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Lilith was floating hundreds of feet above the Quidditch Pitch, with her legs dangling over one of the school brooms she "borrowed". It was a slightly scary thought to think that without her broom, Lilith would be falling to her death and turn into a pancake. Lilith smirked at the thought.

Unable to try-out for Quidditch this year due to Lilith's own mistakes on being late and going on too many adventures to count. That doesn't mean she couldn't sneak onto the pitch every now and then and practice for next year.

It didn't particularly matter to her what spot she was. Being a Chaser is what Lilith would appreciate the most, she did love to go fast, but hitting people off their brooms with bludgers sounded awfully relaxing as well. Even being a Keeper would be fine by Lilith's standards.

For now, she assumed she'd have to remain working on homework . . . and sneaking into the Quidditch Pitch.

She gripped her broom tightly and flew forward, ducking around the hoops for fun. It was early in the morning and there was still dew on the ground, so Lilith doubted she'd be interrupted anytime soon.

Free falling to the ground before pulling back up, Lilith spun some in the air with her arms off, almost falling off her broom in the process, but that was all apart of the fun. Angling her broom upward, she arced back into the air.
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Quidditch Fanatics  PV: Clover Edevane   Closed 

It was early in the morning as Clover made her way down towards the Quidditch pitch. It had been a long time since she last rode a broomstick, and for the first time in several weeks she felt excited. The thing she looked most forward to was to spend some time alone, many feet above the ground, doing the thing that calmed her the most. She changed her grip around the broomstick in her hand and walked out on the pitch.

Clover saw the girl too late. It was way too late for her to turn around and walk back to the school, that would just make her look strange. Also, she didn't even want to go back to the castle as she had been looking forward to this all week. As she watched the other girl, a Gryffindor perhaps, playing around in the air, Clover could feel her heart starting to race. God, how she had missed this.

Clover mounted her broom and kicked off from the ground. First she tried to understand the lousy schoolbroom she had stolen, it was very different from the one she had at home. As she started to get a hang of it she raced over the pitch, loving the wind that blew in her hair and the adrenaline kick it all gave her.

Clover would've liked trying out for the Slytherin Quidditch Team this year, but she highly doubted she would've made the team, due to her problems with getting angry at her teammates.

I may or may not be the worst team player this school har ever seen, Clover thought to herself as she flew a bit higher.

It was a bit funny actually. As a kid she used to play Quidditch by the Danish lakes with her brother and his friends and she always ended up walking back home when someone on her team made a mistake she didn't like. When it came to sports Clover had always been too bossy for her own good.

As Clover soon stopped to watch the other girl almost fall off her broom Clover wondered if she had ever seen that girl before. She didn't look familiar at all and Clover truly hoped that they would remain strangers, since she didn't feel like being friends with a Gryffindor, they all thought way too highly of themselves.

Quidditch Fanatics  PV: Clover Edevane   Closed 

Lilith didn't notice the other girl before it was too late, but instead of it being too late to leave the pitch, it was too late to turn before she collided with the Slytherin girl.

Having flown around the hoops repeatedly, doing dangerous tricks that would have Madam Hooch rolling over in agony, Lilith had taken yet another swan dive at a dangerous angle to the ground. She turned her broomstick up one again, closing her eyes in the peaceful bliss the sharp and moist morning air fanned her face.

Alas, it was too late to notice the other girl floating in front of her as when Lilith opened her eyes, she was going far too fast to turn all the way to stop herself. Instead, she twisted her broom smoothly to the right, merely brushing against the other girl instead of having a full-on collision.

Anger flared in Lilith's mind. Who flies around the Pitch when they see it has already been taken by her? Especially the same who that don't watch the players around them. Despite it being Lilith's own fault, the whole situation would have gone much smoother if the other player had noticed her in the first place.

"Oi!" Lilith barked at the other girl and could immediately label her a Slytherin, a first year, like herself. "I'm trying to fly here. You best be careful before one of us actually collides! I don't know about you, but I'm not too keen on spending my dinner in the Hospital Wing."

