Quidditch Training Pitch

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Date: 27 May, 2019.
Time: Exactly 5pm.
Location: Quidditch Training Pitch
Koko was not out here for a good reason. She was very angry that she was outside. She had a silver locket in her right hand and her wand in her left, and a sour expression rested on the young girl's face. She had to meet with Fridge. Fridge was a scary, mean prefect. Koko wouldn't admit that Fridge had saved her hide from Bloodbath once, but she still didn't like Fridge. She didn't like this situation. Something was bound to go wrong.

The girl's golden eyes were dark with some sort of negative emotion that even she couldn't place. She didn't want to be out here. Rain spattered on her Slytherin robes, not that she cared. She would never care. Rain was just part of life. Koko actually welcomed it. The rain was very welcoming. It had not ceased to pour during the match of Quidditch, and she doubted that it would cease to pour now.

Koko slid the locket into a pocket of her robes and glanced around the Training Pitch. No one was here yet. She was alone. Professor Birdsaregay Birdiegrey Bercegeay would certainly be somewhere, but she doubted that her role model would like to come out in the rain.

The hood of the Slytherin's robes was pulled up over her head, casting a small shadow over her pale face as well as helping to wick away the rain. She held her wand out, hoping there was wood she could light on fire, but with the rain, she doubted that it would stay lit for long. A frown crossed the caramel blonde's face as her expression morphed from merely annoyed to absolutely pissed off. Damn the rain. Damn Fridge. Damn all the world for putting her in this situation.

Koko gritted her teeth. She was not going to cry. It was not going to happen. Not that she particularly cared, but she just didn't want anyone to think that she was a cry baby... Actually, that was the exact definition of caring. Koko just wanted to attack someone, something, with her bitter anger. A flash of lightning lit up the darkening sky, and for a moment her eyes reflected the golden shade of the lighting. It was gone in an instant, though, and one wouldn't have seen it. She made her way farther in the pitch, knowing that some brooms were kept here. Get the upper hand, she told herself. You're better than her.

Perhaps she was, perhaps she wasn't. It didn't matter. Koko knew that even if she had no friends, she didn't need them. She had a sister who she trusted, and that was it. No one else had made their way into Koko's trust throughout the duration of her First Year, and she doubted that anyone else was going to. Koko had issues. Trust issues, to be specific. She didn't trust anyone other than Sapphire, and even that trust was limited. "Get a broomstick," the blonde said to herself. "Show them who you are and what you can do."

And so the twelve-year-old Slytherin slowly made her way across the field, fighting back tears that were threatening to leak through the dams she had built throughout the year. She wasn't going to let it happen, she had promised herself at least that. So why couldn't she listen to herself and not let people like Fridge get to her?

Because she was an idiot. She shouldn't have let Sapphire loosen the wall of ice surrounding her. Now Koko was so much more vulnerable. She understood why she had acted cold originally, and now cold people scared her. What if it was all fake? What if even Sapphire would hurt her? Koko bit her lower lip, refusing to let the tears flow, and she kept walking with her head ducked. No one could be allowed to see her like this. Absolutely no one. The girl's hand - her free one - was clenched in a small fist, her fingernails digging small crescents into her palm. Her other hand was still holding her wand, but it did the same thing. She didn't know what she was feeling anymore. Emotions weren't something to guess at, something to play with. They were something on an entirely different level.

The girl was now shivering even though it was almost June. She felt cold. It was probably the darkness and the rain, but they all corresponded to the same thing. They all corresponded to negative emotions. Negative emotions, like the ones flooding Koko's heart at the moment. The urge to burst out in tears had passed momentarily, and she could now see a pile of broomsticks in the limited visibility. She stormed over to the pile and dug through it, looking for a broom to suit her needs. There were Quidditch gloves in the pocket of her robes as well as the locket, and she was going to need them to not lose her grip on the broom. If she did, and if she fell, that would be more humiliating than ever... And it could also be the literal death of her.

Falling was not a fear that the girl usually had. She was fine with going up high in the air, fine with dangling her feet out of the highest windows in the castle. What she wasn't fine with was dropping and hitting her head. Dropping and everyone seeing her fall. If Koko cared about anything, it was her dignity. And she would lose her dignity if she fell.

