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 RPG+  Who is the masked figure?  Finished 

PV to Paracelsus, Marcia, Delilah, and John Johns
It had been a few months since the masked figure had become his new self. He vaguely remembered what he was like beforehand, but the little bit that was left of him was fading. The masked figure was becoming one with the Master's will and soon would be a simple extension of it. In silence he often wondered if the mask was even required to make him do these things still. A thought like that unnerved him a little, but he knew he likely was too far gone to save. The silence did not come often but he cherished it when he had it. Master filled his mind with thoughts constantly, and he knew his job was not permanent. He also knew what would happen when he no longer proved useful, or if he tried to rebel too hard.

The time for secrecy is almost over.

This latest thought came as a surprise. The masked figure assumed that the Master would be quiet until they had everything in place. Unless... no it wasn't possible that he had acquired everything yet. Master was good but not that good. He was too busy controlling the mask to do much else anyways. His followers were growing now and it was becoming more and more dangerous. The masked figure wondered what breaking the secrecy would mean. Recruitment? Destruction? He was unsure.

Find students who would follow our cause.

The masked figure was curious. Last time he tried to recruit someone they had proved unwilling and untrustworthy. It would be tough to pull someone to their side. Even himself, he required a mask to control his actions. How would anyone join by free will? He struggled to believe it was possible. Master's thoughts pushed against his own and quickly the doubt faded. The masked figure would try to do as required. Random selection seemed best, it was hard to profile anyone into this work.

Hogwarts was filled with students of all types and backgrounds. Muggle-born, half-blood, pure-blood, wizard-born, and other odd mixes all co-existed and all could have varying opinions on the matters at hand. A boy in a mask was hardly a friendly recruiter, but he had no other choice. He would do as requested without direct questioning of said orders. That was the power of the mask in a nutshell. The masked figure boldly left the edges of the forest and found his way to the walls of the castle. Students passed by without noticing him in the shadows at first until the field was nearly empty. A few students had straggled and became alone. Four students for whatever reason had been the slowest to leave the pitch this evening. This would be his audience.

With confidence he strode onto the field and approached the seemingly unconnected group of four students. The masked figure did not care if they saw him coming or were afraid, he would get within speaking distance at the very least. These students had little other choice if they chose to run than to go through him anyways. He did not raise his wand, but it was at his side ready for use at any moment.

"Might I have your attention for a few minutes?" It was stupidly polite, but he loved to mock Master whenever possible. "I have some questions for you, children."

Despite being a child himself, he spoke with the confidence and voice of the Master. These four did not need to know if he was himself much like them. That would come later if they decided to join or if they somehow defeated him. He wondered, in the back of his mind that still was free, if removing the mask would kill him. Either way it felt like liberation.

 RPG+  Who is the masked figure?  Finished 

Marcia stretched her sore limbs, tired from the evening training. She hadn't slept well the past days, since the exams where on their way and she couldn't shake off the feeling to not be prepared at all. Quidditch had eased her mind for a while, but now she couldn't help but think about the exams again.

With a last sigh she had put all their equipment together. She had had to stay behind and tidy up as punishment. One of her Bludgers hat found its way into the audience, so she had now the pleasure of playing the cleaning lady. As it had been her fault that the Bludger had flew this way … ok it had been her fault. Now she had to clean everyone's equipment and tidy it up. At least she didn't have to carry it all the way back to the castle.

It was evening, but the summer heat still hang over the open field, so Marcia had doffed her Quidditch robe and rolled up her sleeves in order to feel some of the faint wind on her damp skin. She would love to get some of her leather gear off her body, but it was easier to wear it till she could undress in her dorm.

One last time she looked at the pile of equipment and was satisfied with what she saw. Finally she shouldered her own bat and turned to fetch her robe, which she had been carelessly thrown at the ground. Only a handful of students were left and she hurried to leave as well, since she really needed something to eat.

She noticed the three other children she didn't recognized leaving the field as well and she wondered, if they had been here to watch them train or if they had enjoyed some of the last sun streams of the day. Maybe they needed distraction as well. Once again her stomach dropped when she the pending exams crossed her mind and she lowered her eyes to watch the grass. She would look into some books after dinner, she told herself nibbling her lip.

When she looked up again, she saw a small figure approaching them. Marcia didn’t see where the figure had came from, but what worried her most, was that the face was hidden behind a strange mask.

Marcia had heard rumors of some guy wearing a mask and roaming the hallways of Hogwarts, but she always had thought some older students were telling them stories to frighten younger children. Masked figures were part of their dark past and they belonged into the history lessons of Professor Cazarez only.

The figure stopped a few steps infront of them, obviously with the intent to talk to them. Marcia raised her eyebrow at him in confusion, but she quickly tensed when she saw the wand casually hanging in his hand. The masked person didn't seem to want to hide the fact, that he was armed.

Marcia had never been threatened like this before and she quickly felt uncomfortable. A bitter lump formed in her throat making it hard to swallow. There was no one left on the field besides the three other students and herself. Her eyes searched for her wand which was safely tucked away in her belt holster, but she didn't draw it yet. Instead she crossed her arms with her Quidditch robe laying over them, and hid her wand behind this improvised curtain of green and silver. Her bat was hanging awkwardly to her side.

