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One thing that Ben was quickly realizing didn't exist here was Football. Growing up as a Muggle meant no Quidditch. He didn't even know such a sport existed, obviously. What was the muggle equivilant? Football was of course. The prefect had been so busy getting started at Hogwarts, he forgot to ever get out the football he deflated and packed. Only one issue came up when he got to the playing fields with it under his arm; nothing was around to pump up the ball.


Ben stared at the ball he had now dropped to the ground. He had invited a Hufflepuff boy who in passing expressed an interest in the muggle sport. The Scottish lad was ecstatic about playing but now realized maybe they couldn't. It was a frustrating problem to say the least.

"No television for football," he mumbled out loud in his frustration. "Now no ball for football.."

There is probably a spell for this. I just have no idea what it would be. Infaltus Ballus? Inflate Pocus? Inflatious? Now I'm making up works. Will Reid know? Maybe I can find a book on it...

There was little to do now besides lean against a post under the rings and wait for Reid who was due any moment. His wand came to his hand while he waited and he decided to practice some magic while he waited. Nothing fancy, just little spells he could do while he waited. Hopefully Reid had something to help or they'd have to do some quick research. Luckily, Ben kept his books nearby at all times. His bag was sitting on a seat in the stands not too far away if they needed a Book of Spells. 
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Reid explored every other place but the areas for Quidditch, sometimes he simply would take the beaten path and end up somewhere out of place. The day before left him in somewhat good spirits, he was feeling a lot better with how things unravelled. It helped him get the much needed rest he needed for today. Every day, he often wanted to find something new or experience something new. But he also had gotten the invitation from Ben to play football and he couldn't turn it down.

If he could, he would have worn Derby FC's jersey just for kicks. But he had to settle for his normal Hufflepuff uniform, one that already got dirty on the way to the Training Pitch. He was kind of unsure of how to talk to Ben at first, but he reminded himself it shouldn't be any different. There was a bit of worry that it'd always come back to the issue of him rejecting Bloom, that was what plagued him for this last week.

But he came with high spirits and the issue with him and Bloom was just wrapping itself up. Once today finished, he figured it would just be a thing of the past when the next week came about. As he came around to the field, he spotted the brunette from a distance. "Ben!" he called out to the Ravenclaw Prefect. Reid waved to him as he walked over, slowly seeing the deflated ball on the ground. Did he have a pump?

Maybe he was waiting for him to help him pump the ball. A messenger bag was slung across his shoulder, the bag pressing itself against his backside. When he finally got into earshot, he asked, "What happened to the football? Is it ripped?" He had heard that Ben was interested in football to his surprise, he didn't think a lot of people liked the muggle sport. But perhaps he was just like him, he grew up like a muggle and football was a way of life. 

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Ben did all he could to push awkwardness aside when it came to Reid. It was unfair to project and the guy seemed very nice. Hufflepuff meant he had to be nice too, usually. Plus the guy liked Football so how bad could he possibly be? It was a bit shameful that the ball was totally deflated and folded up on the ground. That much Ben felt awkward about at least. As Reid approached he put his wand away and sighed to himself.

"To say the least," he half shouted as he eyed the problem. "It isn't ripped. Just... no one has a pump here. Do you know any inflation spells?"

Now I look like an idiot. Cool. At least he said the word pump too. If he doesn't have the right book, we'll go on an adventure.

"If not... my books are over there in the stands," he pointed as he spoke, not shouting now that Reid was closer. "I forgot that Wizards don't believe in doing anything by hand, it's all magic..."

He laughed a bit, hoping to lighten the situation. Most of the students here seemed to reliant on magic that they've probably never used a broom to clean, only fly. They probably had never done a chore by hand nor played a sport that involved running. There was probably a spell for getting in shape or gaining muscle! Ben had a long ways to go but for now his muggle habits and assumptions were still strong.

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A crooked smile slipped on his features and he stopped just enough to stand beside Ben. "Inflation spells ..." he mused. He bent over and picked up the deflated ball, turning it over slightly just out of general curiosity. "No, I don't actually. I'm sure there's one in our textbook." He had no qualms with an airless ball, part of him was even just glad he was able to hang out with someone who wasn't a girl. The girls were nice, but he missed just hanging around guys.

