Rehearsal Room

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Wanna dance?  Closed 

[Note: This isn't just for romance genre and both gendered characters can join since it would be fun to joke around with friends in this one]

Upon entering the so-called Rehearsal room, no she was never much of a dancer but apparently, they need to know simple whats-its-name, female would take out her wand to cast a spell for music as the soft melody filled the room. Brunette would then try to copy the moves she has previously memorized in her head: one, two, three, four, and so she got lost in an unstoppable cycle of failing, getting pissed at herself and then again. Her black robe wasn't of much help so after she finally got frustrated enough to literally throw the damn thing off of herself the girl would continue. After some time it even became fun to create her own moves as Elizabeth jumped around following the melody. No, it didn't look good. It was weird if you tried to describe it nicely. Even though the loner didn't seem to mind since she's all alone anyways. Even some laughter appeared in the room due to the one who was dancing started laughing at herself once she saw her own reflection.

I have no limits