So she found a broom that looked good enough. It had no splinters, no dents, and was in relatively good shape. She moved away from the pile, holding it, and for a moment she looked like a stereotypical witch in the Muggle world - angry eyes, holding a broom, hooded and cloaked in the storm. Storms weren't something that Koko was scared of. She was better than it. She would be fine.

She rested the broom on the wet ground, probably a mistake, but what did she care? Koko opened her mouth for a moment, but then she shut it. She didn't want too many people to hear her. "Up," the young Slytherin commanded both confidently and quietly. The broom flew into her outstretched hand, which she then somehow managed to slide gloves on. The blonde straddled the broom and kicked off.

The feel of the wind flying around her almost made her forget why she was here. Almost. Not yet. Her hood was still miraculously on her head, and her hands hadn't slipped yet, even as she flew higher and higher, trying to fly away from her fears and those who might fear her. She had slid her wand into her pocket before lifting off, so it was safely tucked away with the necklace. The necklace that belonged to Fridge.

Oh, how that one name scared her. It was humorous, to be truthful. Her dark, golden eyes widened, and she stopped soaring through the air to just hover, probably at least twenty feet off the ground, if not more. She was so high up that she could almost forget the necklace, but the knowledge of it in her pocket made her remember. It was like money could be, "burning a hole in her pocket," as some people might say.

Ha. Did they think she gave a shit about the necklace? She would drop it now if she was sure that no one would see it, that no one would pick it up. Alas, the necklace would be seen, and Koko would probably get detention for being so careless. Detention was something that the young child avoided no matter what the circumstances, and it was something that she was likely to avoid in the future as well... Oh well... Maybe she would spot a lavender-haired Slytherin walking along the Pitch, and Koko would be able to swoop down to give her the necklace... If she could muster up the courage to do so.

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"Twenty-three more minutes..." Luna mumbled, kept walking to one of the most familiar places to her, the Quidditch Training Pitch. Why familiar? Obvious it was not because she liked Quidditch, it was because of this AMAZING prefect's job, her position.

Seriously, she really wanted to request stepping down, get rid of this prefect job. This job was really boring, and it brought so many troubles to her. She had no idea why there were so many people who were interested in this However, there were some reasons why she didn't ask for permission to step down.

First of all, the school's rules. Even without being a prefect, she still had to follow them. Second, the woman. The woman would not want to know that she decided to step down, based on the fact the woman was happy that she became a prefect. Third, she would lose the opportunity to make idiots suffer, like Water Tap. These were all the reasons why she still accepted her fate. As long as nothing super annoyed like the party at the potion classroom happened again.

Actually, why did she had to torture herself by standing here and waiting for more than twenty minutes for that girl to arrive? She would come here at five, no sooner or later if it was not an important meeting for her. She had owned the necklace for so long, and she cared about the necklace a lot. Luna stopped walking and looked at the tree near her. High, and bunch of leaves. This tree was perfect. Perfect for what? Obvious, climbing.

She didn't bring anything, other than wearing the prefect's badge on her uniform. That was better, with only this thing, it would help her easier with climbing trees. She didn't look like the type of person who trained her climbing skill, even she noticed that herself. It was that princess Luna who trained it. The Luna who was still naive, and liked running around without worrying about anything. Although she hadn't climbed trees for a long time, the Slytherin Prefect believed she could still do it. Taking a long breath, Luna walked closer to the tree and started with it.

Her skill was still good as usual, with just one try, she succeeded with it.

...Or that was what she wished. Luna bit her lips while looking up at the tree with the calm face as usual, although she now wanted to cut down this tree. Five times tried, five times failed. Now she really just wanted to give up on this thing because this was much more tiresome than standing and waiting for Kokonut to appear. Maybe she would just try this one last time. If she failed, goodbye you idiot tree. She came close to the big tree again, started placing her hands on the tree and started with the important mission.

"Two... Three.." She mumbled while climbing on the tree. Now if there was someone behind her, they would think this was a small child playing with a tree by hugging it. But in Luna's eyes, she was an adult who climbed on the tree to do a lot of important business.

Finally, she achieved what she wanted. Luna sat on a branch and quietly looked around. It was a good point that her tie and the uniform were black. There was a bit of silver, but it was not hard to see. Perfect, now she could just wait for that girl to appear.

