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Elspeth was alone. This was not unusual. She had been alone since that night in March all those years ago. Her father was still around; that was true. But he was an all together different man, consumed by grief and fear. He still taught. He still cared for her. He still caught the tram in the mornings. But he operated in this strange space, where he loved her so much and yet around his daughter, there was always pain for she reminded him of the woman they both had lost.

The young brunette had become accustomed to this distanced yet close lifestyle. It was quite literally all she had. Now, being at Hogwarts, she had even less than that. She couldn't lean on her father in moments of terror and she had yet to make any real friends at the school. The other students all seemed so knowledgable about magic, accepting of each other, and just better at childhood over all.

The only solace Elspeth had was the sky, in which she imagined her mother now lived as a star. Before the diagnosis, Elspeth used to watch the sky with her mother, who often saw the sky as a source of inspiration for her poems. Together, they would count the stars or look for constellations. Elspeth loved hearing the mythology behind the star designs, which naturally overlapped with History and Literature. These allowed her to speak to others in the University beyond the department of Political Science, which might always be where her loyal lied, but she loved to learn from all kinds of disciplines.

Being sorted into Slytherin, her Common Room was underground, far, far away from the skies. She didn't much like it. The space felt constrained and claustrophobic down under the lake. She needed to be up in an open and airy space, someplace she could feel free and almost alive.

This was why she came up to the Astronomy tower as often as she could. For class, yes, but she also crept up on her own in off-hours, especially at night. She didn't really consider that this was wrong. It was a lot simpler than that: she needed this. She needed to be free and to stare up into the sky. She needed to see her mum. And it never occurred to her that she should speak to a Professor, who in all likelihood would never understand. Instead, she climbed the tower stairs, and took at seat, looking up as she clutched her necklace, sometimes staring for hours and muttering mumblings her mother would never be able to hear.

But earlier that day, she had noticed her necklace was not on her vanity. She had searched and searched, moving her books around rummaging through her clothes, but it was no where to be found. The only place she hadn't been yet was the tower. It had to be there. She wore it everyday just about, but especially on the tower. The necklace was one of the last items her mother had given her before the Huntington's ravaged her body. It was a piece of mint colored sea glass taken from a Portobello beach, wrapped in gold wire and set on a matching chain. It was exceedingly simple and plain, but it was all she had and she couldn't lose it. She didn't know what she would ever do if she did.

And so, after dinner, she tread lightly up the stairs to the Astronomy tower, just as she had been doing for weeks. Only this time, she didn't particularly care if she saw anyone alone the way. The necklace was the only thing that mattered. She had to retrieve it and that started with tracing her steps.

Stepping into the room, she tried to recall exactly where she had stepped last night. As she moved, she'd look down at the cracks in the stone, hoping for a glimmer of gold. Eventually, she reached a railing from which she could see the sky. "I'm sorry mum," she whispered softly into the night as she looked up to the stars. She felt so stupid for misplacing her most precious possession. But it wasn't over yet. She still had areas of the tower to search and she wasn't going to leave until she found it. She couldn't leave until she found it.

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The Necklace  PV Professor Karr   Closed 

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The temptation the Astronomy tower held for the students was absolutely no shock to the professor. Even she had to admit if she had attended Hogwarts in her younger days, it would most certainly be a place that she would be sneaking off to every night. Often if she were in the tower, busy with grading or other paperwork, Kateri would pay them no mind and simply kept a watchful eye. As long as they were not disrupting anyone or anything... and it wasn't too late in terms of curfew. Typically though she had a good read on most of the students who genuinely needed a space to crash and those that were looking for trouble.

Tonight had been lacking any student activity, thankfully. This meant plenty of time for Kateri to go over various shelving units, reorganize and set up for tomorrow's class. With an armful of books the professor returned to her desk across the room and set the stack gently down. Some movement out of the corner of her eye caught the woman's attention. Standing up straight and casting her eyes in the direction of a young girl leaning on the railing that surrounded the room, Kateri took in a small breath. 'Space to crash..' She thought to herself. At her short time in the castle, she hadn't caught many trying to sneak up into the observation deck and this girl off to the side of the room did not appear to be interested in breaking any rules for the sake of adventure... she radiated something else. Something that drew Kateri in and tugged at another part of the woman, a part she had buried deep within her to the point of almost forgetting it entirely.