Stamina: 6; Agility: 6; Strength: 5; Control: 3; Arcane Power: 5; Accuracy: 5

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Clover turned her head as she felt the other girl flying by her just barely avoiding a collision. As the girl shouted Clover blankly stared at her. How dared she yell at Clover when she herself had been the one who hadn't been paying attention.

"Are you kidding me?" Clover barked back. "If you don't keep your head up I'll make sure you end up in the Hospital Wing."

Clover got a bit suprised by her own anger, but when it came to sports she had no respect for others. She could feel her broom shake a bit, it was probably a little out of order due to the almost-collision. Clover would make sure to write her parents a letter later, demanding them to send her her own broom.

Clover flew away from the other girl a bit, knowing she had been way to harsh on her. God, she wasn't good at making first impressions at all, but after all this wasn't her fault. Clover felt a bit disgusted with herself, knowing she had acted the same way her lousy parents would have in the same situation.

Clover continued floating in the air and didn't take her eyes of the Gryffindor girl as she waited patiently for her response. She took a better grip around the broomstick, ready to fly away if needed.

Quidditch Fanatics  PV: Clover Edevane   Closed 

Lilith's eyes flickered wider for a fraction of a second before returning to her normal steely gaze. Whatever she was expected, it wasn't blind rage. It would really be a damper on Lilith's mood if she was punched today. Moving her head to the left, Lilith clicked her jaw as she analyzed the girl before her.

A Slytherin that Lilith has never seen before. A first year with no spells equipped to put her in the Hospital Wing as she had said. Her broom was shaky like a newborn. She must have grabbed one of the crap brooms from the school. She mustn't do this a lot or she would know the good brooms from the worse. Lilith didn't recognize her from the Slytherin Quidditch Team either.

What Lilith read as regret flashed across the girl's face as she put space between herself and Lilith. Leaning back on her broom ever so slightly, Lilith crossed her arms over her chest (more showing off, if anything, due to the other girl's nasty broom that could never allow her to do such things).

"Put me in the hospital wing? You can surely try," Lilith tilted her head to the side in a mocking manner. "But what you should be doing to trying not to fall off your broom there. It doesn't seem very steady. You a Quidditch player?"

Stamina: 6; Agility: 6; Strength: 5; Control: 3; Arcane Power: 5; Accuracy: 5

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Clover bit her lip so hard that she almost could feel the taste of blood. She wasn't in the mood for yet another fight, but she didn't like the attitude of the girl in front of her. Clover promised herself to not get angry at this girl again, or atleast try not to get angry.

The girl looked as though she tried to show off, and Clover truly couldn't stand it. But she calmed her nerves and decided to answer the question that had been asked even though the girl annoyed her.

"I never fall off." Clover answered shortly. "And yes, I am indeed a Quidditch player, but not for Slytherin."

Clover studied the girl and came to the conclusion that she also had to be a very experienced Quidditch player since she looked so comfortable on her broomstick, either that or she was just another Gryffindor who thought she was the best at everything. Clover had to stop herself from rolling her eyes. She then noticed how the other girl's broom wasn't trembling like hers did.

"How come your broomstick isn't going mad?" Clover asked as she focused hard on keeping her broom still in the air.

She cursed under her breath and promised herself to never borrow one of the schoolbrooms ever again. Some other student must've really done something terrible to this one. But as she focused she gained some control back over it and it slowly went calmer, that is if you can say a broom is calm.

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"You could have fooled me," Lilith shrugged, but didn't mean anything negative by it. Maybe it was just the broom, but she seemed awfully shaky on the broom. "So a Quidditch player without a team? Not much of a Quidditch player," Lilith gave her a teasing look.

Lilith has been riding brooms since she was a little girl. Her father could chase her while she was on one. Of course, that time soon ended and she stopped riding brooms for the longest time until she arrived at Hogwarts, where she had to make up for lost time as she was doing now.

"You just have to know what brooms to pick. There's a rack full of them down below. You take the ones near the front. They haven't been used as much," Lilith explain, flourishing her broom handle into a slow circle.

"It takes some practice on these old brooms. Like learning to fly all over again." Lilith tilted her head, obviously scanning the girl. Probably a Pureblood, Lilith thought. "You seem rich enough to buy your own broom. Why fly one of these clunkers?"

