Quidditch Training Pitch

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On The Pitch  PV Max Avery   Closed 

Dragging the (stolen) practice Quidditch box into the center circle with one hand and carrying her school broom with the other, Evianna made her way onto the Quidditch pitch. Opening it, she pulled the Snitch out and examined it before mounting her broomstick and soaring into the air.

When she'd played at home with her cousins, all they had was a Quaffle, a beat-up old Snitch with a broken wing, and a one-hundred meter field with a single goalpost on each end. They'd never let her play Seeker, mainly because James (the eldest, a fifth year) was on the Gryffindor Quidditch team and had to practice. However, her father and grandfather both claimed that she had "a Seeker's build". Here, with the luxury of a full pitch and all the training equipment she could ever need, she could hone her Quidditch skills and hopefully become the Seeker for the Ravenclaw team.

Once she reached a respectable height, she pulled the Snitch out of her pocket and set it free, waiting for a few minutes to allow it to hide somewhere on the pitch. As she waited, she observed the grounds and enjoyed the afternoon sunlight. She'd have a few more freckles by the end of the day.

Deciding that she'd waited long enough, Evianna started her wristwatch-timer, angled her broom upward, and flew higher into the sky, looking for the Snitch. She finally spotted it hovering several meters above the stands. It didn't look like it would move, so she shot toward it (as quickly as the school broom could go, which wasn't fast). It stayed in place for a moment before rocketing into the sky. Evianna followed it as best she could. Stretching her arm as far as she could, she caught the Snitch as it attempted to make a dive toward the center circle. Grinning triumphantly, she glanced down at her watch. 1:56.12. Not bad.

Realistically, during an official match, there'd be other players on the pitch to worry about, not to mention the Bludgers and an actual game Snitch, which would no doubt be smarter than the ones used for practice. But Evianna felt confident now. She'd be able to show her cousins up when she got home for the summer.

As she released the Snitch again, she failed to notice a figure watching her from the stands, holding his own broomstick...

And there we have it. I didn't mean to make it quite so long, so sorry about the word count. This was fun to write though!
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On The Pitch  PV Max Avery   Closed 

Days like these were some of the rare few good days where everybody was in an alright mood. The sun was warm enough that even the most temperature-sensitive people could come out, but not too warm that it would bake anyone who stood under it for longer than five minutes. Glinting off the stone of the castle, it made everything seem lighter and offered a cheeriness to the atmosphere that would almost certainly die as winter rolled around. But for now, it was good. And Max, instead of being stuck in the library with his nose in a book, had decided to come practise his flying skills.

To be honest, he wasn't the best flyer in the world. Whatever else came easy to him, physical activity didn't - his stamina was alright but his reflexes and strength left a lot to be desired. Quidditch, at least for this year, was probably way out of his league since this was truly the first year he'd even attempted to fly. At least in the long run, it didn't matter; he wasn't planning on doing anything even remotely near the sport.

Broom in hand, Max surveyed the pitch with a practised eye, noting the lack of supervision and/or threats. The only thing on the pitch that may cause any concern was another student; a girl who had already started flying and was doing some fancy moves in the air to catch the smallest ball in the world. Max watched her curiously, setting his chin on his broom handle as he watched her zoom around. She was good. Really good. Maybe someday she'd actually be something, though it was difficult to judge when he couldn't see her reflexes against other people on the pitch.

Eyeing the box she'd brought out with her, he made a split second decision that he hoped wouldn't end in blood on either side. It was always a shame to ruin a perfectly good day with a bleeding nose. The Bludgers on either side of the Quaffle strained at their bonds, and Max drew a finger along one with a low whistle at how much tension was thrumming through it. It was just itching to get after anyone who was flying, and with a couple twitches of his fingers he could set it free.

He closed his eyes briefly, a small grimace touching his lips, before drawing his hand away and turning back to the girl. "Hey!" he yelled, cupping a hand around his mouth. "Can you do that with a Bludger after you? I can hit one at you."

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