Her first impulse was to leave him be and run back to the castle as fast as she could, but he was blocking their way with his presence; a presence that Marcia couldn't quite grasp. He wasn't bigger than them, although he was taller than Marcia, like almost everyone else as well. He was no adult, so one could think he wore that outfit to perform a cheap joke on them, but somehow Marcia felt a shiver while she looked at him and the mask. Something wasn't right.

"Questions?" she said more mocking than she had wanted to. "I'm not allowed to talk to strangers, so why won't you take off the mask and introduce yourself?" She pretended that she didn't notice his bluntly presented wand, ignoring her own hearbeat in her ears, and instead hoped that one of the other three knew who was speaking here. Her eyes went to them, back to the figure and up to the castle, where no one could be seen. They were alone.  
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 RPG+  Who is the masked figure?  Finished 

Delilah had been watching the Slytherin training from the stands as one of her friends was on the team and she had wanted to watch, so the very short Ravenclaw was there to do just that. Once the training had finished she made her way down off of the stands, being careful not to trip because she was quite clumsy as she made her way down the wooden stairs.

It was quite warm for it being the Scottish Highlands, not hot enough to be sweaty but enough to be conscious of it and complain about it to all of your friends, Delilah didn't have her robes on but she did have the uniform on, conveniently her skirt had a handy little pocket to put her wand in, so that's where it was, one of her dorm mates had done it for her because she knew how to sew, although the Ravenclaw felt it was a little bit sketchy to let an 11 year old, although she was 12 now, sort of 'deface' her uniform, even though it was significantly more convienient.

She caught up with her friend and smiled, "You did great, I mean I don't know much about quidditch but it looked cool!" She laughed, out of the corner of her eye she saw a person who looked about the same age as her, although she could be wrong, he just seemed the average height for her year, but then again Delilah was about the height of a 9 or 10 year old so he could have been older. She argued with herself as to how old this person was based on height, she just noticed he was wearing a strange looking mask.

It was sort of wooden looking but not too detailed, but she couldn't see very well from that distance, "I'll catch up with you." She said, waving her friend off as she looked at the figure, he looked sketchier than anything Delilah had ever seen in her very sheltered upbringing, although this sheltered upbringing wasn't on purpose, it just kinda came with the location of a funny village in a valley that was even further north of Hogwarts, unseen, barely findable.

As her friend left she kept looking at the figure, they didn't seem to notice her looking at them so it seemed fine, until they started walking towards her and three other people in her year, one of which was actually training with her friend before. Delilah quickly looked away and pretended she was looking at something else, not the extremely dodgy looking person.

Then the person started talking, he sounded a lot older and a lot more sophisticated, and when he called her a child she frowned, Delilah was one of the oldest first years, despite also being one of, if not the shortest. She looked over to the Slytherin girl as she spoke about not being allowed to talk to strangers, as Delilah had never really met anybody outside of hogwarts that her granny had not introduced her to or that her granny didn't know, she was never really told not to talk to strangers. However she did feel strange talking to this sketchy person.

"Yeah, who are you?" She added onto the other girls questions, although the ones she asked were pretty much just asking who he was, so Delilahs was kind of unnecessary.

 RPG+  Who is the masked figure?  Finished 

Parcel used his finger to flick a bit of sleep out of his eye. He was walking away from where the audience had been sitting. Looking around, he saw that nearly everyone had already left the vicinity. Just a handful of students remained.
In his spare time, he liked to roam about the grounds. This day that had brought him to the training pitch. Noticing that there was a practice game on, he had walked over to look at it. And perhaps also to daydream a bit about playing himself. But alas, to watch students training was nothing like the professional games he used to watch with his dad in Montrose, so he had fallen asleep midway through.
He slept all the way through the rest of the game and didn’t wake up until the noise of someone tidying up the field reached his ears.

Parcel pulled up the sleeves on his uniform sweater as he began the walk back to the castle. The weather was nice, not so hot that he would sweat in his uniform, but still hot enough for him to pull his sleeves up without freezing.
The rest of the remaining students seemed to be leaving at the same time, and Parcel ended up walking behind two girls that looked to be around his age.
Though they didn’t get far before a, umm, before a person? Boy perhaps? Or short man? Stopped them. Parcel hadn’t paid him much mind at first, because you get used to seeing a couple of weirdos when you have been to Hogwarts for some time. This boy seemed to be different though. Maybe it was the wand he was flaunting in his hand? Or perhaps how he walked?? It could be how he was dressed.
"Might I have your attention for a few minutes?... I have some questions for you, children."
Or it could be the way he talked? Or perhaps the very unnerving mask he was wearing… Yeah, it was probably a good mix of them all, but the kid was definitively unsettling. There might exists a person in this world that could pull of a… a mask… but the kid in front of Parcel was not one of them.

Parcel’s facial expression turned a bit somber. He had homework he still had to do, so whatever questions the masked boy had could surely wait for later. And the mask he was wearing was putting Parcel on edge. He had often heard tales form his grandfather’s days as an Auror and how he was tasked with hunting down dark wizards after the last wizarding war. One of the tools the dark wizards apparently had used to hide their identities was masks. Was this person perhaps playing a trick on them? Did he want to scare them or something? And why did he call them “children”, he was shorter than your average grown up, so he had to be a kid himself, right? Parcel’s nose twitched a little, he already didn’t like the guy.

