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A Friendly Match  PV   Finished 

It took two hands to do the job, one to hold the bat and the other for some freedom. His body twisted to his left like a coil as he felt his chest pounding at what he was about to do. Without a moment to spare, Reid's body sprung back to swing the bat against the incoming bludger during his flyby. He felt it collide as he passed, seeing it being sent towards Alan with a grimace on his features. A pang of guilt colored his features as he fondly remembered sharing an orange with the Gryffindor in the hospital wing. 

Nonetheless, it was just a pickup game and he hoped he could win his forgiveness in some way afterwards. Yet he was elated to see that the quaffle managed to land in Phaedra's hands and Paracelus managed to counter the bludger. He couldn't help but cheer "Brilliant work!" at the two of them; this was beyond exhilarating. Their team had the quaffle and now it was a matter of keeping an eye on the person who actually had it, she would be public enemy number one. But still, he couldn't help but be proud of their whole group and forget about all the things that tested his temper. It was safe to say, he was actually having fun. The wind howled in his ears as he dipped down to gain some more speed on his way towards the gathering. 

It was hellishly tiring to try and chase after the bludger, he realized he would never be able to stay still. As he got closer to Phaedra and the rest, the Hufflepuff drew his bat at the sight of the incoming bludger. It made the weirdest noise and he didn't understand why, but it gave him enough reason to look out for it. Reid didn't have time to figure who to choose to send it to, time was of the essence. He might as well make the saying 'what goes around, comes around' a literal truth; the Hufflepuff let a swing fly towards the iron beast in the direction of the owner that dipped.

Action: Protect Phaedra Stavrou from Ami Procoppio's bludger, No Movement, Counterstrike bludger back to Ami Procoppio

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A Friendly Match  PV   Finished 

The bludger had successfully hit Paracelsus, however, it clearly didn’t hit as hard as she expected and the boy barely flinched. She reminded herself to put more strength when she gets her hands on the ball later on. The girl tilted her chin, looking up as the chasers attempted to toss the quaffle to another. As the ball was in mid flight, a ravenblack haired girl zoomed across, snatching the quaffle. It was a team 2 chaser.
Oh, no you don’t,” Aurelia growled. She steered the broom in the girl’s direction, but as she’s did, she saw a bludger flying towards her. Instinctively, she tilted to the side attempting to dodge the ruthless ball.

Godverdomme!” The girl yelped as pain reverberated in her spine. The bludger had hit her hard in the back and she swore she’s heard it snap. For that one moment, Aurelia regretted having organised the game. She’s winced as her arm reached across to rub her back, hoping to ease the throbbing pain. The brunette glanced around, trying to catch the culprit that had just threw the bludger. It was obvious that the boy she’s aimed her bludger at had sought for revenge.
Should we get her?
a voice called. She looked down, it was Ami, she hadn’t her finger pointed at Phaedra. The girl was making her way to the hoops. Aurelia wondered how she managed to cover such a distance in few seconds. Ami swung her bat and a bludger soared through the air, directing towards the victim. But just then, someone flew between the bludger and the girl.

Her brown hair flew behind her as she moved toward some the nearest bludger. THWACK! The bludger flew towards the boy who was infront of Phaedra.

ACTION: Hit Bludger towards REID KOVACS
ACTION: Dodge incase

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A Friendly Match  PV   Finished 

Andy's dart to the hoops hadn't done her much good. It took her longer than she would have liked to admit before she realized the quaffle had never even entered her possession. She was still steaming over this when a teammate (Phaedra, or something similar sounding ) managed to catch it herself.

'Well' Andy had thought self-deprecatingly, 'At least we are not all failures.'

"HEY!" she called out. "PHAEDRA!"

She hoped that was the girl's name.


True to her word, Andy continued to hover as close to the Ravenclaw girl as she could manage without it being a strategical disadvantage.

At least, until she saw the bludger coming.


Without waiting to see if the bludger was even directed at her, Andy dived right, hoping against hope that she was still close enough to catch the quaffle if the bludger was headed for Phaedra instead. She hadn't even considered the girl was probably the real target.

