Rehearsal Room

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Claryssa North hummed quietly to herself as she traveled down the Fourth Floor Corridor, finding the hallway surprisingly empty with the exception of a few students who milled about in small clusters, whispering to one another as they passed, oblivious to the young Ravenclaw's presence. She kept her messenger bag clutched against her side, wandering nearly aimlessly as she traveled the halls, finding herself with a decent block of time before her next class, Charms, was to take place. Earlier during her stay at Hogwarts, she'd heard rumors that this was a sort of extra-curricular floor, fit with a space for the Dueling Club, Library, Ballroom, and the Rehearsal Room, the latter of which she had yet to had the opportunity to explore.

Growing up, Clary had always found herself with an affinity for the arts and coming from a muggle household with two non-magical parents and a muggle older-brother, she had not been exposed to the distractions of magic to deter her from her interests. From a young age, Clary found herself in front of an art easel, painting "masterpieces" for her mum to sell in the small art shop that functioned out of the lower level of their apartment building. By age five, she'd begun to sketch in different notebooks, taking to a pencil and pen as if it were air itself, quickly enveloped in a mysterious world of capturing images through charcoal, lead, ink, and paper. Although it hadn't been her main interest, Claryssa also had an affinity towards musical instruments, most specifically on the piano, though she had taken guitar lessons for two or three years and knew how to strum out a few chords.

Up ahead of her, Claryssa finally spotted the room she was seeking out towards the left of the hallway, a small plaque next to the door labeled with the words, "Rehearsal Room". Figuring the space was available for any student who wished to enter, she nudged the door open and slipped quietly inside, allowing her gaze to roam over the room. It was all she ever dreamed of it to be, fit with a variety of instruments leaning against the walls on their stands. Music sheets were scattered around on a few tables, and she noticed a few sets of wooden shelves on the far side of the room that seemed to contain even more! Towards the center-left of the room, a gleaming black baby grand piano stood, almost waiting expectantly for her to wander over and play.

Clary did just that. Although it seemed like years ago when she'd been at home with Marissa and James, playing the tiny piano they kept in their study when Father was out at work, she still remembered the muscle memory as if it were yesterday. Sitting down on the piano bench, Clary righted her posture, lifting both of her hands to hover over the proper positions in the key of C, while her right foot rested gently the pedal down below. Without any music in front of her, she began plucking out a soft tune she remembered from her childhood, humming along absentmindedly. She was by no means an expert, but the melodic, simple tune still carried around the small, empty room, and out into the Corridor outside.

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