The rain beat a gentle tattoo on the leaves. That was also when she realized, she should have bought something to keep herself from being wet by rain. Though, if she actually did, she would be unable to climb on the tree. Books were right, everything pros had at least one cons. She closed her eyes, let the rain fell on her uniform without doing anything.

Footsteps. She heard footsteps, from not too far away from her. Someone was coming, she was sure of it. It was Kokonut if she was not wrong. Luna could only see a yellow thing walking around. Should she step out now to let that girl know that she was here? Nope. She didn't want to climb down now, she had just sat here for a few minutes after all.

Unlike what she expected, this girl didn't just stand there and waited for her to show up. Instead, she took a broom and started flying. In Luna's eyes, Kokonut was basically an idiot. It was raining harder and harder, but it did not seem like that girl was going to stop flying. She did not know how it felt like to fly that high, but she knew that the rain wouldn't stop dripping because of Kokonut. The wind also got stronger... Interesting, this girl seriously wanted to ruin herself.

Instead of climbing down the tree, Luna just watched Kokonut through the really small holes between the leaves for a long time, maybe more than ten minutes. She obviously was not enjoying a girl flying around in the rain like a fool. What she enjoyed was a small revenge, made by her, because Kokonut was still keeping her necklace. Talk about the necklace, maybe she should start showing herself. She didn't care about Kokonut, but she cared what that girl was holding, her gorgeous necklace.

Luna jumped off the tree, however, she forgot how short she was. She might think like an adult, but that did not mean her body looked like an adult. She even looked like an eight-year-old girl more than looked like someone by her age.


"That... kind of hurt..." Luna bit her lips while she was touching her feet lightly. She fell down pretty hard thought the girl believed that she should still be able to stand up. From what she heard, there was no cracking sound. At least she didn't break her legs because of this action, or she would totally regretting this. The purple-haired girl sighed, she should have remembered that she hadn't acted like a monkey a long time ago. How unlucky...

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It was raining. Dale was walking at a brisk pace into the corridors of the training pitch. "Guess I'll stay here till the rain lets up", Dale mumbled to himself.

Dale had thought to go on a walk to clear his head and just take in Hogwarts, the school year was ending soon and he hadn't even been outside that much. He had also met very few people. Dale had no idea why it wasn't like he was a loner, but he guessed he had spent too much of his time cramped up in books. Well its too late to go back now.

As Dale walked through the corridors of the training pitch he looked out the side of the buildings and looked at the quidditch pitches. Quidditch was quite the sport from what Dale had seen, with beaters and multiple balls, he couldn't even follow what was happening the majority of the time. But he still admired the sport and the people who played it.

Dale stopped staring out the window and continued to walk, for no particular reason, he walked around the pitch just looking at the pitch, for no particular reason.

It felt nice just to walk around and see the pitch from all different angles, he had no idea where this... fascination for the pitch came from, but for some reason, he loved the idea of seeing the players practicing here. He would have to come here on a day they were, if he was allowed that was.

It was times like this Dale was confident in his flying skills, or had a broom, but sadly he had neither. He continued to walk around the halls, waiting for the rain to die down, and that's when he noticed he wasn't alone at the pitch.

He noticed a girl, she had long purple hair and appeared to be attempting to climb a tree. Dale had never seen anyone who had colored hair before. The girl walked up to the tree and started to climb it. Dale thought that wasn't the best idea, considering the rain that is.

He watched the girl slowly climb up the tree and let out the small cheer when she reached the top, but instead of coming back down, she stayed in the tree, perhaps to avoid the rain, or maybe she just liked being in trees? Well, it didn't matter to Dale, he had spotted another person, this one was riding on a broom. That worried Dale, the wind was strong the rain probably didn't help, he was worried the person might fall and hurt themselves.

As he continued to watch the person fly he look back at the tree and saw the girl, she looked like she was going to jump from the tree, that would not end well. The girl jumped and did not land in the most comfortable way. Dale, worried the girl might be seriously injured, bolted down to where the girl was and asked her "Umm, a-are you ok?"

