Quidditch Training Pitch

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Marcus arrived at the training pitch for the Quidditch "Ugh..i wish i could of brought my Thunderbird Custom Broom, damn Hogwarts rules" he muttered as he walked over to tbe broom closet to grab a school broom, examing the selection he sees a Nimbus 2001 in the back of the closet "Oh..not bad" he mumbles grabbing the broom then resuming his walk to the middle of the pitch activating the broom once he gets on amd takes off, grinning widely in excitement as he feels the cool breeze while in the air, starting out with some laps around the pitch, then moving onto some tricks, dives and feints as well as some flips   'Can't wait until next year, still should decide on either seeker or chaser honestly i would prefer both but maybe a starter chaser and a reserve seeker or vice versa' he thought then started doing some dangerous moves like the wronski feint as he dives from above to the ground at high speed, at the last second pulls up on his broom avoiding becoming a splat of goo on the ground as he goes back into the air, at one moment he wad upside down making a reach for an imaginary snitch, closing his hand around the imaginary snitch and righting himself as he soaks in the cheers from the stands (in his mind obviously)

Newly named Lord De Wynter - Only Lord at Hogwarts
Haters gonna Hate, that is all I should say..People are just naturally jealous of Greatness. - Marcus

Feeling the air on your skin  Closed 

She'd been exploring the castle grounds all day and there was still so much left for her to see. The castle has never once disappointed her. Her feet lightly walked the way to the Quidditch Training Pitch.

A couple of days ago she had gone to the library to learn some new facts about the wizarding world. She found Quidditch very interesting, it was like football in the muggle world but in the air. She could hear shouting coming from inside the pitch as she entered.

A boy was in the air, flying brilliantly. She wondered if he was on one of the house teams or if he just enjoyed it. Mackenzie quietly moved to sit on one of the many seats, hoping she doesn't catch the attention of the person. She needed to write a letter to her father, updating him on her new school life. Taking out a piece of parchment and a quill and ink, she attempts at writing a neat letter.

'I'm an observer, because actions often speak louder than words' - Mackenzie Rivers

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Adohiro was sitting on one of the seats, writing a letter to his eldest brother, updating him about being in Hogwarts. However, he could see someone flying on a broom, he seemed to be skilled. He wondered if he was a professor or a second-year or third-year student. It was hard to tell since he was too far away. Flying did seem like a lot of fun, his eldest brother use to brag about how great it was to feel the wind and seeing everything small. He had one time as a young kid take his eldest brother's broom and try to fly it. He had gotten into huge trouble when he was caught trying to fly. Now he would be able to fly soon and not have to put up with his eldest brother's braggings. He would finally be able to freely fly. However, he was not interested in Quidditch at all. Quidditch never interested him in as did most sports. He wasn't athletic at all and preferred the comforts of books. You didn't get dirty, tired, or hurt from reading a book, you could easily teleport to a different world or universe from reading simple words or learn new things. While only in sports, you just ended all sweaty and it seemed no fun to always having to win.

He saw a red-head girl and decided to approach her. He was never one to talk to others, but he decided he did need to make some friends and have good memories. "Hi! My name is Adohiro Moira! Let's be friends!" He spoke loudly, holding out his hand with a straight face. He felt very embarrassed for being so direct, but sometimes a person needed to be direct to get the message across. The red-haired girl seemed to be from a different House. 

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When I only have my eyes half-open?
Somebody let me know, tell me which way to go"
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     Aliea, had unintentionally walked in to a large field. She figured it was either the Quidditch Field, or the training pitch. There were a few occupied students, but she didn't mind them. They all seemed to be studying, or reading. Disturbing them was one of the last things she wanted to do out here. 
     She turned her gaze onto the field. There was a boy, too far for her to make out any other details, doing cool tricks and maneuvers on the broom. She placed her arms akimbo and stared at the boy, mesmerized. She blew a soft whistle. "Wow... That's super cool! Although he doesn't look that much older than me." She murmured. 
     She felt a sudden urge to go on a broom and do some laps herself. Her family had traveled often during her school breaks, to vacant places. During her breaks, her mother had taught her how to ride a broom. She figured she'd practice a little, seeing that she haven't in awhile. She looked around, to see a old wooden cabinet to the side. She ran to it, throwing the doors open to her excitement. She grabbed the first broom she could see. 
     It was one of the Cleansweep models; but she couldn't tell which one. Anyways, that didn't matter. 
Staring at her broom, she wondered to sit the normal way: legs on both sides of the broom, or the weird way, her mom called it, with both legs on one side of the broom. The latter, she decided. She awkwardly hopped onto the broom and took off, slowly. She didn't want to embarrass herself, or to fall down. She did well to keep out of the boy's way. She didn't want them to collide, or to disturb him from his practice. 
      She suddenly felt that she wasn't supposed to be doing these stuff. What if she got into trouble? She stopped moving on her broom, and hung around midair. But she didn't feel like going down, either. So she just watched the boy, to the edge of the pitch, since she didn't want to disturb him. He's really good... She marveled. 

The thing is, difficult stuff tend to get easier the more you do them

Feeling the air on your skin  Closed 

Juliana is on her broom. She is 30 feet into the air. She thinks about her famous great strand father... He was sooo good at quidditch! She starts to swirls around in her broom, then she hangs upside down on her broom on purpose. She looks around her feeling the different air from the field she would use back at her home. She wishes she could be part of the quidditch team. She thinks about her own nimbus 1500! She hates the stupid rules... She flies back down. She thinks about all of the pranks she could do with her nimbus 1500... Juliana did not really care about her position with her legs, she looked at the girl who kind of looks confused positioning herself on the broom. Juliana laughs, 'oh why are there girls like that?' She thinks. Juliana swirls through the hoops and tries to hang upside down with just one leg and succeeds. Juliana laughs as she soars higher into the air and flies back down with such speed she nearly got ripped off the broom. She then circles the field in low elevation nearly touching the grass. Then she sticks out her hand and grabs one of the poles and swings around of throwing her into the air and then grabbing onto her broom nearly slipping off. She gets down and drops her broom on the floor.