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This thread is open to THREE other people. This means Kae+ 3 other people. First come first serve, have fun, good luck, all that kinda jazz. I look forward to seeing you all in the thread!

There was something about fear that helped. Fear kept you alive. But there was a difference between healthy fear and panic. A panicked creature was easier to predict, and kill. So he needed something to cause a panic. It wouldn't be too hard, after all. People weren't especially smart. He would just need a dragon costume, which wasn't all too hard. A dirty gryffindor tablecloth and a basket would serve as the frame. He had haphazardly sewn the first 6 feet of the table cloth's edges together to make a tube, leaving the rest of the material open to flare out behind him.

He had painted the basket, and decorated it to look like the head of some great scarlet and gold beast and then attached it to the front of the tablecloth, where the tube part was. He cut a hole in the basket, and a handle to hold it from. It was almost done at that point. He placed his broom into the tube, and smiled. Fly around in that thing, cast incendio out of the mouth of the basket, and presto instant fire breathing flying monster of mass panic.

He left the table cloth and basket in the middle of the training pitch, and sat down to eat a small snack. It was a piece of a stale sandwich that he had saved for just such a situation. He would try to fly the contraption in a minute, but for now he would sit back, admire his handywork and try to stay awake. He was far too tired, and was scared of what would happen if someone found his contraption now. But he still had to practice it. And if a student came in, as long as it wasn't a prefect he really didn't care.

He finished his lunch in about five minutes, crawled into cloth, on top of the broom, held his wand in his teeth and pushed off, soaring aloft like a chinese dragon made of the gryffindor colors. As long as he didn't turn too sharp, he could make it look natural, he knew he could. It was just a matter of practicing until it worked, practicing until the fabric didn't fold in on itself, but rippled majestically after him, the long body of a ferocious beast.

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Living at Hogwarts was a peculiar experience, but this topped everything she has encountered so far.

Flying on a broom was one of the most characteristic things about witches, at least in books and shows. Not only on a broom actually, but it could also be an umbrella or anything, to be honest, a vacuum cleaner would do too. It was something Thea was excited about, but she quickly learned first-years weren't allowed to bring a broom with them. The year system didn't really make sense, but this was something else.

Trying to research brooms in the library she learned about a sport Quidditch, although she figured that she really should've seen it earlier. Posters for matches and tryouts were all around the school, so Thea didn't know how she didn't notice it earlier, but she didn't pay much attention to most things sport related.

With that stated, she was intrigued by a possibility to bond with her housemates whom she hasn't met a lot of, and also it was flying on a real broom, and she was hyped. It didn't come as a surprise that the team for Hufflepuff has already been filled, but that didn't stop her from exploring the grounds further to the Quidditch Training Pitch, which she ranked as one of the more peaceful places in the Grounds, given there was no actual training taking place.

This time, however, it was different.

Thea came here after school, and even before entering she was more than intrigued. There was training going on which was clear as day, and even if she would probably still watch as she took an interest in the game, given she was allowed, since well, if it wasn't her house it'd be stupid to let her. But no, in the air it wasn't a Gryffindor player dressed in quite the messy robes, but what appeared to be one of the strange creatures she once saw at the Dragon Parade back in Poland. It was a big event and she remembered one of the people had actually built a great Chinese dragon with almost the same colors.

This one though seemed much messier. It was big, yet not huge, and seemed very, well, as already stated, messy. The fabric it was made out of was half folding in on itself and half was rippling behind...

behind what?

She only then realized that she didn't know what was steering the stupidly obnoxious thing. It could be a student. It could be a professor. It could be both. It could be the Levitating Charm. All of which, seemed horribly dangerous. Her first instinct was to get a professor, but then she thought about it. Without checking if it was actually an unsupervised student, she could only get herself in trouble. In fact, Thea didn't know if she was allowed to be here outside alone, let alone not being on her house team.

So she entered.

Clearly, it wasn't supervised. No professors in sight, anywhere. Alarming. There was also no one who could be using, say, Wingardium Leviosa to make the dumb thing lift above the ground, so the last thing that came to her mind that there was someone flying on a broom covered by the elaborate costume. By that moment, she should've gotten a professor and tried to get them to talk the dragon person out of whatever their plan was, but she was scared, to say the least. For herself, and for whoever was doing this.

Mainly for herself though.

The girl could get both of them in trouble, and after the party, just earlier in the month, she was already up for one detention, and she was not in the mood for another one. And so she did the only other reasonable thing she could think of.