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Unlike a lot of people, Saskia didn't mind the rain. She could see why people didn't like it, however. The sky was a depressing grey and dark clouds shrouded the afternoon sun, leaving behind a dull atmosphere. There was a chill in the air, something that was not unusual in the late spring, although it was a heavy contrast to previous days when the sun's rays gave the place a warmer vibe. But what really stood out from this weather was the heaps of rain pouring down. It wasn't the soothing kind of rain that gently landed on the ground- on the contrary, the rain was quite relentless. They pelted down, making loud pitter-patter noises against anything it hit, whether it was the trees, rooftops, or on the ground. On those days, many people would have chosen to stay inside and read a good book or study. But there was something about the rain that compelled the Hufflepuff to take a walk out in this somewhat gloomy weather.

Still, it wasn't surprising for Saskia to be outside. It was true that she spent a lot more time in the outdoors than she should be, and there wasn't a lot of things that would prevent the girl from going out either. As cold and dreary as the weather was today, it didn't seem to stop her anyway. Besides, Saskia found comfort in the rain. As a child, she had enjoyed running around, letting the drops of rain fall on her clothes as she let her worries fade away. She could always count on the rain to cheer her up whenever it came around. But now that she was here, she wasn't very keen on letting her school robes and shoes get dirty from the mud. That didn't mean Saskia couldn't enjoy the rain, although it did mean she could take less liberty in running around. In hindsight, it might have been better for her to go back in her dorms and change into something else, but now that she had been walking around for so long, it was too late to go inside when she planned to stay out for a while.

Saskia closed her eyes as she wandered, letting her arm sway on her side to feel for anything around her in case she was about to bump into something. The Quidditch Training Pitch was one of the few places Saskia had visited often. As much as she liked exploring new places and wasn't one to stay in one place for a long time, she had stopped by to see people practice their flying with their brooms. Normally, it wouldn't interest her to watch people do things when she could do something else on her own time, but she figured it would be helpful to observe how well they flew.

The Hufflepuff had been taking an interest in Quidditch as of late, although she had been unsure whether to apply or not. Saskia felt confident in her athletic skills- she had good endurance and stamina from her times of running for long periods of time, and it was hard to tire her out, and Quidditch sounded fun. But she had some issues- and one of these issues was teamwork. Saskia was a sociable girl and it was easy for her to get along with others as long as they don't piss her off first, but she knew she didn't have enough experience working with others in a group.

Until she came to Hogwarts, Saskia barely had any friends she consistently talked to, and since she was mostly stuck being home schooled, she only had her younger sister to rely on if she needed any help. Now that she was in an actual school, Saskia had adjusted rather easily and managed to make some new friends. Still, the thought of working together in a team was something new to her. She would like to think that working in a group was something similar to spending time with friends, but she also knew these people she might be working with probably wouldn't be the same as her friends. It would have been nice if everyone she met was friendly, but she knew better than to believe that. Being sorted in Hufflepuff, Saskia had met her fair share of people who were willing to make snide comments behind her back and other people who outright bullied her. She would never let them break her, but it didn't stop her from being so angry every time they did it. Why couldn't they just mind their own business? Did they really have to make such a big deal over something she couldn't control? It was absurd.

Suddenly, her eyes flew open as she felt a raindrop fall on her cheek. It was icy to the touch, but it barely made the girl flinch. She was used to the cold, and she wasn't about to let some raindrop faze her now. It felt stupid that she was trying to prove to herself that she was strong enough to handle a small raindrop, but she didn't want to feel weak now. She could handle jerks who made fun of her, and she could take on piles of homework and still pass her classes. She couldn't afford to lose that sense of control. Not when so many things were trying to take that away from her.

Then Saskia heard a distant whoosh coming from within the Pitch. It sounded like it came from above, but the girl knew for a fact that it wasn't the wind playing tricks on her. It sounded more like something was speeding through the air instead. Saskia frowned to herself, turning her head to find the source of the noise. Almost immediately, she could see someone flying around on their broom. They had a hood on, which made it hard for Saskia to figure out who it was, especially in the rain and the fact that she was too far away from this person. Normally, she'd mind her own business and go on her own way, but curiosity tugged at her. Why were they out flying in the pouring rain? Judging by how they flew, they seemed... Determined about something. Was their urge to fly that strong? There was only one way to find out.

Careful not to let her own hood fall, Saskia walked in the direction of the person, trying to see if she could at least see their face. It wasn't until she caught a glimpse of their golden eyes that she scowled. She would recognize those eyes from anywhere, but they don't exactly inspire fond memories from her. If she was right, the person on the broom was none other than Koko Riddle- her duelling opponent from a while back.

