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Leap of Faith  PV Kent Gresham   Finished 

With broom weaving, Kent kept grinning as Emma collected the quaffle and remounted, flying back up into the air. And once she explained the scoring system the boy felt he had a better idea of how the game worked, as his information and knowledge expanded. It seemed like Quidditch could turn out to be a pretty awesome game, really, and had a bit of everything in it from a range of sports!

"Ten points per goal, got it," Kent repeated, nodding to himself. "Alright, so what's the deal with the small gold on--"

But before Kent could finish his question, he watched with wide eyes and concern as Emma was hit by another bludger. This time one caught her against the back, and she fell to the ground with a thud, which caused the Hufflepuff to immediately turn his broom around and start zooming toward the ground where she landed. Kent noticed that below a certain height the magical balls stopped moving and simply hovered, a training safety probably.

"Oh shite," Kent shouted as he jumped off his broom, landing heavily before running toward Emma who was offering a thumbs up. "Are you sure? You hit pretty hard..."

Kent stopped beside the girl, crouched, as he checked her over for serious injury.

"Can you stand? We should get you to the nurse," He said, clearly worried. "I'll support you, put as much weight on me as you need to."

Kent offered a hand and shoulder, and if he needed to would carry her...

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Leap of Faith  PV Kent Gresham   Finished 

A pulse traveled throughout her body, but she couldn't admit that. As far as she knew, she wanted to get back on to the broom and continue flight. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't convince herself to get back on the pitch to fly once more, well, not in the condition. She didn't know which one was more important, a broken arm or a broken leg (even though she had broken her leg). Even though it pained her to admit it, a fractured arm would have been much more enjoyable.

It was hard to accept help from others, but this time she might have needed it. Debates flew inside of her head. She needed help but she didn't want it (how ironic). She was the one supposed to be teaching, not the center of attention, she dreaded it.

"I'm... Thanks," Emma concluded. Wait a minute, that made absolutely no sense. "I'll try to stand." I suppose that was slightly better. She thought to herself trying to divert her eyes away from the throbbing of her right leg. 

The brunette grabbed ahold of his hand and pulled herself up, putting as much pressure as she could on her left foot. Still, she couldn't help putting some pressure on to her opposite leg. A pain shot through her leg and like her broom, she dropped a few inches. 

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Leap of Faith  PV Kent Gresham   Finished 

Something was definitely wrong. Grabbing Emma's hand tightly, Kent was careful not to apply too much pressure to limbs and avoided yanking. If her shoulder or arms were hurt, it wouldn't do to make the injury worse. And judging by the favoring one leg, Kent suspected a leg injury, and that meant a visit to the hospital wing and nurse.

"It's fine, put your weight on me," Kent said, barely struggling to support Emma at all. He was strong for his age, his physicality the result of being a year older than his peers and having played sports for most of his life. "You're light, don't use your leg at all."

When Emma stumbled, dropping down somewhat, Kent shifted his arm and hooped around her waist. He then effectively lifted the girl, bringing her back up to his height, in an attempt to have her avoid using the injured leg completely. Leaving the brooms and Quidditch supplies in various states of floating and levitation, the pair moved at a comfortable pace away from the field. Kent wondered if he should offer to carry Emma, supposing he could if it was needed, but didn't want to make her feel more awkward or embarrassed than she was.

When I got hurt a few times, I tried to put on a brave face, Kent thought as he glanced to Emma, smiling reassuringly. And the last thing I wanted was people fussing. It's probably the same.

After several minutes, the training pitch was cleared, and the pair continued onward toward the castle proper. It was a good trek to make it back, but they couldn't really use brooms, and Kent made sure to keep his grip firm and supportive to make sure Emma had as little reason to use her right leg as possible...

"No idea what they have for medical assistance here, but I'm hoping there's magic involved, right?"

The Hufflepuff chuckled, trying to keep the mood light. He didn't know if it worked. He pressed on...

Continued in Hospital Wing
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Kent Barnabas Gresham - Strength: 12 | Agility: 5 | Control: 5 | Stamina: 8