"Hey!" she yelled at the dragon with fear in her eyes which why couldn't be noticed by the dragon person, it would be very clear to anyone else around her.

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After getting to Hogwarts, River had felt overwhelmed time after time. By new concepts and norms, new places and even magic. She did not know if she’d ever really get used to this new world she had stepped foot into.

The young Ravenclaw had, since classes started, been very busy doing homework upon homework upon homework. Now this was not something new to get used to, as she had always been good at finishing her homework. Except now of course, she had subjects like Charms, Defence Against the Dark Arts, History of Magic and even flying.

She had been so busy doing work, that she didn’t feel like she had ever gotten time to truly explore these new surroundings and magical places. So on this nice day, River actually had no work to be done. So she thought she better take this opportunity to have a look around, and see what new discoveries she could make.

Of course she had already been down many of the long stretching corridors of the castle, by getting from class to the next class, and so to the common room. The sounds of her small feet tapping along the floor tile echoing in between the stone walls.

No, today was the day to explore the outsides of the castle. The nature and fresh air of Scotland waiting beyond the grand doors. River had previously been out by the lake to read her books one day, when she had just arrived. Maybe this time she would go a little further along the grounds. The Quidditch Pitch maybe? Or the Training Pitch for that sake. She didn’t know what rules applied to those areas, but having a look around wouldn’t be an issue right?

She walked peacefully along the grass of the Hogwarts grounds. The fresh air blowing through her red curls as she headed for the Pitch. River had heard of the sport called Quiddith almost anywhere she went since she got here, but she had never looked into it, since she was never much of a sporty person. She would rather enjoy her books, than play or watch sports on her free time. Apparently, Quidditch was a little different than the sports back in the muggle world, because it was played in the air, flying on brooms. It would be fun to see someone playing, she thought to herself as she approached the Pitch.

Before River had time to get into the Training Pitch, she heard someone calling, «Hey!». It came from the pitch. River hastily headed to where the voice seemed to be calling from. It was a hufflepuff girl by the looks of it. She had an atmosphere of fear? Fear of what?

River quicly followed the girl’s line of sight, which came to rest on... something, drifting along above the ground. «What, or Who is that?!», River nervously asked the hufflepuff girl, with wide eyes following the large dragon-like contraption floating ungraciously thorugh the air.

Don’t be so quick to judge me. You can only see what I choose to show you...

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It was a nice day. The sun shone brightly overhead, and the sky was mostly clear of clouds – it was a brilliant blue expanse that seemed to go on forever. Naturally, Ruby was outside. She loved adventures, and, in addition to that, she adored nature in general, from every little creature to every plant, and she enjoyed being out here. The smells, sights, and sounds were wonderful. In a chaotic world with busy people and increasingly advanced technology (where many people expected things to happen instantly and got frustrated when happenings in the real world weren't as simple as the worlds inside their screens for those living in/raised in the Muggle world, or when everything couldn't be solved with magic and the wave of a wand for wizards/witches) Ruby knew the importance of taking a breather and having a break from everything. She knew how to appreciate the little things, and be glad for what they still had left of the natural world. Sometimes, slowing down and simply existing could help. Most of the time, it could provide an added sense of serenity and clarity, which was definitely welcome.

Ruby was a bookworm, as well. She read a lot. How else would she begin to satisfy her desire for knowledge? She had come to accept that she would never be able to learn all that she wished to (which was everything) but that didn't mean that she couldn't learn some of it. However, she reminded herself not to get completely lost in her studies and reading. Yes, she was on a quest to gain information, but that wouldn't cause her to forget to live and interact with people and her environment. What was the purpose of gaining all of that knowledge if she didn't use any of it afterwards? Besides, people could also tell her something new. She could learn from them and their behavior, and a chance to observe others and the way they acted was something that she didn't normally pass up. Psychology was important, and she could find out a lot about a person simply by watching them for a little while – their expressions, body language, actions, what they said, who they talked to, how they treated people, and the state of their clothes, among other things.

Then, there was the option of making friends. If the right kind of person came along, sure, the young Slytherin might take a shot at friendship. However, if not, she could either help them, compile information on them, manipulate them into aiding her in some way, or just ignore them altogether. Of course, there were more possibilities, but she wouldn't aim for something like making an enemy unless she had a reason to – she wasn't bothered in the slightest if people didn't like her, but she wouldn't go out of her way to be mean to someone unless she was in a bad mood.