Parcel would have walked right past and ignored the boy if it wasn’t for the wand he was holding. Was the person going to hurt him if he tried to walk past?
Parcel was wearing his wand on his belt, much like a sword, or maybe more accurate, a pocket knife. It was something he had learned from his grandfather as “the proper way to carry your wand”. Parcel put his hands on his hips as he looked suspiciously at the masked guy, all the while letting his index and middle finger play with the handle of his wand. He might not have drawn his wand yet, but he was ready to do so at a moment’s notice.
"Questions?... I'm not allowed to talk to strangers, so why won't you take off the mask and introduce yourself?"
"Yeah, who are you?"
The girls in front of him was the first to respond to the masked stranger, first the quidditch player, and then the Ravenclaw girl. Parcel’s eyelid twitched a little as he listened to their responses. Were they like… stupid or something? The air had turned tense around them, so Parcel guessed the two girls felt threatened by the masked guy as well. And even with that warning sign the quidditch player had decided to jeer at the kid. And why did they ask him to take the mask off? Isn’t the whole point of a mask to hide the face underneath? Wouldn’t taking it off when someone asked for it be kind of... well, counterproductive?
Clicking his tongue, Parcel walked a bit to the side of the girls, as not to stand right behind them.

“What’s the question?”

He had learned from his grandfather that if you felt threatened then you should play along until you could see an opening to get away or take the opponent down. Parcel didn’t even know if the guy was a threat or just a kid pulling a prank, so the best option was probably to have him ask his questions.
Parcel tried to keep a serene expression as he asked the masked kid. He didn't want to seem afraid, or threatened, by the boy. Especially if it just was someone playing a prank on them. But he still kept his hand on his hip, with some fingers already on his wand, ready to draw it at a moments notice.

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One might wonder why John was on the quidditch field during a slytherin training session. Well, for one, he liked watching people fly around and play air soccer. He had some free time and he happened to have some free time to take in a game. He had trouble keeping up with all the rules, so he was hoping to run into his friend Maisy Dane to help him figure out what was going on. Sadly, she was either in the middle of the crowd (it was pretty crowded for a training session) or she couldn't make it. Judging by her propensity to getting lost, he thought the latter. If only there was some form of wizard gps to navigate the castle halls more easily. Perhaps that was a second year spell, the boy concluded.

The sun was slowly fading as the training session drew to a close. John sat in the stands for a little while longer. The sunsets at Hogwarts were legendary, and the stars were so bright away from the big cities. Whenever there was a chance to see the day end and the sky painted in reds and orange, John would take a break out of his busy schedule to watch it live. Sure, it was a bit warm, but that was nothing shedding a few layers wouldn't solve. He took off his robe and undid his tie to cool himself off a bit. The school uniform always felt a bit stuffy for John and the sun beating on his back didn't help matters.

That was when John realized he was facing the wrong direction.

John grabbed his shed clothing and walked quickly down the stands. He needed to reach the west-facing stands before the sun got too low. As he got onto the field, he heard someone address him. The boy looked around: among the three other students on the field was an enigmatic masked man...no, boy? He was short in stature yet his voice was quite deep. How old, he couldn't say, for the mask hid his identity well. While some of the other students seemed pretty wary of the enigmatic figure's presence, John felt a sunny attitude was what was needed. After all, he knew exactly what was going on.

"No need for questions," John declared to the mask figure. "I know what's going on here. Deep voice, you're trying to hide your face from the world. Probably a little older than us..."

He snapped his fingers and pointed to the masked figure.

"You got that puberty! My dad told me all about. In a couple years, we're all going to be hiding behind masks to cover our hideous faces. Not to worry! I'm John Johns, all the Johns you ever need, all in one John. I just got named prefect, so its my job to get you where you need to go. And I bet you're asking how to get to the med wing. No problem, I'll show you the way!"

John then saw the wand in the figure's hand...and thought that was a good idea.

"Good thinking on the wand! It's gonna get dark real soon. You're gonna want that Lumos spell handy."

John Johns

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Most of the children had a proper response to his presence while the fourth... he had a different response altogether. The masked figure simply stared at John for a moment in utter disbelief. Rumors were spreading like wildfire around Hogwarts. This child must be the most disconnected of them all. He glanced to the other three who seemed to be waiting in fear while the fourth was still blissfully ignorant. After a couple of moments he let out a laugh. It was a strange laugh mixed between his voice disguise and real laughter. The combination of the girl saying he should remove the mask and this Hufflepuff boy being so naive really set him and the Master off into laughter.

"Boy," he said, now composing himself. "We are not going anywhere."

The wand he had been holding at his side came up and pointed directly at John Johns. He didn't cast lumos, or any other spell to the good fortune of the rather defenseless boy. Instead, he simply pointed with it and motioned towards the others briefly. His voice had more anger in it when he spoke once more, focusing mainly on the Hufflepuff Prefect. A tinge of annoyance was also present.