Saskia bristled with annoyance as memories of their duel came rushing back in her mind. Any cold she could get from being in the rain would be tame compared to the cold she got from that duel. She must have looked like a snotty mess in front of so many other people who came to watch them. There was also that goddamn smirk the girl wore. It was like she was taunting her at every turn, waiting to see if she would make a mistake so she could laugh at her. Like she was somehow better than her for some reason. And Saskia hated it. She so desperately wanted to wipe that smile off her face that time, but looking at the girl, she was more curious of what she was doing and why she was here more than anything else. And who knows, maybe she could try to talk to Koko like a normal person rather than a duelling opponent. If she knew her better, then maybe she wouldn't feel so angry every time she saw her.

Saskia took a step forward, crossing her arms as she looked up at the girl. "You look like you're enjoying yourself there," she remarked dryly, ignoring the raindrops that fell down her face as she tilted her head up to try to face the girl wherever she ended up in the sky. Her eyes narrowed at Koko, waiting to see if she would even stop to address her or not.

"Honestas ante honores."
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Tears were still welling up in her eyes as she flew. The pouring rain and sombre grey skies helped to create a feeling of sadness, of depression, in the air. It was tense.

She kept her eyes focused up, towards where the setting sun would be if it were clear. It, however, was not, so she was really just looking straight into the rain. It was something that intrigued her. Clouds became heavy, and then rain fell from them. Why could they not contain all of that rain? When Koko was younger, she had thought that rain meant that the clouds were crying, and she would reach out to comfort them. She had later attended Muggle science classes, and there she had learned about the Water Cycle. Why did water evaporate? This young Slytherin had so many questions.

But at this moment, she had decided that the clouds were indeed sobbing, and they also wanted her to sob as well. Clouds and rain, thunder and storms, those things could provoke sadness in people. But in certain others, they could also bring out energy that had been hidden until the storm. They could bring out a hidden strength, a sudden sense of self-preservation. These were both brought out in Koko, despite her actually having very weak muscles. She was not unfit, but she did not have the typical build for the average beater. In fact, she had been particularly terrible during the Quidditch match. She couldn't aim properly, and no, it did not matter how much she enjoyed hitting people. It still didn't work.

It wasn't as if that bothered her. Sure, the little girl loved to help, but did that mean she wanted to help by not being able to aim or not being strong enough to whack someone off of their broom? No, it did not. What it did mean, however, was that she could clean up after others, help out the House El - No. Absolutely not. She couldn't stoop that low. Cleaning up after House Elves wasn't anything that a child in a prestigious American Wizarding family should do.

The rain tapped on her hood. The hood had already begun to blow backwards, which made her pale hair turn a darker shade as the droplets of water hit it, one by one. Drip, drop. Drip, drop. Drip. Drip. Drip. She could hear it dripping off of the edge of the hood and onto her face. Drip.

She wasn't tired, not yet. This broom still had so much more to offer. She began to pour on the speed, still fighting back her tears, until she saw a flash, and then she heard a boom moments later. Shit. The storm had arrived. It wasn't as if this bothered her. No, it was more like a slight annoyance at not wanting to be turned into a french fry. French fries were tasty sure, just as much as they were crispy, but Koko didn't want to become one. Especially not if she couldn't be salted. That thought would give her nightmares from now until forever.

In hindsight, this had probably been a terrible idea. Now that she was forever condemned to the future of being a crispy franca frito, she was just realising how she would never be a salty fry like everyone else would be. Why? Because flying in the midst of a storm was easily one of the worst decisions in her life, and she knew that. So she decided to swoop back down.

And there she saw her. Fridge. Koko began breathing heavily and hyperventilating. She dismounted her broom, pulled her hood up more, and hid. Hiding was always the best action when faced with a purple-haired Fridge. Fridges weren't usually things that scared the blonde Slytherin, but this Fridge was. This Fridge had caused Koko to jump out of a window out of fear - but Koko had done an amazing job of it, and she had not gotten hurt at all.

Another flash of lightning made Koko jump, and her thoughts of crispy and warm french fries returned. She could almost smell them. The imaginary aroma wafted in through her nostrils and made her pant. She was almost forced to drool in the pure awe of the terpomfritoj. That was when she saw Fridge fall out of a tree.

