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Rosie was asking for a death wish.

Suicide mission, execution, whatever you wanted to call it, that's what it was. Rosie might as well had taken a leap off the Astronomy Tower. But she had made her decision, and her decision was to protect Ben.

Just moments before, Rosie had run down the stairs and slapped a paper onto the wall, asking people who were willing to defend Ben to come to the Rehearsal Room. Why the room in particular? Rosie... Wasn't sure. It was a random decision. She didn't have much time to think. Time was limited. Rosie could waste time, but in that span, chaos could ensure. She had to convince as many people as possible to spread word.

Rosie thought the entire situation over and over, and it made no sense. Masked... Man? How did that fit Ben? He wasn't a Masked Man, he was a boy. Only a boy. Which meant maybe, just maybe-- No. Definitely, there was definitely a bigger story then the one her and her classmates were inclined to believe. It couldn't have been true, Rosie knew it.

As she waited in the room, sitting on a table, Rosie pondered. What friends would she lose from this? Would she lose any? Would chaos ensue anyway? Only one thing was for certain, she couldn't sit back. Waiting was killing her. The clock ticks seemed to be louder as she sat in silence.

Silence. She always hated it.

Rosie stood up from the table and started to pace. Her hands fiddled nervously as her mind swarmed with different thoughts, different concerns, horrible outcomes. Rosie squeezed her eyes shut and inhaled slowly, then exhaled. Inhale... Exhale. She opened her eyes and sighed with relief. Everything was still fine.

She had to think about what she was going to say. How was Rosie going to convince people to take her side? She had to be the leader now, but who would trust a short 12 year old? Certainly not Rosie herself, who would? She sighed and pushed her curly hair back behind her ears. She had to find some kinda way to make herself seem believable. Maybe she'd put her hair up?

This was far from what Rosie needed to be worrying about. In all honesty, she was just trying to distract herself so she didn't send herself into a full fledged panic. With a sigh, she slapped her cheeks a few time to get herself together, staring at the wall in front of her. Rosie turned and sat back down on the table, swinging her feet off the edge as she waited for someone, anyone, to arrive. There had to be at least someone who cared about protecting an innocent kid. Someone who cared about fair justice.



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Ben had been keeping to himself quite a bit lately. It was impossible to avoid everyone though. He had to eat. He had to study. He had to go to class. Whenever he left for the corridors he would hide himself as much as possible. Hat pulled down tight, robe covering his face slightly... whatever it took not to be easily spotted. Visiting the library was a nice place to be in a quiet area with adults nearby to stop shenanigans. It felt safe. That was until he saw a note posted for people to protect him. The school was abuzz with rumors and people choosing sides. Ben just wanted to be left in peace. Upon reading the note he moved up to the Rehearsal room to see what this group was doing.

It was impossible to enter a nearly empty, silent room without being noticed. Ben pushed open the door and instantly was met with Rosie. She was the only one there so far. That was good as far as Ben was concerned. A big crowd would have been annoying to confront. Rosie would be simple enough to speak to by himself.

"Did you post that note about me?" He asked, not sounding angry but he did seem annoyed. "I don't need protection. Just leave me be."

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Emma didn't even remember who Ben was until the rumors began to circulate throughout the school. Some demanding he had been completely aware of his actions, others illustrating a curse he had been put on. Sure, she had heard the name once or twice, but it didn't seem significant. Somehow it all made sense now. 

As soon as the fliers around the school were placed regarding the exposure of the Masked Man, she knew where her loyalty belonged. That was Ben. He was a mere child, absolutely he wouldn't purposely hurt anyone. It just didn't seem logical. She didn't care if she had to fight to protect him, though she didn't quite know him, others did and that's all that matter. She was fighting for the family, friends, and lovers of Ben, and maybe perhaps Ben himself.

Hogwarts was heading for a war.

