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She couldn't stand it anymore. She stumbled into an empty room, clutching at her chest, pain spreading. Even though her lungs were tightening, humans still equaled the worst nightmare she could have. She had never been one to be smooth with words, but fumbling over them consistently and hearing the snickers of her peers in one school day was too much for her to handle. She hated this: The feeling of being judged; The sense that you'd never meet people's expectations. Her mind was right: she should have remained home instead. At least if she was at home, she would only receive ridicule from her mother. That one thought sent her mind into a panic, her breathing shortening to wheezes. The pain shot through her body, pulsating and tearing her apart. Her hands frantically withdrew into her robe, frisking down its inner pockets. Her eyes stained with tears from a mixture of the physical and mental hurt. Finding what they were looking for, her fingers removed the cap, placing it on her lap. A small rattling noise filled the empty room as she shook the equipment that would preserve her life. She leaned her head back, staring at the dark ceiling, breathing out as deep as her lungs allowed. Taking the mouthpiece to her lips and breathing in, a small puff noise escaped as her inhaler released her medication. Her mouth and her eyes shut, she counted down the seconds. She felt her lungs relax as she let out a shaky breath, recapping her inhaler and putting back into its designated spot in her robe. A small hand ran through her messy, black hair, her heart slowing down and her breathing returning. Of course, she would have an asthma attack just a few minutes before the end of her class. Clear-minded Lucette prayed her Professor wouldn't find her rude for rushing out, but at this point, she couldn't care less. That wasn't the problem now. Her problem was being here.

She used Hogwarts to leave her home situation, but at this very moment, she was missing it more than she ever thought was imaginable. The stares of people made her long for a time before she knew she was not a squib. She longed for Peter, holding her in their small shared room in the attic. Lucette desperately wanted to pretend like she was home. She needed to be in isolation. Only then would she be happy. 

After about what seemed like an hour of just sobbing silently, she found the courage to get up. She didn't know why she decided to continue. She was weak, but something told her she had to. She steadied herself on her feet, and for the first time, she took in her surroundings. She stood in a dark, empty room, with only a piano sitting in the corner. Her lips parted slightly into a pained smile, remembering.  *Peter loved the piano...* She strode towards it, her fingers gingerly touching the smooth lid, nostalgia flooding in. Her little brother was always soothed by the sounds of the piano, which made Lucette dedicate much of her free time learning to play for him. Taking a seat on the bench, she relived those days when she would use their old tape recorder to playback many piano songs, and she would do her best to follow along. She still wasn't good, but the smile on his little face always made her efforts worth it. Her fingers played a few notes from memory, the vibrations of each note making her body shiver. The melody she played was one Peter requested, and her body memorized it like steps to a dance. She melted away at the moment, finally comforted. It was just a song and just a piano out of so many, but at this moment she felt unburdened. 

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Siege was leaning against the wall, close to the corners of the room, when the girl burst in and started her um...episode. Siege stared at the girl that came in, only to look back down, trying to read a book. But why the hell would he be doing that here? A challenge perhaps? Maybe just for the fun of it? Maybe trying his best to not run into a cute prefect, he'd rather not talk about? But wait... Didn't another one of those bust in? -Hmn? Who's that? And Why the hell am I reading a book in the dark? Is this one of my new talents? Tell me narrator! Tell me!- No Siege, it is not, I just wanted to give you a reason to be here. Anyways, the gasps for air grew louder and louder, to the point where Siege would take a step, only to realize that she's calmed down, an inhaler at hand it seems.

-She got it...She didn't even need my help. That's good, I guess?-

The boy took a step back and leaned back on the wall quietly. Siege quietly flipped through the pages, reading something that probably looked like gibberish to him, but it was a book that he had borrowed from the library, something about a damn Inferno.

*Ping*- The small key sounding out against the room that confines it. The girl began to play more notes, eventually resulting in a pretty damn warm tune, and it seemed to give the girl a moment of bliss. Her face lessened its worry and just went along with the melody that she played, a melody that seemed to calm her, a melody perhaps to remind?

