Rehearsal Room

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Deep Thoughts and Musical Sensations  Closed 

Marcus made his way to the rehearsal room so he can practice on some musical instruments like the Violin and Piano, checking around to see if the coast is clear, seeing it was he snuck inside and closing the door he makes his way to the violin first checking it over then casting a spell on the other instruments so they will play when he plays the violin, 'Thos should be a good starter' he thought then closes his eyes and began playing feeling himself being drawn in to the music


(About nine minutes later)

Marcus breathes and shudders remembering things he would rather forget after finishing the song 'maybe something a little more uplifting or motivational?' He thought clearing his head with a slight shake then casts on the instruments once more then closes his eyes as he begins to play humming along to the music with a soft almost at peace smile


(About 6 minutes later)

Marcus opens his eyes that peaceful smile still there as he wipes his eyes of the tears that formed then nods "Well that was relaxing" he said to himself checking the time he notices he has time for a song or two.

(I have to say Marcus is probably my most complex character since an mmo i used to play called Star Wars Galaxies, anyway as some of you have said he is extremely power yet obviously emotionally broken so a spell like Expecto Patronum which runs on a happy or fond memory wouldn't be as effective unless he used a real memory instead of a fake one, by fake i could say Marcus is like an onion in terms of having layers upon layers of walls or masks to defend himself from being hurt anyway thats what i wanted to say oocly as people get a glimpse into the mind of Marcus)

Haters gonna Hate, that is all I should say..People are just naturally jealous of Greatness. - Marcus

Deep Thoughts and Musical Sensations  Closed 

Kendra was wandering aimlessly around the castle. Nobody had cared to join her on yet another exploration but she didn't really mind being alone. Passing outside the rehearsal room she suddenly stopped walking as she heard music. A beautiful yet sad melody echoed through the corridors and its source was right through that door in front of her. She approached the door and layed a hand on it while enjoying the notes reaching her ears. It must have been more than five minutes when the music suddenly changed. Now the melody was happy and cheerful and powerful. It made her smile.

 She wanted more and continued eavesdropping on the person that was unleashing their talent just inside the room. Should I knock? she wondered Will I scare them? She knew people didn't like being interrupted when they were alone with their music. Her mother made sure to teach her that. She shut her eyes trying to chase away those bitter memories and tried concentrating on the music. It helped a lot. Her heart lightened and the smile came back on her face. Who is this person? she wondered again. Are they happy? Are they sad? What's on their mind? curiosity won as she hesitantly knocked twice on the big wooden door and felt her heart racing in her chest.