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The safe sanctuary  CLOSED 

Throughout childhood, Maxlanie's parent had told him to be careful at Hogwarts, the warnings are clear.
1. Don't wander off into a place no one is.
This is because there might be hidden monsters and pranks (BTW Maxlanie is afraid at nearly everything)

2. Be careful about friends, make sure they are trustworthy and don't join gangs
You might get killed by your enemies which 100% would have

3. Rest in dormitories and stay close with others, in case of emergencies.
4. Read more books and try to gain more knowledge than others
5. When you are reading or thinking goto somewhere safe (Astronomy)

Astronomy Tower to Maxlanie is a safe place, this is because there possibly would not be anyone who is eager to do pranks on Astronomy Tower. Also, it would be weird if others are going so high and spying on him which he hates. Furthermore, when thinking and reading, glancing up at the sky filled with sparkling stars give him an extremely good feeling.

Today is another day where he is feeling stressed, so again, he takes his book and his diary and goes to the Astronomy Tower, where his heart finally lies in peace like all the other days, away from the sorrow and dangers of the main building.

Max and Melanie