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A Friendly Match  PV   Finished 

This is a pickup game NOT an official match, however, the Quidditch Rules is still abided by. Please read before posting. Also put your stats under Reducio in every post.
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Or put the stats in your signature like how I do.
This is a FRIENDLY match. So no playing dirty. Actions like cheater, blatching and blurting are not allowed.
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Aurelia Notrésvace
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A Friendly Match  PV   Finished 


The teams were selected randomly via some random team generator on google.

Communication is crucial in a match.
Team 1
(chaser)Alan Vanes
(chaser)Benjamin Addington
(chaser)Colette Lancaster
(beater)Ami Procoppio
(beater)Aurelia Bezuidenhout
(seeker)Eri Windstone
(keeper)Marco Jackson
Team 2
(chaser) Phaedra Stavrou
(chaser)Andy Graham
(chaser)Frost Cira
(beater)Paracelsus Adger Myth
(beater)Reid Kovacs
(seeker)Charles Moore
(keeper)Winifrey Golding
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Aurelia Notrésvace
“One can never be too careful,”
STM — 5 | EVA — 12 | STR — 5 | WSD — 9 | ARC — 5 | ACC — 9
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A Friendly Match  PV   Finished 

This was going to be more than a little interesting. He had been somehow employed as the referee and the announcer although he was perhaps one of the quietest boys in ravenclaw, if not in all of hogwarts. Still, he had a plan. He had employed the services of someone else to do the shouting, a first year gryffindor that seemed like he had a decent set of lungs on him. The loud boy shouted out as Kaegen released the snitch into the air.
GO! er, I mean.... BEGIN!
He looked to Kaegen for guidance in what kind of starting word was most appropriate, but Kaegen didn't know either. He honestly wasn't all that worried about rule breaking. If someone grabbed on to someone else he might do something but then again he might not, eyes darting around to look at all the players, trying to find the ones he knew. The player that stuck out the most was the death witch, who had apparently secured a position as a seeker on one of the teams. The opposing seeker was some human he didn't care about. The weather was looking fine, with sun and blue sky. But he did see a grey front on the horizon. The windy rain those clouds promised might never come, but the game would certainly be more interesting if it did.

Remember. I will post again in two days. If you haven't posted by then then tough luck to you, your character spaced out. :laugh:

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A Friendly Match  PV   Finished 

Eri was excited for this match. This would be very fun indeed. Even if it wasn't a real match. She wanted to shout some encouragement to her team so she hovered and cupped her hands around her mouth. "We got this team. Lets show the other team what we are made of." She shouts so everyone on her team can hear her. She looks around trying to spot the snitch. It is really hard to see sometimes. Why they let her be the seeker? Probably cause she asked if she could.

It was going to be a long match. She decided. So she just flew around midfield. Trying to spot the small snitch. Maybe if she could catch sight of it she could find it. Hopefully, but she doubted she would have such luck, but you never know. She might find it in the first ten minutes, but she thought she would probably never find it. Since her luck was just that bad. Eri kept flying around mid field scanning with her eyes for the snitch. She would find it eventually or the other seeker would find it.

1. main action: Scan
2. movement: fly around mid field
3: Reactionary: follow the other seekers reactions

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A Friendly Match  PV   Finished 

Right before coming out onto the field, Ami had skimmed the entire Quidditch Through the Ages book in order to find out just exactly what this air-soccer game was. So she was to be a Beater, wielding a might bat and attacking the fiesty Bludger. How glorious. When Aurelia had asked her to play as a beater on her team, Ami had been both honored and terrified, but somehow allowed herself to be talked into picking up a bat and grabbing a school broom. Now, as she shakily took off (nearly falling off, might I add), she hefted the bat in her hands and flew towards the first Bludger she saw.