Plus Ben seemed to be someone who was well in touch with their muggle world, something he personally liked keeping. The Prefect's accent made him think that he had to be Irish or Scottish, just like Dymph. He gently patted the ball, "We should probably look at your books, I only have my Herbology text with me. But I'm not used to the magic yet either. Saw a student stirring their drink using magic, honestly odd."

He too wasn't used to the crutch that magic offered, things in the wizarding world seemed so easy. Laundry and dishes did themselves, things repaired themselves on instant, and anything seemed to be remedied. So far, he had no trouble talking to Ben.

He didn't even know how much Ben knew of what had happened. As of now, he just made no mention of the other Prefect just to be safe. "Maybe if we don't get this to inflate, I'll ask my mum and dad for a pump in the parcel. Unless you know how without one." he laughed, tossing the ball slightly between his hands. It looked like a rugby ball, perhaps that could be the alternative to football.

Yet he hasn't watched a game of rugby in a while and the last one he saw was with the Blacks. He waited for Ben to lead the way, he would just follow him as soon as he would start walking.

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If he was being honest, Ben was real worried Reid would act strangely towards him. Though it made sense that he wouldn't care as much due to having been the one to turn Bloom down. He tried to think of other things but it kept popping back into his head. Football and spells was on the agenda, not girls. Maybe that was the issue: too much time with women.

"I will see what we have for spells, but some old fashioned muggle technology might be our savior." Ben started a light jog towards his books on the stands. "There has to be a way to inflate a ball, right?"

The short jog would take them no time considering how close they were. Ben found his bag where he left it in the Ravenclaw section. About six books came out before he found the correct one. Typical Ravenclaw carrying around everything at once. Ben wasn't sure why he wasn't buff yet from the weight training. Must be magic of course.

Hang pictures, Humming bird, Ignite... inflate!

"Aha, here is a spell... Ok wow." Ben stared at the book and felt super dumb. "Inflatus!"

As soon as he muttered the word and pointed his wand at the ball, it expanded to about a quarter of the correct size. It had worked! Well, it kind of worked. Did he have to do it multiple times or did a bad attempt only do it partially? Would it explode if he tried again?

Crap... I only have one ball. Here goes...

"INFLATUS!" he nearly screamed at the ball as he tried a second time.

Much quicker and much more violent, the ball expanded. This time Ben focused on an image in his head of the ball fully inflated. That worked for some spells, perhaps it did here too. The ball hit capacity and for a brief moment Ben was sure it was about to pop, but it didn't.

"I did it!" Ben proclaimed, kicking the ball through the stands towards Reid.

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As they talked some more, he found himself relaxing around the Prefect. It was easy to get distracted from his issues because of his age. An hour of kicking a ball around would be enough for him to temporarily forget he broke his friend's heart. It was the brutal honesty at the time, yet he knew that he should still take care of how he acted. Magic couldn't solve everything, especially bonds between people.

"It should." he replied, jogging after Ben. He was pretty happy with how eager Ben was to actually get the spell to work on the ball. He had forgotten about girls, it wasn't an evening for him to worry about it. Perhaps when he got back to his dorm he could do that, but he just wanted to be eleven and obsessed with football. "Nice!" he laughed, seeing the ball inflate.

Ben certainly had his spells cut out better than he did, he struggled with simple spells in Charms. Memories of Derby flooded back to him, the park that they used to play in was almost as big as the training pitch. The grass was as green as here, fresh and ready to be stepped on. It didn't make him feel melancholy, but he did miss Derby again.

It was a constant flood of memories every time something jogged it from its slumber. Even the sound of the ball being kicked by Ben had him almost reeling. He could hear his friends telling him to kick the ball to them, the laughter - he missed that. Reid caught the ball with his foot and switched, at least showing that he was someone who's kicked a football in his life.

He slipped his bag off and simply tossed it to the side with as much care as he could. "I can't imagine Quidditch is going to be like this." he joked, rolling his sleeves up. No, Quidditch was probably more complicated with the magic. He kicked the ball back towards Ben, his aim wasn't the best - but it was in the general vicinity of the Prefect.

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Ben made his way to the beautifully healthy grass below after kicking the ball to Reid. It amazed him how well kept the field was considering how there were no lawn mowers or big care teams. Almost as if Magic. That thing Ben still forget existed sometimes. All thoughts of awkwardness went away as he was amazed at inflating the ball with magic and getting to play some football. He received the ball back from Reid who gave it a decent kick. Turns out the kid wasn't lying about knowing Football. Perfection.

