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Adventures 101  PV Kaegen, Makena & Aurelia 

Aurelia left the pond a few minutes ago. She and Makena were walking in the direction of where they came from when Aurelia realized that something was wrong. She looked behind. Kagen wasnt anywhere to be found. She had expected him to follow her. She lied to him that they had less than hald and hour left and he wasn thurrying still. He was probably venturing around the pond finding out what creature it was.

“Where’s Kaegen?” She asked thiugh she clearly knew where he was. She shot a couple of curses under her breath. She knew he was annoyed at her for leaving the care of magical creatures class and not abiding by his rules, thats probably why he didn’t care if he fillowed her or not. She groaned. The creature roaming around the pond might be dangerous. She needed to get him out of the area.

“Makena, please, stay right here. Please, just do it okay.” She said, almost pleading. She didn’t want Makena to get hurt. Makena was here because of Aurelia. Aurelia had told her she was going out of the class and she followed her. Aurelia really didn’t want her to get injured because of that.
“If I’m not back at this spot in five minutes, you would run back to the class and warn any Teachers, Proffesors or prefects you come across, okay?” She told her while holding Makena’s hand in hers.

“I’ll be alright.” She assures Makena. Then she turned around and ran back to the pond to grab Kaegen. She didn’t care about hiding her strength of speed anymore, she just prayed he was still alright.

Kaegen, this is the best time to start the Attack. Then Aurelia comes in and helps him. Mekena, you can be there after the “five minutes”.

Adventures 101  PV Kaegen, Makena & Aurelia 

Aurelia and Makena left the pond they were at a few minutes ago they were walking back in the direction where they came when Aurelia turned back and a scared look came across her face Makena stopped and turned around the boy they were with wasn't there. 
“Where’s Kaegen?”
Aurelia asked while shooting a couple of curses under her breath. Aurelia then turned to Makena.
“Makena, please, stay right here. Please, just do it okay.”
Aurelia said , almost pleading. Makena knew Aurelia was worried and she didn't want Makena to get hurt but Makena knew how to take care of herself but she didn't want Aurelia to be worried about her while looking for the boy so she nodded in agreement.
"If I’m not back at this spot in five minutes, you would run back to the class and warn any Teachers, Professors or prefects you come across, okay?”
Aurelia told her while holding Makena’s hand in hers, Makena nodded but she was worried they were only first years and they boy was using a slingshot, Makena knew lots of spells for her age she needed to learn a lot to stand up to her mother but she knew she had to have confidence in Aurelia she was trying to show a reassuring look to Aurelia but it just came across as worry she was clearly scared and worried for Aurelia and the boy.
“I’ll be alright.”
She said trying to reassure her. Then Aurelia turned around and ran back to the pond to grab the boy. Makena hated waiting she luckily had a watch on her so she knew when five miutes had been. 

 Five Minutes Later 

Five minutes had past and till no sign of them she knew Aurelia told her to go and get a teacher but what f by the time she got a teacher they could be hurt of worse, horrible thoughts started racing through Makena's head she was worried she decided to wait about 2  more minutes maybe they were just walking back she said to herself. 

Two Minutes Later 

Still nothing... Makena hated the unknown she couldn't wait any longer it may of only been a few minutes but she didn't know what type of creature was there so she started running back to the pond it was still a few minutes away but she kept running. 

At The Pond

Makena reached the pond and immediately took out hr wand she checked her watch t had been about 15 minutes since Aurelia left Makena was panting looking around for them.