"These others understand, but leave it to a Hufflepuff to be oblivious." Master was basically directly speaking now. "If you don't stop talking nonsense I will remove your tongue."

That was hopefully clear enough to make the boy realize this was not a totally friendly visit. The other three knew what they were up against. The masked figure turned to the group, his wand still up but not directly pointing at anyone specific. His voice calmed down and he would resume the planned script he had been preparing for these students. This would hopefully remain as planned from now on. He didn't want to get into a big fight again.

"My name is Dominum," he said simply, addressing the girls' concern without removing his mask. "My question for you four is simple. Your answers though I expect will determine how the rest of your night goes."

The threat wasn't specific or direct, but he liked it that way. A little fear of the unknown could go a long ways in getting these kids to do as he wished. Master was also hoping to spin the rumor mill a bit more around Hogwarts. Fear was a good emotion to work with and it would make the coming battles easier.

"Do you believe Muggles should know of magic?" It was a simple, direct question that he had asked others before, but his second was a bit more complex and loaded. "Should muggle-born students be sent to Hogwarts at all?"

On the surface the questions were a bit opposite in what they expected. He was curious if they would say what they thought he wanted, or if they would speak the truth. The masked figure watched them closely for attacks as well, but hoped to get genuine answers out of them.

 RPG+  Who is the masked figure?  Finished 

When the figure lifted his wand, Marcia stepped back, although she had nowhere to run. She could have slapped the Hufflepuff boy for being this smug in front of an obvious threat. She couldn't say if it was bluntly stupid of him to mock the figure or if he had a bigger plan up his sleeves. For all their wellbeing she hoped it was the latter.

Marcia could still hear the rambling roar of the creature, which didn't seem to be from this world. There were two voices echoing through the air, when he had made a sound noone would call a laugh. She tensed, her mouth still dry and sticky, as she tried to understand what he had just said. “Your answers though I expect will determine how the rest of your night goes.” Cold sweat was damping her neck and her hands, making her bat all slippery. Although it was evening and most of the heat had gone by now, she felt as if she was boiling from the inside. This was no joke, this was serious. Once again she looked behind the figure, up to the castle, but the grounds were deserted.

Stay calm, don't panic. Breath. Control.

She closed her eyes, but only for a heartbeat since she wasn't comfortable letting him out of her sight for too long. The moment he had revealed himself and his intention something clicked inside her, making her calmer. Now she knew what he was here for, what situation they were in. He spoke of Muggleborns and of the secrecy of magic. Oh what an old tale. A tale that follows her just because she wore green and silver.

She remembered how her brother had joked about her being a Slytherin, that she hopefully wouldn't forget that he was her brother, despite being a Half-Blood. Even her own father had remarked that she hopefully wouldn’t turn on him. They were all meant as jokes, and she had forced a smile, and yet it had hurt her to hear her own family talk that way. She was still the same, the Slytherin crest wouldn't change that.

Still, the crest was a symbol for all that is bad, and people like him asking the same questions over and over again were the reason why she still had the feeling she had to lower her gaze in shame everytime someone mentioned the old pure-blood ideology. It made her sick to the stomach.

Even now she couldn't help but wonder if the other three students were looking at her, half expecting she would agree with him, just because she was a Slytherin and they were not. A faint smile formed around her lips, but her smile didn't reach her eyes.

Her mind was racing, thinking about all the options she - they - had. She knew a few spells, but she doubted that a bunch of first years could defeat that thing. After she has heard him laugh she was sure, that he wasn't human an all. They may not defeat him, but they could defend themselves long enough, hopefully.

Dominum, huh,” she said with as much confidence as she could, stretching the name. She knew what this name meant, her Latin was good enough and this was basics. One didn't learn spells without at least some knowledge of Latin after all. Although she wasn't comfortable to call someone Lord or Master, no matter the language, she nodded and decided to go along with it for the time being. “At least you had the courtesy to introduce yourself, thank you. Marcia Kingsleigh is my name.” She opened her stance and bowed slightly, the way she knew pure-bloods liked to greet each other. It was the only thing she knew about traditions. “Time will tell if it a pleasure to meet you.

While she had bowed she had reached for her wand and instantly felt a little safer feeling it between her fingers. She didn't put it up, for now she still wanted to talk. While they talked, they could think of a way out; they could think of something.

A simple question, mh. I would love to give you a simple answer to your simple question, but I hope you can forgive me when I can’t just say yes or no,” she finally responded, stepping slightly to the right. While she thought about him talking about the secrecy and Muggleborns, she could feel her anger rising and she now had the courage to answer.

I would lie if I would say that I never have dreamed about revealing magic to Muggles. It would make everything so much easier.” She spoke the truth, so her words came out honest and without a hint of mocking. “I know how it’s like to hide from Muggles, fearing to accidentally reveal myself, but revealing ourselves would destroy us all, unless you can proof otherwise. How are we supposed to defend ourselves from billions of people.” It wasn't a question, Marcia was fairly sure that the figure didn't like to get asked questions. No, it was a stetement, since she knew there was no magic big enough to defeat the whole world.

