Rehearsal Room

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Ben is not the Culprit.  Open   Closed 

Undecided on who to particularly agree with, as there were opposite views within the same spectrum now being presented, she stood silent, nodding her head any time someone spoke. She had noticed the appearance of Lucien, a boy she had met before, though she wasn't entirely sure as to where. Mentally cursing herself for her terrible memory, she could only bring herself to giving him a weak smile instead of a greeting.

Humming in thought, her mind began to play the devil's advocate once more. On one hand, Lucien had a point. Ben was probably stressed about all the attention, and she could only imagine he wished to lay low, not wanting a crowd coming together to defend him when right now, he faced little threats. And she noted that the general student body was insane if they ever believed that any professor would allow Ben to be in danger. As long as there were adults at this school, he was still safe. At least, so she assumed.

But she could also see why Rosie wanted to form this group to begin with. If Ben ever needed the reassurance that there was at least one person looking out for him, it could be found in this very room. It wasn't about who turned up, it was about those who cared about the situation at hand. Those who cared about Ben. Even if she had never met him formally before in her life, she could not deny her stance. It was not sympathy that she felt, as he needed none of that, but it was something stronger. She knew he had this, but if he ever needed a little defending, she would be right there with him, backing him up. There was no shame, she decided, in having people defend you. As long as there were people at this meeting, he was no alone, and maybe he needed that, whether he knew so or not.

Being a voice of reason, a middle ground somewhere, she decided to speak up when her thoughts had settled. "Lucien is right, Ben needs his space. But I also agree with Rosie, it is important that Ben has people on his side. In no way does he need 'protection', but a group of people who has his back wouldn't hurt. Low-profile supporters or something like that." She suggested, shrugging a little bit after she ended her thought. She then glanced at Rosie for approval.

I wanna watch the world burn
I got the gasoline

Ben is not the Culprit.  Open   Closed 

Rosie watched Ben leave, frowning. She felt her heart stink. She was forcing this on him, but she had to brush aside her guilt. If word wasn't spread, Ben could be hurt, or worse. She had received a letter from Adam while everyone poured in, and once Ben left, she finally read it over.

You have to know you're making a mistake.

I'm not going to pretend that I'm staying neutral, and as much as I love both you and Eris, you're both being reckless here. You, at least, have your mind in the right place. We both think that Ben is innocent -- or doesn't deserve to be tortured if nothing else. So, yeah, I'm not saying you're wrong. I'm just asking you to stop.

If you really go through with this thing, it's going to be a war. You'll have set up the second side all by yourself, and you'll have to fight one of your best friends. I'm going to Eris's meeting, but I'm going to try to change her mind without any trouble, and I can't do that if you're stirring things up outside. Please, Rosie, if you want this to be over without any damage, you'll stop whatever you're planning. I hate to treat either of you like enemies. But I don't think she'll stop if you stand in her way. And I won't either.

Great, now this sounds like a threat. I promise it's not. It's just one last try to settle things quietly, if Eris will listen to me. If not, we can work on something together, I hope. But this has to be the plan for now. Please, please listen. I'm trying my best.

You know I hate this as much as the rest of us. Don't make it harder than it has to be.

With a huff, Rosie ripped it into two without another thought. She would respond later. She threw the paper into a nearby bin and faced the crowd again, her red face fading back to pink. The overwhelming voices and feelings were starting to take a toll on the twelve year old. But she was determined to keep her cool. She was usually good at keeping it, anyway.

Arthur seemed to be clueless, and it made Rosie want to scream. She rubbed her face, and reminded herself that some people needed extra guidance. She couldn't blame them for not knowing a situation they weren't directly involved in. Lucien however, seemed to be able to explain it to him, and it seemed they shared the same feeling of confusion. Rosie listened to him when he spoke to her about Ben, and she nodded slowly. "I get that, and that's why we're not protecting him directly." Luckily, Rosie was patient, so she wasn't too against repeating herself. "The more people let the situation bubble up with finding ways to hunt him down, the worst this'll all get. People are already planning on hurting him, from the looks of it. The question is, how do we convince half the school to leave the kid alone?" She wondered out loud, sighing. She didn't think this all the way through. Rosie also decided to ignore the fact Lucien referred to her as Miss Parker. She didn't like that very much.

Eri had walked in a bit earlier but Rosie hadn't realized a lot until after Ben left, and she didn't say anything. Rosie remembered her from her first meeting with Max, and she didn't give her any good vibes. She offered her a gentle wave instead of saying anything, before turning back to the situation at hand.

She must've also missed Sonya walking in, because she spoke up and Rosie's head turned up so she could listen. "Thank you, the more help we get the better." She stuck up a thumb at Sonya. Rosie talked with her hands... A lot. She thought about that as she rushed around the room.

Finally, Rosie could rest when Alexx entered. She remembered her from Clary's funeral. She didn't have a big opinion on her, considering they didn't necessarily speak during the funeral. It wasn't much of a talking event. More of a silent cry into parents' sleeves event. When Alexx spoke, she let out a sigh of relief. Rosie was happy someone could be a voice of compromise. It was getting a little hard handling a group by herself. She also probably should've thought about that before putting up the single flyer.

She nodded in agreement with Alexx, maintaining eye contact for a moment before Rosie looked at the group again. "Alexx is right, low profile is the best way to go. If we go too much with this, it could turn a lot more messier than it already is."