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The day had finally arrived. Annabelle scanned the tiny rehearsal room, a sense of pride welling up inside of her. Her hands clenched with excitement, slightly crumpling the roster she held. Fifteen people... It was a longer list than she'd imagined. Much longer. Yet this only served to make her more excited for the adventures to come. Here on this list were fourteen potential friends, and today she was going to meet all of them.

The room was quite small and not very distinctive, but already she felt at home here. When she looked at these walls, she saw more than stone and plaster. She pictured props leaning in the corners and posters of Stage Magic's many successful shows lining the walls. Soon this little room would be filled with talent and heart. Annabelle walked toward the whiteboard, eager for everything to begin. it had seemed like forever since she'd gotten approval to found the club. Day after day she'd checked the signup sheet, and had been filled with joy every time a new name was added to the list. Now it was finally time to kick things off.


The club president drew each letter in a large, blocky fashion. She even took the time to fill them in with various designs and different colors of chalk. Perhaps she was going a bit overboard, but she wanted anyone who walked into the room to know that this was a place to express themselves. After spending several minutes decorating the board, Annabelle decided to practice her speech one last time.

"Greetings, fellow artists! I am Annabelle Wolfe, your club president."

She wondered for a moment if that sounded a bit too dramatic, but immediately dismissed the thought. That was just stage fight talking! This was drama club, after all. Still, even without a real audience, her palms were already beginning to sweat. Annabelle was normally a very confident speaker, but she had never done anything this big before. Sure, she had been in productions. She had stood and given speeches to four times the amount of people that would soon take their seats in this room. But those people hadn't been relying on her. Now she had to be a leader. She needed to step up. The nervous Gryffindor took a deep breath, then began again.

"Greeting to you- singers, dancers, actors, and playwrights! Welcome artists of every kind to the Stage Magic Drama Club! I am your president, Annabelle Wolfe. I'd like to start off by saying it is a pleasure to meet you all!"

Having regained her bearings, Annabelle spoke with much more confidence. Her excitement had built with each new face that had come into the room, and she had begun to feel her old speaking skills flooding back to her. It wasn't long before she was delivering this same speech to a room full of potential club members.

"As you all know, today is audition day! This is the day you stand up on stage and show this school who you truly are!"

Really it would just be Annabelle who would observe the auditions, but that didn't sound quite as... well, big.

"So here's how it works. When I'm done speaking here, you all will go out into the hallway. You'll come in one at a time and show me what you can do. Sing a song, do a dance, read me part of a play you've written... Anything goes, as long as it's fabulous!"

Annabelle grinned at her audience. No, at her new friends.

"Good luck everyone! I'm sure you'll be amazing!"

Annabelle will respond to each student's audition. Don't worry, everyone will get in ^_^ I'll probably wait until a few people have posted, then respond to them all at once.

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Stage Magic- Auditions!  PV Stage Magic   Closed 

Vivienne walks into auditions. She was very excited. It seemed a lot like the auditions of her other plays, where they sang a song instead of auditioning for a specific part. Though in her other auditions she had also had to do a monologue and learn part of a dance.

She was wearing a colorful sleeveless dress and she wore her long, pastel hair in braids.

Vivienne had spent weeks practicing for this audition. It was a beautiful song with a lot of range. It could show how high and low she could sing. She would be singing “Never Enough” from The Greatest Showman.

”Hello,” she said. ”I’m Vivienne, but you know that. I’m really excited for this audition. I will be singing “Never Enough.” I chose this song because it shows my range. I really hope to get a solo in whatever play we have, preferably more than 6 words. It’s my dream to share my voice with others and I never really get the chance. So without further ado, my song:”

She starts to sing,
”I’m trying to hold my breath
Let it stay this way
Can’t let this moment end
You set off a dream in me
Getting louder now
Can you hear it echoing?
Take my hand
Will you share this with me?
‘Cause darling, without you
All the shine of a thousand spotlights
All the stars we steal from the night sky
Will never be enough
Never be enough
Towers of gold are still too little
These hands could hold the world, but it’ll
Never be enough
Never be enough for me
Never never
Never never
Never, for me, for me
Never enough
Never enough
Never enough for me, for me, for me
All the shine of a thousand spotlights
All the stars we steal from the night sky
Will never be enough
Never be enough
Towers of gold are still too little
These hands could hold the world but it’ll
Never be enough
Never be enough for me
Never never
Never never
Never, for me, for me
Never enough
Never never
Never enough
Never never
Never enough for me, for me, for me
For me”

She was pretty sure she did well, considering the fact that she had given herself goosebumps since the first note.

When she walks she out of the room she says, "Break a leg," to the next person.
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Stage Magic- Auditions!  PV Stage Magic   Closed 

Blaze burst into the rehearsal room his head held high. Today was the day he was actually going to do something extra curriculum, That might actually go well! "Well no promises there," Blaze muttered to himself as he stood in line rehearsing the lines in his head over and over again almost chanting them. Blaze had made up a short skit a funny short play he could show off as an 'Audition' of some kind. He started to breathe quickly as he thought of all the bad things that could happen, "NO... you need to stay calm come on snap out of it," even if anyone heard him talking to himself it wouldn't really matter it was a quirk of his... in a way. 

After the first person was finished Blaze walked into the center of the room. He was shivering slightly "Come on you were fine just before," Seconds ago Blaze was ready as ever but now he felt as if he couldn't do anything. He had forgotten the lyrics and what was after what... he was such a mess.
"Come on Blaze don't just stand there," He was even talking in the third person no they probably found him strange and that kinda screwed with him. "Ok, let's go,".