*Clap**Clap**Clap*- The sound of Siege's hands as he clapped echoed across the Rehearsal Room, and although not much into music of her linking, it was still actually pretty damn okay. He slowly, and with a lazy look in his eyes, walked towards the girl on the piano.

"An actor, and a pianist too? Pretty damn good" Siege would say a bit lazily, although with a hint of silliness or with a joking nature. He wasn't feeling too damn well about the other day with, You know who, but he's not the type to keep a grudge, after all, a grudge takes memory, and memory takes energy, and energy is not something Siege wants to loose easily, or is just too lazy to loose any in the first place.

-Damnit, why do I keep thinking about her? What's wrong with me? Why the hell can't I get rid of this feeling...Like I just lost something important. I mean she was a friend...But I've never felt like this for anyone who has... It feels as though my f**king heart is on goddamn fire.-

"You a Prefect aren't you? Damn, why the hell do I keep running into you guys? I swear..." Siege would care-freely say, shrugging, and taking a seat beside the piano, making himself as comfortable as possible. Siege was definitely a strange one, talking with in-confidence, yet in a confident manner, managing to look lazy, yet walked confidently, and carried an aura around him...He just wasn't one to mess with.

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A Soft Place to Land  PV Siege   Closed 

As Lucette's melody ended, her heart froze. Clapping. Her eyes widened, their gaze lifting to a boy. Her mind blared with panic: He was here the whole time? Did he see her? HE WAS HERE?! *No... Oh no...* Her nightmare was coming true. Mother was right. Why didn't she listen?! She promised herself to never be vulnerable in the judgemental eye of others, yet there he was, clapping and smirking in all his glory. The words he spoke didn't register at first because all Lucette saw was a monster. Sure, he was an eleven-year-old boy, but he was human first, and humans were the worst: constantly trying to claw at each other to bring one another down. Even though he was trying to appear silly, all Lucette saw was a condescending student, trying to break her of her only moment of comfort. And hell, it was working. 

As soon as he sat beside the piano, waiting for her worded response, she quickly tried to get up and back away, but this proved to be a mistake. Her legs had rested underneath the piano bench, so when she got up, the piano bench along with the small girl on it was sent tumbling backward. Pain shot through her tailbone up to the back of her neck, but she couldn't care less. She couldn't bear the thought knowing another student had seen her. If her situation with wheezes and her lung airways trying to murder her was her first impression on him, she desperately didn't want another. If she hadn't just taken her medication, she would have gone into another attack. Her body moving quickly, she shuffled backward, still on the floor. She couldn't find a reason to get up. But she needed to escape. She needed to...

Lucette took in a sharp breath trying the calm herself, before looking up at Siege, only seeing a student this time. She actually got a good look at the person who was in the room with her: an eleven-year-old trying to diffuse the awkwardness of the situation. *Wh-What... What am I doing?* She let out a soft chuckle, dragging the heel of her hand across her wet cheeks. When had she been crying? How long? Those thoughts left as quickly as they came, others coming to replace them. She prayed she didn't worry or startle the boy, but she doubted that a stranger would care. He didn't seem like the one to care. She brought her knees closer to her, crossing an arm over them. Her lips parted into a pained, lopsided smile, before finally making eye-contact. Lucette let out a breath, trying to salvage what left of her sanity his sudden appearance had made shatter. She was grasping for words but fell short. Luce only managed to catch a few though. "A-Ah... Sorry... about all of this...

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Siege was a bit confused. Not confused at the girl's behavior, nor was he confused at what in the world the girl was talking about, although it sure did confuse me. No, he was more confused as to why he had the urge to at least help the girl, ya know? At least do something, to have her not cry in front of him.-Damn Serena, even though breaking things off, still lingers with him.  -Damn her. Still here when she's not- Siege would think, smiling warmly to himself, being reminded of the sweet Huffie Prefect.

"You good? Can't have another prefect getting me in some questionable waters..." Siege would joke, as he stood up, looking ever so confident. His facial expression though, it wasn't one of confidence, it was pretty damn lazy. More specifically his eyes, sure they might be pretty damn good looking-green, but they more often has been described as the stare of a dead fish, uncaring, and totally carefree.

