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Up Up and Away  PV Ami & Amadea   Finished 

Kyden's eyes widen when Ami said she had a phone with her. "Umm well that's against the rules and besides that well with the magical protection charms and stuff it wouldn't even be able to turn on. So I say no to a photo shoot." He eyed Ami for awhile before adding, "You have a serious knack for breaking the rules don't you. It kind is just your forte." He laughed so she knew he was somewhat teasing.

He sighed this day was beginning to turn into a bust again so he was ready to get a move on and explore the outside of the castle to see if he could find any passages ways that could lead him into and out of the castle. He really hoped he could find at least one. It would make all the hours searching for one so much more worth it.

"Well then girls lets head up to the castle and start our search. We haven't got all day anymore its already about lunch time." He looked toward Amadea and smiled. He turned away from the girls and started heading out of the Quidditch Training Pitch and up towards the castle. He wanted to start searching.

Kyden leaves the Training Pitch just ahead of the girls. 

Can one of you guys make a thread on the grounds?

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Up Up and Away  PV Ami & Amadea   Finished 

Amadea could tell Ami was disappointed as her idea was shut down. Amadea wished there was something she could do to reignite everyone's spirits but it seemed as though they were all becoming a little disappointed. Thankfully, the option Kyden had suggested seemed as good as any and all of them seemed excited at the prospect of finding new entrances into the secret passageways. 

As she began to walk, following them, she wondered how she had ended up this way. She was spending the day with these two people she had just met but considered friends and everything was going mostly well. She really hoped the day wouldn't be a bust. She didn't want to ruin the day, so she tried to keep a positive demeanor and attitude, wondering how the others were feeling. She wondered what exciting things they could do afterward to brighten the mood. Maybe finding a secret passageway they had never explored before would cheer them up enough, that is, if they did find another secret passageway. 

Amadea was actually surprised at how much time had passed since they had first met up. It had been morning and now it was already almost lunchtime. It felt as though only minutes had passed, which Amadea felt was a good sign. Time flies when you're having fun, right? "Hopefully we'll find something cool!" Amadea exclaimed following Kyden, turning around to make sure Ami was following them. She was excited to explore with them.

Amadea exits.

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Up Up and Away  PV Ami & Amadea   Finished 

Ami opened and closed her mouth as Kyden shot down her ideas, and bit her cheek as a rant tried its very best to burst forth. Yes, she knew about the enchantments, she'd simply forgotten them in the small moment, but she could also grab her Polaroid, which simply allowed simpler through a lens to puncture film. It was like saying no, we will not allow light to move because you're using a Muggle object. And if that failed to work, as well, Ami did have a wizarding camera, whereupon developing the photograph in Developing Solution, it would turn into a moving picture. In fact, she was pretty sure Developing Solution would work on polaroids as well, but she'd have to bring that up with Professor Valtome later.

So, in short, half of Ami wanted to punch Kyden in the face, and the other was restraining the former half of her. Taking a deep breath, she trudged after the other two, but she wasn't going to let her disappointment spoil their day. She was with Amadea and Kyden! There was nothing better, and no way this day could take a bad turn... unless one of them got hurt. Or died.

But that was totally beside the point. They were going exploring- exploring the inner courtyards and the passageways. There was nothing dangerous about that. "I'm coming," Ami called out softly, bending down to tie her shoe. Standing up again, Ami jogged up a few steps, skipping some in order to catch up with the other two.

Ami leaves the grounds, and thus exits the thread.

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