Analyzing every aspect of both the situation, she walked near the Rehearsal Room, though her strides seemed to reverberate inside of her head, repeating in a gloomy beat. This wasn't the biggest choice she had made at Hogwarts, but it sure was close. She stopped outside of the door, taking a moment to think about her decision. Once she walked inside the doors, there was no turning back. It was either fight the battle or watch it happen. Mantenme a salvo, abuela. She thought to herself, speaking to herself in Spanish for the very first time. Repeating the line inside of her head, the angels wouldn't be watching out for her. It was her grandmother.

She heard voices, one that belonged to a boy, hopefully, another member. The word protection jumped out to her, the voice belonged to Ben himself. A tone of annoyance jumped out to her, but she didn't care. He wouldn't be saying the same thing when a mob of angry students came to attack him inside of his dorm, or during a class. It wasn't like her to eavesdrop, but that wasn't scouting for information.

Ideas formed inside of her head as she listened, the people she would befriend and those she would lose. If her friends couldn't see the truth, that was their problem, not hers. Shaking the thought out of her head, she took one final breath before stepping inside of the Rehearsal Room. 

Keeping her eyes down at first, she let the sound of her footsteps sound throughout the room. For once, she felt as she did during the Sorting Ceremony. Her heart pounding against her ribcage, the dam of tears bound to crack at any moment, and the sense of anxiety. She hadn't felt the feeling in months, but it was still so easy to reactivate her emotions.

The Ravenclaw looked up from her position and smiled nervously. At least there hadn't been a dozen members yet, that is, if they were to be called members. Forcing out a small wave, she introduced herself, trying her best to ignore her Prefect badge, "hello, I suppose... I'm Emma, from... Ravenclaw. I really hope I'm not intervening." It was strange to hear herself stutter, but she could exactly help it, so she decided to ignore her words. She didn't try hard.
Translation: Mantenme a salvo, abuela = Keep me safe, grandma.

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Oh. There he was.

Rosie had never actually seen Ben before, so this was a first. But from the looks that he gave her when he walked into the room, she already knew. She winced and hopped off the table, frowning. She watched him talk as he entered, saying he didn't need protection. Which may be true. However, they had no idea what would happen if people who didn't like Ben caught him alone. There had to be some sort of plan.

"Well, you must be Ben." She sighed, rubbing her head. "Listen, I'd hate to force anything onto you or whatever, but... People are gonna be after you. And I won't be surrounding you like some body guard, but you gotta realize here man that like..." Rosie spread her arms. "People are gonna come after you, and excuse me for not wanting to stay out of it, but if you think I'm just gonna let you be mindlessly jumped by someone, you're wrong. That isn't me." She placed a hand on her chest and sighed. "I feel too bad to watch this castle fall into a war. And you don't know me, at all, actually. But until everything calms down, I just... I don't know if it's safe for you to be alone."

Rosie breathed after her entire tirade, frowning. She felt bad now, throwing herself into a situation. "I'm sorry, but... I just can't sit back and watch. I hope you can understand. While you being attacked could be something you can handle on your own... It doesn't have to be, you know?" She said a bit hopeful, managing a nervous half smile. "If you really want me to, I'll back off. But don't think I won't defend you if I see chaos in action."

Rosie turned from Ben to look at a girl entering, waving. "Hey, you're good, just give me a second." She said softly.

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There was a poster in the library. A darn poster that just had to start messing with the little redhead's moral compass. Who would go out of their way to attack someone? Didn't they feel the least bit concerned about what would happen? Truthfully, Frost had no idea who this 'Ben' was. She might have seen around, but the name didn't ring a bell. But whoever he was, he sure didn't deserve to be attacked. 

But wasn't he the masked boy? Or maybe he wasn't. The ginger didn't really know yet. But Rosie Parker seemed to know who he was and believed he could never. Why else would she put up a  poster and everything wanting to make plans? Frost just believed her place in all this was to help and protect. She couldn't just stand there and watch as it all unfolded without giving all her effort. And whoever was trying to 'jump' Ben might be able to be reasoned with. They might be able to change their minds. Hurting people to get answers or payback wasn't the right thing to do. Or as some would say, violence is never the answer. 