Halfway to the Bludger, she chickened out, swerving around in a circle, but then groaned and circled back to the Bludger, give it a light tap with her bat; needless to say, it barely moved an inch. Ami sighed, and readjusting the grip on her bat, thought to herself, Just like baseball. It's just like baseball. And with a mighty thwack!, she slammed her bat into the Bludger, intending for it to go in the other teams' Chasers' general direction. Mentally crossing her fingers, she put all of her effort into this action, praying she'd do some good for the team.
Action: Shakily take off for flight and hit Bludger towards Phaedra Stavrou

A Friendly Match  PV   Finished 

Growing up with as many cousins as Phaedra did, it was difficult not to develop a liking for the famous wizarding sport. Not to mention, her father played for Slytherin during his own school days, so she could only imagine how proud he'd be to receive word that she was considering the sport as well. Once she found out of the friendly scrimmage from a schoolmate, she signed up right away. She couldn't think of there being any better way to bridge the gap between being a spectator and actually making the team than this.

On the training pitch, there Phaedra stood in the midfield, mounted on a school broom and tracing the smooth texture of its handle with the pad of her thumb. She quickly glanced left and right, taking in the faces of her fellow chasers on either side of her - a Hufflepuff girl named Frost and a Slytherin by the name of Andy. Their surnames had escaped her, but Phaedra supposed that didn't matter much in the heat of competition. The girls seemed capable with their physique, and smiling approvingly, Phaedra looked back ahead towards the student referee and fellow Newspaper member, Kaegen. He bent down to release the Snitch, the small golden body whizzing out frantically from its compartment to fly off far in the distance.

Phaedra stood unconcerned with the Snitch; as a Chaser her priority was another ball entirely. Her team was given first bids to the Quaffle and she was chosen to accept it, holding out her hand to receive the throw from Kaegen. At the energetic words of the announcer - some unnamed student with a amplifying device - Phaedra pushed off of the ground into the air, signaling the start of the game.

The first few seconds leaving the midfield were always the most hectic. Being so close to the other team, with the Quaffle at that, made one a huge target, but Phaedra didn't let the pressure deter her. Determined, Phaedra hugged the Quaffle tightly, bringing it closer to her side, and aimed her broom upwards with her right hand so she could reach more height. The school broom wasn't the fastest, but she worked her hardest with what she had to get out of midfield still with the ball.

Once nearing the altitude of the second-tallest goalpost (but only a small way out of midfield), Phaedra leaned weight onto the front of her broom to pick up speed so she could continue forward to the other team's Keeper. She turned her head over her shoulders to make sure there was no one too close on her tail, but the action was ill-advised as when she turned back around there was a quick flash of brown making way towards her for what looked like a near head-on collision.

Thinking quickly, she shouted out "ANDY!" and tossed the Quaffle to the Slytherin girl in hopes that she would catch. If she were hit with the Bludger, Phaedra would rather the ball not be in her own hands. Once the Quaffle was airborne and going to her teammate, she then gripped the handle of the broom with both hands and made a sharp lean towards the right, to hopefully dodge the sneaky attack from Ami Procoppio.

Action: Pass Quaffle towards Andy Graham, then attempt to maneuver away from Ami's Bludger hit just in case.

Phaedra Stavrou
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A Friendly Match  PV   Finished 

Aurelia was suprised that she managed to get the teams together in just two days. Most students yearned to play quidditch, however, the only matches were the official ones and there weren’t any pick up games students could join. The word had spread quickly and many wanted to join the game. Aurelia had never organised a quidditch game, she tried her best to assign them roles that would fit their strengths best.

Aurelia had even called a referee for the match, Kaegen, he was picked because she realised how observant he was. During one of her first adventures, he had noticed a dangerous creature in a bush when neither she or her friend Makena did. He was possibly the best choice she had. Everyone she went to wanted to play and not sit by the fields just watching. The Ravenclaw had hired his own announcer. It was smart for him to do so, he had watchful eyes but wasn’t one with a loud voice.

The people below grew tinier as the broom she sat on brought her higher. Her grip tightened around its wood, she admitted, she was a little frightened. Kaegen released the snitch before the Gryffindor boy announced the start of the match.

Even though Aurelia had organised the game, it was her first quidditch match she ever played. The young girl had took the role of a beater. She was supposed to hit leather balls towards opponents in order to weaken them. The brunette was in team 1. She decided to keep the team names simple as it was easy remembered.

