashing around him as he struggled to take in as much information as possible, struggled to notice every feature about his prison. He could use his slingshot and take out a doxy or two, but the others might decide to attack in retaliation. If he got bit by one, the fight was pretty much over. His salvation appeared in the form of a window. He couldn't get out due to the chicken wire, but maybe he could call for help? taking a sheet of paper from a folder attached to his leg, and a stained feather and ink pot from a little hollow stick with a stopper he had made, the boy wrote a message.
'Help, stuck in doxy pen, don't want to set fire, might scare home, don't get professors, help'
He hadn't done anything wrong, of course. But lear had locked a student in with dangerous creatures, and that was probably frowned upon. He didn't want the professor to get in trouble. Even though he hand't exactly been helpful, hadn't really taught Kaegen anything and had made his first appearance in the stables only to lock him up, the ravenclaw boy still felt that he owed the old professor. For taking him on in the first place.
Tying the paper to the rock, Kaegen aimed high and far out the window, through the chicken wire. Next, he slipped inside his robe. Pulling his head in, his arms holding the fabric out like a barrier. And then he stopped moving. For all the world looking like a robe someone put on a rock. With any luck, the doxies wouldn't see him, and he would be able to make it out of this in one piece. If they did see him, he could probably kill at least a couple, but then he might lose his job.
Wait, would anyone even know where the doxy pens were?


Occupational hazards of Minion-dom  closed 

It had been a long day for the young redhead, especially with the lack of sleep she'd been getting lately. Due to her Quidditch practices, prefect duties, and her writing for the newspaper, Rhea found herself falling behind on the homework she was receiving. Due to that, she had stayed up later than usual the three nights before, and so had lost some sleep. She felt like a half-alive zombie, simply running on conserved energy. Rhea found herself yawning through various of her classes, and almost falling off her broom twice during Quidditch practice. She'd been dismissed by the captain earlier than the others, for the reason that she should get some rest. Rhea gladly left and made her way back to the castle. 

But in her exhaustion, she had wandered off track and had ended up walking farther away from the grand castle, instead making her way to the Forbidden Forest. By the time she had realized where she was headed, she was almost on the blurred line that was between the Hogwarts ground and the Forbidden Forest. The redhead turned around to make her way back to the castle, but a small rock zooming past her head distracted her from her goals for a moment - unsurprising, because it had almost bashed her head open. Rhea huffed and bent down to pick up the rock. She was about to throw it back where she thought it came from, but her attention was drawn to... was that a paper attached to the rock? With a scrunch of her nose, Rhea tore the paper from the rock and read what was written on it. 

'Help, stuck in doxy pen, don't want to set fire, might scare home, don't get professors, help'

Rhea widened her eyes in alarm and looked around her. Where had the rock even come from? There was no possible way it came from the Forbidden Forest - Doxies didn't hide in there. At least, Rhea didn't think they did.

Her eyes finally landed on some stables and a couple of pens. With a shrug, she decided that there was no harm in looking there. Perhaps she'd find the person who'd tried to kill her, perhaps not. Although now Rhea knew the reason the person had thrown the rock, so maybe they weren't trying to flat out kill her. 

Rhea slowly walked closer and closer to the pens. It was very convenient, in her opinion, that she'd managed to find herself right in front of a pen. She just hoped it was a doxy pen. Picking up her pace, Rhea peered into the first pen, but it was dark, and the only shapes she made out where inhumane ones. She went on to the next one, yet again was presented with the same problem. 

"Hello?" eventually, Rhea resorted to a small whisper-shout. She didn't want to disturb the doxies, yet she also wanted to find the person in need of help. "Which stall are you in? Knock somewhere--anywhere--the number of the stall you're in."

Rhea truly had no idea what to do. She decided to simply stand in the middle of the row of doxy pens, and wait for the other person to knock.

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Occupational hazards of Minion-dom  closed 

Waiting for your second savior...

These girls dont like you much do they?

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There is something about ambition, how it not only propels you but also defines you.

Occupational hazards of Minion-dom  closed 

If getting lost was an artform, then Orion was perhaps a Da Vinci. Though he had long sense stopped being surprised at the locations he wound up in. He even knew what he needed to do to stop getting lost, though he'd rather not stop reading and walking at the same time, he usually wound up where he was going anyway by some providence.

After all a stroll on the grounds was ever idea in his own opinion and he valued his opinions rather highly. Though when he did look up from his book, to at least get an idea as to where he was he was surprised to find himself further out on the grounds than he'd previously anticipated. It wasn't long before his eyes alighted on one of his fellow students eyeing what appeared to be stables with a rather confused look.

To his knowledge, people in his year weren't allowed to interact with the animals so he wondered what reason she would have to be here. Though he supposed he was equally out of place here. Walking up he tried putting some words together in his head, he didn't wan't to seem nosy but he didn't want to have someone causing trouble there had been enough going on recently as is, and he didn't wish to see further chaos.

“Hey... u-uhm, w-what are you u-up to? Aren't the s-stables k-kinda dangerous?”

that seemed like a safe enough way to approach right, nothing to presumptuous and he even came off as concerned, he was perhaps even a little genuinely so, but he was more curious than anything else. Patting his pocket where his wand was he waited to see how the other student replied.

Yes, but why?