And it did seem a bit risky and might even get her hurt, but it was better than nothing. She wouldn't let Rosie stand alone. It might even just be only them two that would try, but it was so much better than just standing around and waiting for him to get hurt. Ben didn't know her and she didn't know Ben, heck, she didn't even know Rosie. She didn't want anyone to get hurt. Physically and mentally. The doors to the rehearsal room opened just enough for her small frame to slip through. 

The curly haired girl, that had to be Rosie. Frost had only known her from a very brief second of meeting Rosie a long time ago in her first year, and the fact that she was a Hufflepuff prefect. But still, it took a little bit to recognize her. The redhead cleared her throat, the silence was a bit crushing. "Rosie, right?" She started. "I saw your poster and- and," Frost wasn't one to stutter, but this was a serious matter and it was starting to feel like it was withering her soul.

She took a breath and held herself together. "I saw your poster and I would like to help you help Ben. Even though I don't know him. Or you, for that matter." Honestly it was kind of awkward to be making plans with someone you didn't know at all for someone you don't know at all. But, who else was crazy, stupid, and overly nice like Frost and would at least try? 

The boy she was talking to, was that Ben? Had he seen the poster? She had only walked in right after she finished talking to the other brunette girl. "Oh- sorry. Was I interrupting you?" The politeness came from her with such an ease like second nature. Without being told, she fell back a step and waited, standing next to the other girl. 

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The school was starting to choose sides. Oh god, the school was starting to choose sides. While she had been adamant to stay out of the chaos this whole “Masked Man” thing was causing around, the notice in the library had forced her to pick a side.

Well, it didn’t exactly force her to, but she knew she had too. While others would probably just ignore it, make fun of it, or even go a step further into taking it a step further and hurting the ones who were behind it - namely the people against the protection of the not so suspicious Masked Boy. But she had not.

Despite being set on fire by the Eckenrode Boy, she had forgiven him for it. If he wasn’t in his right mind, then he wasn’t in his right mind. Simple. And she believed in never holding someone to decisions they did not make with their heart 100%. Plus, Isabella guessed that he would never do it if he was thinking straight. And, as an added bonus, he hadn’t killed anyone, right?

So it was for these reasons that she found herself outside the rehearsal room door. The presence of the possibility of a war loomed over the twelve year old. If people were choosing to protect him, then people were obviously choosing to go against him. And if both sides were as serious about this as she thought, then they were heading for a battle of the two sides. Who thought that when it happened, she could very possibly be at the front line.

What worried her was the extent other students would go to to hurt Ben. They couldn’t be serious about jumping him, could they? He was only tweleve, not even old enough to cause any real damage. Sure he had hurt a few students, but again, no one had died? Surely that counted for something. What the others should really be focusing on was finding the one behind all this, not on jumping a boy. She just hoped they would be around her age, otherwise there was pretty much no chance of them protecting the boy - no matter how many spells they threw at them.

But still, she would try.

Sighing and rubbing the bridge of her nose, she pushed the doors to the rehearsal room open. She had been in here many times before, but none of the reasons why being as serious as this.

Her face missing of the almost constant smile, she made her way over to a group of kids - guessing they were the ones running this thing. A pair of girls stood next to each other, as if waiting for something. And the other pair - featuring a boy that she guessed to be the one they were protecting - seemed sort of in the middle of something, a friendly argument should she guess.

Raising her eyebrow at the situation, she moved and stood next to the other two girls - waiting instead to introduce herself when both the boy and the girl finished whatever they were doing. Taking note of two girls she stood next too, she realised she recognised one but not the other. The one she recognised being the fiery Hufflepuff she had meet with a few times during their First Year, Summer Holidays and their Second Year.

Unable to force a smile in a situation as serious and sobering as this, she settled for a nod of her head towards the red headed snowflake. Typical Hufflepuffs, always doing the right thing and standing up for others. She was actually surprised at how few there were here. Shrugging and figuring there would probably be more to come as time progressed, she let her mind wander into her guesses into what would happen within the future.

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Arthur was actually not at the Rehearsal Room for the meeting. He was there to practice piano, which he did most days, and because it was usually an excellent place to be alone. Clearly not today. He began to turn around, assuming the space was reserved for some event that he wasn't aware of, when scattered words of the second years' conversation reached him. 'Castle', 'war', 'protection', and a name...