He walked forward and breathed in. His skit worked in a way where he was two characters at the same time with opposite characters one being enthusiastic and the other really monotone. He would then act out a scene where the two characters were having a conversation which at the same time was a song. 

He then started: Guy one (Kevin):  *Enthusiastically* Hey Bob hey Bob!
Guy two (Bob): *In a monotone way* Yes... Kevin.
Kevin: I was just wondering... *pauses*
Bob: You know I don't really care just get over with it.
Kevin: *Takes a deep breath and starts singing* Hey you know you really need to brighten up...
Bob: *Jumps in singing but still in a monotone way* And you know you're the reason that will never happen...
Kevin: Why don't you just try a little bit...
Bob: Why don't you try a little bit to be less annoying...
Kevin: *Stops singing* Come on why do you always have to be this way I'm just trying to have some fun... *continues singing* Me and you were the best of friends.
Bob: *Not singing* It's not mutual...
Kevin: I could even say till the end!
Bob: No You Can't!
Kevin: *Not singing* Are you sure...
Bob: Yes I'm sure *Starts singing* You think we're close but were really not... nothing between us is the way you ever thought.
Kevin: *Singing* You don't get it I'm trying to get along in the form of a song!
Bob: But we don't get along...
Kevin: Come on let's get along!!!
Bob: *Smiling and not singing* Ok ok we can *air quotes* Get along
Kevin: *Not singing* YES!!!

Blaze then began the breath heavily as if he had just been running for the last two hours. This was for two reasons one because he hadn't taken a breath since he started the skit and two because he felt really awkward. He then stood there and said nothing waiting for a reaction. 

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Aravis entered the room with her famous smirk plastered across her face. She loved to preform. It was one of her skills as a child. She hopped onto the stage in a sparkling dark blue Dress. After all, she would be doing three things today. A small excerpt of each of her talents. First she would sing. Then she would play the piano. She stood in the center of the stage to introduce herself. It seemed proper to do so.

"Hello, I'm Aravis Escanora. I do Irish dancing, but I can't do that today since I rolled my ankle. I also do acting, singing, and I can play a few different instruments such as guitar, violin, and piano. Today I will only be singing and playing piano." She said with a smile. Being a pure blood and being forced to learn useless skills had its perks it seemed. 

Music in the back ground began to play as Aravis stood in the center of the stage. She waited a few beats before singing along to the the music. 
"Thought I found a way

Thought I found a way out
But you never go away
So I guess I gotta stay now"

The black haired girl took a deep breath before resuming her song.

"Oh, I hope some day I'll make it out of here
Even if it takes all night or a hundred years
Need a place to hide, but I can't find one near
Wanna feel alive, outside I can't fight my fear.
Isn't it lovely, all alone
Heart made of glass, my mind of stone
Tear me to pieces, skin to bone
Hello, welcome home." 

She ended her song there to prevent from taking up to much time before swiftly moving the piano on the far left side of the stage. She took a breath recalling all the notes from memory. She smiled as her fingers pressed the keys causing a pretty noise to echo in the room.

After her song was finished she bowed before heading out of the room smiling. "Good luck." She whispered to the next person entering. 

Song Link to Lovely.
Piano song Link.

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Vivienne Montgomery:

Annabelle had no doubts in her mind that this first audition was going to go well. She knew Vivienne, and she'd heard her sing. Sure enough, the girl walked into the room with all the confidence of a Broadway starlet. The song she had chosen was one that Annabelle knew quite well- Never Enough. The young Gryffindor loved the Greatest Showman.l In fact, it was her second favorite movie. As for whether or not Vivienne's performance would live up to the Hollywood production, that was yet to be seen.

Anna couldn't help put smile as the girl began to sing. She did have an amazing voice, and the song served well to showcase her range. The only issue she saw was that Vivienne acted a bit too much like the actress- standing still as she belted out the lyrics. "That was amazing, Vivienne!" the president exclaimed, standing and clapping as the girl finished her song. It was certainly deserving of the ovation. "You really do have an amazing voice, and I love the song you picked. Honestly, all I can say is that I would love to see you make it your own. Maybe change your expression or add a bit of movement. Overall, it was a wonderful audition. You're in!"

Blaze Flyte:

The president was quite curious about what the only male member of the club would bring to the table. She was hoping he had a good voice and performance skills, since it was likely that he would end up playing a lot of leading men. Blaze Flyte... she read the name off of the list. It was a unique name, and as the boy stepped into the room, it became apparent that the name belonged to a rather unique character. He was lanky and pale, almost sickly-looking. Yet the massive grin that he wore showed no indication of sickness. He seemed a bit nervous as he stood before her, so she flashed him a friendly smile as if to say You've got this!

As Blaze began to perform, her smile grew wider. This boy was everything she had been hoping for. Not only did he have a good voice and decent acting skills, but he'd written his own skit as well. "Bravo!" Annabelle cheered after the boy spoke his last line. "That was great, Blaze! I think it was really brave of you to come in and perform something you wrote yourself. My advice to you would be to work a bit on character development. That second guy seemed to change his opinion awfully fast. Or maybe just have some indication in the beginning that he actually finds the first character somewhat endearing? You did a wonderful job portraying both of them. Welcome to Stage Magic! "

Aravis Escanora:

Annabelle let out a small gasp as the confident Slytherin made her way into the room. "What a beautiful dress!" Perhaps it was a bit unprofessional to say this, but Anna couldn't resist. She absolutely loved sparkles. "Hello Aravis!" she offered a warn smile as the girl introduced herself. "I'm sorry to hear about your ankle." It was unfortunate, really. Annabelle had never seen Irish dancing, and had become immensely curious at the mention of it. She made a mental not to ask Aravis to demonstrate for her once her ankle was healed.

