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 RPG+  Who is the masked figure?  Finished 

The masked figure knew a fight would erupt, but he was not expecting such dueling confidence from these children. The hits came from all but the Hufflepuff. He was surprised, pleasantly so in the back of his head. Master was furious though and was begging his puppet to do a better job. His attack went off before the rest, which knocked Marcia back but didn't lose her footing, so her attack still would be possible. Another solid hit though and she would not be so lucky. The Slytherin girl would need to avoid another hit if she wanted to keep her wits and maybe even her life.

The Gryffindor boy, the Slytherin girl, and the Ravenclaw girl all put up counter attacks for the masked figure. He watched through the slits of the mask as fire and sparks came his way all at once. He stumbled back while trying to avoid the attacks, only managing to avoid the Gryffindor boy's attack, by the skin of his teeth at that. Flames dances at his feet while he found himself jutting out a couple of sneezes. It was becoming an annoying situation and he couldn't fight like this. The masked figure hardly recovered in time to avoid a free shot against himself, but he managed it.

Can you not fight better than this?

Master's harsh judgement came through and he gritted his teeth. The masked boy knew he would be punished but this was the only way to win. Witnesses could be killed if required. His wand moved up quickly and he tapped the center of the mask. An almost holographic transition took place as the black mask began to vanish. The boy pulled down his hood and shook off the recent damage he had taken. Now he could see, feel, and move freely. No more handicap. This was a fight he could not afford to lose.

"They will not stop me." He nearly shouted back at the voice in his head before turning his focus onto the Slytherin girl. "You think you know anything about us? You know... nothing!"

Now that he was free and had revealed his face, it was time for action. He pointed his wand at the Slytherin girl again with renewed vigor. She would go down whether he won or not. He would be SURE of it. Her rude attitude made it easier for the Master to command him. He still maintained an overall defensive stance to help avoid attacks, but not the most extreme version of it. With his wand renewed onto Marcia he yelled out a different spell this time while slashing his wand like a sword. "Diffindo!"

Now the masked figure was revealed.

Action: Diffindo at Marcia - Defensive Stance

Summary: Marcia hit for over half her HP. Parcelsus misses. Marcia and Delilah hit the masked figure.

 RPG+  Who is the masked figure?  Finished 

Many things happened all at once. She heard the other scream but just as she had unleashed her Incendio, she felt a numbing punch in her chest, making her stumble backwards. "Ngh." All the air was pressed out of her lungs, and she had her mouth open in a silent cry of agony. That hurt. She was hit by Bludgers before, multiple times, and she had had some broken fingers before when she had missed the flying balls. This however was different.

Marcia had to breath in small gasp because it hurt to move her chest too much. She expected some ribs to be broken, but it was nothing that couldn't be healed.

It took some seconds to gain her balance, so she watched the others, and was glad to see that at least some sparks of her Scottish compatriot had hit the figure. They were doing good, except for one. "'Puff boy," she shouted as loud she could with cold anger in her voice, but her words were jerky, "get ye shit together." With a flick of the hand she shook her head at the useless boy. "I thought Hufflepuff are particularly good finders! Do something!" While she saw him kneel and on all fours looking for his wand she almost felt more hatred for him than for the masked figure. It was her who provoked the boy to give him a target while they could attack, which meant that she took damage, while he did nothing. Couldn't he see what she was doing?

The voice of the figure grasped her attention, and she was surprised to look into a human face of an unknown boy, not older that they were. His young face was distorted with rage; rage that was directed to her.

Her finger trembled from the pain that had expanded through her whole body. The spell had hit her hard. They need to finish this soon, because she felt her legs weaken and she didn't want to think about what would happen if she lost consciousness.

She watched him lift his wand again and prepared herself to run. She had walked to the right earlier, so she already was in some distance to the other three, giving them enough space to act, while the boy was distracted with her. Nevertheless she would try to blind the boy, who had looked better with the masked on. Her main goal was, however, to run from the spell that would soon fly at her.

