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A few tips  PV| Olphie Bercegeay   Closed 

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Lavinia was on the Ravenclaw house quidditch team and even though her dad was a professional quidditch player she wanted to get a few tips from the new professor of fight. At her first flying class the professor had said that she was a professional quidditch player for the Holyhead Harpies and was the reason why they won 320 to 20. Of course Lavinia did not fully believe this because she knew that quidditch was a team sport and everyone on the team is the reason why you win. But she was so excited to get tips from a professional that she could not wait so 20 minutes before the scheduled time she was there.

As Lavinia waited for the professor to come she surveyed the amazing weather and kept touching her broom. The weather was nice and warm with a slight breeze but it didn’t matter. She saw Professor Bercegeay walking down towards her and Lavinia felt her stomach squeeze up. The professor approached Lavinia just as a gust of wind blew over her. Nervous and excited Lavinia said ”Hello Professor Bercegeay I am Lavinia Cloven, a chaser on the Ravenclaw Quidditch team. Thank you for coming at the right time and place. Um, if you could I would love to learn a few tips or moves that you like about quidditch.” pausing she added a smile :D

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A few tips  PV| Olphie Bercegeay   Closed 

All Olphie wanted was to get credit for forming the next Quidditch superstar, so she was nothing less than ecstatic when a member of the Ravenclaw Quidditch team had asked her for some pointers. When Olphie was at Hogwarts, she had been the star of Slytherin's team, as their number one beater.

She wasn't yet familiar with anyone's names, but thankfully Lakevine Clawvine had signed her name at the bottom of her owl. Olphie looked at the parchment once more, committing the uncreative name to memory, before she made her way out to the Quidditch Pitch.

When she got to the pitch, Olphie was shocked to see that the girl was already waiting for her. It seemed that she needed lessons in fashion, as being fashionably late was what was the most chique habit these days. Otherwise, she seemed fine enough. Whatever she was lacking was made up for the fact that she had contacted the Quidditch superstar, that she had an interest in being better in Quidditch. To be successful in life, in Olphie's opinion, one needed to be passionate about the sport. It didn't matter if you could wave your wand and say those fancy, complicated words, as long as you were able to fly.

Miss Cloverfield, oddly, felt the need to introduce herself. Olphie stared at her suspiciously, wondering if the child thought she was idiotic enough to not remember such a boring name. The more important fact, either way, was that she was a chaser. It was not nearly as worthwhile as a beater, for beaters got to hold bats and whack people off their brooms, but as they were the primary goal-scorers, Olphie supposed her position was good enough.

"Miss Christmasden, yes dear, I remember your name just fine, thank you," Olphie said somewhat brightly at the girl, "But it is, my dear, a pleasure to meet you in person. I am happy to give you some tips."

With that, Olphie gave an exaggerated sigh, clearly about to launch into a diatribe: "When I was thirteen years old, I rode a broom in my very first Quidditch match. You've had a match before, dear? Do you remember when you make a particularly great move, with such bravado that everyone is cheering your name? Hm, maybe not, you are only a first year dear, but one day you will be as fabulous as me.

"Well, in my very first Quidditch match, I got to experience just that. I had just gotten Nombus as a present from my mum, so I was in the air, watching the air, but also admiring Nombus and its beauty. Now, I won't tell you that I accidentally ran into a bludger, but I may have accidentally jerked my broom when I was admiring him, and my bat collided perfectly with the bludger. What do you know, my talent was so amazing that I knocked a chaser off of their broom! Everyone was cheering Olphie, Olphie, Olphie, we love you Olphie, and I was a hero that match, for we flattened them.

My first tip, dear? Beat the hell out of your opponents. Now, I don't know how you're going to do that as a chaser, but perhaps you could find a way and glory will be yours."

Her eyes, while she spoke those words, glazed over as if she was remembering winning the lottery. While the girl might have thought that Olphie was full of crap, it would be clear that Olphie was unaware that her beating was pure chance. When her story was finished, she would look at Lavender and inquire: "Anything more specific, dear? Maybe you could show me how you fly?"

A few tips  PV| Olphie Bercegeay   Closed 

"Miss Christmasden, yes dear, I remember your name just fine, thank you, but it is, my dear, a pleasure to meet you in person. I am happy to give you some tips."
Lavinia cringed as she said her name wrong but let her carry on. She tried to get out a Thats great! before the professor continued. Then Olphie went on and on about her first quidditch match while Lavinia tried to look super interested but it was just word after word about how great she was. Lavinia’s hope was that someday she would be that good at quidditch and get to be a professional quidditch player and if she was she would spend her time congratulating her teammates and opponents instead of gloating about her own moves. But Lavinia had experienced a good move so she told the professor about it:
”Well, In my first match and the only one I have played I grabbed the quaffle and with a lot of my teammates help I winded up scoring for the team. Then on the next move I grabbed the quaffle again but this time the other teams amazing keeper blocked it.”

After Lavinia finished telling her tale Olphie asked her:

"Anything more specific, dear? Maybe you could show me how you fly?"

”Oh um well a lot I have learned so far is that you need teammates to win and I would love to show you how I fly.” She grabbed her broom and took off across the field.

I am SO sorry for the late and short response

“Happiness can be found in even the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light”
-Albus Dumbledore

A few tips  PV| Olphie Bercegeay   Closed 

The girl told her a story that was really quite unremarkable. Not only would Olphie have to teach her how to fly better, it now seemed she would also have to teach her what constituted a worthwhile story. Lalaland was certainly passionate, though, so Olphie feigned interest while she wondered what color she should paint her nails when this was all over. Maybe lavender, after Lavender. Yes, that certainly seemed appropriate.

Olphie reached the pat the child when she noted that her only toss had been blocked by the opposing team's keeper. Olphie had missed the match, of course; it had occurred before she was hired, though she had heard it was the first at Hogwarts in a while. The Headmaster had certainly heard that reinstating Quidditch was the only possibility he'd have of recruiting such a star. Either way, the girl had participated; she was lucky to be a part of such a historic moment. But though she tried to keep her spirits up, even calling the Slytherin keeper "amazing," Olphie knew that she had to be depressed of her failure. "It's okay, dear," she said with a smile, as she continued her attempted pats, "Next time, I'm sure you'll bring glory to Slytherin."

In regards to her request for further, specific questions or a demonstration, Livenuh said she needed help with everything (of course, Olphie knew this, she was obviously lost as she couldn't even score with the Quaffle) and then ran off to get on her broom. Olphie waited with baited breath to see if her low expectations of the girl's flying would be true.