Ruby had been sitting on the grass near the Quidditch Training Pitch and discreetly watching a rather ordinary group of students when she had become bored and glanced around. When her gaze traveled up, she thankfully discovered something far more interesting. From a very quick glimpse, it appeared to be some sort of dragon, but she knew from her reading that it couldn't possibly be a real one, unless she was very much mistaken. No, as she looked more carefully, she saw that it was rather obviously not alive and real – although that would certainly have been fascinating, albeit dangerous. So, what was this then? Clearly, it was some sort of fabric being paraded around in the air, but that wasn't what she meant. What was its purpose? Why was it being flown around – what was it intended for? Who was controlling it? She doubted it was one of her cousins' pranks, because – although she wouldn't have put it past the three of them – it wasn't exactly their style. There were other pranksters in this school, though. Was that all it was? A prank? Could it even be a signal, of sorts? What would the repercussions of this be for whoever was controlling it? Naturally, this… thing… sparked many questions.

She dropped her gaze back to the level where most people would be standing. Surely, others would have seen this by now. Well, many people didn't actually look up, so maybe not… Two girls were the nearest to her, and they had only just met up and started talking. Apparently, they had questions too, which was to be expected. Unless someone around here knew that this would happen, anyone who could see this would likely have some questions. She debated going to talk to the girls, but contented herself with getting up and leaning against the wall. A faint smile appeared on her lips as she watched the fake dragon thing fly around. Whoever it was, she had to admire their dedication…

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He was doing better and better, going faster and faster more and more seamlessly. Sure, he wasn't exactly terrifying yet but that was the reason why he was practicing, wasn't it? To perfect an imperfect technique. It was about then that he heard someone yell up to him. Shouting hey, or hay. Or something like that. That meant he wasn't alone, others were watching. That was pretty worrying. If one person was watching, that probably meant there was more than one. People liked travelling in groups, much like flies. Still, if he just stayed up in the air the person was likely to go find a professor, so the best course of action seemed to be land and deter.

He circled his way down, because there wasn't really any reason why he should not practice on the way to talk to whoever was down there. His landing wasn't spectacular by any means, but it was acceptable enough to satisfy the Ravenclaw. He crawled out of the mouth of his home made beast, and quickly spotted three people. Two of them a lot closer, one off by herself for some reason, probably plotting something.

Kaegen was skinny, with hair as black as it could possibly get, messy and wild with a few bits of stick or leaf stuck in the tangles here and there. His skin was white as a piece of blank copy paper, with sickly greyish undertones that made him look like he had just crawled out of some coffin, or perhaps was battling a horrible disease. His eyes were tired, eyelids drooping, huge dark bags bearing witness to the amount of sleep he regularly received.

He wore a blue cape with black splotches that looked like mottled shadow and a robe with frayed edges, much too big for him. It had patches and tears here and there, in between the stains. A grey scarf was firmly wrapped around his neck, and you could see half of his hand peeking out from the sleeves. Long, thin fingers tipped with dully pointed nails.


He stood there, facing them. Unsure of what to say. How did one deter people without violence, anyway? Should he just use violence and hope for the best?

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Now this was starting to be surreal.

As she was looking up at the flying contraption she was starting to panic. She wanted to scream, yell, cry, curse, at whoever made this thing, but she was stopped by another girl which has hurried over to her, asking about the dragon look alike.

Thea looked at the nervous girl with raised hands, shaking her head for no. " I honestly have no idea, " she replied noticing the other girl was significantly less terrified.

The contraption started to circle down, clearly with an intention of landing on the pitch. The Hufflepuff took a small step back and looked at the figure that was slowly crawling out of what was a mess of Gryffindor colored fabric, now clearly shaped and made to look like a dragon.

Thea looked at the boy with even more panic in her eyes. For a second, she couldn't get herself to utter a word. The boy standing before her was the skinniest person she's ever seen, his face was the same color as the paper in the sketchbook Thea brought with her, and appeared to be the same texture too. He had huge undereye bags and his eyes were... Well, they were too overshadowed for her to see what color they were, but they had something wild in them.

After taking a look at the sickly boy, she blew up. "Co do jasnej cholery sobie myślałeś!?" she started shouting in her second language, Polish before correcting herself and now yelling in English.

" Dude, if you fell and that thing fell on you...!" she was now obviously panicking, thinking of the height the boy has risen too. That thing as she graciously described it was also quite heavy looking.

