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Zolderane Zukanovic

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Zolderane walked down to the Training Pitch where the cheer team tryouts were being held. She had been a cheerleader since she was three years old. Zolderane had just reached level six cheerleading just before she received her Hogwarts letter. Even though she was only in her first year she knew that most older students would not have as much experience at cheer as she did. However, in her eight years of cheer, she had only ever been a flyer because she was not at all strong but she was very flexible and light so naturally she was by far the best for a flyer.

"Hello Devina and Tina I am Zolderane and I am here to try for a flyer, I have been doing cheer since I was three and have just reached level six cheerleading but no one is supposed to know because I am too young to compete at that level. I am a great flyer and tumbler but I am not strong enough to be in the base but anyway I saw the simple cheer routine when Tina did it so here it is,"

Zolderane stood in a tall straight position before stomping her left feet and quickly dragged her right feet behind her left to turn in a circle. She ended the swift movement with a clap. Without moving her feet, she moved her upper body forward. She placed her left hand on her left knee and her right hand on her right as she bent down and did a somersault. Abruptly, she returned to her tall straight position before raising her right leg and both arms above her head.

"Now I am going to perform some level six stunts for you both."

Zolderane started by leaping into an aerial and then two boys, that did not want to try out but agreed to help Zolderane came out and starting tossing her in the air while she did flips and other stunts. The two boys tossed Zolderane up in the air and she did a triple front flip before gracefully landing on the grass doing the splits with her hands up.

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Cheer Squad Try-Outs  Members Only   closed 

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