"Quidditch certainly seems different to say the least," he rubbed his wrist idly, remembering the injury he had already received from the wizard sport. "It seems really crazy. We should show them Football!"

Another kick aimed the ball towards Reid. To Ben's surprise he was still in decent practice as the ball went basically right to his target. That would have been a shame for certain. His mind wandered to the super stars of Football who didn't need magic to be amazing. They worked hard and it all came down to who was tougher, faster, and more skilled. At least he didn't think there was magic in football. Some of those goals did seem crazy, like magic.

Dangit... now anything could be magic!

"Question I've wondered though," he said idly after he kicked. "Why is there a nice grass field if they fly on brooms all game?"

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A sharp inhale and the smell of freshly manicured grass filled his lungs. He never knew how far and wide the landcape of Scotland could be. He had gone on treks with his father before, but never to places like this. It made him pretty excited to be learning how to properly ride a broom, meaning he could possibly go high - very high into the air. That meant he could see it all, see the vastness and Hogwarts Castle.

Maybe that was why Quidditch was sometimes always on his mind, it looked exhilarating and it wouldn't be the first time he broke his arm. His foot caught the ball, passing it back and forth between his feet just a few times. "That's actually a really good question." he frowned, looking up at Ben. It was hard to properly play when he wasn't wearing shoes made for kicking balls and grass. 

"Maybe it's for when you fall? It's probably better than dirt." he loudly replied, just so Ben could hear him. A short chuckle escaped him. "Anything is better than dirt." Reid kicked it back to the Ravenclaw Prefect, this time with a much better aim towards him. The hollow sound of the ball being kicked echoed throughout the nearby walls, he wondered if the other people in their age knew what football even was. Have they even seen a football before? 

"Do you plan to sign up for Quidditch? Maybe tryout?" he asked, placing his hands on his hips. Ben seemed like the more athletic type, perhaps he could make it on the team if he wanted to. "I think they're doing tryouts for next year." He certainly was going to be doing the same, maybe he'd make it for Hufflepuff's Quidditch team. If not, he'd still go watch it anyway - he's only seen it been played from afar.

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The ball made a soft thud as Ben caught it with his foot, stopping it fast on the pitch. This skill drill was done so often at home he felt pretty confident in it. He managed to accomplish the move without even looking down at the ball. It made him feel extra cool. Quidditch sounded amazing but he doubted his training would help much with it. Football just wasn't the same as the Wizard sport.

"I guess," he said idly after the first response about dirt versus grass. "You'd think with magic there would be giant cushions to stop falls gently. Oh well."

He snickered at the idea and began to juggle the ball with his feet. The struggle was similar to Reid's but not due to shoes. Ben had likely over packed because he also had some good shoes for playing and running. Instead, he struggled because he was simply pretty bad at juggling a football and not dropping it tons of times. Oh well.

"I plan to learn the game, probably try out for the team," he said quickly and with confidence. "It will be tough but I'm going to work hard for it."

The Ravenclaw team would hopefully take Ben as a player even if not always on the starting line. Part of him wanted to be a Keeper as they so far seemed the least likely to get hurt. The whole sport seemed bloody and terrible so there was no avoiding some damage. Magic healed all wounds, right?

Or I could become a beater if I play against Reid... crap I'm supposed to be nice. Be nice!

With kindness in mind, Ben shot the ball over to Reid after a few failed juggles. It was harder than he meant but hopefully the Hufflepuff could handle a bit of roughness. Jealously and all that caused a bit of extra power there. He quickly cleared his mind of it for the next bit, and silently hoped all would be good with that hard pass.

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Soft steps in the ground allowed his feet not to hurt when he kicked the ball, the way his foot came down was rough. The top of it throbbed a bit after kicking it twice, perhaps he was putting too much power into it. But his shoes were a little worn already, simply because he didn't clean it as often as he should. 

It wasn't a skill he normally did since he wore his first pair of shoes down to the sole as he grew up. This idle play was a relief, he was a simple kid with simple needs. This was a return to some normalcy, something familiar that he missed. Reid beamed at Ben's answers, nodding firmly as he talked about trying out. 

