Quidditch Training Pitch

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Heavy Rain and Disdain  PV L Riley   Finished 

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𝕽orie loved rain.

The sound of the droplets splashing, the puddles to jump in, the temperature drop, the cloudy sky. It was all a wonder to the enthusiastic girl.

So, it was no wonder that she would venture out onto the grounds during a pouring and gray morning to have some time to herself. She wouldn't complain if she encountered someone, but Rorie liked to have some solitude as much as the next person sometimes.

She watched behind her as her feet made tracks in the mud of the grounds, watched the surface of the Lake rippling with the force of the rain water. It was a pleasant and relaxing scene all together.

She kept walking, following a path, poorly defined but still existent. It led her to the training pitch for quidditch, a place she didn't visit all too often but enjoyed the time spent there when she did. She couldn't afford a broom of course, nor was she allowed to own a broom as a first year, but she had borrowed the school brooms and taught herself to fly quite well many a time.

Of course, with the rain, she wasn't going to risk flying, but she did sit on a bleacher on the pitch and watch the rain, listening to it's pitter-pattering.
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Heavy Rain and Disdain  PV L Riley   Finished 

Rain made Landon feel calm, a pleasant emotion in the midst of all the stress he had been feeling lately.

Though he never showed that he felt that anxiety and worry, it was still there behind his seemingly careless personality.

As he exited the castle onto the grounds, he noticed prints in the mud, relatively fresh. He didn't know who made them but he was curious to see, so he instinctively followed them. After a couple of minutes, he saw the quidditch training pitch and realized that was were they were headed.

Landon had always loved quidditch and been good at it, though he didn't try out for the house team this year, he wanted to get acquainted to the castle and its people first. He did enjoy going to the pitch and practicing every weekend, though it was quite disappointing that he couldn't use his state-of-the-art broom back at home as a first year.

He entered the sectioned off pitch, noticing a girl with stick-straight dark blonde hair, staring off into space. He didn't recognize them, and, figuring that they were the ones who made the footprints, decided to start a conversation. He couldn't fly in this weather anyways.

As he approached, however, he realized who this mysterious girl was.

Rorie Thompson, his former friend turned enemy. He supposed the reason that he couldn't figure out who it was before was that her hair was straightened out instead of being wavy like normal. She must've done something to it, he thought as he watched her, her face peaceful and dreaming, not yet aware of his presence.

"Ay, Thompson!" he yelled, causing her to jump, opening her wide light blue eyes that then fixed on him.

"We haven't talked since... since you know what," He said, referring to their fight. "Are you interested, or are you not civilized enough to speak properly to someone, seeing as you were raised in a barn?"

Heavy Rain and Disdain  PV L Riley   Finished 

𝕴nterrupted again... it was as if nobody could just get some peace and quiet. She had thought that going out on the grounds while it was raining would mean nobody else would be out there, but apparently she was wrong.

Rorie hated to admit that she had a bad temper and could get very overprotective very fast. But, she couldn't change it, so she had to live with it.

"Since you know what?" the dark blonde practically shrieked over the sound of the rain. "Landon, if you're too cool to hang out with me, you might as well just say what things really are, instead of giving them alternate names and trying not to say it. We had a fight, Landon! We had a fight because you seem to think you need to offer me pity and sympathy! And you know if I want to talk about it with you, of all people?"

Rorie was very irritated by the boy she had once been friends with.

"No, I don't want to talk to you about it, thank you very much. Go ahead and speculate why, I don't care. And I wasn't raised in a barn, so you can go jump in the Great Lake for all I care," she huffed, walking away from him. She couldn't deal with that boy right now, she just couldn't.

Heavy Rain and Disdain  PV L Riley   Finished 

He listened to her rant, trying to keep an open mind.

It didn't work.

Once she had finished telling him off, Thompson stormed away, leaving the conversation that was not yet finished.

"Thompson! Come back here, we need to talk!" he yelled towards her, but she didn't respond, giving him the cold shoulder.

Man, sometimes girls were so dramatic.

Landon let out an exasperated sigh and ran after her, catching up within a few seconds.

"Thompson," he started.

"It's Rorie, don't call me by my last name," she interrupted him snarkily.

"Thompson," he repeated, to which she gave a sharp huff and let him go on. "I don't know what I did to offend you, can we please just work through this? Just tell me what I said. Did I mess up? My sister hates me for it."

All the things he had said were true. He was confused, and his older sister Beaux, a close friend of Rorie's, had been giving him the silent treatment ever since their fight two weeks earlier.

When the girl looked him in the eyes for the first time in a half-a-month, they weren't the sweet and positive eyes he once knew, but yet a hateful and glaring stare.

Heavy Rain and Disdain  PV L Riley   Finished 

𝖂hy did he even call her by her last name? He obviously knew her first name, so why? Would he like it if she called him Riley all the time?

After correcting him, he still used her surname. At that point, she just gave up. Right, I suppose anything that I say you don't have to listen to, seeing as you're a prince and can do whatever you like, she thought sarcastically, mentally rolling her eyes.

"What did you do? Why don't you think back on it. Remember, we started out friends. I trusted you, okay? I trusted you enough to share my background, thinking you wouldn't be all fake and sympathetic and caring. And yet, when I let my guard down, you did exactly that! Just all the pity. I hate it, I hate it! I am not going to be your charity case, Landon Xavier Riley! I will not!"

She looked at him with hateful, glaring eyes.

"Your sister should be disappointed and angry. You're just like any other stuck up pureblood, funny how I thought different at first," she said before speeding up and turning away from the boy.

She could not deal with him, everything he did seemed to annoy her.
this was fun, I hope we can do something like it again soon!

Heavy Rain and Disdain  PV L Riley   Finished 

Landon watched, taken aback and surprised by her snappy behavior.

If she wanted to play it like that, she could. He could make her life a living hell by being on his bad side.

He stood there, where she had left him, pondering what she had said.

So she just wanted to be treated like everybody else? That made sense, he supposed. It also made sense that her financial status would be an insecurity for her, seeing as it was probably a prime topic to tease her about. Landon couldn't help but feel bad for the girl, but that emotion was quickly replaced with disdain.

Walking through the rain back to the castle entrance, he saw that Rorie had beat him to it, mud on the first stone step where she had obviously shaken it off her boots.

He did the same, making sure the bottoms of his shoes were clean before reaching the cover of the built out ceiling. He looked out into the rain, wondering how he had managed to make an enemy out of a friend so quickly.

"Hey, Landon!" he heard a familiar voice call. "How'd it go, did you talk some sense into her?"

It was one of his friends from back home, a fellow first year that was placed into Ravenclaw, Cole Wade.

"Naw, man. Unsuccessful, she definitely hates me now if she didn't already before."

"Yeah, she's one of the boldest Gryffs I've ever seen. Quite frankly, she's almost as careless as you, you two would be cute together," Cole joked, earning a playful punch from Landon.
yes, this was fun! we will have to do another soon! let's owl and talk about it.