Quidditch Training Pitch

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Reagan has seen nothing more astonishing than quidditch. The pure beauty of the sport, the speed of the players competing against the wind, the broomsticks racing the sky. The togetherness of the players and the thrill of the game. It was all she ever desired. All she ever wanted to do.

So, unsurprisingly Reagan ended up sitting next to the quidditch training pitch and even though the weather was amazing and she had no idea how to get from one point to another in the castle without getting lost at least twice, she sat there, arms wrapper around her, face skywards, eyes absorbing the magnificent view.

Players where chasing each other in the sky, probably strenghtening their teamwork. One of them lost his balance for a second, but managed to stay on his broom.

She remembered her brother's first fall ( who is now a professional quidditch coach) when he broke both of his legs. Their parents thought he'd never be able to walk. But then he healed and went back to play. But Reagan was not allowed to fly. Ever.

Her thoughts drifted away, off to when she would become a part of slytherin's quidditch team and maybe be their chaser.

She shook her head. She was a bird with wings cut off, and her desired would never become reality.
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Wingless  Closed 

Despite the cold autumnal winds, Aurelia still made her way to the quidditch training pitch. It was an odd place to go to do her revision and homework, but the stands were the less occupied than the library of the study hall where they were always filled with students.

Also, the view up in the stands were spectacular, sometimes she’d watch other students play. Most times she envied them, especially the girls, her parents forbid her from ever riding a broom for the purpose of playing quidditch. Her Mother had said young ladies should never be involved in such ‘masquelin’ activities. It was always such in her family, the way things were done in different households always had something uncommon.

She walk across the field towards the pitch where studenta still in school robes could be seen high up in the air on their brooms. She was a few minutes from the stands when she spotted a girl, laying on the grass, hands cupped around her eyes just watching.

Obviously she was a first year, from the way she sat so naively at a corner of the pitch. Were first years so oblivious to their surroundings and the dangers around them? The girl could get hit in the face unexpectedly with a bludger. Aurelia had almost let it be, so she’d learn the lesson that way, but then again, the girl would have a flattened face.

The brunette sighed as she walked over to the girl. She stood over her. “I won’t suggest you sit down here, bludgers come in all directions. There’s the stands where it’s more unlikely to get hit,” she said.

Wingless  Closed 

Hi Raegen, I assumed that you’ve abandoned this thread since it’s been about 2 weeks since I’ve posted. I will just assume that Aurelia left Raegen and headed up to the stands.