The Hufflepuff's eyes widened with panic. She could tell she was panicking and that she was about to cry if no one did anything.That... Boy, if you could call him that, as he resembled more of a vampire, could've fallen. - her mind was rushing to conclusions as she started looking at the boy in pure distress and disbelief.

Co do jasnej cholery sobie myślałeś?! -in Polish - What in hell were you thinking?!
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Rivers eyebrows furrowed as she squinted up at the strange looking contraption soaring around in the air above the ground. It was actually looking more and more gracious as it flew about it’s own buisness. Obviously there were someone joking around and controling this thing. But why, and who, in the world would do that. What was the point? What were they trying to achieve by this creation of theirs? Was it meant for fun? Adventure? Fear, or was it maybe even just pure insanity?

River looked from the dragon-puppet, down to the Hufflepuff girl standing next to her. Fear, that seems to be what this kid is achieving from this in the Hufflepuff’s situation. She looked like she was about to explode, or break down. River was good at seeing a panic attack creeping along. She had definitely had her fair share of them herself. They were never fun. River wanted to try and calm the girl down a little, but she took a small step back, and River looked over to the pitch again.

As River looked back to the contraption, it seemed to be heading for a landing. It was getting closer and closer to the ground of the Training Pitch. It was lowering with difficulty, but not horribly either, surprisingly. She shielded her eyes from the sun with her hand. The contraption seemed to be put together by some sown together peaces of cloth, in the traditional house colours of Gryffindor.

River closely watched the movements of whoever were crawling their way out of the cloth-dragon... thing. She squinted to try and get a good look at them. It seemed to be a boy. His silhouette was very skinny, snow white skin with details that almost reminded River of a zombie tv show she had seen a glimpse of in the muggle world. His hair was black and messy, like he had just gotten out of bed, gone outside, and then rolled down the side of a hill. And like he had not changed his clothes, or taken a shower after doing so.

His face, his expression gave off a very disturbed kind of atmosphere, it was unsettling. He didn’t seem entirely okay, at least that’s what River sensed from him.
I hope he’s alright, She thought worried. At least he didn’t get physically hurt. That could have gone very badly, it was a relief that he hadn’t crashlanded or fallen down, but rather got onto the ground safe.

River jumped back, as the Hufflepuff next to her, had broken, as River had expected from her face. She yelled something of a foreign language in the direction of the boy. River definitely had a clue how it could have sounded if she had spoken in English. She was not happy about what she had just witnessed, that was clear as the sun.

The girl continued her yelling, but now in English, «Dude, if you fell and that thing fell on you...!», yep okay she has broken down to panic. «Hey», River looked calmly at the Hufflepuff. «I know he is insane, and I know what he just did was reckless and dangerous», she turned and shot the boy a warning look, then turned quickly back to the girl, «But you have to calm down. He is safe, no one got hurt, nothing went badly this time, and panicking right now, is not going to help anyone... okay? River said firmly, but also calmy, looking right at the hufflepuff girl, her eyes growing to the size of marbles, and even slowly tearing up, in front of her.

Don’t be so quick to judge me. You can only see what I choose to show you...

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Ruby watched as the "dragon" descended upon the first call that the Hufflepuff near her had issued. Why did this person choose to come down immediately? What kind of mission had they had that required such a short period of time in the air? Had anyone else actually seen? If no one but the three girls had spotted this person up there, then that could also be interesting… there had been a narrow slot of time when it could be viewed, anyway, and if people hadn't looked up or hadn't been watching at that moment, then they wouldn't have seen.

What was the operator of that dragon-like thing up to? Were they coming down because of a fear of being caught, or were the girls now seen as a threat? If they were a threat in the eyes of this person, then that could be dangerous. Sure, they held a limited amount of power because they had seen, but she reckoned that the other two couldn't be much older than her, and were probably first years as well. That meant a limited amount of spell knowledge, and none of them seemed particularly strong physically, although she could be wrong there.

The person emerged from the dragon thing. It was a student, probably older than them. Great. She scanned the area again, her gaze moving from right to left rather than left to right, as it would force her brain to work in a different way and would allow her to spot movement much more easily. Nothing. There was no one else around here that was paying much attention to the boy that had emerged. That meant he was probably working alone or the people he was working with weren't nearby. There would likely be witnesses for anything he did, though.

Now that the boy was down, he was able to be seen by more people. Surely someone around here would know who he was. If he attacked the girls, he risked lots of others gaining knowledge about it – but, on second thoughts, perhaps that was what he wanted. After all, if he had paraded around in some flying object, then he definitely wanted attention of some sort. What type of attention, Ruby did not know. Maybe that was something to find out, but she didn't absolutely need to know that yet. It wasn't her top priority, not for now.