'She'll be fine'. Andy told herself as a blush of shame rolled onto her cheeks. 'It's every man and woman for themselves out here'

Main Action: Be prepared to catch quaffle. Other actions: Avoid bludgers (dive right)_

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A Friendly Match  PV   Finished 

Pulling sideways on his broom Parcel tried to avoid the incoming bludger. Looking at the cold gray incoming ball it was hard to not lose yourself in the fear of being hit. “Tch, shut it Parcel, you have already decided on what to do!” Making a clicking noise with his tongue Parcel prepared himself. It didn’t take much time for him to realize that he wouldn’t be able to dodge in time, not completely at least. He stretched himself as much as he could to the side without hampering the bat he held ready to strike if he got the chance.

Parcel squinted as the bludger hit him in the chest, right where the shoulder connects to his torso. Twisting himself to the side as the bludger hit made the bludger change direction slightly and bounce off him without doing much damage. Feeling like he survived the danger made him relax a bit before gritting his teeth together. It was not like the hit really hurt that much, but he still felt it, it was definitely going to leave a bruise later.

Not giving himself any more time to idle about Parcel turned his attention back on the bludger that had hit him. “If she is so inclined to shoot me then I will certainly give as good as I get!” While reconfirming his own plan of action Parcel hits the bludger with a mighty TWACK!
Seeing the bludger fly towards Aurelia in a mighty speed almost gave him second thoughts about if he should have targeted her. She even had her back turned towards him “wasn’t that maybe a bit… cowardly of me? Tch! No! its her fault for turning her back to me!” The bludger was already sent and now was not a time to regret his decision, if it turned bad he would just have to apologize later. Hearing the heavy sound of iron hitting flesh made him almost wince, yeah, he would definitively have to apologize later…

At the same time, it made him feel… well, it almost made him feel powerful. Wasn’t it kind of a good feeling to? To actually be quite good at something, it might of course just be beginners luck, but he had gone head to head with both beaters of team 1 and gotten out on top. “That had to count for something, right?” It might just be that both of them were girls tho. Parcel wasn’t sure, but maybe girls just wasn’t as good beaters as boys. There was another boy that was the other beater on his team, and it seemed to go well for him to, so maybe there was something true to it?

While straightening his scarf which had almost fallen down under his nose he started to scan the field. What would his next move be? He wasn’t really sure of what would be a smart move. What would a professional quidditchplayer do? While thinking about what to do he noticed a girl from the other team shoot of in a neckbreaking speed. “But that’s… that’s their seeker isn’t it?... DANG! She found the snitch!?” Coming to his own conclusion he franticly started looking for his own team’s seeker. “Where is that fool!? He needs to move to! If you haven’t seen it, then follow that other bloody seeker until you find it!” Screaming in his own mind as if he hoped he was telepathic Parcel leaned over on his broom and shoot into the crowd of players buzzling about like a crazy hive of wasps.

Parcel could hear someone shouting words of praise but hadn’t time to respond “Brilliant work? We don’t have time for that now! The other seeker is flying about as if her broom is on fire, she has obviously found something!”
Looking for their own seeker he hurriedly shouted out.


Hoping that his seeker would come to his side Parcel continued through the crowd of players and tried to keep on the team 1 seekers tail. All the while keeping his bat close to his body, ready to try and beat back any bludgers that might come to hit him or the boy he was covering.
MAIN ACTION: Protect Charles Moore
REACTIONARY ACTION: Counterstrike if any incoming attack.

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A Friendly Match  PV   Finished 

Phaedra had missed the interception, the Quaffle brushing past her fingers by mere inches and landing into the awaiting arms of Alan. However, just as quickly as the Gryffindor had gained possession he had lost it, the force of a stray Bludger from her Hufflepuff teammate knocking him backwards and causing him to drop the Quaffle. It looked like it hurt like hell but Phaedra didn't pause for a moment, leaning forward on her broom to up her speed and catch the ball securely in her right hand.

