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A Musical Meeting  PV Alexx   Closed 

Finding it difficult to sleep (as he often did) Arthur was up bright and early in the morning. And with little else to do between breakfast and the beginning of classes, he was back in the practice room, behind a piano, where he often was seen. Finding this place had been a saving grace to him in the earliest weeks of Hogwarts. He was probably more comfortable behind a piano than he was just about anywhere else. Whenever he was feeling lost or overwhelmed, the instrument was a great way to let off some steam. Or particularly when he was tired and restless from a night of not being able to fall asleep, playing always helped him to calm down.

The piano was nice; far nicer than the one they had at home, which they'd gotten for free but could never keep in tune. Far nicer even than the small standing piano in the music room at his school, or the baby grand in the park that he used to play. And fortunately there were no dormitories on this floor, or he would feel bad playing so early in the morning when other students might be sleeping. It felt like his brain could finally switch off as his fingers moved, making up the notes as they went along. With no formal training, he could barely even read music. But instead, he would listen to a song over and over and over until he got the basic melody down, and built out from there.

He had a close friend from primary school who was an excellent pianist. She was the one who taught him how to play. And though he learned later than his friend, he practiced nearly every day, and had gotten quite good over the years. Though she used to say how much she liked to hear him play, and often joked that the student had surpassed the teacher, in his opinion, she was still better than him by far. She was a proper, classical musician, with a deep repertoire and subtle, effortless grace. He'd been missing her terribly, which was probably what guided his hands that morning.

This was one of the pieces she'd played at a piano recital. He didn't know the full song, but remembered the core melodies and Frankenstiened it together with the kind of music his mother liked to listen to. A kind of Ragtime Classical fusion. Ever since he'd played a jazzed up version of 'God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman' for a school talent show, that had gotten some praise, he'd made a hobby out of fusing styles like that. And Jazz was one of his favorites. It was one of the benefits of not knowing anything about music, like how to read it, or what the proper way to play a song was. You could just bring in different elements that you liked and make the rules up as you go. Which was probably why he'd always found piano so relaxing, and she'd always found it so stressful.

A Musical Meeting  PV Alexx   Closed 

It wasn't unusual, the days that Alexx couldn't sleep. The girl would toss and turn, tangling her silky locks, only to bend the bristles on her brush the following morning. But Alexx never did sleep, and when she was tired of that, on this particular morning, she allowed her body to find it's way to quite possibly her favorite room in the whole castle.

The sound of an already playing piano guided her toward it. It wasn't out of the ordinary for other students to be using the room when she wished to be in there. She had come to live with it; it was indeed very common. And she never saw a fellow musician as a bother to her, as she typically enjoyed other peoples styles. And she was familiar with the Ragtime theme to the music, as it was something she heard a lot during her days in New Orleans; it was a certain style of jazz when her fellow musicians played regularly. It was comforting, to say the very least.

So she marched right in, examining the room. There sat a boy at a piano, skillfully playing the tune. She smiled, going to grab her music folder that she kept lying around in the room. She was able to tap her fingers to the rhythm, the soft pads of the digits gently setting a time on her leg. Fast yet therapeutic, that's what it was. Her head nodded, smiling at the nearly perfect technique.

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A Musical Meeting  PV Alexx   Closed 

Arthur had always had a tendency to over focus on certain things. Reading was one; when he was reading, someone could speak directly to him and it'd be like he couldn't even hear them. Music was another. So it was no surprise that he was completely oblivious at first to the Slytherin girl entering and moving about the room.

Only when the song ended did he suddenly regain his awareness and realize there was another person in the room. He startled. "Oh! Sorry, were you waiting to practice?" he asked, hoping she hadn't been waiting there long. Sadly, the piano couldn't be removed to another room to continue practicing, but he'd been at it all morning, so he should probably give someone else the room now.

More than that, though, it was rare to run into someone else here so early. a It was a pleasant surprise, since he was usually here alone. He wondered if she felt the same. "What do you play?" he asked her curiously. Maybe he could play an accompaniment. He'd gotten fairly decent at that, playing the piano part for his friends' pieces at school, or accompanying them if they sang. Though behind a piano was one of the few places he was comfortable being in the spotlight, he still probably enjoyed being the backdrop to other people just as much or even more.

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