Marcia once again took a step to the right, widening the gap between the other three students and her. “Regarding Muggleborns,” she continued now a little colder, ”we have no other choice than letting them visit magical schools. They do have a magical talent after all, no matter what anyone might think of it. If they wouldn't have the chance to learn how to control it, they would jeopardize us all, simple as that. And let's not fool ourselves, it doesn't stop with Muggleborns. Half-Bloods have as much ties to the Muggles as any Muggleborn. I should know.”

With a glance to the side she tightened her grasp around her wand. She had thrown on her Quidditch robe again presenting her crest on her chest. The bat lying at her feet. She intended to keep the figure occupied as long as possible. “You see, I live with Muggles, but my mother is a MacCurthais, you may have heard of them.” She made sure to speak with a thick Scottish accent, that she usually tried to hide. She doubted that he knew anyone from her magical family, but she was afraid what could follow once they stopped talking.

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Parcel felt like a ton of bricks had hit him as he listened to the Hufflepuff prefect talk [John Johns]. Was this boy for real? Was he that confident in his own ability and thought he could take down the masked guy with his confusing wit, or was he as good at reading situational ques as a dung beetle? And how had he become a prefect, wasn’t it the best and brightest that was made prefect? Wouldn’t being able to read a situation be like… like a requirement for being made prefect? And why was it always the Hufflepuff prefects that were the weird ones?

Parcel’s daze was short lived. He shut his mouth, which he had forgot to close as he listened to John, and tensed as the masked man pointed his wand at them. Parcel could at least discern from the masked man’s actions that he was the real deal and not a kid pranking them. Parcel griped the handle of his wand without drawing it. He wasn’t sure how much resistance he could be able to dash out if it ended in a confrontation, but he wanted to be able to flick out his wand at a moment’s notice.
What would be the best course of action in a situation like this? Well, probably to buy more time, or to lower the mask man’s guard. But how to stall? He could probably buy more time by keeping the conversation going, answering his questions and see where that gets him. But the prefect seems to be the biggest wildcard to Parcel’s plans, the boy had already turned the mask man’s mood sour, and Parcel would really like to avoid taking part in any tongue removal.

Maybe firing a Periculum or Verdimillious spell would do the trick. If he got it high enough then it would be bound to be seen by someone in the castle. But if he do that then he and the other kids will most likely have to fight the masked man until a professor arrives, and Parcel couldn’t even guarantee that a professor would show up. No, the best tactic was still probably to keep the conversation going.
"My name is Dominum,.. My question for you four is simple. Your answers though I expect will determine how the rest of your night goes."
Parcel could feel his eyelid twitch at the masked man’s words. The hair in the back of his neck was standing on its own from the tense atmosphere. Was this some sort of test? And if he failed then the masked man would… hurt him? Or? He gritted his teeth a bit as he tried to press his uneasiness down. This was a situation Parcel felt could turn bad fast, and he would like to keep a clear head and not let fear cloud his judgement.
"Do you believe Muggles should know of magic?... Should muggle-born students be sent to Hogwarts at all?"
As the masked man asked his questions, Parcel was about to answer at once. He opened his mouth but stopped himself just before a sound would come out. What was his answer to the questions? No and Yes, that was the most obvious answers. He had been raised in a family that didn’t look down on muggle-born wizards and witches, so of course Parcel believed that muggle-born students should be allowed to attend Hogwarts too. That was the easy question, blood was red no matter if it was muggle blood or pure blood.
But what of his first question? “Do you believe Muggles should know of magic?”. Parcel’s father works for the Muggle Liaison office with the dividing of the magical and muggle worlds. Wouldn’t his answer therefore be that muggles should stay oblivious to the wizarding world? But the question was harder to answer then he thought. How much could a 11-year-old really know about the workings of the world? Was there merit to the secrecy or was it only demerits? Which side outweighed the other? Who was stronger, the quantity of the muggle world or the quality of the wizarding world? Would they be able to live in peace or would one side try to dominate the other? And which side was the masked man on? For wizards or against? Did he want a utopia for all? A wizard dominated society where they could treat muggles as slaves? Or perhaps a society where muggles exploited magic to further their own agenda, were wizards would be slaves?

Parcel tried to come up with his answers as the quidditch girl gave the masked man her own. He wasn’t sure if he was supposed to blurt out his answers or if they had to answer in turn, but Parcel thought the latter sounded most polite, and he wouldn’t want to agitate the man more than necessary.
With a somber expression, Parcel waited for the quidditch girl to be done. When she stopped talking he himself took the opportunity to give his answers. Lifting up the hand that he didn’t use to grip his wand, Parcel held up one finger.

“My answer to your first question would truthfully have to be, I don’t know. But if you force an answer from me then I will have to go with a no.” Parcel didn’t want to elaborate much on his answers, even though he was trying to stall for time he still felt uncomfortable talking to the masked enigma in front of him. He lifted up another finger as he answered the second question. “As for your second question, I say yes, if someone can do magic then they deserve to be sent to Hogwarts, blood has nothing to do with it, blood has the same scarlet color no matter if from a pure-blood vein or a muggle-born vein.”

Parcel breathed in an extra-large lung of air as the last answer left his mouth. He might have given the masked man answers he wasn’t going to like, but at least it was honest answers.