Team 1’s seeker was alread scowering for the snitch. Eri Winstone, if she had remembered correctly. A ball flew past Aurelia, the girl whipped her head in the direction where it was casted. Ami Procoppio, she was chosen as Aurelia thought she could do quite a lot of damage. Aurelia had heard rumours of her breaking a Gryffindor boy’s knee. She was quite astounded that an innocent looking girl like her would be capable in doing such a thing. Aurelia flew towards her, she saw that the ginger seemed abit jittery.
You’re doing great! Don’t worry if you fall, I’d promise I’ll attempt to catch you. Let’s kick some arse!” She encouraged, giving Ami a friendly pat on her shoulder.

Aurelia caught sight of a brown ball. It was another bludger. The cool air brushed her face as she approached it. She had weaved her hair into a braid before the match, if she hadn’t, it would be probably bothering her right now. Her broom floated next to the bludger. She turned her head looking for team 2’s seeker. If the seeker was down, it would put her team at an advantage. Then she saw him. Her bat swing, and the ball soared. Flew upwards immediately after, ensuring that she would be less likely to get hit by an opponent.
ACTION MAIN: Hit Bludger to Charles Moore

ACTION MOVEMENT: Dodge to be safe
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Aurelia Notrésvace
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A Friendly Match  PV   Finished 

Sitting on a broom was still completely new to Andy. So was working in a team.
Honestly, everything about Hogwarts was completely new to Andy, but she would be a damned liar if she said that flying hadn't been the absolute best part of being a wizard thus far.

In the days leading up to the friendly match, Andy was barely seen doing anything besides required classes and flying about on a "borrowed" school broom. The freedom she felt flying through the air... well - it was unparalleled.

And as a bonus: Flying must be the one thing her family left unsoiled. None of them would ever be able to claim they had straddled a dingy old broom as they flew over a magical school. It was really a rather nice thought.

Her enthusiasm about flying did not come without its pitfalls, however.

It wasn't until the night before that Andy had bothered to brush up on the rules of quidditch. After an hour of trying to keep her yes open, Andy had eventually failed and tried to make up for it by swiftly reading through the rules that morning.

All she had to show for it was the following: Catch the ball. Throw the ball. Score some points.

It wasn't terribly helpful, but as the voice of Phaedra Stavrou - a girl she shared certain classes with - caught her ear, it was as if blind instinct kicked in.

Andy shot forward instantly, throwing in a little twirl through the air (just for show) before reaching out to catching the quaffle.

Before even registering the weight of anything in her hands, Andy had shot off toward the goalpost, a determined look on her face.

She would try her best to reach those goalposts, but should she fail, she hoped her teammates would be wide open.
Action: Catch quaffle. If successful, head for the goalposts.

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A Friendly Match  PV   Finished 

Parcel looked over the field in front of him. He tried scoping out the competition on the other team but didn’t feel like he got any wiser from it. Maybe it was because he wasn’t experienced in guessing the level of opposing teams, or maybe it was that he really knew nothing about anyone here… like no one really. He recognized maybe like… two? Perhaps three of the other kids standing around him. Well, he kind of knew Aurelia at least, the girl that invited him to the match, and she was on the opposite team. From their… well, their one conversation really, he figured she was pretty smart, so he would at least be wary of her. However, he probably would do best to be wary of them all, just to be safe.

Breathing out to release some of his own building tension he pulled his Gryffindor scarf properly over his mouth and nose. Even though the weather was nice right now, he had noticed some bad clouds in the distance and therefore tried to prepare properly. He had tied his scarf around his face and neck and was wearing a black windbreaker over his usual uniform sweater. He had also folded the bottom of his pant legs into his socks to try and avoid getting air up his pants and.. wherever… He really didn’t like feeling to much air on the inside of his clothes. It really wasn’t “the feeling as if you float on a cloud” like his father said but was more like being gently caressed by mother nature… to gently to Parcels liking at least. He was also wearing a pair of black gloves, not to thick and not to thin, just right to not be to hot if the good weather persisted, but thick enough to keep his fingers warm if he had to wave around his bat in the rain if need be.

