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EnchantedSouls Meeting 1  MEMBERS ONLY   Finished 

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Information About Band Meetings:

Band meetings, alternatively called band practices, are held every week. The thread for every practice will be open for ten days before it is closed to give every member a chance to participate. If you miss one, please owl me and inform me of that absence and I will make sure you are up to speed!

Within a meeting, we practice our music as well as go over important matters. When roleplaying in them, please make sure to:

A) Not post excessively. To ensure this rule, you are allowed to add to the thread two times in between each time I post. Don't worry, this won't be hard, as I am very active and post lots!

B) Be kind to everyone. It is okay to get frustrated or have other emotions, but be responsible and take care of yourself and others.

C) Voice questions, comments, ideas, concerns, etc. Thats what these weekly things are for!

D) Make your posts at least 200 words. This is to make sure you include enough roleplay or information.

And, have some fun! These are supposed to be entertaining, not stressful.

Rorie's outfit:



Rorie stepped into the rehearsal room, feeling the newly formed memories of the auditions for her new and thriving band. They were just a week ago, when she watched the extraordinary talents her fellow Hogwarts students possessed for music. This first meeting was going to be a bit longer, as they had lots of things to talk about, and Rorie wanted to get to a bit of practicing their instruments as well.

Of course, a longer meeting meant a longer time to set up.

The Thompson girl got to work, writing on the blackboard she had wheeled onto the stage. When she finished her scribbles, she looked at it from a few yards away to make sure she didn't forget anything.

The board said:

Fundraising Ideas:
~bake sale
~merchandise sales
~jazz ensemble
~music lessons

Roles In Band:
Rorie~Singer (mezzo-soprano), electric guitarist, rapper, songwriter
Stella~Singer (soprano), drummer, rapper, acoustic guitarist
Aravis~Singer (), pianist, acoustic guitarist, songwriter
Sonya~ Singer (soprano), cello player, pianist, entertainer
Samara~Singer (), clarinet player, songwriter
Elena~Singer (mezzo-soprano), flute player, viola
Alexx~ tuba player, bass clarinet
Skylar~Singer (), violin

Singing Information:
Rorie~ G3-C6 (naturally), mezzo-soprano, big vocal range, highest held~29 sec, lowest~18 sec
Stella~C2-C7, likes going low, highest held~25 sec, lowest held~23 sec (comfortably)
Sonya~ E3-E6, big vocal range, likes acting out, Highest held~28 sec, Lowest held ~23 sec
Elena~F3-F5, highest held~3 sec, lowest held~1 sec

Band Budgeting - 400/month total:
~100/month: instrument care
~70/month: band outfits
~150/month: concert
~50/month: merchandise
~30/month: emergency funds

Band Wants:

Main types of music played:
~classical mixes

Rorie was proud of her work, and of how she had kept it organized and neat on the board, something rare for her to do. She swept the chalk off of her hands and set up the chairs for every band member, putting the sheets of notes on each seat. The members would be arriving in a few minutes, and Rorie still had yet to put up a few of the finishing touches. She pinned some of the sheets she had printed off with more information on the corkboard next to the board she had just written on, making one final check over everything.

The room's audience seating was all empty, as Rorie preferred to have all the band seated on the stage. In her experience, just being on a stage without anyone watching made the stage fright a little less dominant. There were two rows of seats, three in front and four in back, for the band members were facing the audience, with the two boards angled towards those seats on the right. There were two drumsets behind the seats. The only lights on were the ones on the stage, none of the others to illuminate the space. Rorie liked it that way, it felt cool and casual.

As members started to come in, she told them where to sit. The only reason that it mattered was that cello players needed to be in aisles, tuba players needed more space for their lap, etc, etc, etc. Once everyone had arrived, she rolled up the sleeves of her flannel and got to work, addressing her friends and bandmates.

"Welcome to the first meeting of Enchanted Souls band! I would first like to say that all of you are so talented and I am really glad you decided to join this group. I promise you won't regret it," She added with a wink. "This meeting may be a little boring and a bit longer than future ones, but we do have some important business to attend to. First up, I would like to discuss fundraising options. Getting more money would always be a help, as that way, we could support more electric instruments, which take a lot more to set up, run, and take care of. Does anybody have ideas on ways we could get some extra money for our new band? I already have said putting on a small concert, selling tickets for just a few knuts each, and then performing a few songs we cover or even write. Anything else?"

