Quidditch Training Pitch

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Ike was listening to a magical radio, and overheard quite the interesting commercial....



Three weeks of mind and muscle, pushed to the limit. If you don't think you can cut it, then don't even try. Through the first week, the second week, and the third week, the challenge builds while you build yourself. Run. Run till your legs get tough. So that when your foot lands, it's the ground that hurts.

You'll do it till you get it right, then you'll do it again. You'll do it until your muscles harden, and safety becomes a reflex. There's nothing like it on earth. You're gonna find out what you're worth!


Airborne's tough. Only the toughest training can steel a man to jump from the clouds and land on his feet.

I've been looking for a long long time just to get my feet up off the ground. But every time I thought I couldn't make it, I hear that heavenly sound You know it's my time to come down easy, it's my time, to land on the ground!

Whooooaaaah momma! Look at me go!

AIRBORNE. There's nothing like it on Earth.


The 80 year old radio commercial for the US Army Airborne school cut out at that moment, and the starry eyed Ike just sat there, wondering if it was possible to do magical airborne jumps. Because jumping out of airplanes was clearly not insane enough for the brave little daredevil. Clutching what was clearly an illegal contraption not meant for first year students, the excited young boy began running, before hopping on his broom and taking off! He was a quidditch player after all, so perhaps this was actually okay?

....Until he flew 400 meters in the air and then jumped off with little more than a backpack on.

Airborne All the Way!  Open   Closed 

Doing her Prefect patrols, Nico decided to visit the Quidditch Training Pitch for once. She had never been here before, but since she's a Prefect and this was one of the locations she had to patrol, she figured it wouldn't hurt to take a peek. However she didn't expect to see someone just shoot up in the sky. Definitely not a first year. She carried her bag over her shoulder and walked up the field.

Seeing the boy fly up, she quickly noticed it was, ofcourse, a Gryffindor boy. For heavens sake. Why do the stereotypes always have to be... so stereotypical. Nico jogged onto the field, watching him reach an incredible height. 'W-What are you doing! G-Get down!' Arriving at the center, she stopped to catch her breath, looking up. Why did this have to happen right when she decided to check this place. She wasn't even supposed to be there! She wasn't the kind of Prefect to scream at kids, she used the gentle approach. Except, this situation, wouldn't be solved with just a simple warning.

The Slytherin redhead kept her eyes on the bold Gryffindor. How did he even get the money to afford such a brilliant broom!? 'H-How.. G-Get do-' But before she could finish her sentence, the boy leapt off his broom.

Nico stood there, nailed to the floor. What- Why- How- HE JUST JUMPED OFF? In a panic state, she pulled out her wand, hesitantly aiming at the dropping Gryffindor. What should she do?! She didn't know any good spells to save him from falling.

You're gonna need a bigger boat

STR.5 AGI.10 CON.8 STA.7

Airborne All the Way!  Open   Closed 

Aurelia was having a normal day but it wouldn’t be a surprise if something incident to budge it’s way through to make it less than normal. Aurelia was rather unused to having free time, she was usually extremely busy when she was a journalist, bustling around to interview the many students of Hogwarts. Now that the Gryffgazette was demolished, it had cleared much events in her used to be packed schedule. Her Prefect duties were mostly in the evenings where she had to patrol the halls but you’d never know when some shenanigans would pop by the corner.

It was rare that she had free days like this where she’s take a stroll in the grounds. Peaceful, with the sounds of students happily playing quidditch, something she was forbidden from doing. Even then, she still had a thing for the sport and forbidden or not, her interest was like an undying flame. Aurelia decided to have a look at the pitch, perhaps watch a friendly pick up match.

When she got closer to the pitch, she heard shouting. There not too far away stood a student, a slytheirn prefect calling loudly upwards to a boy floating on a broom. Trouble definitely. Like a responsible prefect, Aurelia decided to check out what the situation was. However as she got closer, she noticed that the boy was hanging dangerously.

What she didn’t expect was the jump. 400 feet up the air, he had jumped. Instinctively, Aurelia whipped out her wand. She doubt from that a distance, 400 feet, her spell would be very accurate but still, if she didn’t do anything, the boy would fall, hit the ground and the scene would be very, very gruesome. Aurelia prayed that she would not have to witness that.

Wingardium Leviosa!” She incantated with a swish and flick. Miraculously, Light shot directly at the boy’s chest when he was about 50feet from the ground. Floating.

Aurelia Notrésvace
“One can never be too careful,”
STM — 5 | EVA — 12 | STR — 5 | WSD — 9 | ARC — 5 | ACC — 9
Lovely Creature — Evasive Manoeuvres — Monster Hunter

Airborne All the Way!  Open   Closed 

She saw how the boy carried a backpack on his back. What was in it? For... A parachute?! Nico's eyes widened. He intended to do this from the start. This wasn't an accident. In a state of panic Nico tried to think of any spells she recently learned that would give the best outcome. Her eyes darted from the ground, up to the boy gaining speed as he fell.

Aiming at him, she drew a slight downward curve in the air followed by a fast ascension with a tiny hook at the end. 'Wingardium Leviosa!' And with the flick of her wand she called out: 'Flipendo!'

What! Nico set a step back, when realising another student had caught the boy. If she had waited a tad longer, he would've been safe. But now... She watched him float safely a few feet off the ground, and to then be sent flying over the field, his foot hitting one of the goalposts. GONG! WACK! Finally landing on the grassy field.

'O-Oh, h-heavens.' She covered her mouth. Slowely, looking over at the student that cast the floating spell. Ofcourse, it had to be another Prefect. Nico recognised her, from the Passed-Curfew-Potions-Party. As if she hadn't made a fool of herself enough. No time for awkward talk. She tried her best to ignore the blonde and to put her focus on the harmed boy.

Holding tightly onto her bag, she sprinted over the field to the downed Gryffindor. 'I'M SORRY, ARE YOU OKEY?!'As she kneeled down next to him, she carefully looked at the damage she caused. She didn't want this to happen... She just wanted to save him from what might've been a fatal fall. Maybe this was worse... 'We-We need to get you to the Hospital Wing. Fast!' Tears rolled down her cheeks. All she could hope for was for him to make it.

You're gonna need a bigger boat

STR.5 AGI.10 CON.8 STA.7

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Ike blinked a couple times. First he had been falling through the sky, about ready to deploy his parachute, but the next moment he was slowed midair, before being launched into a nearby pole, his foot making contact with it. He had landed in a particularly muddy and wet part of the field, covering his clothes in a thick layer of mud and bogging them down with grungy water. His hair now messed up on his head, and his face smeared with dirt, Ike smiled and nodded.

“…what just happened?” He mumbled, as Nico stood over him. He smiled rather unaware of what had actually just happened.

Without thinking, Ike sat up and then stood up, grunting from the slight pain he felt in his foot. Unfortunately, perception of pain and the problem itself didn’t always correlate, and as he began to take a few steps forward, he was a bit wobbly. The adrenaline had significantly dulled the pain, and Ike was moving with sheer obliviousness to the seriousness of his actual injury. Smiling at the two girls that had arrived, he spoke again.

“I think I’m okay though! Kinda bummed that I couldn’t use my parachute though….”

A couple moments later, his broom fell from the sky, landing in the muddy ground about twenty feet from there they stood. He smiled and walked over to it, grabbing it.

“At least I still have this!”