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Explaining it all  PV Kyden G & Kendra A.   Closed 

Quinn finished the climbed up to the roof and sat. She had changed the location of her meeting with Kyden and Kendra to the roof of the astronomy tower. She knew that Kyden loved it up here and hoped that it would keep him calm. She looked around as was glad she changed the location it was completely empty up here. 

She dug into her bag and pulled out a folder of pictures and a letter from their dad. She had't read the letter and it was still in the envelope sealed with Kyden's name on the front. After their encounter she ran up to Owlerey and had sent word of to their father that she indeed had found Kyden and he had sent this stuff back. She took a deep breath and looked toward the entryway waiting.

She hoped Kendra got there first she wanted to talk to her. She dug in her bag again and came up with paper, a quill and some ink. She started to doodle while she waited. She drew Kendra from memory and then drew her brother. It felt weird to even hear herself think that. Brother. After all this time she had a brother again. Well she had always had a brother but he was back in her life. She heard a noise and looked up.

Quinn Zynia Renee Heartly
**Daughter of Sir Zarye Heartly **

Explaining it all  PV Kyden G & Kendra A.   Closed 

It took her way more than nesessary to reach the top of the astronomy tower. Her steps were slow and she was looking down half the time. She was so lost in her thoughts that she almost forgot the reason she had gone there in the first place. 

At first she had argued when Kyden had insisted in her coming to this "meeting". Her hesitation was due to the fact she had no intention of getting too involved in someone else's family business. After a few minutes of talk she realised Kyden really needed her to be there with him, and also the Quinn girl seemed to have things she wanted to say as well. They were roommates after all, it would do them good to actually get along. Kendra was tired of all the rivalry between Slytherins, having a couple of actual friends wouldn't hurt.

She stepped into the cold atmosphere of the clear night. What a beautiful scenery it was. Hogwarts seemed to always have a way to impress her, even when she thought she had seen all there was to it. Quinn was already there, waiting. Kyden had told her he would be running late, Kendra had hoped the reason for that was not something to worry about. She approached the girl and took a seat next to her.

"Kyden's on his way..." she said in a cold manner not even bothering for a proper greeting. 


Explaining it all  PV Kyden G & Kendra A.   Closed 

Quinn smiled at Kendra. "Kendra, first I want to apologize for the way I acted towards you yesterday. Sometimes my temper gets the best of me even when I don't want it to. I really hope we can be friends." She hands Kendra the drawing she just completed of her. 

"Look, I know things are pretty confusing but I promise when Kyden gets here I will explain it all. I really do hope we can be friends. I mean I could use a friend in our dorm. Norah and the other Quinn aren't exactly the greatest or the nicest you know. You though, I can tell that you have a heart of gold. At least I feel like that you do." She smiled again at the girl.

She looked up at the sky and sighed. She could see why Kyden loved coming up here. This place was awesome. You could see so much up here. She didn't know any constellations or anything but just looking at the sky was breathtaking.

"So I really hope you will consider becoming friends with me. Like I said I know we could each use one. A friend I mean." Just then she heard a noise. She looked up and saw Kyden walk in. She smiled at him and handed him the letter from their father. "It's from our dad."

Quinn Zynia Renee Heartly
**Daughter of Sir Zarye Heartly **

Explaining it all  PV Kyden G & Kendra A.   Closed 

Kyden made his way up to the Astronomy Tower. He told Kendra he was going to be late because he had to stop by the Library for a few minutes and also talk to a Gryffindor friend about something. He looked around and sighed as he reached the top. Every time he came up here it was like he was instantly relaxed.

"Hi Kendra," He smiled his greeting to his friend, " Quinn." He nodded in his sister's direction he wasn't sure how to feel about her yet. He took the letter she handed to him and opened it.
"To my Son Kyden Zarye Goodlow,
I have done many things in my lifetime that I have regret. The biggest being things that have torn my family apart. Quinn will explain the most of it. She knows the whole story. Quite possibly better than myself . I have told her many many times. However I do want to say I am so sorry for everything that has happened in your life. I hope you can forgive me after you find out the whole story of this complicated mess. I regret doing the things I have done but alas I can not change the past. The only thing I can do is be sure that history does not repeat itself. I hope that you will choose to come home wit Quinn for Christmas. I love you with all my heart.

Your Father,

Zarye Heartly"

Kyden finished reading the letter and with shaking hands he handed it to Kendra. "You can read it." He looked over at Quinn and saw that she had spread out the pictures she had. He walked over quietly to look at them. There were pictures of his mother and father and him as a newborn baby. He picked it up and traced over his mother's features with his finger. He placed it down and picked up the next going down the line he stopped for a long time and stared at a picture of himself, Quinn, and his  father. He had to have been almost 3 in the picture. He put it back down and looked up at Quinn. "Okay I am ready so explain."

Kyden Zarye Goodlow // Editor for the Slytherin News-magazine //