As the girl began to sing though, it became clear that her damaged ankle was in no way hurting her chances. Her voice was technically excellent. She had obviously been training with some sort of vocal coach. The same could be said of her piano playing... everything was very precise and impressive. Still, she couldn't help but feel that such a deep and beautiful song needed some more emotion behind it. Anna smiled even wider as the smirking girl finished her performance. "Excellent job! You're definitely in. And we could certainly use those instrumental skills! As for advice, I'd say you should let loose a bit more. Your voice is amazing, just make sure you're having fun!"

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Stage Magic- Auditions!  PV Stage Magic   Closed 

+ Mentions Vivienne Montgomery +

Una looked around the audition room, the girl who had just auditioned before her had sang a song - and it was quite decent. But Una would be auditioning with an acting part, not a singing part, and it still wouldn’t compare well to the singer. The singer, who was a girl not too much shorter than her with wonderful pink and blue hair, passed her. Now was Una’s turn to audition for a part in the school’s Drama Club. She walked up to where the previous girl with colourful hair had stood and inhaled and exhaled. Straight she looked, at Annabelle Wolfe, the leader of the Drama Club. “My name is Una Dichmann, I am in Hufflepuff and I will be doing an acting piece,” Una said, her accent showing, fidgeting with her thumbs and picking the lavender colour off of her nails. There was a moment where Una couldn’t speak. Some of Una’s breath hitched in her throat and she failed to do her part. She blinked and smiled at Annabelle as if nothing had happened to her. She crossed her arms, preparing for the audition. 

“It’s good to show confidence but you need to stop showing off. No one likes a show off,” Una began, her British accent covering up her German one. Her eyes were glued to Annabelle as if she were the person she was talking to, but also glancing away in annoyance to keep in character. “This constant bragging and chest-puffy-thing you do when you walk is quite foolish. It is. It is!” Una scoffed quietly and wiping her forehead as if she was sweating with madness. She took a deep breath before talking once again. “You can take pride in what you do but be humble. Don’t go blabbering how you have this and you’re going to do that and you’re going to do this because you’re you and someone else isn’t. That’s not a good way to be in life.” The piece was dramatic and serious, and Una felt inside that she was nailing it, but it all depended on how Annabelle would react to it. Would she be pleased? Was it what she wanted? Despite the thoughts racing eachother in her mind, Una continued, focusing as much as she could on the words she had practiced over and over again in the past week. “By being humble you can be an example... a role model, not a braggart! You can give more value to people that way.” 

Once again her breath hitched. Out of embarrassment, Una smiled and blushed greatly. Finally a breath escaped her mouth. “And that’s all I can remember,” Una said in an embarrassed, giggly tone.  

I wrote this an hour or so ago, so that is why it does not mention Aravis or Blaze

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Backstage, Emma's heart pounded against her chest, making it feel as if someone were repeatedly punching her in the chest. She was going to be one of the few people performing an act, a monologue to be specific. She was unquestionably going to screw her act up in some way but in the back of her mind, a tiny spark of confidence bestowed. Emma had prepared a lot. Her outfit was going to match her character though she hated the outfit. She had flattened her hair, reluctantly putting on her black-bow headband and put on some light shade of red lipstick. This better be worth it... She thought to herself. After putting on her red dress, she watched the previous actress walked off stage. 

The brunette walked onto the stage, her red dress swishing a bit. As she faced the manager, she loosened up a bit. It seemed a bit strange since she had previously had an encounter with her, but she said her full name. "Hi, I am Emma Hill, and today I will be performing a monologue." She took a little pause before starting her piece that she had made. Her glued legs suddenly came apart as she started. 

"Um, hello? I know you hear me!" Emma snapped at thin air as if someone were standing there. "Don't turn your back on me, you idiotic backstabber! If you didn't want to be friends, you should have just told me." Her voice stern, throwing her hands at the last two words, her eyes darted off her 'partner'. She rolled her eyes as her arms folded themselves. She threw her hands up in anger, turning slightly as she did so. "I always knew there was something wrong with you. When no one else - no one else! - was there for you, I was!" Tears streamed down her face as she covered it with both her hands, concealing the anger and sadness held behind her mouth. "And you just don't understand, do you? You never will, I'm so stupid for even having faith in you." 

Emma stormed off stage, unexpectedly. Though she hadn't planned it, it seemed like the right thing to do in an emotional, sort of dramatic scene. Not a second later, she walked back on to the stage. "And, scene." She forced a nervous laugh before walking off the stage, this time planned. She whispered to the next auditioner, "Good luck."

Link to Dress: Here
Link to Headband: Here

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The girl nailed it. That was it. Simply..nailed it. Mia took in a breath. What if she wasn't good enough? Her parents had forced her into acting lessons for years, and dancing too. She had worked her way up, preforming in a few small shows here and there, getting paid-not that she needed it.

She had finally made it into The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, and then she had to quit lessons and go to Hogwarts. Mia wished she had just taken magic lessons from various tutors.