Makena D

Adventures 101  PV Kaegen, Makena & Aurelia 

Kaegen kept moving towards the woods, trying to catch a glimpse of whatever was lurking about. He was doing fine until the girl behind him came crashing up. To to creature, this probably looked like one person, which was both good, and bad. Good because it might just kill her and then give Kaegen a chance to do something useful, but bad because it would kill the girl.
Why was she even that annoying, anyway? Kaegen thought about that question as he crept farther forward, eventually coming to a conclusion. The circumstances were making him biased. Any other day, if someone had given him bread, gone swimming a bit with him, and suggested adventure he would have been thrilled. But because he already assumed they were stupid, albeit with good reason, for sitting around a classroom that was above their year. I mean honestly what kind of person would do that? Hogwarts was pretty strict, it didn't seem likely that they would allow kids of a younger year to sit through the classes.
Deciding to give the girl an honest shot, leaving behind that classroom business for another day, and another worry. When he saw the beast lunge out of the bushes, and attack. Now, if he had any idea what it was, the creatures would have gotten a face full of slingshot. But he didn't, and defaulted to his other plan, which was smoothly step out of the way.


as a red cap, there is no reason why it would attack but........ Eeh, logic doesn't apply here have at it.

Random inexplicable rage seized the creature, and it charged the pair club flailing in the air. Someone was going to die.

flectere si nequeo superos, Achaeronta movebo

Adventures 101  PV Kaegen, Makena & Aurelia 

Aurelia ran as fast. She felt the cold wind zipping through her face bitterly when she did. She needed know if Kaegen was alright, they didn’t know what creature lurked there, neither did they know if it was safe or not. When the pond was in sight, she began to scan the surrounding, looking for any boy with a fluffy grey scarf.

Then she caught sight of him at a distance staring at a bush. She sighed, relieved that he was still alright. “Kaegen when I said we were going back, I meant WE, Makena, Aurelia and Kaeg-” just then a creature with green skin charged at him from the bush.
“Kaegen watch out!” She warned him, though it was obvious he already saw the hideous thing.
She whipped out her wand. She was about to say the incitation of the kickback spell when she remembered her accuracy wasn’t good when with spells. She could hit Kaegen or worse, the spell might counter back, hurting her instead if it wasn’t done right. She ran to him, closing the gap between them, she took a rock that was closest to her and threw it at the creature.

Adventures 101  PV Kaegen, Makena & Aurelia 

I think we can continue with the Attack. Because, “seven minutes.” Wouldn’t happen so fast. Makena isn’t there yet.

Adventures 101  PV Kaegen, Makena & Aurelia 

What spell should he use, he had his wand out because of the periculum spell. It was kind of close quarters for the slingshot, and besides the rock could bounce and hit the girl. If that happened, there was a high likelihood that Kaegen would be the one blamed for this whole debacle and that was something he really wished wouldn't happen. It would put a stint on so many things that he would rather not stint. So he used his wand and cast the only offensive spell any of them knew. It was kind of ironic that it came from herbology lesson one.
Adrenaline was pumping but his words were still quiet, like a whisper. Nothing loud or sudden ever seemed to come from him. It was the way of both the hunter, and the prey. He managed to fire off the spell, but no fire issued forth. He was 11 after all, you couldn't really expect anything much bigger to come out of his wand. It was more like a blast of hot air, similar to the one you would get if you opened up a overheating oven and then stuck your face directly over it. You would be surprised, maybe robbed of breath, maybe burned just a little bit.


The red cap wasn't sure why it was attacking. Probably because it was just cranky that day or something. It was holding a club made out of a bone, and it had murder on it's mind. And then a rock hit it on the head. It hurt, and was disorienting. A bruise already starting to appear. He was starting to shake off the dazed confusion, if not the throbbing headache, when a blast of hot air hit him. He didn't get burned, it wasn't hot enough. But it did hurt, and took a few steps back to try to get out of the range of a second attack, throwing a rock back at the girl with his free hand

flectere si nequeo superos, Achaeronta movebo

Adventures 101  PV Kaegen, Makena & Aurelia 

Aurelia let out a victory cry as the rock hit the creatures head. She never knew her accuracy was so good. However, the creature looked around confusely for a moment before locking eyes with her. His eyes contained pure fiery rage. She cursed in her Dutch launguage. With that amount of force contacting with his head, the creature should be dead now but he wasn’t.

