Rehearsal Room

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Maeve gently ran her fingers over the piano keys. The rehearsal room was the only room in Hogwarts, as far as she knew, that had a piano. She loved to play, and she was good.

As far as Maeve knew, it was one of the few things she was good at.

Maeve loved playing the piano because if she played it well enough, and she did, the music would be smooth. It would be her special voice. Her smooth, stutter-free voice.

The piano was freedom.

She couldn't help but wish she had someone to sing to her playing, though. She was playing a muggle song Dahlia had showed her. It was the only one she knew, and was undoubtedly her favorite song ever.

It was called A Thousand Years. It was a sappy love song, but Maeve loved it. The chords blended perfectly with one another, and a singer would really complete it. But who would sing for the stuttering Slytherin? Maeve didn't know, and she didn't dare ask anyone.

Maeve began to play the song. She didn't even need the sheet music anymore, she had been taught to memorize anything she played from an early age. Her parents thought it would be an important skill to have. It was nice, not having to carry a large music folder.

She closed her eyes and swayed gently to the music as she played. Maeve mouthed the words as her fingers flew across the keys. She was smiling. This was the happiest she'd been since coming to Hogwarts.

"Being different isn't a bad thing. It just means you're brave enough to be yourself." ~Luna Lovegood

The Black and White Keys  Closed 

Olympia was homesick, for sure. She missed her pets, her father, Enoch... But her guitar, most of all. She knew that they had one in the Rehearsal Room, and that's where she was headed. She didn't know many Hogwarts songs, but had memorized a plethora of Muggle ones. She was close to the doors of the room when she could a hear a melody she knew well being played out on a piano.

Silently, Olympia opened the doors. It was Maeve playing. It seemed they were running into each other everywhere. Making sure the door didn't make any noise when it closed, or at least, not much noise, she tiptoed as best as she could over to the guitar. Maeve's eyes were closed. She obviously was rapt in the melody being produced by the piano. Taking the guitar off of its stand, she prayed it was in tune, and strung the next chords to the melody. It was one of her favorite songs, and she knew it by heart.

"I have died every day, waiting for you..." she began. She smiled through her words as she watched Maeve's eyes pop open in surprise. She obviously had been successful in not making any noise. She continued to strum away at the guitar the long, blissful notes. She was in her own world, barely aware that Maeve was in the room. The sound of the piano was beginning to fade as she entered a type of zen. But she didn't want it to, so she opened her eyes widely, looking to the ceiling.

The Black and White Keys  Closed 

When Maeve heard Olly's voice, she almost fell off of the piano bench in shock. Somehow, though, she managed to continue playing. The guitar and piano sounded wonderful together, and Maeve was watching Olympia's fingers strum the guitar as she sang. After all, she didn't need to look at the piano to play. She already knew where her fingers went.

When the song was over, Maeve folded her hands in her lap and grinned at Olympia. "I didn't know you played guitar. Or sang." She said softly. "I think you're the only pureblood child I have ever met that was allo-allowed to learn the guitar. Dahlia, my sister, wanted to, but Mother forbade it. Too muggle-y for her." Maeve shrugged.

"So, are you more of a mag-magical music person, or a muggle music person?" She asked curiously. Maybe she could learn more muggle songs through Olly, if she knew them. Muggle music always had a sense of sweetness wizard music didn't have, and Maeve loved it. Wizard music could be... strange.

Maeve was sure muggle music could also be strange, but the song she knew was beautiful. It was kind of her 'thing' with the family. Dahlia secretly like girls (shh, don't tell Valernia or Farren!), Benjamin wanted to try to live like a muggle when he grew up, and Alexander... Well, he was just a weirdo. And Maeve liked muggle music. Well, the muggle song she knew. But, if she heard more of their music, she was sure she'd love it.

"Being different isn't a bad thing. It just means you're brave enough to be yourself." ~Luna Lovegood

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Olympia blushed as she finished the song. "Well, yeah. I started to learn in secret, because that's how my mother felt to begin with. She still isn't the firmest believer in me playing. But my father was all for it. He told me to do what I loved. It makes sense coming from my father. He's muggle-born. He had to talk my mother into it and convince her that it was good with me. I started singing on my own, but that was after I started playing guitar. They never said anything about it after that."

Olympia was still holding the guitar, poised to play another song. "I know more muggle music. I haven't learned any Hogwarts music ever, believe it or not. My siblings haven't ever sung or listened to Hogwarts music around me." Maybe she could learn more magical related songs from Maeve, and she could teach Maeve muggle songs in return. Olympia's heart raced at the thought of learning new songs. She loved the rush.

Maybe she should just go for it and ask Maeve. "Do you have any other songs in mind you'd like to learn? I know piano too, but I haven't played in a little while. I'm very musically oriented, as you can tell. But my main instrument is obviously my guitar. Then my ukelele. It all started with guitar, though." She hoped Maeve would be open to learning new songs. She already had some of her favorites picked to teach.

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"I don't know any other muggle songs. Teach me your favo-favorite, and I'll teach you my favo-favorite wizard song. Something by Celestina Warbeck. You Stole My Cauldron But You Can't Have My Heart. Or maybe A Cauldron Full of Hot, Strong Love." Maeve said brightly. She ran her finger along all of the keys, admiring the different notes as they sounded through the near-empty room.

"I know all of her so-songs on piano. And tons more. I'll teach you some." Maeve promised. She had tons of songs bouncing around her head. Her mother was a huge fan of Celestina, and she had all the children play for her during the holidays whenever she felt like it. The grand piano in their living room was one of Maeve's favorite things. It was even more grand than the one at Hogwarts. The piano was made for Maeve when she was born, as Valernia believed a pianist would complete their little quartet nicely. Maeve's siblings were jealous of the piano, and often tried to break it. Their was a protective charm on it now, so the piano looked exactly like it did the day it was made.

Alexander had a flute that was engraved with his name, and a few pictures. It was goblin-wrought, and very expensive. Benjamin's cello was decorated with many different symbols, and it, too, was goblin-wrought. Dahlia didn't usually play an instrument, but sometimes she played her violin. Her violin was a mini version of Ben's cello.

"Being different isn't a bad thing. It just means you're brave enough to be yourself." ~Luna Lovegood

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"That sounds wonderful. I'd prefer to begin with the wizard songs. I feel like they'll be fun to learn. I've already got my songs picked out. If you play some of the notes, I should be able to guess on the notes. You'll just have to tell me if they're right." Olympia grins, moving over to Maeve. She suppresses the urge to sit atop the piano.

"So, what's the first one I'll be learning?" Olympia was eager to learn new songs. It was her favorite thing to do, other than reading and writing her own stories. Those were basically the only things she did when she wasn't busy. Cordelia sings, but she isn't as good as me. Olympia grins sheepishly, continuing. "Once I started learning, all of my siblings were inspired to. My mother is super strict, as you know. I'm surprised she'd allowed it. But you know, my father can be magical sometimes.

"Grisel plays the flute, which can be dreadful sometimes. Ardelle plays the violin, and Russ plays electric guitar and drums. That is the worst, just barely, though. And Enoch... He plays the viola."
Olympia laughs. She's always been the most "indie" in the family. She was into things most people weren't. She enjoyed softer music while her siblings were more into rock music. Of course, there were some similarities, but not is taste in music. She hoped the songs Maeve were about to teach her were something she enjoyed. She trusted Maeve to pick good songs, but she couldn't help but be worried. "You'll have to teach me the lyrics too, if there are any. The song isn't the same without its lyrics."