Now in possession yet again, Phaedra was determined to hold out for as long as possible and make her way to the goals, the encouraging words of one of her Beaters ("Brilliant work!") reaching her ears and bringing out a smile. Still, she didn't let it get to her head nor distract her, and flying over midfield she hugged the Quaffle closer to her side, eyes focused on the approaching hoops. She had learned her lesson from last time; turning your head to look backwards was an invitation for misfortune. 

Phaedra heard the whistles of not one, but both Bludgers speeding from two directions, and quickly eying to both sides she realized they were aimed for her - why wouldn't they be? Phaedra saw Reid Kovacs position himself between her and Ami's Bludger in an attempt to counter the iron ball, which eased her fear of getting hit by at least one of them. Before she could see if his counterstrike worked, she heard the cries of her fellow Chaser to her right, Andy Graham, who was open and asking for a skip.

Phaedra started to reel her arm back to pass it to the Slytherin girl but the second incoming Bludger caused Andy to dive in precaution to the right and Phaedra tucked the Quaffle back into her side and mirrored the girl's action to the left. Things were getting intense and the Ravenclaw was afraid of her pass not reaching like the previous time - especially now that they moved farther away from each other to dodge - so she fell on the difficult decision of keeping the ball to herself for now. She was certain the girl was capable, but better safe than sorry. Phaedra didn't know where the other team's Chasers were, but when the time called for it she would prioritize another pass to Andy.
Primary action: Grip Quaffle tightly.
Movement action: Move broom to the left to dodge Bludgers. (Attempting to continue on towards goals.)

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A Friendly Match  PV   Finished 

Winifrey's cheeks turned red in embarrassment as one of the boys from her team sped in front of her to counterstrike the bludger. She was grateful that it had not hit her and knew that she would not be making that mistake again. The small brunette was also grateful to the beater, although she did not care to learn or remember his name as her eyes caught the bludger racing towards Aurelia.

Her friend may have not been on her team, but she was still worried for her safety. Winifrey gasped in shock as it slammed into her back, cringing slightly at how much that probably hurt.

Her eyes were then drawn to another one of her team mates, a chaser who currently had the quaffle and was racing towards the other team's goal posts. Winirey smiled, hoping that they would land some points before someone got killed.

Seeing that she could not do anything at the moment, Winifrey stayed near the goal posts, her eyes tracing her team mates' movements. She quickly caught sight of their seekers finding the snitch, making her even more anxious. She gripped her broom a little tighter as she stayed near the goal posts.

Main Action: Stay near Goal Posts
Movement Action: none
Reactionary Action: Protect Goal Posts

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A Friendly Match  PV   Finished 

ERI speeds up, her broom shaking dangerously as she struggles to control the broom, right as she came up to the snitch, it veered up, and she lost her grip, falling off. AMI hits the bludger at PHAEDRA. It is about to hit when REID counters back at her, countering AURELIA’s hit back at her at the same time, while PHAEDRA wobbles dangerously before regaining control.
ANDY waits for a pass that never came. PARACELSUS waits for bludgers that don’t go his direction. And WINIFREY remains steadfast in her sitting there by the goalposts.

Eri -420 (-80) [carried from field, remember to do a parting rp. If everyone agrees the game can be on hold until you recover.]
Ami-120 (20)
Phaedra-possession of quaffle, no movement.
Announcer -370 (30) [carried from field]