The girl sat back down, and Mia smiled at her before standing up, smoothing out imaginary wrinkles in her tweed skirt. She had brought her robes, yes, but took them off, leaving her in a long sleeved black turtleneck and a short tweed skirt with tights underneath. On her feet were her best bet at a good role. Shiny tap shoes gleamed up at her, with ribbon tied in bows for laces.

She bit her lip and walked to the front of the room, setting a small radio down by her feet. Clearing her throat, she began, smiling at the girl her age in front of her.

Hello. I'm Mia Alexander, and I'll be singing "What Do I Need With Love" from Thoroughly Modern Millie!

Mia took a deep breath, settling her nerves. She knew this song from beginning to end, and it suited her voice perfectly. She wanted to stand out, and singing a song that was meant for a male voice was a perfect way to stand out.

She had always been an alto, a mezzo at best, and so she usually played boys in productions that needed them. She was a perfect substitute-except the fact that she was short-ish.

She focused back on the girl in front of her and smiled, shaking her hands slightly and bending down to switch on a small magical wireless radio by her feet.

Oh, the places I would like to show you
Although I hardly know you

Her voice dipped and she smiled slightly, pouring emotion into the song in a way she was sure was unique.

I've a funny feeling we make a perfect pair
Famous sites I want to see you seeing
Then nights of you and me-ing
Me. You. We -

Mia put her hands over her heart and smiled into the distance, leaning forward slightly.

Wait a minute! Just a minute! No, no, no, no!

She acted this out, putting her hands out and her brow furrowing. Taking a breath, she started tap dancing expertly across the room. She had been practicing this ever since signing up for the club, and it showed.

I'm a Joe with just one aim
Ev'ry night to date a diff'rent dame
Call each one of 'em the same pet name
"Hey, baby!"

She let her voice carry her, every trill prompting a different moment. Her mouth was affixed in a smirk, and she looked like a player-just like Jimmy, the character she was portraying.

In a row, I have my ducks
Loads of gals to give me loads of yucks
Leave the cooing to the other clucks
I don't mean maybe

Her vibrato surprised her and she rolled with it, keeping her feet moving in an expert fashion.

Got it good. What do I need with love?

She shrugged and kept moving, trying to play the character she was envisioning.

Always practice what I preach
Keep temptation out of easy reach
Stick to dolls who wash their hair in bleach
I'm happy

Her voice trilled and she smiled at Annabelle, taking a breather.

Come and go the way I choose
Never gonna sing the tied-down blues
Other guys would kill to fill my shoes
No wing-clipped sappy

She picked up the pace for this section, her shoes making direct sounds that echoed across the room alongside her voice.

Got it good. What do I need with love?
Got it good. What do I need with love?

She repeated the lyric, pouring emotion into it and dancing alongside it.

Skip the vows and all that rot
Tell the minister that "I do" not
Bright and breezy is the -
Birds and bees-y is the -
Free and easy is the life I got
Without her

Her voice carried her away, and it trilled perfectly.

Although I hardly know you
What do I need with love?
I got it good
Got it good
But now I got it bad!

She held onto the note, giving it enunciation, but drawing it out.

She finished and smiled at Annabelle, sucking in her breath. She was tired from dancing, but had to make another point.

Thank you. But before I go, I'd just like to say one thing. I can play the cello, piano, guitar, violin, and flute. The backtrack that I sung to was me playing.

Mia smiled and picked up the radio. She turned and walked to her previous position, where she sat down, breathing heavily.


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Her mother had taught her how to dance the moment she knew how to stand on her two feet. It was a tradition of the Schütte every one of her mother's side knew how to dance. Grace was in their blood. Aurelia loved to dance, she was in an entire different universe when she moved, it brought emotion out of her, some that she could never express in any other way. The Brunette was also gifted with a beautiful voice that often got many compliments from her relatives, however, she had never performed in front of anyone but them. Dancing while singing was also something that was new to her.

Upon hearing about the Stage Magic auditions a week ago, the girl had choreograph her own dance and it took many hours for her to get it right, not to mention the amount of bruises that had formed on her knee from rolling on the round too much and the failed back cartwheels she wanted to do. Aurelia wanted to stand out so she might be accepted into Hogwarts first Drama club. She wanted it too badly not to. It was a drama club and dancing with expression was what she was good at.

The brunette joined others backstage as she waited for her turn in line. She looked down at the cobblestone ground nervously. She ran through the lyrics of the song and movement in her head as she clutched the portable gramophone box to her chest. Apparently bluetooth speakers didn't work in Hogwarts so she had brought her Father's old disk player instead. It wasn't as loud but still work decently.

Aurelia looked down at herself. She had worn a crop knitted seater and some yoga pants. It was the usual outfit she wore when she wasn't performing in front of other. She would have worn her leotard a flowing skirt if she had thought to bring it to Hogwarts but since she didn't have it, she would stick with her usual yoga pants and shirt. The long legging was also effective in hiding her many bruises that had formed the night before.

it was now her turn. She walked to the front of Annabelle, the girl who had founded the club.
"Hello, I am aurelia Bezuidenhout and I'll be dancing to the song "safe and sound"." she said before putting the Gramaphone box down and lifted the latch to open it. She placed the disk delicately on to the player. After that, she took out her sneakers and slip on her ballet shoes. The soles of the shoe were worn out from to much dancing.