He also took a look at the team he himself was on. He didn’t really know anyone there either, he did notice maybe a couple of them, but hadn’t gotten anyone’s names yet. They all seemed capable though, so he had a firm belief in that they could be able to win. He was eager to start the game and was standing in a position ready to take of at once. He also tried thinking of the best tactic for him in the start of the game. Would it be to just attack headfirst, shoot Bludgers left and right and hope for the best? Or perhaps to be a bit more reserved?
Parcel didn’t have time to come up with an answer before he heard the commentator shout for the match to begin.

Shooting up in the air he decided to start by following the chasers, after all, it seemed like the team he was on, Team 2, was starting with the Quaffle. So, there was a high likelihood of one of the opposing beaters sending a Bludger their way.

Following after Team 2’s Ravenclaw chaser, Parcel tried to only keep his eyes on the Ravenclaw girl and her immediate surroundings. She looked behind herself and Parcel made eye contact with her for a split second before his eyes widened a bit, there was a Bludger coming straight for her!

Parcel leaned down on his school broom and tried getting in front of his teammate. He could feel his short hair 'try' to wave in the wind. He could also feel the wind on what little of his skin that was being exposed. Having the scarf take up most of his face and his hair covering most of his head, all the skin that was exposed was right around his eyes, forehead and the tippy top of his ears.

He dipped right underneath the Ravenclaw girl as she threw the Quaffle to another of the chasers on our team. When the girl pulled right, Parcel got just enough room to pull his broom up and take position in the space right in front of the girl. He braced himself in an attempt to protect his teammate and used his bat to send the Bludger back in the direction it came from.
Main Action: Protect Phaedra Stavrou
Secondary Action/Reaction: Counterstrike (and try to send the Bludger back at Ami Procoppio)

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A Friendly Match  PV   Finished 

"Quidditch... Quidditch," Charles muttered to himself. The boy remembered playing for a soccer team once. Well, play is sort of the wrong word, he was a substitute for a position he couldn't remember. There were a lot of new and weird things at Hogwarts, some of them Charles was very fond of like the magical creatures or Herbology classes, and there were some that he wasn't quite sure about. Flying through the air on a broomstick was something he was uncertain about, but the team needed a Seeker (Charles read about those just before he got to the training pitch.). Even though Aurelia was on the opposing team she was helpful with Charles' questions. “Quidditch...” Charles muttered again. Such an odd word. Charles wondered on who could've come up with such a silly word for the game when a Gryffindor shouted, which marked the start of the game.

As soon as the game began, Charles had a horrifying realization I've never flown on a broomstick before! Flying class taught him how to float on one, gave him tips on balance and grip but he never actually flown before. As Charles came back from his head he also had another horrifying realization. Blimey I'm flying! The broomstick took flight and Charles with it, the young wizard's breathing became quick and shallow. Fear gripped his heart and spread a cold over his body. Charles wanted to close his eyes and never open them until he was safe on the earth. However the boy didn't close his eyes, in fact they seemed to be moving of their own accord, searching for that little glint of gold. Charles calmed his thoughts, he wasn't prone to the extremities of emotions like fear or anger, not even sadness. The boy did have determination, and he wasn't going to let his team down. Forget about that fear, push it down. The only thing I have to worry about is the Snitch. Charles scanned the pitch for the little golden ball. All I have to worry about is the Snitch, played in his mind like a broken record until he saw a Bludger heading straight at him, and that!

Main Action: Scan for the Snitch!
Movement Action: Evasive Maneuvers!

Stamina: 7 Agility: 5 Strength: 3
Control: 6 ArcPower: 6 Accuracy: 3

A Friendly Match  PV   Finished 

Take off had been a little shaky, but eventually the small brunette was able to get in the air with the rest of the players. As she watched them begin to play, she suddenly wondered to herself what exactly she had gotten herself into. They were flying around, some hitting the bludger as beaters and others passing the quaffle to each other as chasers. It had all been a little confusing for Winifrey, who had no experience with this whatsoever. So, after Aurelia had so kindly explained the game to her, Winirey had asked to be put wherever she was needed. And quite frankly, she was glad she was put in the easier position.

In fact, Aurelia was the only person she actually recognized and the fellow Gryffindor was not even on her team. She did not recognize any of the other faces as she stayed floating near the goal posts that she was meant to be protecting. If she was seeing correctly, there was some bludger activity happening along with her team heading towards their opponents goal posts with the quaffle.