She took in the answers, writing them down on the board as they went along.

How to request a fundraising idea:

1) Say what the idea would be and describe it.
2) State how many band members would take to run it.
3) Where would it be held?
4) How long would it go on for?
5) Would we have to spend money to create the event? This is fine, but if so, how much of a profit would you expect to make from the fundraiser?

if you have any other information please include that as well!

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EnchantedSouls Meeting 1  MEMBERS ONLY   Finished 

Stella watched, happy she had gotten in. Then Rorie proposed the fundraiser idea. Stella immdeiately knew what to do. She had done it all the time in the Muggle world.
"Um...I have an idea! It's ok if you guys don't want to do it, because it's a very muggle thing, but that's the point! It could introduce a lot of wizards to muggle foods, and muggleborns to wizard food! We could do a bake sale, with muggle and wizard food! Then people who grew up in all wizard families could try some muggle food, and people who were born in a muggle society could eat famous wizard food, and learn how to make it and things like that. It wouldn't take too many people either! We could rotate when the band practices are on. With a schedule and stuff like that."

Nobody had objected, so Stella continued.

"It would have to be held where people pass by, maybe the entrance to the Great Hall? Or the corridors? And if we have muggle families, well.." Stella thought of her long lost family, but pushed the thought away.
"They could send us Muggle food via Owl, and the wizard families could do the same. And we could all contribute for the stand. It would probably take up the whole, or at least half of the band practice. Then we could catch the people who volunteered that week up to speed. And concert tickets are a great idea, Rorie!"
Stella smiled. Would they like the idea?
"Uh, anyone else?"

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EnchantedSouls Meeting 1  MEMBERS ONLY   Finished 

Elena watched and thought, yes a fundraiser would be important. It would get them much needed money. Maybe Elena could ask to get some new shoes with it. Two pairs so that she could send a pair to Aria, both were growing out of her shoes.

Elena had an idea, something that she and her friends had done once to get a bit of cash. It was a low cost fundraiser, something that didn’t require cooking but did require a bit of singing.

“What about singagrams.” Elena’s voice rang out, “We can have it so members of our band are sent to sing to other people, they’re usually little songs written by us or the buyer.”

“We could rotate four people over a couple of days, it costs us nothing but time. They pay extra for instrumentation, to send a gift along with it, to go into a common room, or for us to write the songs. It would be schoolwide, although we wouldn’t send people into classes and we’d have to get specific members to go into common rooms.” Elena grinned and leaned back in her chair.

“It’d make money, and it wouldn’t cost us a cent. We could have headquarters in the common room or in the small hall.” Elena crosses her arms triumphantly.

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EnchantedSouls Meeting 1  MEMBERS ONLY   Finished 

Rorie clapped her hands together at the suggestions.

"Stella, great idea! Tons of kids have a sweet tooth and that would be able to bring together the muggle and wizard cuisine, awesome!" She scribbled down on the chalkboard in big letters, "BAKE SALE".

Then Elena spoke, explaining a singagram to the group. Rorie instantly loved the idea and was bouncing up and down with all the possibilities of it.

"Yes, yes, yes! We absolutely must do that, it'll be really fun! And easy for us to pull off, seeing as we are all vocalists here."

Rorie was basically dancing as she wrote that idea on the board as well. "SINGAGRAMS", she scribbled, underlining it twice as she finished the column.

"Alright, if you have any other ideas you can owl me them or just yell them out in the meeting at any time, anything works. Moving on, though," She paused, smiling widely at the crew as she spoke,"Band budgeting and what we want for the band! This is fun, and I already have some basics up on the board," she said, pointing to it.

"We have 400 galleons a month to use based on what I have worked out with my people, and 100 will be spent for the instruments themselves. Seventy will be spent on band uniforms, we are gonna have some shirts with pretty sweet designs on them! We still have about 200, as I want to keep thirty for emergency, so what does everybody want to see? I might be able to work it in!"

She took in the answers eagerly.

if you still have ideas about fundraising, either owl me or just put them into a post, either works, like Rorie said.

EnchantedSouls Meeting 1  MEMBERS ONLY   Finished 

Stella's mind was exploding with ideas when Rorie introduced her next item of discussion. Hmmmm..
Stella looked around to make sure nobody else was going to speak before she started. "Well, doesn't it depend on what music we're going to be playing at each concert? Like, if we're doing rock or pop songs, we might want to have something super cool and modern, and if we're doing jazz or something like that, we might want to have something that relates to that. Maybe? It could be like we're bringing them to the era we're singing in."