She instantly regretted throwing the rock when it came flying back at her. She ducked down and rolled to the side, attempting to dodge it. She yelp when she felt a stinging stab on her leg. The rock had hit the skin near her calf and shin. It hurt but the pain was bearable. Though she was hit, she managed to stand. It was only a scatch She convinced herself in her head. She didn’t even inspected the wound, she took her wand out and racked her brains for any possible spell that would be useful in the situation. Kaegen had clearly caster a failed spell, the green skinned creature didn’t take any damage when he pointed his wand at him.

The only spell that came to her mind was the kickback spell. She had to cast it successfully or she’d be the one thrown backwards.

“Get out of the way Kaegen!” She yelled fiercely at him.

“Flipendo,” She incantated under her breath immediately after she yelled at Kaegen, she prayed the spell wouldn’t hit him. A ball of light, the size of a Golf ball, flew in the direction the wand was pointed to.

She was relieved she wasn’t thrown back.

Adventures 101  PV Kaegen, Makena & Aurelia 

The girl shouted at him to get out of the way, and he did so gladly. He didn't just slightly dodge to the side, he just left. Assuming that meant the girl had it under control, and didn't want his help, he struck out in the direction of the forest, confident in his ability to avoid any trouble that came across his path. He had no feelings of loyalty towards the group behind him. If they weren't his problem then why bother? They were nice, he gave them that. They were fun to hang out with. But he had been raised in the fens, and was more creature than human, in more ways than he would freely admit. If someone wasn't his direct responsibility then they could live or die, and he wouldn't stay up at night about it. If someone he liked was about to die, and he could either save them or get a slice of bacon, it would depend on how good the bacon was, unless he felt like he owed the person anything. If he owed them anything, either for friendship, or a pencil in class, then he would help. The girl had given him bread, but he had gone out of his way to show them hedgehogs, so in his mind they were pretty much even. And that meant he was leaving.


A ball of light hit the creature, sending it flying backwards into the brush. The bush cushioned it's fall enough to save it from permanent damage, but it was a coward by nature, as most redcaps are, and fled. Running as fast as it's gobliny legs could carry it back towards the forest. It had been a stupid idea to attack these kids anyway!

flectere si nequeo superos, Achaeronta movebo

Adventures 101  PV Kaegen, Makena & Aurelia 

Makena kept looking around when she saw Aurelia hit what looked like a red cap it hit the bush and then got scared and ran  off into the forest Makena ran up to Aurelia to make sure she was okay. "Oh my bloody hell, Hey are you okay I saw you cast a spell what was it ? ... I was getting worried you said you would be five minutes." Makena said with a stern but worried look on her face "Where's the boy you came back to help?" She then turned to look around she couldn't see the boy. "We should find him quickly and get back, there could be more of them in the woods just waiting to attack." Makena said a bit scared and a bit annoyed a the boy for just leaving Aurelia could of got hurt. Makena pointed to the woods "He must of gone in there" Makena looked at Aurelia worried but mainly annoyed he shouldn't of just left. Makena then started walking slowly  towards the woods she was walking slowly in case Aurelia didn't want to go after the boy but she probably would even though he left her. Makena took a deep breath while walking and she tried to show herself as confident and not just scared she wasn't sure if Aurelia believed she wasn't that scared.

Makena D

Adventures 101  PV Kaegen, Makena & Aurelia 

The creature was hit a few feet backwards and it scurried away after it had caught its step. Aurelia was relieved that she succeeded in casting the spell and not accidentally hitting Kaegen. However, after the spell was cast, Kaegen ran towards the the trees.

"You are welcome, I just saved your scrawny butt!" She screamed loud enough for him to hear. She was furious. She just saved him from the hideous creature and he didn't even thank her or ask if she was alright. If she were to have returned back to the castle, he would have been dead by now.

Then out of the corner of her eye, she saw a brown hair girl approaching her. It was Makena.

