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To keep Track of Friendship  PV Rowan 

"Thanks for help with the bird. You did amazing. You may wanna tell Griffith about it when you see him next. He'd appreciate it I think." 

He saw the thoughts swimming in his head. He knew what it was like to be lost in thought like that. Though he had said something, so he waited to see if Alan would say something or not. Probably not. He sighed softly and turned around, starting to wheel himself away. But... 
Rowan spotted his bag out of the corner of his eye, lying on the ground. 
Gods above he was stupid sometimes. 

"Oh. That's what I forgot. Great." 

He rolled over, picking up his bag from the grass patch where he left it. He would have hated to forget that. Fun stuff. And as expected, Alan was still lost in thought.

"You okay?" 

He got a little closer, looking up at the boy. He was harmless, pretty much. Soft. He just wanted to make sure he was okay before he left. Like a good friend. Were they friends? No. Rowan just wanted to be nice and make sure he wasn't going to have a panic attack or something. 

Often lying, but not to you.

To keep Track of Friendship  PV Rowan 

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Alan was very surprised when Ro suddenly came back to him and asked him something. He was so caught up in his mind, that he did not even hear what his fellow Gryffindor had to tell him, which is why he skipped towards him. ”Excuse me, what did you say?”, he asked the younger student and tilted his head to the side. When he looked up into the sy he noticed that he had been outside quite a while, which made him grin nervously.

”Send me an owl, if you want to hang out at some point, Ro! It was nice meeting you, but I gotta go, food calls~”, he explained rushed, before he grabbed his belongings and bolted towards the castle. He was happy bout this, so he just smiled on his way. It was always a special day when he made a new friend and he hoped he would meet Ro soon again. Nonetheless he had to fill his stomach and was wondering whether there was something left of the sour cherry scones and maybe some delicious sweet pumpkin juice for the perfect morning. He reached the castle soon and hoped whatever it was Ro had wanted to do when he left earlier, but came back, was not too important.

*Alan the Metamorph*
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