"Periculum!" Her shout was more a growl than a normal word, but instead of pulling up her wand, she pointed the spell directly at the boys face in order to blind him and maybe give him some scorch marks. She would give him a good reason to wear a mask.
Stance: Defensive stance
Action: Cast Periculum while trying to avoid getting hit.

Stamina: 4 | Evasion: 6 | Strength: 9 | Wisdom: 5 | Arcane: 2 | Accuracy: 9
Stamina: 3 | Agility: 6 | Strength: 15 | Control: 11
Marcia Kingsleigh

 RPG+  Who is the masked figure?  Finished 

"By Merlin's blood red bowler hat!” Parcel thought, with a somber expression on his face. His spell had missed the masked man. It might have missed by a hair's breadth, but it was still a miss. Parcel peered over the aftermath of the first exchange of spells. Finding, to his surprised astonishment, the Hufflepuff prefect down on his hands and knees. Was he hit by a spell? No, Parcel was fairly certain that the masked man had gone after the quidditch girl. Then… then had the boy been on his knees for the whole exchange? Parcel clicked his tongue. For a prefect, that boy seemed to be amazingly useless. However, Parcel did not voice his concerns, thinking that it would do more harm than good, they needed all four, to have a chance against the masked man after all.

While Parcel decided to not loudly complain about the prefect, the quidditch player shared no such reservations. Parcel frowned as she shouted at the boy, “What good will that do? Its not like she can insult him into doing better” he thought. Parcel had a fair share of complaints himself, but he felt like the precious little time they had was better used on trying to come up with solutions for how to keep the four of them alive, so he kept all his complaints in his own head. The masked man was clearly a dangerous opponent, he had taken two spells head on, and dodged a third. While the masked man now was sneezing, he didn’t look damaged other than a few scorch marks on the spot he had stood in a moment earlier. Parcel’s frown was slowly turning into a scowl as he looked at the masked man.
He had poked the mask with his wand, and the mask was now fading of his face. “this is bad” Parcel whispered, more to himself then anyone else. The removing of the mask made their possible outcomes rather limited. It was a win or die scenario now. This was because Parcel was looking at the face of the masked man, and he was sure he would be able to recognize the boy if he saw him again. Because that was what the masked man was, a boy, and Parcel was pretty sure he had seen him before, he had attended classes with the ravenclaws before after all, so it would be weird if he hadn’t seen him one time or another.
The problem with seeing his face was simple, this locked the masked boy into having only one option available, if the boy wanted to stay at Hogwarts that is, and that option was to kill the four students.

Parcel felt himself becoming calm, it was a feeling like his body had turned numb. If Parcel had had more time, then he probably would have been surprised at his own ability to stay calm. This was after all a situation were he very well might die. But even with this possibility in the back of his mind, Parcel didn’t become muddled by fright. No, he could think as clear as ever, maybe he even felt like he functioned better under the pressure of possible death.

As Parcel saw the masked boy fire of another spell, he to shoot into action. Shifting his feet, Parcel lifted his wand in front of the masked man again. Parcel looked like a sword fencer ready to attack as he sprung into action. With a flick of his wand he jumped forward combative. "FLIPENDO!" Parcel shouted. There was no use in being timid in front of this foe.
Spell: Flipendo
Stance: Aggressive +

One day we'll all die, but all other days we won't
sta:3 agi:3 str:5 con:7 acp:5 acc:7 Broom: Comet 260

 RPG+  Who is the masked figure?  Finished 

John looked up from his fallen robes to witness the unveiling of the masked figure. This was it: the big reveal! After being frustrated with getting his butt handed to him by the three other students, Domino finally dropped his mask. Or rather, he made it invisible somehow, as no mask was seen on the ground. His face was revealed: shaggy brown hair over a childish face. He may as well have kept wearing the mask as John still had no idea who this was. His face was also clear of any blemishes, which meant John was way off in his initial conclusions.

