Quidditch Training Pitch

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Need for speed  Closed 

Ryan walked into the quidditch area, wondering if anyone was around that could possibly help him get into quidditch teams. He looked around and no one was there, which was odd but made sense since classes for flying were not currently in session and no quidditch matches were currently going on. He was walking out and he came upon a closet. When he opened it up there was some old dusty brooms and quidditch supplies. He looked around and still no one was there so he grabbed the old broom and decided to just see what it felt like. Ryan recalled his dad using one at home trying to remember his glory days at Hogwarts. Ryan safely tucked the broom between his legs and set down, with a small kick up he was floating in place, but the balancing was an issue. He wasn't used to this at all, he was swaying side to side before he calmly found his center. 

Sitting up top the broom he decided to imagine flying, when he did he leaned forward and the broom took off. It went too fast for a first fly, and being so close to the ground it was dangerous, Ryan pulled the broom as it was going towards a wall and it turned towards the sky, and went up. It seemed to have slowed down a bit more as he approached the height of the true quidditch players. Ryan knew he wanted to be up there, he just had to practice. Still, he didn't have much flying skill for now, but he'd practice, because even now he loved to fly.

Need for speed  Closed 

Ben had not intended to follow Ryan out to the pitch, but Quidditch was something that fascinated him as a muggle born wizard. Football was everything and watching his national team take the field always brought him great joy. This odd sport... magical sport... it was like Football took some steroids. In truth he knew nothing of the rules but it did make him laugh to learn wizards and witches actually flew on brooms. So many stereotypes he used to think were silly were actually true. The prospect of actually flying on a broom was extremely terrifying. Ben just wanted to watch and explore a bit.

Well, there he goes flying... how absolutely bloody terrifying. The young Scottish lad thought to himself as he spied on Ryan taking flight.

He crossed his arms and leaned against a wall near the broom closet. Which also had a totally different meaning back home. Ben was no expert, but Ryan did not look very stable or skilled at flight. In fact he seemed like he was in trouble more than anything. By this point it was hard to say he had become good friends with the other boy but they had at least met and exchanged names already.

"Hey..!" Ben shouted hoping he was heard. "Are you crazy?"

Despite his fear, Ben grabbed a broom and looked it over. There was no way he was mounting it. He didn't even know how to begin to fly. In his eyes broom flying was all fantasy still so he didn't know how to separate the fact from myth still. Hopefully his studies and time in this strange castle would change that. He grasped the handle firmly in his left hand, the bristles brushing lightly against the dirt. A motion upwards towards Ryan was meant to point to him and get his attention. Instead the broom took off into the air about 20 meters, dragging Ben behind holding by one hand.

"Fudging frogs! Help!"

Need for speed  Closed 

Ryan heard a small yelp far down in the distance, he was just starting to get the hang of flying but still no expert. He looked down only to see Ben, his ravenclaw mate hanging by just the handle, while dangerous he thought he could help.

 He aimed the front of his broom towards Ben and leaned forward as he approached he realized if he was to grab Ben the weight would be too much and they'd both fall. If he collided they'd both fall...he then had an idea but it required Ben to fly too. He shouted to Ben flying by his side. 

"Ben I got an idea, but you gotta be ready to sit on the broom like me."

 He didn't wait for Ben's answer as the situation was too crucial and can cause one of them to get injured. Ryan swooped in a circle and with his hand threw Ben's lower half of the broom roughly between his thighs. 

He would have done it more gently but going at the speed he was it was not an easy thing to do. He at least had the aim to put it in the right spot, hopefully Ben realized it and grasped it firmly. 

"Sorry Ben!" he shouted as the broom tilted rapidly towards his groin. He turned towards Ben and it seemed as though Ryan's broom hit the brakes. It slid to the side and stopped mid air as he looked at Ben he thought, these things are truly wicked.

Need for speed  Closed 

What does that mean? Between my legs? An idea?! Sorry for wha-

"AH!" Ben screamed out in probably exaggerated pain as the broom hit his thigh and then straight upwards into a seated position.

By some miracle, magic maybe, the young lad held on to the broom. His knuckles were white from gripped the broom for dear life and his eyes were closed tight as if trying to hold his whole body together. The broom behaved nicely for the rookie by sitting in place, but slowly sinking downwards at a safe pace. It seemed all was well and no one had been hurt this time around.