The strike did indeed have power behind it, a lot of power. And the girl’s aim was spot-on. She most likely would have dislodged the girl from her broom had it not been for Reid, who somehow got himself in the zone. Perfectly in the zone. His eyes were set and determined, and his broom was cooperating. It was as if the universe was ruled by dice, dice that had perfectly aligned in the best possible way.
At the last second, Reid hit the bluder directly back at Ami, hittiner her square in the chest with a sound that promised a bruise large enough to warrant several days in the hospital wing.
The boy interrupted himself by glancing to the side and noticing the other girl, Aurelia, aiming a bludger at Reid. It was perfect, there was no possible way for him to counterstrike two at once. Well, there was a possibility, but it was a 1 in a hundred chance, practically impossible.
Turning slightly, Reid won out on the one in a hundred chance, causing the young gryffindor announcer to wonder where the hufflepuff bought his rabbit’s feet, and whether or not said store had more in stock.
The counter was not perfect, however. It missed it’s intended target, Aurelia, by a considerable margin, nearly hitting the other beater paracelsus instead.
You could almost hear the russian national anthem as Eri Windstone started to fall, almost in slow motion. A miniature Hindenburg of the quiddich pitch. She had been moving at speeds, dangerously fast speeds. It was something you were taught not to do in flying class, or at least expected not to do. Common sense being as sensible as it usually was. She was aiming for a broken neck or worse when Kaegen shoved the young gryffindor underneath the girl to cushion her fall. He honestly didn’t care, but he was the referee. It was probably his fault if someone died, and that was a hassle.
Both the announcer and Eri had to be carried from the field, and to the hospital wing. He was going to have to find a new announcer.

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A Friendly Match  PV   Finished 

Eri continued to fly fast. She knew it wasn't something that you were supposed to do, but she had to to keep up with the snitch. She still couldn't believe that she could see the snitch still. Her broom started to shake a bit to much for her to control for much longer. Eri tried to keep her broom steady. It was to late for her to slow down. The snitch kept going and she hoped it didn't go any faster. Then suddenly the snitch swerved and she fell off her broom. Plummeting towards the ground at an awful speed.

Eri thought this is how she was going to die. Plummeting off her broom at a deadly height. She should have listened during flying class. This was a mistake she would never do again if she lived. Eri wasn't generally scared of heights, but falling to her death was pretty frightening to a first year or anyone in general. Eri watched as the ground got closer and closer. Maybe she wouldn't die. She didn't want to die. Eri closed her eyes as she saw Kaegen shove the Gryffindor underneath her to help cushion her fall. Eri hit something then the worl went dark.

Eri left the thread. I don't know how I come back, but I would like to. 
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A Friendly Match  PV   Finished 

Frost had zoned out for a while. Just watching things play out. She flew aimlessly trying to help her teammates. 

Phaedra had the quaffle again. People are yelling at Charlie. And she was happy that she didn’t have a beater coming for her.

“Oi! Don’t yell at Charlie! I’m sure he’s doing his best!”  She yells at her teammate. But she did hope Charles would do what he had to do. 

She watches her surroundings closely and zooms around, trying to be as useful as she could.  

At least there’s no bludgers coming after me.

She had to retuck her scarf in again. 

The girl decided to be ready in case anything happened. It seemed like Andy had the same thought. 

“Hey! Phaedra! Andy and I got your back!” She called out, glancing at Andy. 

She flies mainly in the area to the left. 

Frost felt a little weird seeing that Eri, the opposing team’s seeker, fell off of her broom at a deadly speed. Her stomach twisted in a knot as she stared at the girl who Is falling through the air, toward the ground of the pitch.

She landed with Keagan. 

Frost let out a loud breath after witnessing that for the first time. 

She looked to her teammates and saw that some of them were equally shook up by what just happened.
Action: Be ready for the quaffle 
Movement: Fly around for support 
Is the game over since the seeker is gone? Also, sorry for taking so long to reply, I was moving houses.  

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A Friendly Match  PV   Finished 

Ami couldn't help but groan in agony as the bludger hit her square in the chest. Oof, that's gonna leave a bruise... might be a nice excuse to get out of some classes, though. She started to spin, and she knew that she had to land sometime soon to avoid falling off her broom. Really, I shouldn't have kept skipping Flying... Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Eri fall off her broom from about eighty feet up in the air. Okay, that settled it. Landing her broom at a slightly dangerous speed, she dropped the flying contraption and started running towards Eri and the poor Gryffindor announcer. "Eri!" she screamed at the top of her lungs. "Shit, Eri!"

Catching up to the two of them easily, Ami picked up Eri's light frame without much trouble and started off towards the Hospital Wing; damn her own injuries, damn the game, and damn the announcer. To her, right now, the only thing that mattered was that Eri was okay. Stumbling into the castle, Ami began to climb the long flight of stairs that led from the Entrance Hall to the Hospital Wing. It was a bit of a walk, but she didn't mind- not really, anyways.
Action: Run off the field, carrying Eri Windstone to the Hospital Wing.