Why in the world would Fridge even be in a tree? Wasn't she supposed to be a sophisticated preteen who thought everything she did was right? If Koko was correct, Fridge actually looked a little... scared...

Fear came easily to Koko. She did not, however, think that it came easily to prefects, especially not prefects such as Fridge. She would have asked if the girl was all right, but the blonde Slytherin was so terrified that her feet froze to the spot. She was unable to move. Fridge had, without meaning to, immobilised the little snake.

Koko's hood was pulled low over her face so that it concealed her eyes, but she could still see from under it. She saw a boy go up to Fridge and talk to her... Except... wait. She knew this boy. He was the one from that party! Koko had felt terrible about burning his lab coat at the time, but all the fear and anger was coming back with a rush, and so were the tears hidden behind her eyes. She heard thunder echoing in the background. The aesthetic was perfect, she thought, especially for this occasion.

The sky was beginning to darken once more - the clouds began to stop looking like a pale grey and instead take the form of an obsidian tempest, raging and growling as it wished. Koko smiled. This storm, that was what would give her the courage to talk to the purple-haired girl.

First, though, she would analyse. The lab-coat guy was a very nice person to be putting up with the violet-eyed menace. The violet-haired menace who did not deserve a locket as intricate or as beautiful as this... Was Koko jealous, you ask? No. Of course not. She was just... sceptical. Yes, that. She was very sceptical. She was a very sceptical child who was scared of anyone and everything. Even french fries.

For a moment, Koko wondered if Fridge had ever tasted a french fry. They were wonderful things, but they were Muggle things, and Koko doubted that Fridge's family liked Muggle things as much as Koko's family had. Another flash of light scorched the sky, and Koko couldn't help but make the connection - it was a french fry in the darkness of black liquorice. Black liquorice that rumbled and had tons of french fries shooting through it. Yes, that made for a very interesting vision... Very, very interesting...

Koko smiled to herself as the rain began to lessen. Yes, it was still pouring down heavily, but the droplets were much less large. She dropped her hood. So what if Fridge saw her? Koko was armed with fire. She could do anything.

Anything meant burning Fridge to look like a crispy french fry. Mmm. And then Koko would get water from the Lake, hope that it was salty, and then she would salt Fridge with it. Perfect french fries. Absolutely perfect. While Koko knew that not everything could be perfect, she could certainly hope... And she was really craving some french fries after all of these french fry references.

Oh well. Koko couldn't always get what she wanted. She could try her hardest, but the sweet little baby wasn't going to get it. She wouldn't get any french fries unless she fried Fridge, and, let's face it, Koko might have been putting on a brave face, but she was still terrified of Fridge. And because she was terrified of Fridge, she absolutely couldn't face her with incendio. She would either get detention or be struck down - maybe she would be turned into a french fry herself!

And yet she still remembered those days when she had not ever felt fear. Those days when she had been as cold as ice, and those days where she wouldn't have thought twice about hurting people for her own gain. Perhaps one day those feelings would return. She hoped not. She didn't want to be that type of person. Not anymore.

She let out a sigh, her breath fogging up only the air right in front of her. Yes, it had cooled down since the storm had begun, but it had not frozen. The blonde kept her golden eyes on Fridge, making sure that the other girl wouldn't do anything bad... But... She looked... confused. Oh well. It wasn't as if Koko cared about terrifying people who had no emotions. Or so she thought... But she had the nagging urge to see if Fridge was all right... Was she?

Koko's incisors bit down on her lower lip as her eyes flashed with sudden, strong emotion. No. She couldn't dare to do that. That would be too scary. It would legitimately turn her into a french fry... But it might also get Fridge kicked out of school. Did Koko even want that to happen!?! No! Absolutely not! That was terrible to think. What type of person would ever think something like that? Not Koko! Definitely not Koko!

Koko narrowed her eyes at the two. What are they up to!? she wondered, her lips pulling into a scowl. It made her pretty features all the less desirable, that little change in demeanour. Despite the young Slytherin's hopes, wondering would not answer her questions, and she now wanted to avoid the meeting with Fridge all the more.