Despite his new cherubic appearance, Domino still had animosity towards the other students, particularly Marcia. His next spell was aimed squarely at her: the knockback jinx punched her in the chest. That probably had a lot to do on why she was angry with John. He was doing his best to get into fighting shape, considering he was just strolling the school grounds just moments ago. He wished that offhand comment about Hufflepuffs and finding stuff was true. Perhaps he would have found his wand and joined the fray a little earlier.

Still, maybe she should have spent less time yelling at him and more time not getting hit. Maybe she wouldn’t be such an angry person.

While Marcia was directing her anger at John, the unmasked boy was going to continue to make her his personal punching bag. Parcel and Delilah would continue their assault, but did any of them really have the experience as first year students to win a fight like this? John decided they were going to need more than wands to handle this. He would take Marcia’s advice and do something.

He abandoned the search for his wand and searched inside himself for that muggle strength he grew up with. Invoking his brief knowledge of sports, he adjusted his hands and knee stance into one more associated with track and field. In this crouching position, he would be in the best position to make a run. Looking at the prefect badge pinned onto his shirt, he wondered if this would be his last act in his brief time in this magical world. No time to lament the dead just yet though. John refocused and used his long legs to make a run across the battlefield.

While Domino was focused on those with wands, John charged across the field. He kept low to avoid getting hit by spells from his allies or the unmasked boy. He kept going, aiming to directly slam into Domino’s lower body. The boy hoped the foe would be swept off his feet, putting a stop to the duel before anyone was killed. If successful, John would do his best to keep Domino down.
Stance: Aggressive?
Action: Physically tackling Domino/Ben to the ground.

John Johns

 RPG+  Who is the masked figure?  Finished 

Delilah watched as the green rings shot towards the figure, making him sneeze uncontrollably, the gryffindors spell was dodged and the Hufflepuff was too busy scrambling on the floor to do anything, resulting with some yelling from the other girl. Now the masked man was revealed, he looked familiar. Was he not Ravenclaw Prefect at one point? What was his name? It was something like Ben I think. Delilah had never spoken to him personally but she had seen him around.

She couldn't feel anything but anger, wanting to 'end them' when they were in the same year, thinking he was superior to the four of them, Delilah had assumed he was in a higher year, looking down on them like children, turns out Delilah was only just a few days younger than him, their birthdays being 8 days apart. 

Before Delilah could even react, the Hufflepuff boy who's name she didn't care to remember charged at the boy rugby style. Hopefully that was gonna actually help more than hurt the group of four. Delilah waited a while, keeping her wand pointed at the traitor of sorts, he had attacked the Slytherin girl, and the young Ravenclaw was having none of it.

She paused for a moment, before pointing her wand at Ben's arm, moving her wand in a flame like movement before yelling, "Incendio!" And she could do nothing but hope that the Hufflepuff didn't get in the way and end up getting hurt.

Delilah wasn't sure if it was from fear or anger, but there was adrenaline pumping through her veins, she wished she knew a spell that could protect Marcia, while the boys attacked, but she didn't, so she had to stick with the offensive. The Ravenclaw allowed herself to look towards the other girl, she saw that she wasn't doing so good, a little wobbly. 

She hoped that the Hufflepuff attempting to knock Ben off of his feet would succeed before he managed to hit Marcia again, while also hoping that her and the gryffindors spells didn't hit him instead of Ben, it was sort of like a 50/50 as to whether it was a good thing or a bad thing that he ran at him. She was hoping for a lot of things, but the main one being that everything would go well.

Meanwhile Delilah couldn't help but think about her Granny, would she be proud of her for defending her and some other people she didn't know? Or would she be disappointed that she was attacking somebody who had done her no physical harm as of yet. One thing was for certain though, once Delilah hopefully got out of this alive, her Granny would be recieving a very long owl.
Stance: Offensive
Action: Cast incendio, aiming for Ben's arm

 RPG+  Who is the masked figure?  Finished 

Fool... You'll ruin everything! Nevermind attacking them, now! Get away! Get away before they--

As a flurry of spells flew, so too did the young Hufflepuff boy, having finally abandoned his desperate search for his wand. Several things happened, at that moment. The first, a shower of Red Sparks, which successfully managed to knock the mask the remainder of the way from Ben's face, sending it flying off into the grass. The second, Flipendo, well-placed and exercised with all manner of authority, hitting John Johns in the back, turning his tackle into something more akin to a move one might see in a stylized Martial Arts film (though considerably less coordinated). And the third, the eruption of fire from Delilah's wand, which instead of striking Ben, struck just over his and John's heads, igniting the dry Quidditch pitch like hay in a barn.