Walking over to the small sitting girl, and reached down and offered his hand.

"We can't have you just staying down there..." Said Siege, a lot more confident than anyone would have been, in front of the girl, with marks of tears down her cheeks. Siege didn't know why he offered his hand. Was it because of kindness? Yeah Siege definitely isn't someone pegged as kind. Was it just an instinct? Maybe, but he's never usually done things like this, maybe with Serena, but other than that, he never would have come off as someone even close to being approachable if it wasn't for Serena.

"They'll think I did something!" Siege would jokingly say, and although considering that it is a possibility that he could get int trouble with her, he still carried that same, dastardly, carefree look in his eyes.

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A Soft Place to Land  PV Siege   Closed 

As she chuckled awkwardly, she saw the Gryffindor boy break out into a warm smile. She narrowed her eyes. Why was he smiling? Did she amuse him? Although, her mind still clearing something about this was a bit funny: a random girl bursting to the room you were in and having an asthma attack, then proceeding to play the piano, and all without even acknowledging your existence. Lucette broke into a lopsided grin of her own, one not brought out by false pretenses this time. She chuckled at herself but stopped as the Gryffindor spoke again.

"You good? Can't have another prefect getting me in some questionable waters..."

His words caused Lucette to raise an eyebrow. Another prefect? Who even was this person? Did she even want to know? Why would she ask something like that when she didn't even know his name? All logical reason why not to, but she was curious. But who was she to ask? She was just some nosy prefect, the worst kind. It wasn't until her thoughts stopped running did she realize she didn't respond to the boy's question. Why has he concerned himself about her well-being anyway? Now that's a question she wouldn't have the guts to ask. 

"I-I'm fine... sorry if I startled you.

The shuffling of feet filled the silence. Her eyes quickly darted upwards as he got up from his seat from beside the piano and strode over until he was towering over her sitting form.  To her surprise, the Gryffindor with the cold, uncaring eyes extended a single hand to her

"We can't have you just staying down there...

*... What?!

Her heart thumped, surprised. Why was he helping her? It had been drilled into her head that those who showed you kindness always wanted something from her, so why did it feel different this time? What made this Gryffindor delinquent different from anyone else? What in the world did he have to gain from helping he-

"They'll think I did something!

Ah... there it was: the reason why. At least, that was what Lucette would have thought if she didn't find it damn funny. He did nothing wrong to begin with, so she didn't know what he was worried about. Worries about getting into those controversial waters, perhaps? Although thinking about it further, if someone barged in and found a student towering over another who had undoubtedly been weeping, there would be many negative inferences on how the two got there. If she had gotten anyone in trouble over a misconception, she would never forgive herself. Luce brown eyes contacted the boys. That carefree expression in his eyes was all Lucette needed to vanish into a state of contentment, or at least, a damn flawless facade of it. She reached out to grasp the boy's palm, before realizing parts of it was still smeared with her tears. Quickly fluttering her hand against her garment at her best attempts to dry it, she tried anew. This time, she successfully lay her hand in his, smiling lopsidedly.  

"W-well... We can't have that now, can we?"

With a small gasp, the boy pulled her up. Well, she wasn't expecting that level of strength, but at this point anything was possible. The world could catch on fire and she wouldn't be fazed. As soon as the warm hand left hers, she felt a bit dejected. That thought vanished as quick as it came, and Lucette steadied herself on her feet. Well, now what? Feeling the awkward silence settle in, she scratched the back of her head nervously. It seemed like the conversation hit a wall, and that in itself was making Lucette internally squirm. Wanting something to fill the silence, she cleared her throat and muttered out the first words to come to her mind.

"M-My name is Lucette, by the way. Ah, but I am sorry about busting in here out of the blue."

She bit her tongue to keep herself from saying anything else. Knowing her, she would have asked him some dumb question to continue the conversation or pointed something out that would probably make him uncomfortable. She didn't owe him a conversation, anyhow. He didn't know her, she didn't know him. She let out a shaky breath. She didn't want to slip into another conversation that would turn on her. Despite her social anxiety telling her she needed to talk, her heart demanded her to get away. She couldn't pretend for any longer, and breaking down again was just too much for her mind to handle. Lucette just wanted peace and quiet. Was that so much to ask for? She moved to fix the piano bench, chuckling awkwardly. 