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A Friendly Match  PV   Finished 

Everything was happening so fast. Parcel almost lost track of it all. Well, he had probably lost track of some of the things going on. He could hear voices from several directions and players flying both under him and above him as he tried to push through the clutter of kids flying around the midfield. All the while hoping the team 2 seeker was following right behind him.

While trying to push through midfield Parcel could feel the hair on his neck raise up. Almost like a sixth sense feeling danger in the air. He turned his head to try and gauge what was happening behind him. Before he even was able to turn all the way around, the bludger passed by his head. Looking at that cold hard grey exterior pass by Parcel couldn’t keep his eyes from almost bulging out of his skull. ‘Where did that come from!?’ He thought he had kept a glance on both beaters from the opposite team, and none of them where shooting at him. By way of elimination the only other bat on the field was from the guy on his own team… “Did that bloody teammate of mine shoot at me!?”

Tightening the grip on the broom Parcel made a tight turn before stopping midair. “What the heck was going on back there?!” In his own surprise Parcel had tuned out that annoying commentator. So he had stopped getting information from all his babbling.
Seeing team 2’s other beater look… “well, is it just me or do he look pretty smug with himself?” Not understanding why the boy seemed so happy, Parcel was about to shout him out for almost hitting him. That’s when he finally noticed that… that it actually was really quiet?... Where was that annoying commentators voice?
Before he could find out, Parcel heard the scream of one of the other team’s beaters. Turning his head to where her attention seemed to be he could see the glorious scene of team 1’s seeker falling from her broom and on top of that irritating commentator.

Was it weird that Parcel wasn’t nervous for the seeker girl? Maybe? While he would feel protective towards his friends, this was a girl he didn’t know. Not one bit, she was a stranger to him. Not only that, but she was on the opposite team, so why would he care about that right now.
Not only that, but he had grown up with Quidditch all his life. And the professional games are a lot worse than this. This is… quite simply put, child’s play. Of course, for Parcel and the rest of the kids it was demanding, and probably scary at times, but is was nothing compared to the moves and tactics he had seen real players preform.

This was perhaps the best moment for Parcel to be wearing the Gryffindor scarf over his face. Why? Well, because then no one could see that huge grin he now had. Someone might understand why he was so happy, but a lot of kids would probably think he was a bully or something. Someone that enjoyed seeing others hurt, which he absolutely didn’t, at least he didn’t think he did. This was just happiness because of the game, the enemy seeker was down! While team 2 still had a seeker. Not only that, but one of the enemy beaters just went down to help her, that means that she’s out to, because she touched the ground!

Perking back into reality Parcel started to franticly look around. This was their chance to really push ahead! To take the lead and really secure a steady footing for a win!


He would have to get his head back in the game too. Leaning down on the broom he pushed ahead to get closer to the Ravenclaw girl with the quaffle. Team 1’s seeker was down, so the new priority one was to get the quaffle to the goalpost.
While flying he noticed the bludger that almost hit him “Well, there is one other thing I can do while I’m at it…”
Hitting the bat as hard as he could at the bludger Parcel tried to send it at the only remaining threat he could see, Aurelia.
The girl seemed like a really nice person, and Parcel would probably enjoy being friends with her. She gave him that firecracker after all. But winning was winning! He would already have to apologize for the last hit, so what was ha hit or two more!
And anyhow, the most dangerous opponent on the field was probably Aurelia right now. That was at least what Parcel thought. If he could get her out of the game, or at least afraid enough that it throws her of her game.
It might sound harsh, but Parcel didn’t think the fun was in playing itself, but in winning. He tried to keep it in check as much as possible, but when push comes to shove, Parcel still was a kid, and he really hates to lose, therefore he has to do what he can to win.