Aurelia went to her starting position on her knees. She waited for a few seconds before the music played. She looked up as if there was a butterfly in the room and then leaned again her two palms, her body weight supported only by her hands and the tips of her toes. The music took her and she began to sing and her legs followed with the music.
I remember tears streaming down your face
When I said, "I'll never let you go."
When all those shadows almost killed your light
I remember you said, "Don't leave me here alone,"
But all that's dead and gone and passed tonight
Her body moved, the things she learnt over the years was effortless to the young girl. Aurelia's eyes furrowed and she looked as if she was about to burst out crying. She in fact was, the song had reminded her of a loved one. It was her brother, The kind of emotion that dance and music combined, could bring out something she couldn't explain herself. With every note played, her movement was graceful like the wind. Years and years of dancing and it finally came to this beautiful master piece.

Her voice echoed within the walls of the room as she sang.
Just close your eyes
The sun is going down
You'll be alright
No one can hurt you now
Come morning light
You and I'll be safe and sound

Don't you dare look out your window, darling.
Everything's on fire
The war outside our door keeps raging on
Hold onto this lullaby
Even when the music's gone

Just close your eyes
The sun is going down
You'll be alright
No one can hurt you now
Come morning light
You and I'll be safe and sound
The back cartwheels weren't as hard as it was before, perhaps the hours of practicing had paid of and she had nailed it, her legs flipped over her head as another verse escaped from her lips. Everyone around became oblivious to the girl as she continued the rest of her performance. She finally arched her back down, bowing towards Annabeth signalling the end of her dance. The girl was brought back to reality when the music stopped. She retrieved the Gramophone and her shoes before returning to her seat.

Stage Magic- Auditions!  PV Stage Magic   Closed 

Stage jitters had taken hold of Ellory as she anxiously awaited her turn. The hallway was fairly crowded with other students that were also waiting to audition, and she couldn’t help but wonder if they were as nervous as she was. She had really been hoping that she would have been able to watch all her peers’ performances, like they did at her local youth theatre, so she at least knew what she was up against. She supposed it could be a good thing, though, because if she failed miserably, at least the only person that would know about it was her and the director, and she would just be free to walk away and pretend it never happened.

Though she hadn’t seen anyone fully perform yet, she had noticed a few of the others warming up in the hallway. So far, everyone was exceedingly talented. Who knew Hogwarts had so many skilled performers? She supposed that it would make sense for magical parents to get their kids started into extracurriculars early, since not everyone attended muggle school like her and Emlyn had.

Ellory had been practicing her lineup so many times she probably could do it in her sleep at this point. She was a bit of a perfectionist, and she definitely wanted to make sure she was confident enough to hold her own when the time came. Since they didn’t know what show they would be doing yet, she had prepared snippets of two different songs that were contrasting in style to audition with. She hadn’t prepared a monologue, as she was hoping that her performance of the first song would show she had at least a mild ability to act, and she didn’t want to take up all of Annabelle’s time. Thankfully, Emlyn had taken the liberty of picking an audition outfit for her, since everything she owned was much too ‘drab’, as she had put it.

After what had seemed like ages, it was her turn to step onto the stage. She gave a quick hug to her sister and barrelled into the room, eager to get the process over and done with. She made sure to smile at the judge (in this case, Annabelle) before positioning herself on the stage.

“Hello!” she greeted her with what she hoped was a serene smile. “My name is Ellory Prosser, and first I will be performing an excerpt from the song Monster from Frozen: The Musical.”

Ellory took a deep breath and adopted a somber tone and expression before beginning.

It’s finally come, come to knock down my door
I can’t hide this time like I hid before

She looked towards the ground and took a determined step forward.

The storm is awake, the danger is real
My time’s running out, don’t feel, don’t feel

She threw her hands to the side and closed her eyes at the first ‘don’t’.

Fear will be your enemy
And death its consequence

She made two fists in front of her at the word ‘death’, then released them and slowly brought them down towards her side again after the second syllable of ‘consequence’.

That’s what they once said to me
And it’s starting to make sense.
All this pain, all this fear began because of me

Her right arm covered her stomach in a tight first at the word ‘pain’, but she released it and brought her hand up by her face on ‘fear’ before moving it back down in time with the rhythm of the verse.

Is the thing they see the thing I have to be…

A monster, were they right?
Has the dark in me finally come to light?

A pleading, curious expression spread across her face.

Am I a monster full of rage
Nowhere to go but on a rampage?
Or am I just a monster in a cage?

She kept a firey expression locked in on the audience for a moment before smiling at Annabelle once more.

”If it’s alright, I also prepared something a bit more traditional as well,” she lowered her voice, all the confidence that had been there a moment ago seeming to disappear. “Erm, this one is called ‘Blow the Wind Southerly’. It’s an English Folk Song.”

This song was definitely not as interesting. She kept a cheerful expression throughout with small gestures here and there, but didn’t move a whole lot from her center of the stage. However boring it was, she knew from her youth theatre how important it was to show songs of contrasting style at an audition.

When she was done, she smiled at Annabelle once again and said ”Thank you very much for this opportunity to audition for you today.” she bowed awkwardly, unsure if it was expected for her to do so in wizarding theatre. ”Erm, I hope you have a good rest of your day!” And with that, she took her leave and went to go find Emlyn before she auditioned.
(borrowed from Emlyn because she doesn’t know how to dress herself)

First Song - Mezzo-Soprano Ballad
(I recorded this myself. Ellory's voice may not sound as 'mature' but she would certainly have the same imperfections!)