Then Stella remembered the latest concert she had been to.

"I went to one concert recently," she continued. "Where it was like an immediate go. Nothing was on the stage, so there was no expense, just the band and their instruments! Then, they would choose one or more audience members and the audience would vote on which song they would do! It proves the band is pretty experienced! They know all the songs! But that's not a great idea... I still think it depends on the music..."
Stella stopped. THere was an easy fix to this problem
"Um...Rorie, what music are we going to play at the concert. Maybe if we decided that know, it could help with future plans? Oh yeah, and Singagrams were a great idea, Elena!"

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EnchantedSouls Meeting 1  MEMBERS ONLY   Finished 

((lol normally I don't post right after someone but you did have a question and I am eager to answer it))

"Great question, Stella!" Rorie said as she flipped the chalkboard over to to the other side and scribbled down "types of music".

"So, we have a variety of instruments, from guitars to classical to brass. I think that mainly rock and pop would be cool, but we will be doing some electric beats too, as well as slower and more peaceful music."

She wrote down five things under the heading, "pop", "rock", "electric", "voice", and "peaceful".

"What I mean by voice is a song that is mainly just us singing with maybe some light piano or violin to support it. Now, of course this doesn't mean that from time to time we will do other types of music, but I feel that these are our best bets."

Rorie flipped the board over again, to the side where all the fundraising and budgeting was.

"I think that what you said, Stella, is great! It's a very smart idea and we can do some fun techniques for performing at concerts. Also, that leads me to budget, hm, let's say 150 for decorations and setups for concerts, and maybe the last 50 for producing merchandise of the band, that way we will make profit from selling tees and such."

She wrote down those under budgeting.

"Again, we are going to move on from this topic but if anything comes to mind during the meeting just tell me and if anything comes to mind after just owl me!"

"Next up we have a very exciting one. I need information about all of you, how you sing, preferred genre, everything. To do this I am going to pass out a form and just fill it out, pretty simple.

Rorie handed the papers to everybody, and they got to work filling them out.

For this you will have to copy and paste the questions and answer them, but you can also include roleplays in your answer.
Favorite Bands/Singers:
Preferred Music Type (to play):
Preferred Music Type (to listen to):
SINGING- answer these questions by just writing in the line below.

What is your vocal range? I have attached a picture and link if you need help.

How long can you hold your highest note?

How long can you hold your lowest note?

If you have any other information about your singing, please put it here.

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EnchantedSouls Meeting 1  MEMBERS ONLY   Finished 

Sonya listened to the fundraiser ideas. A bake sale would be simple and fun, and they usually made lots of money. Singagrams seemed very original and could make them lots of money as well. She smiled and nodded at the ideas when Rorie introduced the next topic and passed around some questionnaires.

She filled out paper as follows:
Name: Sonya Carlson
Favorite Bands/Singers: A few include Stephanie J Block, Andrew Rannells, and Laura Osnes
Preferred Music Type (to play): Show tunes
Preferred Music Type (to listen to): Show tunes
SINGING- answer these questions by just writing in the line below.

What is your vocal range?
How long can you hold your highest note?
Around 28 seconds

How long can you hold your lowest note?
Around 23 seconds

If you have any other information about your singing, please put it here.
Pretty big vocal range. Loves acting out songs and show tunes. Good belter and decent vibrato.

Sonya finished up the paper when she was satisfied. She was proud of her vocal range and technique and hoped she would get to sing a lot in this club. She got up and handed her paper to Rorie. "This is a really great club by the way. I can't wait to get to know everyone more," she smiled.

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EnchantedSouls Meeting 1  MEMBERS ONLY   Finished 

Elena was glad that they liked her idea about the singagrams, the bake sale and a vote based concert were intriguing and fun ideas. Elena decided that this Stella girl was smart. She was very excited to become a member of the band, when she had told all her friends about it in her last owl message they had been happy for her, she hoped that Rorie might let her have a little bit of money to send back home. Home, such a foreign word in a place so far away, but looking around the room maybe home wasn't so far away after all. She had promised herself she wouldn't let herself make friends, or do anything that might be detrimental to her goals.