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That was the weirdest laugh John had ever heard. It was like there were two people behind that mask. It wasn’t particularly nice to point those things out, so John didn’t say anything. While some may have been terrified of the mannerisms of the masked man, John was wondering how two people could have fit beneath those robes. He didn’t wonder for long: what the masked kid did next took the laugh out of John’s mind.

Not only did the stranger (strangers?) refuse to go to the medical wing, he then pointed his wand at John. That escalated quickly! It was also a big no-no at the school, especially at a prefect. In reaction, John dropped the robes he was carrying (which also happened to contain his wand) to raise his hands.

“Hey, I’m just offering a helping hand,” John pleaded, very confused as to what was going on here. Everyone else seemed to be more afraid of this masked kid, who revealed himself as Dominum…or Domino. John wasn’t really sure. Despite his rough attitude, All Domino really wanted for them to answer a couple questions…and their night might be ruined if they answered wrong. John briefly glanced at the others, a look of general confusion over his face. Who was this guy? This was all very new to him.

Apparently, his questions had nothing to do with finding the medical wing at all. They involved things like muggles and muggle-born. They were terms John was much more familiar with now that he had been at the school for a while. Why they were being asked these questions in a random field, he didn’t understand. Despite initial reservations about the creepy poll-taker, two of the students decided to answer anyways. The girl, Marcia, introduced herself, even going so far as to bow to the stranger. John was always a big believer of “killin’ ‘em with kindness”, so it was nice to see someone putting the phrase into practice. She even had thought out answers. John didn’t quite agree with her on billions of people descending upon the wizard world in wanton destruction. Having grown up in that world, the boy believed in the general good in people. Sure, there were some bad apples, but everyone? The boy, Parcel, had similar sentiments. Luckily, both agreed that Muggleborns should be allowed to attend Hogwarts. This boded well for John, a Muggleborn. He never came across anyone who was against him being at school, so that didn’t surprise him.

It seemed to be John’s turn to answer. At first, he didn’t want to answer. Domino did threaten to remove his tongue; that didn’t exactly compel him to cooperate. The courage of his fellow students convinced him to play along in the hopes that he could get back to what he was doing.

“Well, it doesn’t really matter what anyone thinks on people, er, Muggles, and magic,” John declared. “My parents always said: secrets can be kept awhile, but not forever. And they know about all of this now, like lots of other parents. I think lots of Muggles already know about magic; the rest will figure it out one day.”

“Also, I’m Muggleborn, so…”

John ended his answer with a shrug, figuring his self-identity would suffice for the second question. Whether those answers would satisfy Domino remained to be seen.

John Johns

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This masked boy seemed weird to say the very least. Delilah hadn't actually heard the rumours, since she spends most of her time in the library and she isn't one for 'gossip' as such, when he pulled out his wand at the Hufflepuff, weirdly named John Johns, Delilah instinctively put her hand in that makeshift pocket that her wand was in, but didn't pull it out. Then she remembered he was prefect along with Serena, she had heard that much. 

Delilah stayed quiet as the others spoke, a little nervous, thinking of all the spells she knew just in case she needed them, he would prefer to kick him, but that went badly last time that happened so she would have to resort to spells. Then he had asked the question about the muggles and the muggleborns, and she just listened to everybodies answers.

"Umm...well if too many muggles knew about magic that could go wrong quite quickly I think." She said, her voice a little shaky despite her confident sounding Scottish accent, although it was emphasis on confident sounding, she wasn't confident at all.

 She didn't really know what to say to the muggle-born question, she was a muggleborn, but she was a little worried that if she said that then the masked figure would attack her, he didn't seem overly fond of people like her and John. "Of course muggle-borns should be sent to Hogwarts, they are no different to pure-bloods or half-bloods, just because they don't have a magical family doesn't change the fact that they have the potential. Also if they aren't trained to use their magical power a lot of things could go wrong, and then magic could be exposed to the Muggle public, and then a lot more issues would appear." She half-rambled, looking at the so called Dominum, a name that sounded familiar, probably because Dominum is a Latin word, and she had researched Latin words for certain homework she had done, so she had probably skimmed over the word while trying to find the etymology of something or other, but she didn't know the meaning.

She looked at her shoes for a moment as she kicked a tiny stone she had stood on that had been on the grass beneath her feet, before looking back up at the masked boy. She had a book she had wanted to read this evening before curfew but going by his words of "- Determine how the rest of your night goes." It didn't sound like they were getting out of this situation any time in the immediate future.

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The first thing that went through the masked figure's mind when the Slytherin girl answered was amazement at how much she could talk. All of these kids had opinions that were slightly different. A tinge of hope filled his heart as he listened, but ultimately the majority were not saying what he wanted to hear. Master only liked one response and even that one was weak. Quietly, the masked figured sighed to himself about what he had to do next. His wand was mostly focused on John Johns but he changed to the Slytherin girl who talked first. Master didn't want any of these children for his cause.

"In the spirit of fairness," he started, mostly speaking to Marcia now. "I will allow you to draw your wands before I end you."