Second Song - Traditional English Folk Song
(Also recorded this myself. Ellory would stop about a 40 seconds in, though)


Stage Magic- Auditions!  PV Stage Magic   Closed 

Una Dichmann

The next girl to audition seemed quite a bit less confident than the first. Annabelle watched curiously as the blonde introduced herself. She had a distinctively German accent, and fidgeted as she spoke. Annabelle smiled. "Nice to meet you, Una! Show me what you've got." The girl seemed about to begin for a moment, but ended up remaining silent. Ana wondered for a moment if she was alright. She was about to offer her a drink of water and let her sit down until she was ready to begin, but the German girl recovered and launched into her monologue.

Una's acting skills were extraordinary. She stared intently at Annabelle, as though she were really lecturing her, but never broke character. The president found herself pulled into the scene. She even felt a bit guilty, as though she really had been a braggart this entire time. After a few more flawlessly-delivered lines, Una chocked again. This time she concluded her piece, her face glowing crimson shade. Annabelle clapped and ginned at the blushing student. "Why so nervous! You were amazing! Honestly, you pulled me right in to the story. But you seriously need to relax. I know stage fright is awful. Try taking all of that extra nervous energy and channelling it into a different emotion. In that script, probably annoyance." She laughed. "You're definitely in the club, Una. Well done!"

Emma Hill

Annabelle's eyes lit up when the next potential club member walked into the room. "Well, if it isn't the prankster!" She flashed her acquaintance a joking grin. She looked stunning in the red dress, though she seemed a bit uncomfortable with it. She introduced herself by her full name. To be honest, Annabelle was actually a bit relieved to see someone that she knew. Though she had known Emma's first name from their last encounter, she had not had any idea that this would be the same Emma on her roster. It was nice to see someone she recognized.

Though as the stunning young Ravenclaw began her audition, Annabelle did not recognize her at all. The girl instantly took on a completely different personality. She was passionate and frustrated,her expression telling of some unknown betrayal. Annabelle had never heard this script before and therefore had no context. Yet she could not help but feel for Emma's character. The actress even managed to produce real tears. "That was great!" the president exclaimed as Emma's speech reached its conclusion. "You must have practiced that a lot! Did you write it yourself?" Annabelle paused for a moment, allowing Emma the time to wipe the tears from her eyes. "That was so passionate! So emotional! And I loved that storm off at the end. You're definitely in the club. The writing was excellent as well." Annabelle paused, seaching her brain for any advice she could give. "Maybe you could have her speak a bit slower and build up over the course of the scene? Perhaps start out a pit shaky and become more confident and enraged as she lets her feeling out? Anyway, I absolutely loved it!"

Mia Alexander

The next girl to walk in looked extremely professional. She wore what almost looked like a Muggle school uniform, and stared at Annabelle with the kind of confidence that came from years of training. This ought to be great! The president's enthusiasm only grew as the auditioner's tap shoes click-clacked against the stage floor. She hadn't seen a dancing act yet today. The girl introduced herself very politely, and to Annabelle's delight, told her that she would be singing a song from one of her favorite musicals. "Oh, I love Thouroughly Modern Millie!" The song she had chosen was for a male role, but Annabelle was optimistic that this girl could pull it off.

She was not disappointed. Mia sang beautifully in a tenor-range voice. Actually, it was a breath of fresh air to hear a lower voice, since she had been quite worried about the lack of testosterone in the club. laze had a good voice, but there was bound to be more than one male role in most of the productions they did. When Mia started to tap dance, Anna let out an audible cheer. This was fantastic. It was obvious that the Slytherin was very well prepared for her audition. As the girl sat down and started panting, Anna stood and began to applaud. "That was... that was awesome! I love that song, and you did it so well!" Her jaw dropped open when Mia told her of her other talents. "That's amazing! I wish I was that talented..." Then she had an idea. "Hey, this might be a bit weird, but we're going to need a Music Director. Would you like to be on the staff with me?"

(Sorry I couldn't give much advice on this one. There wasn't really anything that Mia showed flaws in :sweatingbullets: )

Aurelia Bezuidenhout

Anna's heart raced with excitement when the apparently shy girl introduced herself as a dancer. From the ballet shoes in her hand and the smal music box that she carried, it was obvious what she was about to do. This was perfect! Now they had an Irish dancer, a tap dancer, and a ballet dancer- such variety! The girl wore yoga pants and a sweater, and a determined expression. Annabelle could not wait to see what this girl could do.

The movements of Aurelia's body left her utterly speechless. She was so graceful, so beautiful... Anna could not help but wonder how many years of practice it took to reach such a level of expertise. The girl began singing as well, her soft voice perfectly matching the movements of her arms and legs. She seemed a bit out of breath, partly from the clear emotion that shone through in her song, and probably in part from the fact that singing while dancing is incredibly difficult for those who have not been doing it for a long time. Anna stood speechless as the girl bowed, her mouth gaping open slightly. Then she regained her bearing and began to clap. "That was great, Aurelia! You're a beautiful dancer! Did you choreograph that yourself?" She smiled as the girl's proud expression confirmed the answer. "That's awesome! You're definitely accepted. My only advice would be to keep practicing dancing and singing at the same time. I know it's a really hard skill to master, but you're doing quite well already!"

Ellory Prosser

Annabelle's eyes widened as the newest contestant barreled onto the stage. She seemed quite eager to get started, a trait that Annabelle very much appreciated. She was not getting tired of watching auditions, of course. Everyone who had come in so far had completely blown her away. She was simply excited to see someone as eager about the club as she herself was. "Hello!" she smiled back at the girl before she began her song.