He'd seen the posters around school, of course. It was hard to miss them. Naturally, his first question had been: 'who the heck is Ben Eckenroe?' (or whatever it was). Followed by: 'who is the masked man?', 'what did he actually do?', and 'what the hell is even going on in this school??'

Was this even really a school? Sometimes he wondered. Since he got here an entire house (his house!) had been pulled out of class for a week and sent on a mysterious field trip, a bunch of professor had left and been suddenly replaced without any explanation, and now mysterious and contradictory posters erupted all over school declaring one person's guilt or innocence over some unspecified event. Red flags were everyone. And like an idiot, he was just going to class, trying to make friends, and ignoring them.

But an unidentifiable anxiety continued to mount in him. He was miles from home, in a culture that wasn't his own, in a school full of vague warnings and unseen dangers, and all he could think about was how completely in the dark he was about everything. Everyone just acted like he shouldn't worry about it, or like they didn't want to scare him. Maybe they were just trying to help, and maybe they were right.. for most people. But the less he knew, the more he worried. There was little he feared more than the unknown.

Making a decision, he turned back again on his heels and strode boldly over to the group of older students. "Hi. First year here. Can someone please tell me what the hell is going on?" They were in the middle of something, he could tell, and this was probably a bad time. He wouldn't usually be so direct. But no one was giving him a straight answer, and his curiosity, apparently, outweighed his courtesy. Someone should probably let the sorting hat know.

That is... for a moment, it did, at least. Then his stubborn 'I'm-not-leaving-till-you-tell-me' glare melted into one of vague concern and contrition. He already felt bad for snapping at them. Like it was their fault the world was crazy, and he didn't know anything. "Sorry for interrupting," he mumbled guiltily.
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It was unlikely that Alexx would even turn up to this event, as it wasn't her scene, so to speak. But alas, the blonde stood in the rehearsal room, one room that was very familiar to her, looking at the gathering. One might have asked how she got herself involved, and truth be told, not even she knew. Maybe it was the likely circumstance that she was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, or maybe she had actually paid attention to the note.

Still, in any case, Ben Eckenrode was the last of Alexx's worries. She knew all about victims who were posed as criminals, as she lived with such her entire life. But she also knew that this would make Ben feel worse, and anyone showing up was asking to get their ass kicked by this now divided school. And in any case, there was no point in trying to stay neutral, as the decision was out the door before being mentioned.

So Alexx opted to introduce herself anyway. Those who knew her, or rather, knew of her, may have known Alexx to be the quiet kid, but she was flying at the seat of her pants right about now, desperate to make an appearance at such an even. "Hello," She announced firmly to the one who seemed to be in charge here, but only after finding a spot to enter the conversation. "I'm Alexx Helm, second year." She continued.

The brief thought of stating her purpose as to why she showed up to begin with crossed her mind, but she decided against it, as the girl she assumed was Rosie Parker was occupied with other people as well. Maybe it was just how her mother raised her, but she remembered getting a few decent wrist slappings for speaking out of turn. While she doubted that Rosie was about to hit her, as the point of being here was to avoid conflict anyway, she wasn't about to test any theories.

In Alexx's mind, which these days felt more mature than it should be, this whole situation the school had put itself into was pointless. While in her first year, Alexx had heard of it, yes, but she never brought herself to care much or involve herself. It never was her crowd, and she was certainly not the type to present herself as anything otherwise. Until now, that was.

The purpose of this even was clear; Ben was just a kid. He wasn't helpless, but it wouldn't hurt to back him up a little bit. Her conscience would have felt like shit if she didn't at least make an effort, anyway. It was easy to stay silent, but Alexx had a few personal goals for the year, and speaking up was one of them. She believed in Rosie's cause and was ready to contribute however she could. Besides, as stated before, Alexx knew more about Ben's situation than most would come to know. She may not be able to help herself, but she could maybe help this kid.