"I think I will too, I don't know what I'd be good at though. Hopefully I'll have some idea when the time comes." he quipped. He had to step a little the side in order to catch the ball. He had nearly missed the pass, but his shoe had caused it to pop up and ricochet just a little ways. Reid strode forward a little to catch it before it got to far, planting his foot atop of it to stop the ball. 

"I still have to read about it too though, maybe I can see a game this year." He thought Ben lucky, to be athletic and sorted into a house for the brains. Not only that, he had someone who liked him and it prompted some jealousy with how much better he was in some ways. Reid wanted to be good at something, he just didn't know what that something was. So far it wasn't studies, he wasn't the best at spells either, and he didn't even know if they'd consider him. He talked tough sometimes, but Reid could tell that he was still a little timid in terms of trying something like Quidditch. If the stairs gave him vertigo, flying surely will. 

"Maybe you and I are going to play against each other, that'd be pretty cool." he lightly jested. Soon afterwards, his foot made contact with the ball and sent it his way with a kick of  close to similar power. There was a stirring feeling in him, competition but for the sake of it. He didn't act on it but he felt it.

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Ben smiled as Reid said he would probably be trying out for Quidditch as well. They were in different houses so it would likely mean competition like he said, but that didn't have to be unfriendly. In all honesty he hoped the two could be friends despite some differences. He respected the Hufflepuff kid for playing football and not being (at least outwardly) jealous.

"Ha yeah reading only gets so far," he couldn't help but laugh a little as he fielded the ball from Reid. "I tried flying on my own and I fell off, broke my arm! Luckily magic heals better than Muggle medicine..."

His mind went back to when he had been injured in the past. Magic would have been nice to have back then for sure. It sucked that Muggles and Wizards didn't work together to make the world better. Ben was sure wizards had a reason for it but most Muggles had no idea magic even existed. Cooperation seemed far from possible. Maybe classes would help determine why they did not work together.

"If we do compete, I expect a good show!" he teased to the Hufflepuff as he returned the ball with a relatively low power level when compared to the last kick. "But it seems we have a long ways to go before making a team... plus I'm busy enough as is."

Wonder what Bloom would think of me playing? She likely knows more about it than I do.

"Either way, maybe we can learn together in flying class plus on our own like we are now?"

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Ben already tried to fly on his own and broke his arm? "Whoa." he nervously laughed. He was glad to know the Prefect could hold his own. He hoped he could do the same in the event of him hurting himself in some way. He got along easy with the Ravenclaw just like with his friends back at the academy. Reid stuck his leg out, catching the ball easy with the well landed shot. He had a point about flying, one that actually made him pretty curious to try. He rolled his foot back and forth atop of the ball, nodding as he grinned at the idea.

"That's true! I think that'd be really awesome, how did you fly before? Do you have your own broom already?" he asked. Maybe he already got one from his parents? If he did, he'd be tempted to ask his own for the cheapest one. Perhaps they could buy a second hand one if that was even a thing. He didn't know who would want to get rid of their flying broomstick.

He side kicked the ball back towards Ben, a kick he practiced the most. "I'm sure we can make it on the team, whenever that is. Save a hospital bed for me if you land in it, I'll save you one too." Reid joked with a soft laugh. He expected to land in it at some point, maybe he could say hi to Ben when he did. It was a much more milder evening than he expected, one he wouldn't mind doing again.

"I need to do this more often, play football because I think I'm going to go mad if I study more than I do." When Ben offered to do something, he was afraid the boy would bring up a study group, he had enough he went through. He wished he could tell his friends how interesting Quidditch was, surely all his friends would attach to it like a hook.

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Laughter was the first response Ben had to Reid thinking that Ben had a broom of his own already. Did he admit the truth? No reason not to admit to his own early stupidity. As the ball came tumbling over he shook his head at Reid.

"My own broom? No way! Some of us found the broom closet for school brooms open and... I..." he paused thinking back to that day. "I didn't mean to fly. I was inspecting the broom and baffled at the idea a broom could actually fly. It decided to go and I was too stupid to let go! So...off we went."

Ben was a bit ashamed of the whole thing so he turned a bit red. His own hospital wing stay had been brief and the arm was fixed so quickly. If he was going to become skilled enough to actually play for the team, there would be more injuries. He had to toughen up or get out, it seemed. Nerves were there but he was having too much fun to worry about try outs.