Lilith knew that if she herself had enough money, the first thing she would buy is a broom. Hogwarts rules aside, a broom could take Lilith anywhere, even help her get mailing jobs. It was decided, if Lilith suddenly walked across a fortune or if her parents dropped dead and just happened to leave her their houses to sell, she'd buy a new broom. A Cleansweep would be nice, but she'd settle for a Bluebottle as well.

Stamina: 6; Agility: 6; Strength: 5; Control: 3; Arcane Power: 5; Accuracy: 5

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"Well, I haven't seen you on the Gryffindor Quidditch Team either, so I guess the same goes for you." Clover said and raised her eyebrows teasingly.

She wasn't going to let this girl get to her, although she had to fight the impule to hit her off her broom. The more she thought about it the more tempted she became, but Clover figured it was for the better if she didn't hurt someone today. She tilted her head to the side and wondered if she should continue being resonable or just cut the girl off.

As the girl explained how to pick the right broom Clover didn't listen as she didn't feel the need to get any advices from her. When the girl in front of her later started talking about money, Clover decided to take advantage of the situation.

"My parents don't want me to touch their fortune, but since you brought it up I do own a Firebolt Supreme." Clover said and crossed her arms over her chest. "Not that I expect that someone like you would know what that is, these lousy schoolbrooms are probably a luxury to you."

Clover didn't like to brag about money, even less did she like to make fun of people who didn't have much. This girl had really gotten to her head and made her worst side come out.

"And some of us actually go by the rules that first years can't bring their own broomsticks." Clover added. "Not everyone are Gryffindors feeling the need to show off by breaking the rules."

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Definitely a Pureblood prat, Lilith decided. She narrowed her azul blue eyes dangerously. Unlike this Slytherin, she was much better at keeping her temper, but that didn't mean she wasn't angry. What type of awful person would make fun of another for not having loads of money?

You mean doesn't have any money, a voice in the back of her head reminded her, but she ignored it with a deep breath out of her nose, like an angered dragon.

Lilith didn't typically buy into House stereotypes, but this girl was a regular Pureblood supremacist Slytherin by the first glance.

"If you were rich enough, they'd let you bring a broom," Lilith sneered with the intent to kill. "Not letting you get your hands on the money, aye? Looks like you aren't the favorite child then, huh? Any siblings? If not, that's even colder, but I can understand where there coming from. A Firebolt Supreme? I would never trust my money in the hands of such a careless spender."

What money? Her mind snickered and she rolled her eyes at her own thoughts. Her hands rubbed up and down on the broom for comfort. "And it's only showing off if people care to watch."

Lilith shot her a Gryffindor-worthy half-smirk. Arrogance is usually well deserved.

Stamina: 6; Agility: 6; Strength: 5; Control: 3; Arcane Power: 5; Accuracy: 5

Quidditch Fanatics  PV: Clover Edevane   Closed 

Clover actually considered apologizing for mocking the girl for not having any money, but since the girl continued being awfully rude Clover decided not to. And on the other hand Clover hadn't been the one to bring money into the conversation.

"That's none of your business." Clover answered as the girl started going on about her parents, not that she really cared, the girl could say whatever she wanted about them and Clover still wouldn't care. "But since I'm obviously the better person here, I'm not going to make fun of your family, because I know that's a sensetive subject to many."

Clover felt it though, the words that the girl said. As the girl could trash talk Clover's parents all she wanted, Clover still hated to be mentioned in the same sentence as they, she was nothing like them. Since te girl seemed to be good at reading people Clover made sure that she couldn't read her feelings about her parents, that was way too private and none of the Gryffindor girl's business.

"And I don't want any privileges just for being rich." Clover said shortly. "You wouldn't want to be treated differently just becuse your poor either, would you?"

Clover looked around to see if there weren't someone else on the Pitch that the girl could go and fight with instead, but it seemed as though they were alone. Clover wondered how this girl could've been sorted into Gryffindor, she wasn't kind enough to belong in that House. Clover thought to herself that the girl in front of her could've fitted well in the group of Slytherin bullies that always haunted others in the hallways, she truly reminded of them.