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Lucien entered the Rehearsal Room a bit latter than he had wanted to. He looked around the rehearsal room with a smile to see who all had decided to actually do something right for once. He recognized almost everyone, never actually talking to many of them but he still knew names to faces. He wasn't quite sure why he had come to the room, he was sure Ben would be fine on his own, but he felt like he needed to show up anyways. "Sorry I'm running late. I would have been here sooner but I got sidetracked." He stated with no expression. By sidetracked, he mostly meant nearly killing a group of first years who had decided it would be perfect to trip him when he was walking up stairs. A clearly confused first year looked like he had no idea what was going on. When he spoke up it proved Lucien was right. He was confused. "...Why are you here if you don't know what happened. Simple, kid got blamed for stuff that wasn't his fault, people are horrible and feel like they need justice despite how twisted their view is. Same old same old." Lucien replied walking closer to the group standing close the Alexx, mostly because she was the only one in the group he had ever talked too.

Lucien didn't think Ben really needed protection, he could handle himself, he just figured it would be nice to show up so he knew people did care. Even if Lucien had never met him, it was worth it. So, did Ben have any say in this or did it just kind of happen?" He questioned curiously.

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Now we were getting somewhere.

As Rosie was talking to Ben, more people started to file into the Rehearsal Room. Some familiar, some, not so much. She bit her lip nervously as she tried to talk to Ben, and at the same time, watch who was coming in. When a few people showed up, Rosie sighed, turning back to Ben. "Listen, this isn't a body guard meet up, we're just gonna make a plan to change people's minds, okay? We can argue about this later, I gotta go." She walked past Ben, and climbed up onto a table.

"Hey guys!" Rosie called, cupping her hands. Once she realized she was getting some people's attention, she placed her hands on her hips. "Thank you for coming, and all. Really. I know like... this campus has kinda been a mess for it just being October, but I think we can try to settle things right?" She offered a smile and clasped her hands together. "So, we aren't body guards, by any means. So don't think of us that way. But our mission is just to like... Spread word that Ben is innocent before this castle falls into war."

Rosie moved onto addressing people. First was Frost. Rosie smiled at her. "No worries, Frost. I'm glad you're here to help, really." She nodded to her, taking a deep breath. "Hopefully this'll bring people together, finally." Rosie was still so naive, even as she was beginning to enter her adolescent years.

Her eyes fell on one of the quiet, silent girls, (Isabella) and Rosie gently smiled at her. "Hey, welcome to the.... Team... Group? I dunno. Welcome, I guess. You don't need to say anything now if you don't want to." Rosie couldn't relate about not saying anything. She would argue that she talked.. Way... WAY too much. But as a leader, she had to be a voice. ... Huh. A leader. Was that what she was?

Arthur was not all that familiar. Rosie knew he was a Hufflepuff, though. Which meant he was probably a first year. She wrinkled her nose a bit at his loud voice, but didn't find any point in yelling back. "Well, you can probably guess now.." She said, sighing.

"Ben.. Kinda didn't have a say." Rosie replied to the other boy, [Lucien]. "But uh, he didn't have a say in someone putting him up as a villain either, so. It's cool. Maybe if people actually come together, we can stop the other side, ya know?"

Rosie sighed, rubbing her nose. She was starting to think this might have not been the smartest idea. There was a reason she wasn't in Ravenclaw.


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"Why are you here if you don't know what happened?" asked another of the recent arrivals, who'd appeared just after him.

Turning his head towards Lucien, Arthur gestured behind him to the myriad of instruments filling the room, and in particular the piano in the corner. "I'm just here to use the room," he explained. Running into the rest of them was just coincidence. Looking around at the ever growing cluster of people, he added, "I'm guessing it's going to be occupied for a while, though." He wondered if there was somewhere else he could practice...

"Simple, kid got blamed for stuff that wasn't his fault, people are horrible and feel like they need justice despite how twisted their view is. Same old same old," the boy went on to explain. His eyes shifted back to Lucien, taking in what he was saying. That seemed plausible enough, given what he'd witnessed at Hogwarts so far. It still didn't explain much though...

"Well, you can probably guess now.." the other girl was saying.