A frown was firmly set on the masked figures face now. Not that any of these students would be able to tell what was beyond the mask itself. He was not happy with what he had to do next. Master had not officially given the order yet, but his will was so aligned that the masked figure didn't need orders. It was clear to him what he had to do now.

In case you think about resisting... I order you to kill all four.

It occurred to him that resisting the act was not even on his mind. The masked figure blinked and tried to remember who he was, but it would do nothing. He was compelled to listen and the mask took over his mind before he could think for himself. The Slytherin girl would be his first target. He hated her answer and felt she deserved it more than anyone else in the group. Or was that the Master's thoughts? He couldn't tell the difference and couldn't care right now. A single focus was all he had in the moment.

"Flipendo." He would utter calmly, aiming for the Slytherin once her wand was out.

The masked figure took a defensive stance, knowing attacks would likely come his way now. He would duel all four of them at once if he had to do it that way. One at a time he would end them and leave a nice surprise for whoever got to this field first in the mornings. Perhaps for the creatures at night. The masked figure almost wanted to stay and watch the discovery, but he was getting ahead of himself. Master's excitement was bleeding through. Four on one was perhaps more than he could handle, but the he did feel more powerful than each of them individually.

No mercy. No holding back. Do not run unless you are clearly defeated.
Duel System rules apply. Choose a spell and a stance.

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When the figure lifted his wand once again, Marcia couldn't help but smile. He went completely silent for a few seconds after he had heard everyone's answers, which were all almost the same unsurprisingly. She licked her lip and swallowed her fear. What did he expect to hear when asking Half-Bloods and Muggleborns. That we all would cheer for him? That we all have waited for someone like him? Marcia wondered to herself, what this boy had tried to accomplish with his amateurish approach.

Even when his wand moved over to her, pointing at her chest, she still uphold a smirk. He didn't like what she had to say, and she noticed that he didn't present an answer. Instead, he chose to face her first and now she knew he was nothing but a mere copy of every dark figure that had come before him. Now she saw nothing but a child that didn't know how to react so he started a tantrum.

She didn't want to die, but who would want to really. Nevertheless she felt so angry watching him standing before them, with nothing but some stupid old questions, which were debated ad nauseam till this day, that she forget her caution. His sight made her sick. Talking time was over, and there was still nobody in sight who could help them. 

With one swift move she took a defensive stance and lifted her wand herself. Her fingers clasping the shaft till they went white. She never had dueled someone before, but there was always a first time. "Didn't like what you heard? Shouldn't have asked such stupid questions!" she shouted, her anger ringing in her voice. "Wants to take over the world and rule the Muggles, and has no idea how to do so but just with 'Magic': the answer for everything. What do you want anyway? Followers? Hate to break it to you but next time try to approach them with logic instead of a wand!"

She wished she could cast a Smokescreen Spell, but she was unable to do so. Instead she lowered her wand a bit and stared at the thick grass in front of his feet. Time to improvise. "Incendio!" She knew he would attack her first, and without a Shield Charm  she had to protect herself as best she could. She hoped the Incendio would vaporize the water that would engulf the figure. At least the burning ground right in front of him would surprise him enough to unsettle him. They were three, and he was alone. They could do it if they worked together. Oh Merlin, I sound like a Hufflepuff, she thought, while she still stared at her spell. She was afraid to turn away and look for the others. She didn't like it, but she had to trust them that they would knew what to do. 

Stance: Defensive Stance
Attack: Casts Incendio in hopes to engulf the figure ins smoke and steam.

Stamina: 4 | Evasion: 6 | Strength: 9 | Wisdom: 5 | Arcane: 2 | Accuracy: 9
Stamina: 3 | Agility: 6 | Strength: 15 | Control: 11
Marcia Kingsleigh

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Delilah took a small step back when he lifted his wand again, this time at the Slytherin girl called Marcia, holding her wand tighter before removing it from her pocket. The miniature first year had quite bad logic when it came to people getting hurt, if somebody hurt somebody else, they deserved to get hurt themselves, this logic had landed Delilah in trouble before, and she shouldn't be surprised if it got her in trouble again. It was her Granny that taught her this, her Granny was a wise woman, but sometimes her advice can be a little wonky.

The Ravenclaw raised her wand to point it at the stranger just as he got ready to cast a spell himself, thinking of what spell she could use as quickly as possible. She looked over at Marcia as she yelled at him before looking back at Dominum, that name was still quite ominous to think of. She clicked her tongue, the young girl was usually quite patient but she was already getting tired of this masked person threatening people with his wand, it was only a matter of time until she flew off the handle.

She moved into an offensive stance as she pointed her wand right at the chest of the masked figure, a mildly annoyed look on her face as she half yelled, "Steleus!" Hoping that it would distract the masked man enough for the others to attack, or at least it might give them a chance to get away, but he didn't seem that dangerous at the moment so she doubted running away is a definitive thing that they needed to do. 

It was four against one, in the time he could cast one spell he could have four hurtling towards him. It was unquestionably a disadvantage on his part and an advantage on theirs, they would just have to hope he didn't have any tricks up his sleeve, literally and figuratively. Although, if we are going by how creepy he looks already, he could have a whole bunch of things prepared and the 4 of them wouldn't know until it hit them. But if we are going by sheer power, four is better than one.