On his back, staring up into the sky with an odd expression, the unmasked boy seemed altogether dazed for a second or two. But as breath returned to his lungs, he thrust his hands at John Johns, to roll the other boy off of him, and shoved back, clawing grass with his hands, he stared, gaping, at the quartet of students, "Wh... what... Who..."

Fear was his mask now, as color leached from his skin, leaving him pale and shaken. Suddenly, scrambling to his feet, his eyes darted between the four, wider and wider, until they seemed as if they might pop out entirely. "Have I just been attacked!?" He asked, his voice quivering. Memory seemed to fail him. No matter how desperately he grasped for it, it slipped only further and further away, until it was as though he could scarcely recall anything that had happened... Months, faded from his mind, vanished.

He stammered, fighting for words, then all at once, turned to see the flames that rose hot and red, black smoke curling swiftly into the air. With a strangled cry of panic, he turned and did the only thing he could think to do. He ran. Ran from the Pitch and towards the forest… Ran from the students, from the fire... and from the mask.

Marcia's spell his the mask - which is now lying abandoned in the field.

Paracelsus's spell hit John Johns (mid-run), sending him careening into Ben.

Delilah's spell missed Ben/John and hit the field, igniting the grass.

Ben, appearing to have no recollection of his actions, has fled towards the forest.

 RPG+  Who is the masked figure?  Finished 

From where she stood she could see the Puff boy running up to the angry kid, who now was staring at her furiously and firing a bright light at her direction. Her own spell, the red glowing Periculum, flew at him and the two light almost met each other. As she was twisting her body in hopes of jumping away she saw it flashing at her right eye, vanishing somewhere behind her. She was too slow, she realized, as a ripping sound was followed by hot pain in her shoulder.

She had a curse on the tip of her tongue, but as she was trying to speak, she lost the grip of her wand. It fell with a muffled rustle at her feet and was now barely visible through the wild grass. Her left hand touched her shoulder and found ripped clothes, but also some sticky and warm liquid: blood. "Huuuuuuuu, great," she pressed through gritted teeth, while she avoided to look to closely. She feared what she might would see. 

Before her very eyes she watched as the Puff boy wrestled with the other kid on the ground. Her spell had missed both of them, unfortunately, but at least the Ravenclaw was down. "Get th … hhhh." She tried to speak and pointed with her red fingers at the area beside the boy but she had trouble swallowing. Only now she dared to look at her shoulder and saw her blood soaked clothes and open wound. She couldn't think but just knew, that this was bad. This was entirely different than being hit by a Bludger.

She was losing a lot of blood with every passing second, so she tried to get some pressure at her shoulder, but the wound was larger than her palm, covering not only her shoulder, but parts of her neck as well.

Her vision went blurry and she felt as if she had to throw up. This is not good at all. At this point she fought to keep her eyes open, but lost her feelings in her legs. The taste of iron was back in her mouth and she could also smell the thick scent, making her gag once more. She stumbled and fell back on the somewhat soft grass; nevertheless she let out a pained sob. Her bat was laying a few feet away, and she only now saw that the angry boy was running.

She wished she could feel victorious, but with one last angry glance at the back of the boy, she felt her consciousness slipping away.  

