Rehearsal Room

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A Dance Mistake  Closed 

Natasha entered the room, ready to practise her routine. A blonde girl in the mirror caught her eye. Her hair was tied up into an extremely tight bun and she was wearing her purple show ballet dress. The sparkly sequins glistened against the bright lights of the dance studio. Natasha had a ballet recital during winter break, and she needed to nail it. A prestigious English ballet coach would be there, and if the young ballerina impressed her, she would take Natasha under her wing. Even though she already had her routine down, she felt she needed to go through it a couple more times before leaving. The blonde held her purple pointe shoes in one hand and a cd in her other hand. She plugged the cd into the stereo on the table and got into position. 

The light piano melody started playing quietly in the background. 1 2 3, 1 2 3, 1 2 3. Natasha danced and focused really hard on getting every move perfect on getting every move perfectly, making sure her posture was on point. Suddenly, her ankle gave out and she collapsed. She cried out in pain as her body hit the ground with a thump. 

STA: 5; A: 5; STR: 6; CON: 3; AP: 3; ACC: 8
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