Quidditch Training Pitch

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Free Falling  PV Caprice 

Ruka's mood had been steadily decreasing.
After receiving his dad's letter he had waited some time before sending one back. One that had told him of all his classes at Hogwarts and that he was going to show his dad everything he had learned as soon as he could.
That he had to stick around until Ruka was seventeen because he wasn't allowed to use magic outside school before then.
A few days later he had received an answer.
My Firehand,
it had read, handwriting a little shaky.
I am grateful to have seen your magic every day since I got you. I can't make you any promises but I look forward to seeing the magic that is you in the summer again.
Just like the last letter, Ruka had proceeded to carry this one around with him wherever he went.
He had taken it to classes and breakfast, to walks by the lake and he also took it along now, dressed in scarlet red robes, a green hoodie and loose black jeans, a school broom in his hand as he marched onto the training pitch.
After the emotional whirlwind his dad's letters had caused within him, Ruka felt like maybe what he needed was a nice long flight. He took a deep breath as he mounted the broom, pushing himself off the ground with enough force to hover a few feet off the ground. He looked around him to see where other students were practicing their flight and found a spot that was mostly empty.
He leaned forward, gathering speed as he started swerving around the goal hoops, turning a few loops mid air and stopping once he reached a rather impressive height.
Looking down he couldn't help but sigh. Everything came crashing down on him all at once, all the anger and disappointment he had never allowed himself to feel about his mum, and his dad's illness, about his lack of friends and education, about his circumstances growing up and the fact that he was studying magic right now and still wasn't able to help his dad.
With a little groan he turned his broom and, without really thinking about it, he went for a dive straight towards the ground.
He could feel the wind in his hair, the swirl of colours all around him, his adrenaline rising and his senses coming back to live.
The ground came closer and closer, his hands only moving a bit on the broom to prevent it from flying straight into the soil.
It was just as he pulled his broom back up again to stay parallel to the ground, that he noticed a girl right in his path, and he jerked the broom to the side so hard, he fell off with a loud crash.
He felt his lite body hitting the ground hard, three times before he stopped sliding across the soil and just lay there, broom still in his hand, and his whole body hurting with the vibrations of his fall.
"Ouch," he groaned, reaching up to rub at his head. Remembering the girl he'd almost hit, he quickly sat up, moaning in pain as he did so, and looked back at her, gasping out an apology. "Are you okay?" he asked, waving her closer. "I didn't hit you, right? I got a bit... lost in thought there, I'm so sorry!"