Marcia blacks out

Stamina: 4 | Evasion: 6 | Strength: 9 | Wisdom: 5 | Arcane: 2 | Accuracy: 9
Stamina: 3 | Agility: 6 | Strength: 15 | Control: 11
Marcia Kingsleigh

 RPG+  Who is the masked figure?  Finished 

John felt like he was in slow motion as he charged Domino. He didn’t have that brave Gryffindor spirit to draw from, or so the Sorting Hat told him. Instead, he had to summon the strength and courage of all the action heroes from all the films he had ever seen. A choir sung in his head to champion his cause. At the moment he was halfway to Domino, that action hero spirit hit him.

Specifically, right in the back.

It was like Chuck Norris himself lifted John up and threw him with the force of a torpedo. The boy sailed through the air over some inhuman distance that could only be explained by magic. Just like every action movie, all the special effects accompanied his ascent. Red sparks lit his opponent like a firecracker, sending his face covering to the ground. Streaks of fire zoomed past his head as John finally tackled their opponent to the ground.

“Yeah,” John raised his fist up high, the other hand holding his foe down, “Somebody get me a pizza cutter, ‘cuz I just served up some Domino’s!”

John was never going to get that boy’s moniker right.

In his celebration pose, John forgot that Domino, now Ben, was still fully conscious. John was quickly pushed aside as Ben looked at the others. This boy was very different from the one that donned the mask. Afraid of the emboldened Hogwarts defenders, Ben ran toward the Forbidden Forest to make his escape. John, being a prefect, was the only authority figure around to stop him. He had to at least try.

“Hey, entry into the Forbidden Forest is illegal!” John cried out to the fleeing Ben. “Along with all the other stuff you just did!”

Using his hands to push himself off the ground, one of John’s hands landed on the infamous Maguffin: Ben’s mask. John forgot about the chase and picked up the mask as he rose to his feet. So this was the item that turned a simple boy into the masked nemesis Domino. This is what had the wizarding world in a tizzy. What would John do with such an item? Perhaps he could mount it on the common room wall and tell his harrowing tale to all the first years that would come after him. Of course, he could just turn it in to the nearest professor…but what if he put it on? Find out what made Ben do all those things. That would be right after John did his excellent Bane impressions.

As his hand slipped into the inside of the mask, John’s wonder turned into a wretched scowl. It was drenched with the sweat of defeat and their enemy. It was disgusting! How could anyone sweat so much?!

“Ew gross!” John exclaimed as he tossed the mask like a frisbee. The cursed item flew across the field and into the raging fire. It was the only way to disinfect it of the salty excrement. Who knew if the ashes would still be safe to handle.

Like a true Hufflepuff, John had the sense to flee from the rapidly approaching flames. He ran towards the others and saw that Marcia had finally fallen from her wounds.

“Let’s get outta here!” John told the others as went for one of Marcia’s hands “And help me drag her out of here!”
John shout in victory.
Grabs mask, tosses into fire in disgust
Helps get everyone out

John Johns

 RPG+  Who is the masked figure?  Finished 

“oh, bloody hell!” Parcel exclaimed. His spell didn’t hit the intended target this time either. But this time it wasn’t from a lack of aiming, it came from that Hufflepuff prefect jumping in the way! With an exhausted expression on his face, Parcel looked at the John of all Johns fly through the air, Parcel secretly hoped it would leave a bruise in the morning, perhaps then the baboon wouldn’t jump in front of other’s spells like that again.

Parcel raised an eyebrow in surprise, it did seem to work exceptionally well. John had the masked boy down on the ground in no time, and contrary the feeling of a death match they had earlier, now it just looked like two children scuffing on the ground.

A good Auror knows when to rest, was something Parcel’s grandfather had said, and Parcel guessed that this was no time for rest. Pulling his eyes away from the two boys wrestling on the ground, Parcel started to check on the rest. He checked his surroundings first, it would really suck if more of these masked crazies started emerging, but to his relief Parcel couldn’t see any more of them. Though what he did see, put his mental state back in high alert.

“Shit, that’s blood!” Parcel exclaimed as he looked at the beater girl. Taking a glance back at John and the masked boy Parcel made sure that John had everything under control before he himself ran off to the girl that was now spilling herself out over the field.