"What are you doing her Makena?" Aurelia asked.
Oh my bloody hell, Hey are you okay I saw you cast a spell what was it ? ... I was getting worried you said you would be five minutes.
Makena was panting as if she had ran a marathon. Makena had clearly saw her fight the creature.

"Flipendo," She replied. Makena began asking where Kaegen was. She obviously knew where he was since she watched her scare the creature off.

"Come, lets go. That unappreciative boy is none of our business now." Aurelia called out as she saw that Makena had her back turned and was walking towards the woods. Then as she took a step forward, her attention was immediately directed at her leg where the rock hit her. She must have been so focused about casting the spell that she didn't feel the pain. Now she felt it. Her knee was crimson red and was throbbing painfully. She cringed. Aurelia swiftly swept her black sleeve across the blood, wiping it away. She prayed that Mekana would not notice. She could walk, but she couldn't run.

Adventures 101  PV Kaegen, Makena & Aurelia 

She saved him? Wait when did that happen? The young boy kept walking, trying to understand what time period the girl was talking about. He replayed the events in his head. She couldn't be talking about the redcap, that creature was horribly slow, there was no way it was going to touch him. She couldn't be talking about the water, he had done fine, if horribly slowly. He finally decided she was talking about one of two things. The first being that she hadn't been talking to him in the first place, and had been referring to the other girl. The second was that she was talking about how she had agreed to go along with him to the other path, away from the forest and had thus saved his position as assistant. Her help in the matter had whizzed past his head, somewhere in his mind he knew she helped, but that didn't honestly count to him. She was just helping herself when she was attacked. The thought that she had only come back and gotten in harms way to help him didn't cross his mind. Help in itself was rather alien to the boy, who thought more in terms of equivalent exchange, and exchange rates, than he did in loyalty. There had never been anyone to teach him to go back and help, no one to teach him to stick together. Grandfather had always told him that surviving was key, and had shown him how. His mother and father hardly raised him at all, even on the rare occasion they were home in the little wood shack. But he still stopped, for some reason unknown, and just sat there. Perfectly still in the grass. He watched a bug crawl forward on the leaf and cleared his mind. He had been far too stressed today, and then that scare. Much more people randomly showing up to classes and he would have to stop hanging out in that area.

flectere si nequeo superos, Achaeronta movebo

Adventures 101  PV Kaegen, Makena & Aurelia 

Aurelia replied. 
"Come, lets go. That unappreciative boy is none of our business now."
Aurelia called out as she saw that Makena had her back turned and was walking towards the woods."Hey you coming? I'm pretty sure he would of gone into the woods." Makena said stopping and turning around to see Aurelia. Makena waited for a reply before deciding either way she was going into the woods after the boy she turned back around and started going towards the direction of the woods. As Makena was getting closer to the woods she took out her wand she wanted to be ready for anything that came at her or Aurelia if she was coming. Makena was at the entrance of the woods it looked like their was a little path but it soon faded into mud like everywhere else inside the woods she stopped and took a deep breathe. Makena didn't want to admit it but she was scared yes she knew a few spells,  she could defend herself and she knew how to help her wounds if she got hurt but she didn't know what was in the woods maybe it was more adorable hedgehogs or maybe it was something worse like thing that attacked Aurelia and the boy she hated the unknown and these woods scared her.

Makena D

Adventures 101  PV Kaegen, Makena & Aurelia 

Makena had decided she was going into the woods to look for Kaegen. Aurelia knew that Kaegen could take care of himself though Makena though other wise. She was entering the trees. Aurelia's knee hurt but it was bearable. She doubt she could run if they bumped into any dangers. She was about call Makena to follow her back but she already disappeared into the trees. Her eyes widened, she whipped her head in all directions, trying to catch sight of the brunette girl. She couldn't have gone into the forest, it was dangerous there.