She jumped as another french fry shot through the sky of black rice. The poor girl's stomach rumbled - she hadn't eaten dinner yet, and she had barely had anything for lunch. In other words, this girl was very, very hungry. And french fries sounded like a wonderful meal.

Koko sucked up her pride. Fine. She would go over to them. She would confront the guy who she had set on fire, and she would apologise. And then she would yell at Fridge. Why? Because she could. It was that simple. "Hey, Mister Lab-Coat Guy!" Koko shouted through the rain, taking small baby steps to the duo. "I'm not sorry that I burned you, bu -" Ah. Shit. This was really taking a bad turn already. Koko gritted her teeth. How was she going to do this?

"Mister Lab-Coat Guy, I could probably buy you a new lab coat!" Koko offered, still raising her voice ever-so-slightly. "I'm sure it wouldn't cost me too many galleons!" She grinned. She had never felt better. Well, maybe she had - but only when she was flying on a broom. This also felt great. Being herself, and not that scared idiot self, in front of Fridge. That was what made all the difference. "But I can also give you some Chocolate Frog cards if you want! I've got a lot!" She wasn't trying to brag! It just came out that way. The blonde couldn't help it. She couldn't help many things.

One more thing that she couldn't help was the fact that her hair was the colour of french fries. So were her eyes. Also, now that she thought about it, so was her skin. And her cold sweat was like salt dusting the french fries. Goodness in one breath. "Oh, and isn't that Fridge?" the girl called, still taking baby steps. "Hello, F-Fridge! H-How are you!?" Damn. Koko had almost gotten through all of it without stammering. At least she had the difficult part over now. Next came walking up to the terrifying girl.

And that was exactly what Koko did. Her thoughts mingled from how Fridge's legs looked like french fries and how Mr. Lab-Coat Guy's arms looked like spaghetti. It was interesting, she thought, how humans looked so much like food. Perhaps one day she would find someone with hair like a biscuit. Now that would be interesting!

Her thoughts of french fries and biscuits would not cease as she stalked towards Mr. Lab-Coat Guy and Fridge. However, new thoughts came to mind. What were they both doing out here, together!?! Were Fridge and Mr. Lab-Coat Guy dating!?! Koko's astonishment made her golden eyes widen to the size of saucers, and her lips parted in the shape of an O. No. She wasn't gonna let Mr. Lab-Coat Guy get hurt by Fridge. She might not have cared about either of them, but she didn't want anyone getting hurt by the insolent prefect.

"Mister Lab-Coat Guy!!! Don't let her kiss you!!" It wasn't as if Fridge had tried to kiss him, but Koko did not want to take any chances. And then she realised that she had completely forgotten about another girl, one who had yelled at her while she was flying. Koko, still surprised, turned and gazed at the French-Fry Hufflepuff. "You there!" she shouted at the girl. "Go get somewhere safe!!" No, Koko wasn't enjoying herself. She was scared.
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Sometimes, Luna wondered what Merlin distracted himself from his job so that he made so many wrong decisions. There was an obvious example which was happening right now. Why were there three people running around in the rain? They should have been in their dorm rooms instead of being stupid people. Well, she and Kokonut had an understanding reason, so maybe she put Kokonut out of this stupid people list. Not the two others though.

Anyway, she didn't know if Kokonut and the girl saw her falling, but this Slytherin guy, why did he have to approach her? Why couldn't he just ignore her? Well, she figured out that humans were very weird. Trying to understand their logic was impossible, ignoring the fact she was also a human.

Now, she had to think of how to deal with this guy, whatsoever his name was. Luna stood up, didn't sigh or anything other than just looked straight into the guy's eyes. She remembered that the girl read somewhere that if someone looked at you more than 6 seconds without blinking, they wanted to kill you. So, she would give him that information, for him to know that he should stay away from her.

One second passed. The second seconds passed. The third one,...

Nevermind. Luna rolled her eyes and looked randomly to a place behind him. Just staring like this was so tiresome, she gave up.

To be fair, there was no reason for her to waste her time to kill someone she had never met. She could use her precious time on more interesting things, such as Ray. Yes, her little kitten was much better than any humans... Oliver was not a human, maybe. Anyway, these kids were not important in her eyes.