"I'm sure we'll get hurt plenty!" he announced with a grin before kicking the ball back, trying to arc it up high. "We should form a Quidditch study group!"

In truth Ben liked to study, but he had plenty of those friends. What he needed was a guy friend for sports and such. Running in the morning was lonely and he spent so much time around female friends that he was really hungry for some bro time. Despite potential awkwardness it would be a good fit.

"I'd rather break my arm again than join yet another study group session." he snickered hoping he got Reid with the last bit. "Flying classes start soon. I'm going to jump back in and hopefully not die."

The tall arc of his kick meant he was looking upwards as he spoke, but he finally looked back down as it landed. Ben almost considered doing a football league at Hogwarts but that seemed messy in too many ways. Last thing the world needed was magical football players. That would be brutal in so many ways.

"What's your team?" he asked when the ball reached Reid. "For Football, that is."

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So it was by chance? What luck, he wanted to ride a broom too! Maybe he can convince Ben to go flying with him sometime, he was wanting to try it some more. Most of the hesitation came from he wasn't willing to do it alone, if he was going to break something - he wanted to make sure someone was actually there. Plus what fun was some mischief alone? He got along easily with Ben and he hoped it would stay that way, even with the awkwardness of him dating the girl he rejected. 

He wanted more guy friends and perhaps he can make one out of Ben yet, if he didn't get on the guy's nerves. Rarely was he ever antagonistic towards someone, jealousy came slow. Maybe it was in his nature, the nonchalant and almost passive behavior was a blessing and a curse at the same time. He wasn't a pushover, but he was someone who might just bend easily to threats. "Agreed!" he laughed, catching the ball with his foot. 

He nearly lost it and gave it a bit of a chase before being able to control it. Reid placed his foot on it and furrowed his brow as he thought of a team. "Favorite team ..." he mirrored, rolling the ball a bit. It was hard to say and he often but heads with the lads back in Derby about his favorite teams. But he always had one team he rooted for no matter the weather. "Derby County, I have local pride in the club and me dad would take me to see the games. Haven't seen a game though in ages." he noted quite half-heartedly. 

Oh well, perhaps he could see one if he would be able to go home at an appropriate time. The boy kicked the ball back towards Ben, glancing up at the sky with squinted eyes. The sun was so high up, he wondered if he'd be able to wear some sort of protective wear so he wasn't blinded. "What about you?" he asked, looking back down to listen to his response. If Ben was to say Manchester or a team he often heard of too much, Reid figured he might just have to tease him about it. 

Football was more of a past time and a sport he enjoyed when he could, though he watched enough of Derby County's games to garner a strong bias for the team. A cheeky grin slipped on his features, "I'll take you up on that Quidditch study group idea by the way."

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A quiet groan escaped from Ben as his friend accepted the study group idea. It had been intended as a joke... right? Though it wouldn't hurt to do some research on the sport if he had any hope of actually getting on the team as a muggle-born. At least he wasn't alone in that venture. It would be quite the adventure even if he didn't make the team this year. How much did a good broom cost anyways?

Someone said a good broom is important... I remember seeing a shop they seemed expensive at the time and I thought it was a joke..

At first Ben said nothing about the team. Derby was not really someone he had formed much opinion on. His dad was not much of a local team fan, just the nationals. They were not so deep into it but he at least knew teams. At least the guy had not said something totally offensive for a team. Ben figured when he got older he would get more into it than his dad was, but that might change now with Quidditch and a wizarding world on the horizon. For now he still liked football and had caught the kick with a juggling catch, trying to keep it bouncing while he talked.

"Derby, alright. No bad vibes from me, yet." He teased, smiling as he juggled the ball idly between his feet. "We follow the national team, Scotland, for the most part. My dad isn't into it enough for us to watch much else. But that's my main team."

He still winced inwardly about the study group. Reid had not caught the joke, or decided to make it serious. Either way, it wasn't truly a terrible idea. Ben rolled with it and offered after a moment of pause to go ahead with it. After he kicked the ball over again he spoke up.

"We might go mad studying, but maybe part of it will be practical field work." Ben motioned to the rings above them. "I was thinking about using my extra money to buy my own broom even."