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It was getting later but I still didn't want to head back to the Ravenclaw doormroom I still felt insanely uncomfortable their. I had nothing to say to anyone and mostly just felt stressed out. I wasn't sure why I was in Astronomy tower now instead. I guess it was as good a place as any yo hide out so I climbed up the stairs to the tower and smiled when I got to the to.

I had already had several astronomy classes here in the past few weeks but I hadn't reallygotten a chance to fully appricate how well you could see the stars from up here. Mostly i'd been struggling to keep up with class and trying not to be overly anxious but now that I was alone I couldn't help bit marvel at how many stars you could see from here.

I didn't know that many vonstellations I still tried to find some of them. A nice breeze brushed past me but other then the sounds of the wind I didn't hear anything else anf it was kind of nice. I looked through some of the telescopes getting an even better view of the sky and eondered how long I could get away with being up here before anyone would notice.

Violet Eleena Tyler

Stars  CLOSED 

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@Violet Tyler
Kateri had been in her tower that evening as with any other, office hours tended to run a little longer than she expected them too at times so often she would be sure to have set up for class ahead of time and prepare for a long night. As per usual, the main door to the classroom was open since the professor would be residing in the tower for the evening, though the above observation deck was still locked with an enchantment to keep out any curious students. Though she was aware of some students trying to sneak their way into the tower only to be surprised when Kateri poked her head out from behind her shelves, or returned from a back room to find them leaning close to the magical barrier that surrounded the tower, invisible to the eye as well as their fear as the students peered over the railing. More often than naught, the young woman would allow students to have their moment or conversation before interrupting.

Often they would jump in shock, not realizing that when they thought they had been alone, the young woman was actually busy working away on research, future lectures or helping another student that had come to talk or take advantage of her office hours. Tonight seemed no different, after her class was finished for the evening should she have one, another young student would find their way to the tower. Observing them for awhile, since she was still in the tower as per her office hours and clearly this student was too wrapped up in touching the telescopes to notice she had been there the entire time. Kateri finally walked over, arms crossed in front of her waist. She would smile and ask them, "Did you need something? It is rather late and far past curfew by the looks of it." Should they require assistance with homework or the like, have a question of their own, need a place to quietly study or read, or possibly an ear to listen, Kateri would offer it to them. Otherwise she would make it known that it was reaching curfew, if not already past the clearly stated 10 o’clock curfew set in place at Hogwarts and usher them towards the door, letting them know they needed to return to their dorm.

OOC Note: The Astronomy tower is always locked to students when the Professor is not in attendance, there is no class, outside office hours, or other supervision. I do not mind if you thread in this area just be aware I will roll to catch you as you might think you are alone but I am in the office... watching... Though I always like when people are mindful of the curfew and possibly take advantage of the space in order to develop their character. Feel free to owl me or reach out on discord should you have questions or an idea to thread in the tower.
You can respond to the Professor if you wish, though I will lock the thread after 72 hours.

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