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"Oh no, you can go on with whatever you like about my parents. They're just words," Lilith said. This Slytherin could say the worst things imaginable about her parents, but Lilith would just put the stove on boiling and join in as well.

Lilith could tell she hit a spot with her family. The girl's face got too hard too quickly and she refused to defend her parents like a true loving child would. What? Did mommy and daddy not buy her a horse or something and now she is throwing a fit? Cutting them off from her lives? Lilith didn't say that. Somethings she could catch before they went out of her mouth.

"Poor? Who says I'm poor?" Lilith thinks about the trunk of valuables from her old house and the red velvet bag and galleons she won. "I have clothes on, don't I? I look clean to you? I have all my Hogwarts supplies like anyone else. I can't be that poor or I wouldn't be here."

Tipping forward on her broom, Lilith started to free fall through the air, straight towards the ground. Bringing her broom up at the last minute, Lilith avoided hitting the ground and had to bend her feet from burning off due to contact. Reaching a handout, she grabbed one of the Quaffles from the bucket of old Quidditch supplies and lifted herself back into the air, flying up to where the other Slytherin girl was.

She leveled her broom in front of her, clasping the Quaffle in two hands. She threw the Quaffle into the other girl's chest with more force than necessary. "Up for a little game? I was supposed to be practicing flying out here but considering you don't look too keen on leaving, I might as well put you to good use then. Hope you like being a Chaser."

Lilith flew to the right, taking those sets of hoops as she turned back to face her opponent. "Rules are simple: get the Quaffle into the other person's hoop. The first to ten points wins and every hoop is one point. Oh and try not to kill anyone, alright?"

Stamina: 6; Agility: 6; Strength: 5; Control: 3; Arcane Power: 5; Accuracy: 5

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"You don't know what you're up against." Clover said with a smirk as she easily catched the Quaffle in her hands.

She had always played Chaser when playing with her brother and his friends as a child, so she was indeed talented considering the fact that she easily beated teenage boys by the age of seven. As a kid she often practised in the Danish woods, and that had also made her coordination rather good. She took a moment just to feel the broom and decided that the fact that her broom was worse wasn't going to stop her from taking this girl down.

After all it's the player, not the broom that makes a winner.

She flew to the left and looked at the girl to see if she was ready, and she looked as ready as could be expected. Clover did a loop and flew as hard as the broom allowed her to the right of the girl. As she was almost beside her Clover turned her broom a bit just to hit the girl slightly out of balance. Since the girl specifically had asked for no killing Clover didn't hit her too hard, just hard enough for her to feel it.

Clover smirked for just a second and then continued closer to the hoops where she threw the Quaffle up in the air and kicked it into the hoop with the back of her lousy broomstick. Easy.

Gryffindors aren't the only ones who can show off.

Quidditch Fanatics  PV: Clover Edevane   Closed 

The Slythern agreed to her little Quidditch battle and went to her side. She flew past, bumping Lilith, but her tight grip caught her from falling off her broom. She should have expected a Slytherin to play aggressively, but that was good. Lilith liked aggressive. Maybe she was cut out for a Beater instead.

If there was one thing Lilith had above all else, it was speed. She loved to feel the wind whipped through her hair and claw at her clothes. It felt like she was one with the wind, making the breeze as she flew by. She allowed the momentum from the hit to tip her broom, letting herself freefall through the air before violently spinning and taking up like a rocket. Her broom was better than her opponent's. She could easily go faster. Was it fair? No, but that was the Slytherin's own fault for picking the wrong broom.

Angling her broom upwards, Lilith swept up. She should have just thrown it in then trying to show off. It went slower and arced dangerously, leaving Lilith enough room to swoop right up into the arm and catch it, tucking it under her left arm like she has seen Muggle American football players do.

"If you want, you can go get a better broom," Lilith nodded down to the rack of brooms below. She was nothing if not a fair sport. "You're gonna need it."

Lilith burst off from her place, zigzagging through the air in good fun as she reeled back and launched the Quaffle, aiming for the center hoop. Her accuracy wasn't the best, but the shot was clear.

Stamina: 6; Agility: 6; Strength: 5; Control: 3; Arcane Power: 5; Accuracy: 5