Pulling off her jacket and draping it over the back of her chair, along with a handful of other forgotten jackets and button-ups, Kat tucked her hands in her pockets as she slowly made her way over to the girl. The moonlight bounced off the young girl's pale skin as Kateri came closer, leaning forward on the railing and keeping her eyes forward.

"Chilly night, huh?" Keeping her chin pointed to the horizon, Kat moved her brown eyes to look upon the girl. She didn't want to scare her but didn't want to push her into talking if the girl wasn't ready. It was clear by the look on her face something was muddled, whether her heart or head... or both.

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The Necklace  PV Professor Karr   Closed 

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Her gaze didn't move nor fluctuate as she waited for the reply that would never come from the skies above. Still, the eleven year old was determined. Should be a comet or constellation--any sign her mother might hear her--she would see it. She would wait until she saw it. Preferably the sign and the necklace--two parts to make a whole. Not that she would ever be whole again, a deep truth she knew and carried with her every single day as she walked amongst the cobbled Edinburgh streets, or here in the cold halls of Hogwarts.

Her hair was still dancing in the wind when she heard a nearby voice speak. For a moment her heart jumped, waiting for the scolding that was to follow. But that didn't come at all. Instead, it was a simple, ordinary comment about the weather--the sort of thing people would talk about in a staircase at the end of the day. But Elspeth didn't have any experience at workplace small talk. She had very little experience at all. "Not more than usual," replied softly, without considering that phrasing might betray the fact that she came up here a lot. She was just accustomed to this weather; it was like home. And honestly, she didn't really know what to say to a stranger, here, in a vulnerable moment. But she didn't feel like leaving either; she simply had to retrieve the necklace.

Still, she could feel her companion's gaze on her face. It was weird like she was being studied. This was why she didn't tell people what had happened or how or really any details at all. Pity was not becoming and she'd had quite enough of it then at the hospital and home, home and the hospital for years. She was never just herself, just Elspeth. Instead, she was a girl with a dying mother, and now she was a girl with a dead mother. That was all anyone saw. And no magic could fix it, at least no magic she had learned thus far.

The Slytherin had kept her head forward for a surprisingly long time. Others might have broken, but for Elspeth it was not the idea of getting caught that scared her. It was something much more complex than that. Still, eventually her head did turn and the young brunette found herself face-to-face with the Astronomy teacher. Not surprisingly really considering this was her tower. Elspeth was, for all intents and purposes, trespassing and had been for a long time. She never meant to harm the professor or infringe on her territory. In fact, she rather liked her lectures and Astronomy, if only for this view beyond, had fast become one of her favorite lessons.

"I'm sorry, Professor," she said softly, as if she were apologizing for something much more important than just a stolen evening in the tower. But Elspeth wasn't the kind to make up an excuse or make conversation just for the sake of a diversion. For someone sorted into Slytherin, she wasn't very cunning at all. No, she was resourceful and one of her more precious resources was somewhere in this tower, lost. She couldn't bare it. Raising a hand to her eye, she wiped away the beginning of a tear.

Looking back up at the sky, she blinked and considered if this was the view her mother might share. And if she did, how foolish she looked for losing her necklace. Now that there was an adult here, she was out of options. "Professor," she struggled to ask the question, "You haven't seen a necklace here, have you? It's a bit of sea glass wrapped in gold wire..." Her words trailed off as she looked back across at the woman, searching for some sign of hope. Maybe this request seemed vain in light of the trespass violation. Maybe she looked like some vanity girl who was sneaking makeup and other fancies in attempt to look older. Maybe she looked like countless stereotypes adults saw every day in these halls. But in truth, here was just a girl, desperate for the little piece of family she quite literally had left.
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