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Rictusempra Tag  PV Gryffindor   Closed 

It took a bit for Max to recover from hitting his head, almost taking another hit - though this time from a spell. He scrunched his eyes closed, and when he opened them things were finally getting back to normal. Peering over the wall of the structure he'd sat in, he was both shocked and impressed when the Gryffindor Prefect brazenly walked into the maze and started firing off spells. He was sure to get hit soon if he kept that up, but whether he got hit or not, what he'd done was wicked.

Max shook his head with a small smirk, letting out a snort under his breath. They were in Gryffindor, for Merlin's sake, and he wanted to know how effective the spell was anyway. Standing from his hiding spot, Max sauntered into the maze with a lazy cat's grin. Do or die. This way he'd also help his teammates figure out the girls' positions if they fired on him - he hoped Dorian and the other boys were in strategic positions.

He saw a glimpse of fiery hair on his leisurely stroll around the grass, but he decided that casting on Eris wasn't something he wanted to do. If the boys all lost he hoped she won, because her level of pranking was admirable. And besides, at this moment he aspired to be a level of petty that no one could beat. There. The brown-haired girl whom he'd fired on before who'd tried to get him back. "Rictumsempra." He wanted Lucy next, but there was another girl who was after the Prefect, and it would be a shame if the man got out so early. With a neat flick of his wrist, Max sent a second spell at the other dark-haired girl. "Rictumsempra." He hoped he'd rest in peace.
Actions: Tickle Xailah & Mardella

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Rictusempra Tag  PV Gryffindor   Closed 

Her shot had missed! Her amazing plan to hit Dorian Gray had failed. Feeling slightly annoyed at her lack of success in the field of attacking fellow classmates, Eris peeked up from her hiding spot. She hadn't managed to get towards Rhea, and there was a flash of light and a loud sound of laughter before Rhea trekked out of the maze. Letting out an angry noise, Eris took off in the direction of the boy who had hit her friend.

Red-heads needed to stay together, Eris thought with a grin as she took off. She caught a glimpse of brown hair running by her, but kept running. Max wasn't her target, and plus, they were tentative friends and prank partners. There was no need to attack her partner in crime,yet.

Peering over the wall of the structure, Eris realized she had lost Rhea's attacker in the maze. She was both angry and a tad bit impressed when suddenly Siege ran into the maze and fired a spell at her. Mostly angry, if Eris was being honest. How had he stayed a prefect when she hadn't?Scowl turning into a smirk as the spell went right past her, Eris stuck her tongue out at Siege, before ducking back down below one of the wooden boxes, and taking off running, once again.

She would get Siege later. But for now, revenge for Rhea was in order. Running as fast as she could, which wasn't really that fast, considering how small her legs were, Eris burst through another pile of boxes. Spotting a boy looking rather pleased with himself, Eris decided he was the one responsible for hitting Rhea. A girl was near him, screaming to watch out. The girl took off again, and Eris blurted out the spell as fast as she could.

"RICTUSEPMRA" Not waiting around to see if her spell had hit, Eris took off running after the brown haired girl.
cast Rictusempra on Paracelsus then run like a madwoman

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Lucy gritted her teeth since her last attack missed...again, She was honestly getting annoyed... How hard could it be? Maybe she was just bad at it.
Her eyes followed the boy named Max, Paying extra attention to what he was doing. She would simply cast the spell at him but that wasn't enough. She needed an actual plan that would end up working in the end.
She put the wand in her mouth as she peeked from behind one of the structures ''Where..When..And how..'' She mumbled with the wand still in her mouth. She took it out and ran off.
She followed the boy around not wanting him to spot her so she tried her best. This was the only time she actually tried to win something in her life, She had to try her best..

The boy seemed to be aiming at another one of the girls as she stood behind him eyeing him down from on top of the structures, Taking a deep breath as she moved her hair out of her eyes.
She had to hit him this time or at least tickle him slightly.
''Come on...You can do this'' She muttered under her breath once again. She pointed her wand at him kinda feeling bad but at the same time a grin grew on her face ''RICTUMSEMPRA!'' She yelled as she quickly hopping off from the top of the structure not wanting for the boy to heave enough time to tickle her.

