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The Sun is a Star  PV Albert Peshkov   Closed 

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“So what’s - er, your backstory... I mean how did you come to Hogwarts? No need to lie to me. I won’t tell anybody.” Albert said.

“Well, I, er, got a letter.” She responded lamely. She couldn’t think of anything else to say that could phrase how she got into Hogwarts without sounding even more strange. “I guess... I guess... we’ll, the truth is... I really, um, really don’t know. Be-Being a pureblood and all I was pretty much guaranteed to go to Hogwarts. But, uh, I guess it was different for you...” she said, cheaply using Alberts’ blood status as a line to say.

As soon as Claudia added her blood comparison, she wanted to take it back. While it was nothing more than a thought, a wonder, something she was questioning as she didn’t have the experience, Albert might’ve taken it in the wrong way. Worried that he would misunderstand- this time, not on purpose - Claudia shot a glance his way and studied his expression.

“No, it was the exact same for me... Some stupid animal dropped a letter in my window.” Albert’s face was blank when he said this, but his tone was slightly bitter. Clearly he didn’t like being reminded that he wasn’t fully magic. Or was he? Was magic a trait passed down or something a person acquired - like a gift? Was it actually possible for someone to be “half magic?” Claudia thought that was the blood status, how it told people their magic type, but was it actually that half bloods had less magic than pureblood and wizard-born wizards? Claudia shook her head, disbelieving. If that was true, some of the greats would never have been, well, great.

“Well - I’m still kinda surprised at the whole Hogwarts dealio. It’s... a huge place and still has a somewhat imposing air to it... and I’m unsure what to make of it,”

She shrugged at his words. As she was a pureblood, her parents had kind of prepared herself for Hogwarts. However, the tales and stories that she had heard were nothing compared to the actual thing. Hogwarts was huge and foreboding to Claudia, and even still later in the year she got lost in its halls.

“I don’t know much at all about this school, and it seems to get weirder every time I look at it.”

Right then, a tall figure chose its time to walk in. Claudia jumped in shock as she realized that someone else was there. As they stepped into the light, the figure smiled and opened their mouth as if to talk. “Did you need something? It is rather late and far past curfew by the looks of it.” they recited, having clearly said this before. The figure’s smile seemed forced, and their arms were crossed in front of them. As Claudia looked longer, she could barely make out the features of...

Claudia stared at the professor of astronomy and gulped. Speaking of weird, Albert, here comes a professor with eyeshadow on the back of her head, she thought. “Oh! Er, uh... W-we’re terribly sorry. We were... just leaving.” she responded shakily, clearly offset by the presence in front of her.

☆ Claudia Gears, First Year ☆
Confusion... personified; the awkwardness is real.

The Sun is a Star  PV Albert Peshkov   Closed 

@Claudia Gears @Kateri Karr

Albert, facing Claudia, could not see the stranger behind him, but he sensed it due to the strange expressions dancing across Claudia's face. The normally emotionless Albert smiled a touch when Claudia jumped- it was almost like when he had run into her. Damn, she scares easily. It wasn't just me that shocked her, he reflected.

He promptly whirled around to find a strange figure. The darkness of the tower, or, maybe just his poor vision, obscured the slim silhouette of a professor.

Albert instantly recognized her. Oh fuck, it's that professor. The one with the strange name. And those spinning globes of doom, he thought. He instantly also admonished himself for thinking about that in front of the professor herself. He could think whatever he wanted, but in the case he thought aloud, it was best that the professor was not there.

“Oh! Er, uh... W-we’re terribly sorry. We were... just leaving.”Claudia responded to the professor's remarks about the curfew. Albert silently nodded his head and said, "yeah, we're leaving".

Turning over to Claudia, he questioned "So where do we go now, or, rather, tomorrow?

How does the courtyard sound?"

Hopefully the professor would let them off nicely.