Winifrey decided to search the area for the golden snitch while the others played.

Main Action: Seek
Movement Action: Stay near goal posts
Reactionary Action: none at the moment

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A Friendly Match  PV   Finished 

Frost smirks as she hops onto the school broom. She didn’t have her own, so this will do for now. She had never played quidditch before now. 

She has read some books about the sport and has flown a total of two times. She hoped she had enough knowledge to last her.

She runs her hand along the the broom’s handle. She feels the smoothness of the dark wood.

Frost hovers in the air and secures herself and makes sure she’s steady. Slowly, she ascends higher into the air.

The girl takes her position on the left side of Phaedra and grips the broomstick, ready to move. She smirks and cracks her knuckles. The Hufflepuff girl always had a competitive side.

The referee, Kaegan Deathmote, signaled the beginning of the game. 

Frost smiles as she sees him toss the quaffle to Phaedra.  He releases the small golden ball, the snitch. It zooms by so quickly, it just looked like a flash of gold. 

The beaters of the other team had threw their bludgers. Charles went off to find the snitch. Phaedra and Andy, her fellow chasers, had passed the quaffle. From what she could tell, Frost had some pretty good teammates. They looked well capable.

Frost tucked in her yellow Hufflepuff scarf and leaned down on her broomstick, picking up speed. The girl secured her area. She zoomed by, carefully not to collide or fall.

She would just be on the lookout and be ready for the quaffle to come to her.
Main Action: Be ready for the quaffle 
Movement Action: Fly around, on guard 
Reaction: Look-Out

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A Friendly Match  PV   Finished 

The wind tousled his messy hair as he watched the others take flight. He had heard of the game by word of mouth and since his time at the campout, he was eager. The frustration that had built up from the days since past left him at an end where he was ready to break something in half. He wasn't some rage filled monster, but he was someone with a tiny chip on his shoulder and a pair of restless hands. Much of his time was spent avoiding people, but now here he was playing a pickup game with them. To his surprise, he didn't feel agitated in the slightest but instead a sense of relief to be doing this. These were faces that were fairly new to him, save maybe one or two. 

It was a game though and he reminded himself that, he knew how he could be if he let his emotions get the best of him. Winning was important, sure, but he wanted to enjoy it and have fun instead of seeming like a kid with a bad attitude. Cold and crisp air filled his lungs as he took to the sky without a moments notice, at least tried to. The school broom was an unsightly beast, one that was hard to tame and one that in fact had such a terrible personality. A bat was gripped in his bandaged hand as he went in search of that demonic ball called the Bludger. He knew how this game went for the most part, much of the anticipation for him was seeing if their seeker was in danger. 

Reid never personally met the seeker for team two, but he did his best to know who was who in the game. The mix of players threw him off, knowing everyone was in a different house but yet were separated to create two teams. He wished he properly knew everyone's names, but Reid adjusted the best he could in the limited time they had to know one another. He kept one steady hand on the broom to steady and the other one dragged as it held the bat. Momentum was his best gift, having enough swing felt like a critical thing from what he knew. 

As he zoomed through the field to get to Charles, he took note of where some people were in the game. Knowing that Eri was the other team's seeker, he realized she was around the mid-field and thus had every intention of making her his target. But first, he wanted to be near Charles when - there it was! Aurelia seemed to be gunning for the Bludger, right for their seeker. He drew himself forward and got his arm ready to intercept the blasted thing. 

Reid kept in mind the direction he was swinging the bat as well - mid-field towards Windstone was his goal. "Incoming!" he shouted at Moore. With a grunt, Reid swung the bat at the ball that Aurelia sent their way.

Action: Protect Charles Moore, No Movement, Counterstrike Bludger towards Eri Windstone (Mid-Field)

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A Friendly Match  PV   Finished 

This post was co-written with Benjamin Addington.

There was a knot in Lettie’s stomach that was the size of a baby whale. How had she let Benji convince her to do this?! All the weeks of carefully avoiding eye contact in Flying class, of sneaking out to the pitch when nobody was awake yet, all of her calculated adjustments she had made to protect her secret would go to waste in the blink of an eye. She had been adamantly against joining the game, but once he looked at her with those big baby blues and she could see how much he wanted to do this, she was defenseless. How was she going to continue to hide her secret now?