"Not really..." he sighed. "Like, who is this person? What did they do, or supposedly do? Why do people think it was them? And how are you so sure that it wasn't?" Not that he would attack someone, regardless of whether he thought they were guilty or not. But he couldn't really profess support for them either, without knowing for sure what was 'right' and who was telling the truth.

If they were right and a student was being set up unfairly, of course, he was in the side of trying to set things straight. But right now, all he knew were the wild rumors and what someone had written on the posters.

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Eri saw the note that had been put up by Rosie. They weren't friends but she had met Ben once. And she didn't think that he would do something like that. So she decided to go and join the meeting to protect Ben. She had some theories of what happened but they probably weren't true. 

Once she arrives she notices that a couple people were there already. So she as best as she could snuck in to a corner to hide from every one. She didn't want them to know she was there yet since she wanted to see if this was something she wanted to help with.

Far in the corner where she could observe and hopefully not to be noticed by anyone in the room until she wanted them to know. 

Her emerald green eyes scanned the faces of all those that were in the room to see if she recognized anyone else that was in the room with her. She recognized Rosie and Ben so far. And he seemed to not want this. If she was in the sans predicament she wouldn't want it either. He must be scarred. He didn't do any of what he did on purpose well at least she hoped so.

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Sonya practically ran into the rehearsal room. She had just seen the flier in the library and was determined to help. When she saw the flyer, it grabbed her attention by saying 'an innocent kid is in trouble', she took a closer look, saw no time or anything so assumed it was happening right now, and ran to the rehearsal room.

She honestly didn't know why she was doing this. She didn't know who this Ben was or what happened to him. All she knew was what she saw from the posters and fliers saying that he was the Masked Man. Even then, she didn't know what the Masked Man did. She just saw all the threats made to him. When she saw the notice to protect someone that was innocent, Sonya immediately knew she wanted to help. To her it didn't matter that she didn't know exactly what happened, what mattered was helping her fellow students and protecting innocent people. She just wanted to help, and hoped she'd be wanted in the cause.

When Sonya entered the room, she was rather loud from being in a rush. She was also a bit out of breath, looking a little frazzled. She looked around the room. "Hello," she greeted, "I'm Sonya Carlson and I'd like to help."

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A quiet confrontation had become impossible. Ben had not been able to say much at all before the girl argued back and a crowd began to gather. Those posters must have been everywhere. The boy silently cursed as he took all the distractions as a chance to escape the room. While it was kind of these kids to show their support, he really did not want more attention. There was little he could do to actually stop them it seemed even if he wanted to do so. For the moment he would try to maintain an incognito approach to his movements through the school.

Ben made his way to the back of the group as Rosie was being bombarded with new arrivals and questions. If he got caught they might make him give a speech or something. His fists, his legs, and his wand would be plenty for him to be left alone. So he hoped at least. Either he'd die or he'd grow stronger because of this. A broken mind was okay with either option for the moment.

Why did I come here? I should just go to my dorm and read in bed. Ben thought to himself as he slid out the door just as another entered.

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Lucien stared at Arthur dumbfounded. Either this kid never heard gossip or just never payed attention. "Ben Eckenrode, you know, the masked man, the mask apparently controlled him something or another, either way it wasn't his fault. Not quite sure how to explain it, if you're able to find my sister Aravis, tall white haired second year Slytherin, really easy to find, I'm sure she could explain anything and everything. She seems to have gossip on everything." He said shrugging before turning to Rosie.

Lucien watched Ben leave out of the corner of his eye before sighing. 'Perhaps, maybe we should just let the kid catch a break for a bit. I mean, most people don't like attention. The main reason I showed up was to see if he was okay then leave him be." Lucien said shrugging. "Perhaps, Miss Parker, we should only say something if someone says something bad first. Take a defensive form, yeah?" Lucien wasn't sure why he had called her Miss Parker, she was his age, maybe it was because she was a prefect. "It seems like Ben could handle himself. Ravenclaws are quite smart after all." He said with a slight laugh. He would need to be leaving soon to grab his cello and head to his dorm room to practice. It was in the back of the rehearsal room where he had left it.

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