The stark contrast between her initial expression and her first song was a bit jarring. The emotion behind the song was clear, and it was obvious that the girl had practiced every movement. Her voice was quite accurate if a bit nasally, but overall it was extremely beautiful. Her second song was quite a bit happier, and the slight accent that she added to her voice definitely added to the performance. Annabelle smiled a massive smile as the girl finished. "That was great! You have an amazing voice, and I appreciate you bringing in two pieces with contrasting tones. The second song was honestly just about perfect. For the first one, I would suggest using your chest voice a bit more on the dramatic parts. Just imagine there's a pocket of air slowly forcing open the back of your throat and push your voice through it. I know it sounds strange, but it works! Overall, that was a fantastic audition. You're in!"

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Stage Magic- Auditions!  PV Stage Magic   Closed 

Skye walked into the room with an air of confidence which she hoped was believable enough. Her gaze settled on Annabelle, and she smiled.
"Hello, my name is Skye. Today I will be playing the piano and singing. I will be playing and singing Rewrite the Stars by Zendaya and Zac Efron. I chose this piece because it is very beautiful, and this song is close to my heart," Skye said.
She smoothed her long sleeved knee-length black dress. It was a gift from her grandmother, and the dress she wore whenever she needed luck. The sleeves were made of beautifully embroidered mesh, and three shiny silver diamond-shaped buttons lined it. She had paired with black flats and a silver heart charm on silver thread. Skye just hoped that she had not overdressed for the audition.
She made her way to the piano, and took a seat and a deep breath to clear her mind. Slowly, her fingers began to play. She swayed to the music, closing her eyes. Her fingers were doing their own thing now. The notes filled the room, echoing slightly. Then, she opened her mouth and started singing, her voice clear in the room.
"You know I want you
It's not a secret I try to hide
I know you want me
So don't keep saying our hands are tied
You claim it's not in the cards
Fate is pulling you miles away
And out of reach from me
But you're here in my heart
So who can stop me if I decide
That you're my destiny?
What if we rewrite the stars?
Say you were made to be mine
Nothing could keep us apart
You'd be the one I was meant to find
It's up to you, and it's up to me
No one can say what we get to be
So why don't we rewrite the stars?
Maybe the world could be ours
You think it's easy
You think I don't want to run to you
But there are mountains
And there are doors that we can't walk through
I know you're wondering why
Because we're able to be
Just you and me
Within these walls
But when we go outside
You're going to wake up and see that it was hopeless after all
No one can rewrite the stars
How can you say you'll be mine?
Everything keeps us apart
And I'm not the one you were meant to find
It's not up to you
It's not up to me
When everyone tells us what we can be
How can we rewrite the stars?
Say that the world can be ours

Skye finished, and let her finger linger for a moment on the last note before turning to face Annabelle. She stood up and bowed slightly. "Thank you," she finished up her little performance.
Skye hoped that Annabelle had not realized how clammy her hands were, or how nervous she was. Though she had been practicing for weeks, she knew that she might have made a mistake she did not hear. Skye left the room, her heart full of hope.

There is nothing worse than being a minute to someone whom you've made your eternity.

Stage Magic- Auditions!  PV Stage Magic   Closed 

Emlyn hadn’t had much practice with auditioning before, except for a play at a local youth theater in her hometown with her sister. This audition was important, this would be the first audition at Hogwarts and would determine her reputation, as well as singing and performance abilities for years to come so she must do well.

Emlyn helped her sister get dressed with an appropriate outfit because the one she chose was ghastly, and feared she was auditioning for a monster role. Spending time with her sister helped ease her nerves. Emlyn isn’t usually the most nervous person in the room, but she feels some butterflies in her stomach when it comes big tasks or events, and this was no different.

“It’s just going to be just me in the room, if I mess up, it’s not big deal” she took a few deep breaths “or…my life is over and this will be the most embarrassing moment I’ll never live down” she thought. “No, get it together, I’m amazing and will do amazing!”. Now feeling more confident from a self-pep talk, she stormed into the room in full diva mode.
“Act like a star, become a star” she muttered to herself as she approached the center of the room. “Hello, my name is Emlyn Prosser and I have experience acting and singing. Today I will be singing the song “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston.

“If I should stay
I would only be in your way”

Emlyn stood tall dramatically, then extended both arms out in a blocking motion

“So I'll go but I know
I'll think of you every step of the way”

Emlyn drops her hands very quickly and dramatically turned her head and began walking to the side of the room looking forward.

Emlyn took a long exasperated breath in preparing to belt. She turned her head quickly back to the front of the stage and sang with full volume.

And I will always love you
I will always love you”

Emlyn raised her hand slowly while singing “you” and pointed out towards the front of the stage with a look of longing in her eyes.

My darling, you”

Emlyn continued pointing and then drew her hand back in and joined it with her other hand covering her heart with both while finishing the final note.

Satisfied, Emlyn looked towards the table where her judge sat and smiled. “Thank you so much, I’m so excited!”. Emlyn stood relieved her audition went as well as she hoped, completely unaware that she missed nearly every single correct note for the song and had basically spent the past minute partially monotone yelling at a complete stranger.

Stage Magic- Auditions!  PV Stage Magic   Closed 

Elora paced the hallway, wringing her hands together. Despite her love of music and singing, Elora decided to go for a playwriting position instead. She didn't want to make a fool of herself, so this would be easier. She had prepared a small sheet of paper with a short segment of dialogue on it. As the person in front of her came out of the room, she fiddled nervously with the paper. The script was memorized, but she had the paper just to be safe. 