Since he was small, Benji had always had dreams of being a star Quidditch Player. His brother had taught them a few tricks after he had taken Flying Class at Hogwarts, and Benji truly wasn’t bad. With a little bit of polishing, he might actually turn out to be quite good. He had overslept on the morning of the Quidditch Tryouts and hadn’t been able to make it in time before the team had been chosen. Benji didn’t like to live his life with many regrets, but this was certainly one of them. That’s why when he had heard there was going to be a bit of a friendly match going on, he was all for it, and naturally he wanted Lettie to be there with him. With how much she disliked flying, he knew this would be a bit of a stretch, but in the end, he was able to convince her. From the look on her face, she was severely regretting that now, though. However much he wanted to help, he dared not say anything to her, knowing full well that it would only make her more upset with him. When Lettie was in a mood, it was really best to just not disturb her.

Lettie was stiff as a board as she mounted her broom, shooting burning glares at Benji whenever she got the chance. She’d made him promise to stick close to her in the event she needed help, and she would make sure that he would make good on that promise. Thankfully, they had both been placed as chasers on the same team, so she didn’t think it would prove to be too difficult.

If looks could kill, Lettie would have been taken off to Azkaban a dozen times already. Benji could feel the heat of her stare, but he did his best to ignore it. He just kept grinning, thinking about how refreshing it was to have the sun on his face and the wind in his hair. As the match began, Benji offered his hand to his best friend for support, just as he had done many times before when they were flying back home. “Are you ready?” he grinned.

Main Action: Attempt to intercept the Quaffle that is being passed to Andy.
Movement: Try to intercept with a steady hand.
Reactionary: Keep a look out just in case.

❤ Lettie Lancaster ❤
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A Friendly Match  PV   Finished 

This post was co-written with Colette Lancaster.

The Ravenclaw Boy announced the start of the match, and Lettie felt her heart skip a beat. She closed her eyes for a moment, trying to re-center herself before grabbing Benji’s hand and holding on tight.

“I’ll have you know that if I die, it’s entirely your fault.” She grumbled, fearing the worst as she readied herself for the kick-off.

Benji couldn’t help but chuckle. “You won’t die, Lett. Now let’s go - 3, 2, 1…”

The two kicked off from the ground and came to a hover in mid-air. Lettie hastily struggled to stabilize herself. Though she remained completely still on her broom for the time being, her mind was going a mile a minute. She may not have the skills for Quidditch, but she certainly had observed and read enough about it to have a decent concept of the rules and strategy involved.

Benji was filled with the familiar sensation of weightlessness as they soared into the air. Lettie seemed to be doing alright, so he took some liberty to scout ahead a bit in search for the quaffle.

“Come ON, Lettie, they’ve already got a hold of the Quaffle!” he motioned to his friend impatiently.

“It won’t do us any good to mindlessly chase after them!” she exclaimed. “We need to wait for an opening.”

If she wasn’t so terribly afraid of falling to her untimely death, Lettie would have crossed her arms indignantly. Instead, she continued gripping on to her broom so tightly that her knuckles started turning white. She started to fly closer to the opposing team chasers, waiting for the opportune moment.

“YOU TAKE THE LEFT, I’LL TAKE THE RIGHT!” she shouted to Benji.

Benji was glad to see Lettie had finally started to move and was actually getting involved in the game. He did as he was told and flanked the chasers on the left hand side, readying himself. The moment one of them attempted to pass it, Benji sped up and outstretched his hand, attempting to catch the scarlet ball. It looked like Lettie had the same idea. He hoped that one of them would be able to catch it.

Just as she’d expected, the chasers made their first attempt at passing the Quaffle. Lettie held onto her broomstick as tight as she could, growing braver as she saw Benji swooping in for the catch as well. She reached for it with as steady a hand as she could manage and tried to grab it.

Main Action: Attempt an interception!
Movement: Steady Hand
Reactionary: Look Out

Sta = 6, Agi = 7, Str = 3, Ctrl = 8, Arc = 0, Acc = 6