Talk about Ray, she missed him now. What was he doing, she wondered. He might be sleeping or maybe rolling around. He might even be playing with things in the dorm room. There weren't many people or creatures that managed to get Luna's attention to be fair. Ray luckily, met her before she went to Hogwarts. Family and Ray, two only things that she seriously cared about. And thinking about him turned her mood up a little bit.

Realizing that she was blanked out, the girl looked back at the guy in front of her. Now she had two ways to deal with this. The first one was very basic, and she would love to do this one. Just ignore him, think that he didn't exist. The other one was replying to him. But to be fair, why would she choose the second one?

Though, Merlin started joking again. As soon as Luna was going to walk away, the blond hair girl who she was supposed to meet suddenly flew near. However, the person who that talked with wasn't Luna. It was the guy back then.

Fine, whatever. She just got some information that she didn't know why she even had, such as Kokonut burned this guy's coat. Was burning people that fun? Kokonut's taste was sure weird, why would anyone enjoy burning people? If they wanted to see people suffering, they shouldn't attack that person. Instead, they should attack the thing, or the person that person treasured the most. She was surprised, that Kokonut understood that.

Also, Luna would not mind giving an example about it. Tying Haynes in a chair, and then just made all the toilets blowing up in front of that girl. That would be fun, she might give this girl detention like that. That girl would enjoy it so much. Actually, She had another idea. She could just tie Kokonut up on a chair and then sat opposite that girl. Luna had no idea why, but it seemed like the girl was scared of her, although she hadn't done anything bad in front of that girl. It would be much better if the blond hair gave her back her necklace so that they both didn't have to see each other again. Think about it, she actually could threaten this girl by the idea she had just come up. After all, they were both girls and were in the same house. It was not that hard to kidnap another person, she just needed to find a way to tie that girl up with her... not good strength.

And, just to prove that she was right when she said the girl was scared of her, Kokonut's way to talk changed as soon as that girl started talking to her. Humans were weird.


Okay, what were you even expecting from Luna? A nice, friendly girl who liked helping people and talk all the time? That sounded very alike Luna, other than the fact it wasn't this Luna. Who was the one she was talking about then? A non exist person.

What a stupid question. Asking someone who was under the rain about their health. If she was not feeling well, there was no way she would spend her time to go out here to wait for Kokonut to show up. If she wasn't feeling well, she wouldn't inform this girl and ignored her although it was raining. That girl should feel lucky her hate for her wasn't that much.

Kissing? Luna wasn't six years old. She was old enough to understand this word and to understand how people did it. However, Luna didn't understand why Kokonut thought she wanted to have kids with this guy. Yes, yes she knew, kissing meant having babies.

She had never read books related to romance, well that was as far as she could recall. However, she still knew some basic things about it. Only people who loved each other, as a family or as lovers, were allowed to give people kisses. She didn't know how people didn't get pregnant because of kissing their family, it might be some kind of mysterious magic that she didn't care. Luna would go and find some information about it if it wasn't because she had no interested in this.

First thing first, she disliked physical touches. Just imagine her hugging another person gave her the will to throw up. Second, she was only eleven years old. Luna had no reason to try to get a lover this age, did she? To be fair, the girl doubted that she would have interested in anyone, but that was another story. The third reason was, well, she was already busy with her life these days. Learning, reading and prefect jobs, why would she use her precious time on that instead of these things?

Back with the two kids in front of her, Luna answered, "Disgusting." Why would she kiss someone she didn't know? It was something extremely unacceptable, and something she would never do. And even if she knew this Slytherin guy, why would she even kiss him? "Instead of spending your time on imagining stupid things, it fits you since you are an idiot but still, why don't you go read some books to learn about manners?" How did she even get in Slytherin house? Weird.

Luna walked to Kokonut and stopped when she was almost by her. A thought suddenly flashed in her head. What if, she pushed this girl so that Kokonut kissed that Slytherin guy? Though, she decided not to do that right after it. It wasn't because of something like she cared how that guy felt. The thing was, if Kokonut by any chance, was pregnant, then wasn't she the one who had to be responsible because she made them kiss each other? Also, revenge like that was not her style. She preferred doing it, from behind, in the dark.

Luna ignored Kokonut and continued walking to the only non-Slytherin student here. When she was in front of that girl, the Slytherin Prefect looked into that girl's eyes and casually said, "Pathetic."

Some people are like clouds. When they disappear, it's a beautiful day.