"Echt niet. Godverdomme, mijn leven!" She whined, she always swore in her language that was used commonly at home. She never bumped into anyone who were familiar with the dutch language in Hogwarts so no one actually knew what she was saying when expletives rolled from her tongue. She pierced her lips together. It perturbed her to know that she was vulnerable now that she got hit in the knee with a rock and couldn't protect Makena. She was tempted to return to the castle where she could tend to her bleeding knee, but she would never forgive herself if Makena were to get hurt. Aurelia was the one who dragged her in to this little adventure in the first place.

She jogged painstakingly slow towards the trees. The robe was long enough to hide the cut. She was surrounded in darkness the moment she stepped into the shadow of tall trees. "Makena? Kaegen? Where are you?" She called. She pulled out her 28 centimetre wand, holding it beside her.

[Echt niet] - Hell no
[Godverdomme] - God Damn
[mijn leven] - My life
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Adventures 101  PV Kaegen, Makena & Aurelia 

The people he was with were acting extremely strange. The one girl had just passed him and was headed towards the woods saying she was pretty sure 'he had gone in there' why did she want to go hunt down the red cap? It didn't seem like a very smart thing to do, considering her lack of any kind of adequate weapon. Besides, didn't the other girl say something about something happening at hogwarts now? This wasn't exactly prime hunting time. But he let her pass by, and wrote it off as a quirk that he would probably never understand. Maybe the need for revenge or something equally bizarre. The other girl started to follow the first one, but seemed to be moving with an odd gait. Slowly, almost with a limp. Her movements were even jerkier than they normally were, what was up with that? It took him only a little less than a second to remember the red cap's rock. It was either that or she twisted her ankle. What would posses the girl to go back towards the forest with a twisted ankle or injured leg? She spoke gibberish for a second, and soon after asked where he was. Why on earth would she ask that, didn't she have it under control? She must have had it under control when she told him to get out of the way, so perhaps she did twist her ankle after telling him it was fine to leave. And now she wanted him back to help out with this. The boy let out a mental sigh before standing up from where he had been hiding a few feet from where the girl was.
"Need help getting back?"

flectere si nequeo superos, Achaeronta movebo

Adventures 101  PV Kaegen, Makena & Aurelia 

Darkness enveloped further as she took a few steps further into the dense forest. She stopped fo a moment, listening to what ever that was ahead. She wondered what she had gotten herself into. Makena was no where to be seen, in fact, she couldn't see anything through the darkness. Then a figure appeared around her right.

"Heilige rotzooi!" She yelped as her wand whipped in the direction. She tighten her grip, refusing to let her hand tremble and show signs of weakness. Most creatures of the forest weren't friendly. Was about to instinctively sprint out into a run when she remembered her leg was not fit to do so. She could barely see anything through the shadows of the trees.
"Need help getting back?"
Then she recognised the voice. It was the damn boy who left her and Makena at the pond. She knew the way back but she just had to ensure everyone she broughtt along her was safe.

"Where's Makena?" She asked, her voice rising slightly. Her face was starting to feel warm and blood was rushing up to her cheeks. Her muscles were tensing up. She knew that she was getting furious. She was angry at herself for dragging Makena into this and now she was no where to be seen. She could get hurt, Aurelia knew Makena was a first year like herself and did not know much spells.

"Where's Makena?" She asked again, allowing her voice to rise. She also knew that she was the one to blame not Kaegen, Kaegen was only trying to help by bringing them to see hedgehogs rather than not the woods. Her main priority was to find the girl and she didn't bother about keeping her emotions in check.

"You were here all this time and she surely passed you, didn't she? Why didn't you stop her? She was looking for you. You clearly know the dangers of the forest, am I right? You selfish little Klootzak!" She yelled at him. She felt sorry that she put him in this situation, but even then, he still should have stopped Makena from going further into these dangerous grounds.

She lifted her head up, looking up at leaves of the tall trees. "Makena!" She screamed, her voice echoing through the silent woods. She didn't care if she attracted the attention of all the hungry beasts in the woods, all she could think of was to find Makena Degray.

[Heilige rotzooi] - Holy crap
[Klootzak] - Bastard