"Thanks..," He muttered to Ryan, feeling fairly ashamed of himself for getting caught up like this. "Sports back home don't involve flying, or brooms, or any sort of heights."

After a moment he relaxed his grip and posture as he smiled. Ben almost even laughed at the situation but as he relaxed the broom took the signal to accelerate forwards. If Ben's knuckles had not been white before, they certainly were now. The pitch blurred beneath him as he clung to the handle. Leaning forward only made the broom speed up more it seemed. This further terrified Ben who only had the lucky thought to pull up at the last moment.

"Airplane games... airplane games..." he chanted to himself as he considered the controls to the wild device. "I.... I think I'm getting the hang of this."

He wasn't sure if Ryan had caught up to hear him, but he was slowly gaining control and actually enjoying himself. Partly because he was too afraid to figure out how to land, he kept going around the pitch. Ben knew essentially nothing about the rules to the sport or the positions. There was no pretending to play, just flight practice and weird glances to the various structures on the pitch.

Need for speed  Closed 

Ryan turned at Ben to watch what had looked like a cringing moment as the broom gave Ben a good whack in the thigh, but he was glad that Ben had gotten a seat on the broom and was no safer than he was a minute ago. The air was dense as it bristled through Ryan's broom, and he leaned forwards slightly which safely propelled him behind Ben.

Ryan had just caught up to Ben enough to hear Ben's commentary on sports. There's just no way Ben could actually care for muggle sports more than wizard. That was just unheard of, it was exhilarating just flying around, Ryan only imagined what it'd be like with a lot of people and objects as well.

"Ah muggle sports, I'm sure you'll enjoy wizarding sports too, just between quidditch and dueling you'll get an adrenaline rush. That's if you haven't felt the rush already. I'm sure your leg has!" Ryan said laughing jokingly, as the two floated down. 

Suddenly, Ben started to fly, obviously enjoying the experience he experimented with his ability to speed up and change direction. Ryan smirked as he realized with no one around that they could just fly all day. He flew back towards Ben, and shouted so Ben could hear him.

"Ben wouldn't it be wicked if we could play quidditch together? I mean we have to make the team but I'd be aiming for it if you want to." Ryan asked Ben with an excited smile.

"Let's try and make the team!" Ryan said.

Need for speed  Closed 

"The team...?" He asked, almost afraid to ask what that would really mean. "I don't know the first thing about the rules. But it does seem... fun."

Back home in Scotland, Ben had been seriously considering going into a Football club after school. He was decently in shape to at least run around the field and it would be fun. By no means did he think he would become a star or even qualify for a good team. That was for a sport he knew and loved, even had followed most of his life. How could he even hope to get near the team let alone join them?

Ryan is going to get me killed or real disappointed.

As if in an attempt to avoid a direct yes or no, Ben dove down and tried to see just how well he could control this new contraption. The answer came pretty quickly as if to laugh at Ben. The answer was poorly. An over ambitious Ben found himself plummeting faster than he ever wanted to move before yanking up on the handle and feeling sick from the sudden change in velocity. Once more he over corrected and ended up going far to one side before suddenly dipping towards the pitch again. His next correction was only slightly better before he managed to stop. It took everything in his power to pretend it was all on purpose. Ben wanted to puke. He wanted to puke badly.

"Ha, so much fun." he said awkwardly, looking away from Ryan. "Maybe I need more practice first... but I'll try to make it. Sure. Let's do it."

I didn't hit my head, did I? What did I just agree to do? Fu-Fudge Frogs. Those are things right? Now it's a curse word.

Need for speed  Closed 

Blakely walks out of the Great Hall, confident as ever. She loves quidditch, the adrenaline of flying 70 kilometers per hour in mid air, wind blowing in your face whipping back your hair. All of it, is perfect. She starts running to the hall to get to the practice field and she trips over her oversized robes. 

“I should probably get this sized right,” she says out loud as she gets back up and starts running to the field.

She runs, the adrenaline pumping, and finally gets to the field. The sun is shining bright in her face, and the grass is perfect. She goes to get a broom and hops on naturally. Before she goes very high though, she sees to Ravenclaw boys flying in the air, one of whom doesn’t seem to know what they’re doing. 