“Are-.. Are you okay?” Parcel asked as he came up to the girl. Her expression was glossy, and Parcel didn’t seem to be getting any contact from her. Had she perhaps gone into shock? Would he have to… would he have to punch her back to reality? Parcel glanced down at his own hand as he was making a fist. He had read that if you saved people from drowning you sometimes had to punch them, so they didn’t pull you under in an attempt to stay alive, would Parcel have to punch the girl bleeding out in front of him? Just to get her back to reality…

Before he could make a decision, the girl in front of him started falling backwards. Parcel frantically tried to catch her in the fall, but he didn’t think he was all that successful, because the body landed on the grass with a dull thump.
“No! No! Hello, no, don’t close your eyes! Hey! HEY!” Parcel was fumbling with what to do, he was no doctor, and this was definitively not something he had been training for on his spare time. Parcel pulled his sweater off. His first objective would probably have to be to try and keep what’s supposed to be inside of her from gushing out.

Parcel lost track of the time, it was hard to keep his food down while touching the warm liquid that kept spilling from the wound on the girl’s neck and shoulder. After a time that could be anywhere from a minute to several hours, John came hurrying over.

“Let’s get outta here!” John shouted. Parcel looked up at him in a daze, it took a couple of seconds for his brain to kickstart back up again. Yes! They would definitively have to get out of here!
“And help me drag her out of here!”

Parcel finally nodded to John. “Yes, lets go, we have to drag her up to the school grounds, I think she’s losing to much blood”
Parcel was no doctor, but he thought the girl had become progressively whiter in her complexity. The sweater Parcel was pressing up against the wound was becoming heavier and heavier by the minute, so Parcel’s guess was that the sweater was soaking up more of the blood then actually stopping it.
As john took hold of one of the girls’ arms, so did parcel and he awkwardly started to pull the girl off the field while trying to keep the sweater pressed over her wound at the same time.

One day we'll all die, but all other days we won't
sta:3 agi:3 str:5 con:7 acp:5 acc:7 Broom: Comet 260

 RPG+  Who is the masked figure?  Finished 

The frightened boy fled from the scene of the crime, towards the forest that he was told not to go into. The Prefect had tried to stop him but the Hufflepuff’s voice did not reach Ben’s ears. His body trembled as he ran, trying hard not to look back at his attackers. His pale face, his shaky breath and the drops of cold sweat from his forehead showed how scared he truly was… But alas, none of them could see it… Ben was now on his own. Scared, confused and alone…

The Slytherin’s life force quickly started to fade as the red liquid oozed out of her. The last thing Marcia heard was the voice of the Gryffindor boy fumbling around in panic as he tried to keep her awake. She did not listen to him. The last thing she saw was the back of the fleeing boy as her consciousness faded. She didn't even know that the ‘Puff boy’ she had previously insulted was now taking charge of her rescue, lifting her unconscious body and helping to carry her back to the castle. With John taking one arm, Paracelsus grabbing her other arm and Delilah following behind the trio, the four students hobbled back to the castle as quickly as they could.

Marcia’s life rested in their hands now. Getting her to the hospital wing was the priority now. Her life was in the hands of these boys - which would probably be a cause of worry for her if she were conscious...

They quickly left the pitch, heading back to the castle. None of them looked back. None of them considered putting the fire out. None of them considered finding the lost boy that ran into the forest… They all had only one thing on mind: Marcia’s safety. It was the most important thing now…

The pitch fell quiet as their footsteps faded. The only sound that broke the silence was the sound of grass being scorched. The smell of burning spread through the air. Ben’s sweat filled mask was cast aside in disgust, tossed into the burning grass as though it were nothing.

Soon enough, the small fire faded. There was nothing left behind now… Except a small patch of burnt grass, a small pool of blood where Marcia had fallen, splatters of blood leading back to the castle and one very dry mask, sterile and cleaned of sweat.

The mask was full of dark magic… Did anyone really think a small flame cast by a first year would turn it to crisp? No… the flames weren’t strong enough… The mask just sat there, in the empty grounds… Left there, for anyone to take...