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 Main Plot  The Mask  Finished 

NPC: Unknown Figure
End of June 2018, Continued From 'Who is the Masked Figure?'
The sun had already started to set, it was almost pitch black. Luckily no one had noticed the spells that had previously been fired in the area... In the darkness, a figure emerged from the shadows. In truth, it was hard to even see someone was there. They wore black robes, that most witches and wizards wore. Perhaps a Professor, perhaps a student, perhaps someone else entirely… It was hard to tell. But the robes blended with the darkness, almost camouflaging the figure into the night sky.

Walking through the grounds quietly, the figure appeared to be going for a mere stroll. The figure stopped abruptly, pausing for a moment before glancing around. A pool of blood caught their attention. It had started to soak into the ground. Droplets dried on blades of grass but the soil was still a little moist.

There was no one else around. No signs of the injured party. It could have been the blood of a human or of an animal that had wondered out from the Forbidden Forest. It was not clear to anyone where this blood had come from - except to those who were aware of what had happened on the grounds a short while prior.

The grounds were now quiet, though there had been the noise of a party of students attacking another not too long before. The figure looked back down to the pool of blood, before scanning the nearby area for the signs of anything else. Something that caught their attention.

The small fire had died down, leaving behind evidence of burnt grass and nothing more. The smell of burning had long since disappeared. However, in the middle of the Quidditch grounds lay a small object, barely visible in the darkness. Abruptly turning on their heels, the figure took a few steps towards the item. Reaching down, a hand appeared out of the sleeves of the robe. They picked the object up, looking at it for a brief moment before putting it into the deep pockets of the robe.

And that was that. The figure moved quickly. Within a matter of moments, they left the grounds faster than they had arrived knowing full well how valuable the item they had just found was…

They left nothing behind on the Quidditch grounds… Especially not the mask that the four students had left behind earlier… The mask that fell off Ben Eckenrode’s face now lay within the pockets of their robes.

Who was the figure? Where was the mask now? What happened next?
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