“Hello, I’m Blakely!” She says as she flys nearer and nearer to the two boys.

Hi Blakely,

There are a few things I'd like to point out: 1) Please be sure to post 200 words or more in your future posts. There is nothing you can do in terms of editing this one as other players have already responded to you, however, in the future, keep them 200+ words long! 2) The traditional way of writing roleplays is through past tense. The type of post that you've written here is present-tense, which does not work for roleplay. Please be sure to include past-tense actions for your character. (i.e.: "Blakely walked out of the Great Hall, confident as ever. She loved quidditch...")

If you have any questions about posting and roleplaying as a whole, feel free to owl me! :)

Bloom Silverton, Ravenclaw Prefect

-Blakely Pitts
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Need for speed  Closed 

Ryan had stopped flying, he was sitting in place and he was floating watching Ben, he been closer when the girl approached, so it wasn't a surprise when she spoke to them introducing herself, Ryan spoke back to her. Ryan was a very friendly and approachable person, and he was impressed at the way she took to the skies so easily.

"Hey Blakely, I'm Ryan, and that over there is Ben. Ben come say hi!" Ryan shouted to Ben as Ben looked like a first time driver in a car. 

It was interesting to see another student up here in the air considering what Ryan and Ben did were not supposed to be allowed. Not sure what trouble they could get into considering they were acting out here on the pitch without having taken any flying lessons. Still it wasn't that tough to get the hang of flying, difficult, but not impossible. Ryan leaned in a couple different directions testing his balance on the broom.  The key to being a good Quidditch player was good balance and good accuracy, both of which he was unsure how long it would take to obtain. He looked over to the girl again.

"So, like Quidditch, what brings you up here to the beautiful skies of the pitch?" Not knowing what way to start a conversation, since he was looking around just in case a professor was coming to tell them to get down since it was unsafe.

Need for speed  Closed 

As a new person flew closer, Ben couldn't help but be impressed that they could fly right away. He was a mess in air just waiting to get hurt or killed. The only reason he was up here was because the broom kidnapped him and he was too afraid to land. It felt wrong for him to be up here, but he had no choice. Pride stopped him from asking for a landing from Ryan. He simply gave a terrified fake smile to them both as they spoke.

I'm going to die up here. Well, not until I hit the ground.. or a wall... and then the ground. Oh god why am I up here?

Ben probably was about to set a world record for slowest broom acceleration ever, probably. He pressed forward on the broom so gradually it was probably not even noticed by the others at first. The broom inched ahead slowly, then towards the ground. Gravity tried to help but Ben was moving so slow it didn't do much. At this rate it would take forever to land, but that was okay! It was okay until Ben heard Ryan speaking some more to the girl.

Go Ryan, talking to a girl already.

As soon as his focus turned away from the broom, he lost his control and grip. He had only made it halfway down at the painfully slow speed, so the fall was still decent. The words said out loud as his body flailed towards the ground were not appropriate for others to repeat. A single crunch and shockwave went through his body as he made impact with the planet below. Ben had broken his arm when it took the impact of his fall to save his head.

"Noooooooo...." he tried to be manly and not cry, but was only mildly successful.

Need for speed  Closed 

Ryan was busy enjoying talking a possible new friend Blakely, but then was suddenly cut off by the sound of his friend Ben falling and hurting himself on the ground. The sound of Ben's light scream echoed within the pitch. Ryan turned his broom towards Ben's direction and tried to race towards Ben in an effort to be the consulting friend to the rescue as expected of him. Whizzing through the air as fast as he could which for a first time rider was not very smart, he tried his best. He knew not to blatantly crash into Ben. 

By the time he arrived by Ben, Ben was already injured on the floor. Ryan pulled up on the broom scraping the back bristles on the floor and tumbling off the broom landing just near Ben. Luckily he only got a few scratches from the grass on the pitch, but nothing major. He lifted his head looking towards his friend, he made spitting sounds spitting the grass from his face. He shook his head fast to get grass off.

"B-Ben, are you okay? Looks pretty, mental your arm I mean. Bright side, you got your first quidditch injury before me!" Ryan said laughingly trying to brighten the mood but knew that it was his fault they got in this mess in the first place."You alright?" he said as he put his hand on Ben's shoulder.