Quidditch Training Pitch

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Quidditch Crash Course?  Closed 

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-It's not exactly stealing if I return it, right?
Reagan slowly made her way towards the Quidditch training pitch while anxiously scanning the area around her every 3 seconds. In her sweating hand, she gripped one of the school broomsticks that she had snitched from class and carefully hid behind one of the bushes to use later.

Reagan has always loved flying. From the day she understood the word flying her passion for it grew and grew. She'd sneak out to watch her brother train and begged her parents to take her to the Quidditch World Cup every 4 years. Not even her partial blindness stopped her from taking one of his brothers' older brooms and practice flying and catching falling objects with it.
Reagan always found Chasers more fascinating than anything on the Quidditch Pitch. The admired their speed and the control they have over their brooms. She watched in awe as they passed the ball between each other and how they dodged Bludgers while remaining on their brooms.

Luckily for her, the Pitch was empty. She sighed in relief and hopped on her broom. As her feet lifted off the ground a happy smile twisted her lips. In the distance, she could see yellow coats racing up and down. Hufflepuffs were training on the other Pitch.

She flew higher towards the rings and circled them. The faint wind stroked her face and pulled strands out of her messy bun. For the next minutes, Reagan was racing with the wind from one end of the Pitch to another.
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Quidditch Crash Course?  Closed 

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When Carson had discovered Quidditch, his interest had been immediately piqued. Who’s interest wouldn’t be piqued, though? Come on, a bunch of witches and wizards flying around on broomsticks, with magic snitches and bludgers? Why would anyone avoid that?

Carson supposed this was his justification for stealing the broomstick, although he’d have to come up with a better excuse if he was caught. He glanced to Maggie, who walked alongside him, a broom in her own hand.

“You think I should’ve worn long pants?” Carson asked, looking down to his baggy khaki shorts that hit just above his knee. It wasn’t school hours, so he wore a maroon short-sleeved t-shirt as well, with long socks and vans. It wasn’t like he needed trainers for flying, anyway.

He held a soccer ball under his arm, he and Maggie had planned to use it like they would a quaffle. They’d make up something for the goalposts, or they’d just pass it and throw it around some.

As they neared the clearing where they were planning on playing, Carson noticed a girl flying in circles.

“Looks like she had the same idea, huh?” Carson observed, watching as the girl sped around on a broom similar to Carson and Maggie’s. “Hey!” he called, trying to grab the girl’s attention. “You wanna play with us?” he offered, holding up the soccer ball and his broom.

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Quidditch Crash Course?  Closed 

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Maggie and Carson walked side-by-side as they brought their brooms over to the clearing, Carson having a soccer ball tucked under his arm while Maggie had a baseball bat in her hand.

“I hope not,” she answered, in response to Carson’s question about wearing shorts. “‘Cause I’m wearing shorts too.”

Maggie wore an old, red camp t-shirt with short athletic shorts, along with some birkenstocks and fuzzy socks. She wore a choker around her neck, a string with four beads on it, and a plethora of bracelets, ranging from silly bands to friendship bracelets she’d made.

“This baseball bat is giving me huge Max Mayfield vibes, by the way.” she commented, taking her baseball bat and mock-swinging it goofily. “Like, I feel like a total badass.”

As Carson and Maggie kept walking, they spotted a girl flying around on her own. She zoomed across the field, and if Maggie was right, (she usually was) the girl had also stolen a broom. Er, borrowed. Borrowed a broom.

Carson yelled up to the girl, asking if she wanted to play with them. Maggie couldn’t recognize her from up there, but she could tell that she hard dark hair and pale-ish skin. And, if the fact that she stole a broom was any indication, Maggie felt like they’d get along great.

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Quidditch Crash Course?  Closed 

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The Quidditch Pitch. As a child, she never really had been exposed to the sport but had heard tales and rumours of these famed brooms and the brave souls that rode them. It took a certain type of person to play this sport, you had to have a dedication, a passion just like any other hobby. During her time at Hogwarts however, Elena had been dying to get her hands one of these and today seemed like the perfect chance. Usually, she was a stickler for rules but it seems in this instance, her eagerness had gotten the better of her. It was easy enough to nick one of the school brooms, you rarely ever saw Professors or any Prefects out here though the chance was there.

Broom in hand, she walked towards the pitch where she made out some tiny specks flying around. Ok, perhaps she wasn't the only one with the ingenious idea. they seemed friendly enough from the way they were chatting avidly. She felt a tad bit nervous as she neared glancing dowQn at her broom. She had only done this a few times and while she had ridden a broom before, there was always room for error.Quit overthinking it and get yourself up there for Merlin's sake.She mentally scolded herself holding out her hand as the broom shot up into her hand and she mounted it. Thankfully, the Gryffindor had already taken some flying lessons that they taught in the first year so she wasn't a total dud.

Kicking off, she urged the broom forward rising to join the players above at a moderate speed. This was quite high..but then again, she had chosen to do this. No turning back now as she got within earshot of the other students, two girls and a boy."Hey there! Mind if I join you guys?" She called out plastering on the best smile she could muster. Well, at least she hadn't crashed making it up here...yet. Quidditch games could get pretty intense from what she'd heard of it and she would rather not having to explain to a Professor how she wound up in the hospital wing with a broom that wasn't hers.

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Quidditch Crash Course?  Closed 

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For a second Reagan almost fainted when she heard the voices of people below her. Her back tensed and a billion ideas flew through her head about what she'd do if the people who just arrived were perfects or teachers.

She glanced down at the newcomers but didn't see any perfects badges or anything that indicated that these guys were out to look for troublemakers.
-Hey!- one of them shouted and Reagan almost fell off her broom.-Wanna join us?
Reagan eyed the soccer ball suspiciously for a second but then she realized that they were planning to use it as a quaffle. She waved in agreement.

The guy with the bright smile and one of the girls immediately flew up to her, while the third person- a bit unsteadily- followed them.
Reagan smirked at the sight of the school brooms and winked at their partners in crime.
-Out for a little training huh?-she asked and patted her broom.
She guided the broom to hover at the same height as the other 3 and tried to put her hair back into a bun to no avail.
-I'm Reagan.-she introduced herself.-And you guys are? Who came up with the great idea of a soccer-quaffle?

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