"What I don't overly understand is why you are freaking out about something that doesnae make a difference." She looked a little surprised at herself when she said 'doesnae'. For those who don't understand the beautiful language of Scots, it's a word that means 'doesn't'. However Delilah had not actually let many Scottish words slip out since she first came to hogwarts, she tried to filter them out of her talking because she wanted the kids from England or other countries that aren't Scotland to be able to understand her a bit more, although her accent makes that a bit difficult in the first place anyway.

Stance: Offensive
Action: Cast Steleus

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"In the spirit of fairness, I will allow you to draw your wands before I end you."
Parcel’s scowl darkened as he listened to the masked man. Apparently, the masked man didn’t like their answers. Parcel also picked up on the masked man seemingly being especially displeased with the quidditch players answer. It might have been the tone of the masked mans voice that tipped him off, or perhaps it was the fact that he seemed to change his target from the seemingly always obnoxiously jolly Hufflepuff prefect to the very Slytherin sounding quidditch player.
“Well, only a Slytherin would use a situation like this to talk about her family” Parcel thought.

Parcel also thought it might help if he tried to remember how the masked man acted. If the masked guy got away and Parcel was still alive, then whatever info he would get from this situation could help in the capture of the masked man later. Parcel remember his grandfather saying that information was key in battle.

So, the masked man changed his target after their answers. Did that mean that the quidditch players answers was on the entirely wrong side of what the masked man wanted, or was it just her annoying Slytherin'nes that was bothering him. Was both answers wrong or only the one? And which one? Parcel himself had answered no and yes to the questions, the quidditch girl had given a no and a reluctant yes, the Ravenclaw girl gave no and a yes and the Hufflepuff prefect gave a... gave a yes and a yes. Could the masked man be on the opposite side of the question, did he perhaps decide to change his main target because what he was looking for was someone that supported the muggle side?
Parcel had also heard the rumors about the masked man, but perhaps people got to clouded by the old boogieman Voldemort to be able to see that there might be dangers coming from the muggle side? What if the masked man is a person that want to enslave wizards for the muggle good? Parcel wouldn’t find the answers he was looking for now, his only priority right now would have to be staying alive.

Making an annoyed clicking sound with his mouth, Parcel’s grip on his wand tightened as he pulled it loos from its holster. This was a four on one match. The masked man would probably decimate them in a one on one match, but there was a glimmer of hope in a four vs one. If they took turn on who accepted the masked man’s attacks while the three others counterattacked, then perhaps they would be able to take him down.

The spells shoot out almost simultaneously, The attacks from the quidditch player and the Ravenclaw girl, but also the attack from the masked man.
Parcel gritted his teeth as his body tensed up. He made a quick flick with his wand as his feet pulled forward, putting Parcel in a rather aggressive stance. He would have to try and make use of the masked man focusing on someone else to get in a good hit himself
“Flipendo!” shouted Parcel a split second after the two other girls had shouted their incantations. Hopefully, at least two of the spells would hit, if they where lucky, maybe all four.
Spell: Flipendo
Stance: Aggressive+

One day we'll all die, but all other days we won't
sta:3 agi:3 str:5 con:7 acp:5 acc:7 Broom: Comet 260

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It did not escape John that this guy meant business. That wand of his was pointed squarely at him ever since John started talking. Perhaps he was too presumptive about the whole acne thing? Maybe, but the moment everyone had said their answer, Domino took a moment to contemplate. John was hoping that they had finally spoke reason to him and he was currently rethinking his life. Or perhaps he suddenly realized that he was outnumbered and was contemplating an escape plan. That hope faded when Domino turned his wand to Marcia.

They had answered…poorly.

Once the masked kid gave them (particularly Marcia) the first move before “ending them”, John was certain that he would miss the sunset tonight. If he weren’t careful, he’d miss the rest of them as well. The other three students responded by pulling out their wands and taking awesome battle poses. It didn’t take long for the spells to begin flying. The girls were especially talented: they were continuing the conversation as they threw out spells at the villain. John admired the fight on two fronts: make him talk so he can’t say any spells. Brilliant!

Each of them did cool spells. Incendio was a solid choice, for no one likes fire all over them. Flipendo was also great, as getting someone on the ground generally impedes fighting ability. But the most underrated of the spells so far was the sneezing hex. If that landed, the masked man would go into a sneezing fit. Boogers would coat the inside of the mask: the villain would have no choice but to throw off his facial protection in disgust. If nothing else, they’d at least know who was behind this attack. Domino would strike back with his own Flipendo attack, which made John realize that he too should jump in.

Too bad his wand was still in his robes, which were in a messy pile at his feet.

“Crud Crud Crud Crud,” John said quietly as he got on his hands and knees, shuffling through the robes to find his wand. He had brought the oddest things with him: the remembrall, a piece of parchment, and some fruity snacks in case hunger struck. That was in one pocket, but where was the pocket with his wand? Given the intensity of the situation, John had a hard time finding anything. Every fold of his robes looked like a pocket!
Stance: Hands and Knees
Action: Shuffles through robes, looking for wand

John Johns