She heard one of the girls start yelling, and spun around. It was the Hufflepuff, and definitely not a good idea. What would yelling accomplish with someone who had dared to do this? Clearly, the girl was panicking and close to tears, so maybe Ruby shouldn't be annoyed at her for that. At least the other girl – the Ravenclaw – started to deal with it. Comforting people was not something Ruby had enough energy to do right now. However, any gratitude the Slytherin might have had vanished instantly as she realized what the girl was saying. She almost sighed.

“Hey, I know he is insane, and I know what he just did was reckless and dangerous, but you have to calm down. He is safe, no one got hurt, nothing went badly this time, and panicking right now is not going to help anyone... okay?” was what the girl had said.

Why did the Ravenclaw think that was a good thing to say? It was even accompanied by a glare of sorts at the boy. Ruby looked at the boy again, this time making observations and analyses. He was clearly unhealthy, and she saw the uncertainty and distrust in his eyes. He was definitely not okay, and he needed help. Why had nobody helped him? Why was he allowed to reach this state? Someone needed to take care of him. The physical stuff and the fact that he obviously was not well and didn't get enough sleep was one part. However, the way he moved and the look in his eyes/his body language showed that he likely didn't trust anyone and didn't get enough affection directed towards him, which was possibly more important. Although Ruby was not someone who would go around randomly showing compassion to everyone – as she was more of the cold, calculating, intelligent type – she felt a sudden urge to help him.

Why was it that she rarely sincerely cared about people, yet this strange boy that she had never met elicited a reaction from her? Oh, he was clearly dangerous – that, at least, was true from what the girl had said – but in some ways, that made him more intriguing. He seemed to somehow hold power, yet from his appearance one might think him physically weak. What made him the way he was? Who was he? More importantly (for the moment), what was he doing? While the other girls freaked out or feared him or whatever they were doing now, Ruby watched. Not obviously, but subtly, yet with intent. Her gaze would likely go unnoticed, but she was curious. She was a curious, inquisitive person in general, and it was far from new for her to be intrigued by someone, but – nevertheless – it was still interesting.

As for what that Ravenclaw girl had said, Ruby wasn't sure if he was necessarily "insane". Different, absolutely; misguided, perhaps. Were his actions really something that would cause him to be considered insane? Maybe. The reality seemed to just be that what he did was outside the norm, and people generally rejected and invalidated those that weren't "normal" enough for them. That wasn't anything new – Ruby often experienced it herself, after she was expected to stay within these people's happy little comfort zones and only do what's socially acceptable. So much for that. Back to what the girl had said: maybe he was a little reckless, but daring stunts weren't uncommon among teens/pre-teens – especially not the ones at Hogwarts.

As for the comment about the boy being safe, Ruby doubted it. Did the girl seriously not see the state he was in? Something was obviously wrong with the way he was being treated or how he was living. What was the Slytherin supposed to do about all of this? Apparently, she needed to be the one to do something… but what?

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He could have what? Could have fallen, died? Gotten hurt? He was fine, it was clear he was fine. Just because the little girl in front of him probably couldn't have pulled off what he had just done didn't mean that it was an unattainable goal. He was going to kill death, destroy the 14th dark place. He was going to defeat the professors and the death witches and he was going to come out the other end alive. A little flight with a tablecloth dragon wasn't going to stop him, wasn't going to hinder him. It didn't even matter in the long run, or the short.

And insane, he wasn't insane. Why would that other girl say that he was? Why wouldn't she tell it to him directly, by the way? What was wrong with these people? And that girl in the background, the one that wasn't talking. What was her deal, anyway?

"Why would I fall?"

His face turned to the other girl, the one that hadn't said anything, had just called him insane, but not to his face. She had gone behind his back directly in front of him, and although he wasn't entirely sure why, it didn't bode well with him, he didn't like it. Not one bit, not at all.


A quiet voice, to be sure. But that did not mean that there couldn't be at least a little bit of menace. There wasn't much, he wasn't sure how to put any in his voice if he tried. But it was still there. an undertone of strength that boded ill for those he was facing. It was fairly easy to overlook, the menace in question was almost nonexistent. It was subtle.

"Why are you here."

This was directed, or at least he was trying to direct it, at all three of them. He wasn't sure how to make sure they knew his question was for all of them to answer, but it wasn't a big concern in his mind. He was pretty confident they would just... know.

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