Elora smiled weakly at the girl who wished her luck and nodded in thanks. She then walked in slowly, shutting the door behind her. 

"H-hello! My name is Elora Rook, and I'll be auditioning to be a playwriter. I'll be reading a segment from a play I wrote called 'Forevermore.' It's about a young girl named Ella, a 'supervillain' of someone else's (a hero) story, but it turns out that she hates this title so she tries to be the hero for another person. But even this person turned on her after seeing what she did to the other hero. The hero then 'battles' her but she doesn't want to fight so she lets herself lose and die because she knows that's the only way she can fix what she did wrong. This is her farewell to the world in her last moments between life and death." Elora paused and took a deep breath, and began her reading. She read it in a slightly deeper voice than normal and a downplayed accent. 

Ella: I never stood a chance, did I? 
I was so focused on being the hero in someone else's story, that I became the villain in another person's story. And now look where I am. 
[deep breath in and out]
I suppose I have no right to plead that I am too young to die. What I did, who I hurt, those deeds belong to a person beyond my years. To think, all I wanted to do was help someone, all I wanted was to be the hero for once.
[soft chuckle]
And now I'm dying by the hands of a hero. Ironic, isn't it? I never killed anyone when I was a villain. But in trying to be a hero, I've only hurt myself and the people involved. And then a hero killed me. I guess this is fate. After all, this is how the story is supposed to go. Good triumphs over evil. I guess...that I should've known. I should've realized, I shouldn't have been so stupid. But now I know. And this...this is the only way I can fix what I did. The only way I can be a hero. Because no matter how hard I try. The only way for a villain to be a hero is to die. And even then, even as I lie here, in between life and death, the moment in your life when people are supposed to mourn you, they still hate me. Because I...I am still...and always will be...a villain.


Elora let out a deep breath and tilted her head down in a small bow. She hoped she had given enough context, otherwise, it wouldn't make sense. Her mind was already going over the things she did wrong, but at least she didn't let a spoonerism slip out. Her hands shook slightly as she reached down for the paper that she had dropped as she waited for a reaction. 

{Imagine she has her glassses on lol}

Humans are the personification of Death.
。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆ Elora Rook 。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆

Stage Magic- Auditions!  PV Stage Magic   Closed 

Skye Blackwood

"Hello, Skye!" Annabelle smiled. She remembered who this was. She was the girl who had asked to sign up just as the president had been taking the sheet down. Of course, she had been thrilled to have another member. The girl stood on stage now, announcing that she was going to sing a song from The Greatest Showman. It seemed that was a popular score today. It was a bit odd though- she'd chosen "Rewrite the Stars." Of course it was quite a beautiful song, but it was a duet. She wondered how Skye planned to pull that off.

The auditioner seemed to shake as she performed, racing the notes with her finger. Though her voice was a bit shaky from nerves, it was quite clear and beautiful. The president just wished that the girl would look up. She was so focused on her music. The girls hands were clammy, clenched against the music stand. As she finished, Annabelle clapped. "It is a beautiful song", she remarked. "And you sing it beautifully. My advice to you would be to focus a bit more on performing, rather than singing. Look at your audience, smile! I can tell you've put a ton of work into this. You've earned the right to have fun with it." She grinned at the nervous girl. "I can't wait to see what you do in the future! You're in!"

Emlynn Prosser

"Welcome, E-" Annabelle paused. Hadn't this girl already auditioned? She was wearing a different outfit now, and seemed more confident, but the face was nearly identical. The president glanced down at the roster in confusion. Oh! They were sisters. Probably twins judging by how similar they looked. Annabelle smile and corrected herself. "Hello, Emlynn! Show me what you got!" If her sister's voice was any indication, this was going to be very impressive.

Emlynn took the stage with all the confidence of a Broadway starlet and... uh... sang? From the way she smiled and performed, one would think that the girl was giving an Oscar-winning performance, Yet every note that came from her mouth was incorrect. Annabelle blinked, staring for a moment as the girl concluded her song. "Well, that was... good." Anna commented, beginning to regain her bearings. "I love your energy. Honestly, you're a great performer! Your voice could use some improvement, but I think you just need to find yourself. Here's what I would do: Go home and record yourself singing. Then play it back and listen for any mistakes. It's hard to hear what you're doing wrong in the middle of the performance." The president paused, looking at her notes again. "You and your sister should get together and practice. She could help you with your notes, and you could help her with her confidence! Anyway, welcome to the club!"

Elora Rook

The next girl to enter the room seemed much more nervous than the last, but Annabelle knew from today that this was no indication of skill level. She'd had several nervous kids come in and deliver fantastic auditions. Anna smiled at the blonde Gryffindor, hoping that this would be no different. Apparently the girl was going to perform a script she'd written herself. Excellent! Annabelle had always thought it was particularly brave to perform something you've written yourself. Besides, Elora had apparently written an entire play, with a fascinating premise. That was certainly impressive!

Annabelle was not disappointed. The girl performed wonderfully, her face full of expression. It was clear that the character was in anguish over what she had done. As the scene came to it's conclusion, Anna could not help but she a tear for the dying hero. "That was beautiful," she said, trying desperately to remain professional. "I love all of the emotion that went into the scene. As for advice, I'd say to try and make it a bit less repetitive. She says "someone else's story" and then "another person's story" one right after the other, and later she does the same thing by saying "I should have realized" and then "I should have known." Perhaps you could vary the words a bit? Overall though, it was a beautiful scene. Well done and welcome to Stage Magic!"

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