"I'll get out of your hair then. You can continue... reading? In a dark room?" She raised an eyebrow, before realizing that she was being rude. Now she was becoming one of them. People like that make her stomach churn and her blood boil. She would never let herself level with the scum of society. She waved her right hand dismissively, smirking. "To e-each their own, right?

She moved backward, quickly heading for the door. She leaned a hand on it, before turning back to him. She had so many questions, intrusive and just simple curious ones. Why did she hesitate to leave? She let out a shaky breath, before just leaning her back on the door. Did he find it rude that she was just going to head out? Why was there something about this one moment out of so many that made her want to stay? She trembled for a moment, before slipping into a playful facade, looking up at the Gryffindor boy in front of her. "Al-Although, I am curious as to why a student is just sitting here in the dark... I hope you don't mind me asking.
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"Why am I here? I dunno, hell I'm not even one to read...Guess I probably just got lost and ended up here." Siege would say, casually shrugging. He wasn't one for directions, nor was he one for reading...Especially not in the dark. The only reason he'd be in the dark was either for hiding from teachers, or to steal something...And last time he checked, he intended neither.

"Lucette huh? The name's Siege, your friendly neighborhood...Ah yeah never mind." Commented Siege, suddenly realizing he was talking to a prefect he didn't know. "A bit unusual innit? I mean I'd expect someone to be startled by me just coming out of nowhere...but that...That was quite the reaction!" Joked Siege, leaning against the Piano, once he had gotten over there at least.

He wasn't really this friendly with anyone upon first meeting...Well she seems like someone with at least a bit of sense of humor, but that reaction...Quite interested Siege. He'd never known anyone to react to him like that! Has he grown that much? As he? I and he doubted it, something must have caused that reaction, and he knew somewhere deep inside him, it wasn't him that was the cause.

"Nice tune huh. What's it called?" Asked Siege, unusually curious about it. It wasn't something he'd ever heard before, music like that he wasn't really into. He was into old rap, 90's rap, Dre, Pac, Em, Biggie, etc. So it was safe to say he wasn't into no damn piano music, music that the Girl had played.

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She scoffed a bit at his first answer. No specific reason why, she just found it a bit funny that someone who wasn't interested in reading had a book in their hands.  "Lost and ended up here... with a book in her hands, eh? Not suspicious at all~." She raised an eyebrow, her lips curved into a smirk. Sometimes she didn't understand herself: having an attack one minute, and joking around with a stranger the next. What was wrong with her? She wouldn't be answering that anytime soon, because the boy saying her name brought her back from her internal crisis. 

The left corner of her lip raised slightly, into her awkward lopsided smile. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Siege." She felt her face burn a light crimson as he mentioned her reaction and moved to learn on the piano. Of course, she was embarrassed, but his words didn't come across as condescending as she would expect them to. She crossed her arms, fumbling over the words. "W-Well... You just got me at a weak moment, al-alright? Aha... who'd imagine that a small eleven year old's mind would be flooded with worries and problems and... ah.. not important.

Lucette quickly trailed off, scratching the back of her head. She waved her hand to dismiss the topic of the conversation, not wanting to make this situation awkward. What made her want to spill out her heart to this complete stranger? Plus, putting her problems on others wasn't fair. After all, she had to remember that this was nothing she couldn't handle. She smiled as Siege brought up the tune she had played, uncrossing her arms and seemingly bouncing on her toes. "A-Ah... It's this little tune my brother was fond of. It's my to-go when I'm trying to get that little rascal to sleep." She chuckled, her hand moving upwards to cover her mouth. Just thinking about Pete made her heart soar and her face beam. "I memorized it, seeing how paper sheet music sort of... fades over time. It's like there's a library shelf in my head of music and..." She trailed off, coughing awkwardly. "P-Pardon my rambling. Piano's a... passion of mine." She smiled warmly, looking at the boy. "I understand reading isn't a passion of yours... so what is?

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