Bracing himself Parcel tighten his grip on the broom again. Thinking Aurelia might go for him right away he made himself ready for the same tactic as last time she sent a bludger his way, dodge and counter.
Main Action: Hurl bludger at Aurelia Bezuidenhout
Movement action: Dodge.
Reactionary Action: Counterstrike if attacked.

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A Friendly Match  PV   Finished 

The bludger the girl had hit towards the Hufflepuff was countered and aimed at her. Aurelia managed to dodge barely, the metal ball had flew past her fortunately and almost hit the guy behind her. It was unfortunate that it hadn’t hit him. The other beater, wasn’t so lucky as the bludger hit her hard. But the strange thing was that, after she recovered, she directed her broom towards the ground, was Ami quitting? Then Aurelia caught sight of a figure propelling towards the ground. Eri. The girl was dropping at such a fast speed that it was possible she would die from such a fall. As she neared the ground, Keagen kicked the gryffindor announcer towards her and she fell on him. Ami then went and dragged them from of the pitch.

Most Hufflepuffs were kind hearted. Aurelia didn’t blame Ami for leaving the game instead, she blamed herself for organising it. What had she expected when she told everyone she’s was going to hold a pick up game? Now that team one was short of a seeker and a beater, it gave the opposing team a great advantage. Aurelia contemplated wether she should call the game off, but she was sure that a few of team two’s members would be upset with her so she decided to let them have their fun and finish the game.

The girl flew towards the nearest bludger and hit it towards the same boy who she had shot a previously. It was up to her to ensure no other team members got hurt. Just as she did, she saw another bludger flying towards her. Instinctively, she held the bat tightly and swung it.

ACTION REACTIONARY: Counterstrike towards Phaedra
ACTION MAIN: hurl bludger towards Reid Kovacs

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A Friendly Match  PV   Finished 

AURELIA swings and missed a bludger, getting hit by REID dealing 120 damage.

Aurelia: -120

Kaegen looked around once. He didn't have an announcer, and didn't feel up to being loud. It wasn't like he ever did.
It didn't make any sense for the game to continue. They would have to reset it, remake the teams or at least find someone to shout at them. Besides, Kaegen was fresh out of kids to use as trampolines. The next time anyone fell, that would be it.
He did find it a little bit entertaining the way that that one girl never paid attention to what was incoming. The way she flew after a bludger headlong and missed it, then attempting to block a second bludger. He didn't exactly know how the first boy had pulled it off. In all honesty she had probably just seen that and assumed she could do the same

It didn't matter to him anyway, the game had lost all interest. There were more interesting things to take up his time, more interesting things than whatever this game was. At this point, it was about to be a massacre. That girl was going to be slaughtered, and then there would be no bludgers on one team, and two amazing ones on the other.

Turning, Kaegen walked away from the pitch.

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A Friendly Match  PV   Finished 

Aurelia was hit again, this time, on her shoulder. She was starting to contemplate if ending the game would be better for everyone. Ami was gone and Eri too. Team two had a huge advantage and she had became a target, being the last beater in Team one. She looked down at the field. Kaegen wasn’t announcing, he probably didn’t want to.

“Hey Kaegen, where are you going? You can’t-” she yelled at him as he turned and left the field. Now it was time she had to call of the game. The players were all scattered across the air field, she had to come up with away to gather them. Chasing them wouldn’t be such a good idea as she would most likely have bludgers shot at her. The girl didn’t want any more nasty bruises.

Expelliarmus,” as the words left her mouth, a bright red ball of light shot up into the air and dispersed in the clouds. It would draw the attention of the fellow players.

“I’m sorry to end the game so abruptly, but our referee has left and team one is without a beater and seeker.” The girl explained. She hoped they wouldn’t get too upset. After all, this wasn’t an official match.

I might organise another game once the seeker has recovered and when I’ve found a new referee, but for now, it would be best if the game were to end.” Spoke Aurelia, loudly enough for everyone to hear. She then directed her broom to the ground. She needed to see if Eri was alright, she had been hit very badly. The girl also needed to tend to her own wounds.

Aurelia leaves thread and goes to the hospital wing. You guys can join me there if you’ve been hit or would like to see Eri.

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