Name: Elena Puck Jones
Favorite Bands/Singers: Area 11, Ben Folds
Preferred Music Type (to play): Classic Rock/Pop
Preferred Music Type (to listen to): Classic Rock


What is your vocal range? F3 to F5

How long can you hold your highest note? 3 seconds

How long can you hold your lowest note? 1 second

Elena tried to put the note down from memory. It seemed about right, Elena hoped it was. She didn't want to disappoint the leader, Rorie.
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EnchantedSouls Meeting 1  MEMBERS ONLY   Finished 

Stella looked down at the form, and then started to write:
Name: Stella Strassel Rose

Favorite Bands/Singers: Imagine Dragons, Lovely the Band, Twenty One Pilots, The Beatles, Muse, Hozier. (Hozier wrote Take Me to Church!) There's probably some I'm forgetting...

Preferred Music Type (to play): Pop and Rock, but occasionally Country and Jazz

Preferred Music Type (to listen to): All of the above!!

SINGING- answer these questions by just writing in the line below.

What is your vocal range?
C2 to C7.
How long can you hold your highest note?
25 seconds.

How long can you hold your lowest note?
27 seconds, but it makes my lungs feel like they're going to combust!!

If you have any other information about your singing, please put it here.
I really enjoy going very low, so if you have any low parts, I'd love to step up!!

Stella stared at her sloppy handwriting, and then erased it all and started over this time, but neater. Sonya was already done! Taking a long look at the fundraising ideas, and then back at her paper, Stella changed her bottom line:

If you have any other information abou your singing, please put it here:
I really enjoy going low, so if you have any low parts, I'd love to step up. Also, I'd be happy to help raise money or do anything of assistance!!

Stella hopped up and handed Rorie her paper. "Hey, Rorie, thanks for starting this club! I really enjoy it!"

Geez, Elena was done already too! Elena and Sonya were really fast!!

Haha, thanks Elena!! I'm not that smart...

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EnchantedSouls Meeting 1  MEMBERS ONLY   Finished 

Alexx leaned back in her chair, contemplating. She rubbed her chin a little bit, stretching her long legs out. "We could do something similar to singagrams but for the band. Street music, if you will. I have experience with those from back in Paris." Alexx spoke up, not making eye contact just yet. She was thinking.

Back when her family was low on money, her siblings and herself formed a street show. They had brought the New Orleans jazz to France, and people loved it. Though, it wasn't as if she had practiced her creole jazz on the regular. In fact, she hadn't touched a piece in many, many years...

"Jazz." She started, finally meeting Rorie's eye. "I can organize a jazz ensemble. People, professors specifically, may be likely to donate to young musicians." She then pulled out her folder of music, perusing her jazz section. She had sheets dating between the 1920s and 1940s, all unique in their own way. "All it'd take is a couple kids who are interested and willing to learn a little jazz." She said, shrugging.

It was harder than it sounded, unfortunately. You couldn't really teach jazz, as was really something you had to pick up over time. However, judging by all the great musicians that she had seen audition, she was sure it would be easier than she anticipated. "Plus," She started again. "I already have pre-printed sheet music, so we wouldn't have to worry about buying any."

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EnchantedSouls Meeting 1  MEMBERS ONLY   Finished 

"Yeah, that's great!" Rorie said enthusiastically. "A final thing we could do to raise money is maybe lessons for kids interested in learning how to play instruments. That could be fun and we might even get more people to join the band in the future!"

Collecting the slips with the musical information on them, Rorie was extremely satisfied with how the meeting had gone so far.

"So, I am going to work on organizing the roles of the band, we should have them by next week. If you didn't do the form, just fill it out and owl a copy to me or give it to me, just make sure I get it, as otherwise I won't be able to give you any big voice parts, you will only be able to do vocal backups until I get your slip, as I need to know your singing range so we can figure out how to harmonize, if that makes any sense."

"So, great job with the business today, you guys were extremely helpful! I'll see you next week, and we will begin practice. One thing is, if you are interested, try writing a song. It can be any genre, doesn't matter. Not homework, just for fun if you'd like. Now, go have some fun on this great weekend!"

The band members filed out and Rorie wrote all of her information on the board down in her notebook. It was a very successful meeting.

If you didn't get to answer these things, I would really appreciate getting information. The fundraising ideas and stuff will be accepted if you have ideas, but the form is required in order to be able to sing in the band, for reasons Rorie stated before.

Also, if you have a discord, make sure you join the H.Io server, and private message me on discord or owl me through so that I can add you to a band chat! My discord is rawriethomps.