Lucy took the band around her wrist and tied her hair up in a quick bun ''Lets win this'' She said as she ran off with a small smile on her face and her eyes sparkling.

ACTIONS: Run & Tickle Max Avery

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Mardella hits Siege with a beautifully executed Rictusempra. He giggles and screams. Siege is out.
Dorian fumbles his spell, missing. He tries to get physical but it goes nowhere. Miss.
Paracelus fires and goes wide. Not nearly the accuracy he had before. Miss.
Max makes a bold move and it somewhat pays off. Xailah is hit and giggles until someone drags her away. She is out. Mardella avoids the attack after seeing the first hit. Miss.
Eris hits Paracelus with a brutal tickle. He is taken off the field by Sebastián. Critical Hit.
Somehow, despite Max being wide open, Lucy misses him with her spell. Probably all the running distracted her. Miss. Wide miss.

One more round... who will take home the crown?

Rictusempra Tag  PV Gryffindor   Closed 

The laughter was unstoppable! It simply burst out! But unlike earlier, this was not a symphony for the ears. This was not the epitome of pleasure! this was nothing of the sort! Why? He was hit! Parcel was hit point-blank in the chest! Letting out hysterical laughter while squirming around on the ground, not only was he hit, but he missed his own target. Ah! the pain, Parcel liked to think his forte in magic lay much in his accuracy, but now! This was quite the blow to his self esteem!

What was worse was that he only got a glimpse of his attacker, just a little peek in the side of his vision. "And it was so short! What was it that hit him?! A garden gnome?! Why did no one stop it, what was it doing here? And by Merlin's beard how did it get in!?"
Sure in his train of thought he damned the garden gnome, the garden gnome with hair! He was sure he remembered it with hair! "Was it a new species of gnome? A magic wielding, head full of hair, fast as shit garden gnome!"
He laughed even louder, but not by choice, and not by his own train of thought, no! For he was quite sure of his Gnome theory! No, he laughed because the spell still hadn't worn of! "Was it supposed to last this long?.. Was that the little gnomes specialty? To throw Rictusempra? Was it training on it for something?.. Like.. like a gnome rebellion at Hogwarts?.. ah.. ahh.. finally"
Parcel could feel his body relax again. The hysterical laughing stopped and he could finally release the tension building up from all the twitching.
Finding himself unable to move he just kept laying on the ground. It didn't take long for the Head of the house to come and help him up and out of the tag-field. "Ah, what a impression to make on the Head.. not even being able to take one laughing spell before needing help walking.."
Thinking that he just had to damn that garden gnome again.
..That damn garden gnome..

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Rictusempra Tag  PV Gryffindor   Closed 

Disappointingly, Siege was out before Max really had a chance to help him. Siege, and yet another Gryffindor boy - how many were left, he wasn't sure, but he knew their numbers were dawdling down towards zero - was tickled so hard he might've even pissed himself. That didn't look particularly fun, and Max's enthusiasm about learning what the spell was like diminished somewhat after seeing it in all its terrible glory. Still, he'd hit the brown-haired girl and it left him feeling like maybe he had one more shot to finish things.

Taking a deep breath, he whirled around and ran towards where the spell fired on him had come from. He caught a glimpse of blonde and fired off the tickling spell, hoping to hit the girl in revenge. There weren't many other girls around this particular spot besides the girl he'd already fired at, so he decided to just go for her again too. Standing his ground and hoping that whoever else around would fire at him so he could take the heat off the other boys, he tilted his wand. "Rictumsempra," he shouted at Mardella again. Hopefully if he went down, he would take at least one other person with him.
Actions: Tickle Lucy & Mardella

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Rictusempra Tag  PV Gryffindor   Closed 

Eris's frantic run stopped at the sound of maniacal laughter coming from the boy she had shot the spell at. Peeking her head over one of the boxes, Eris's face broke into a bright smile as she saw the boy she had shot at rolling around on the floor in laughter. She muffled a laugh, as Sebastian carried the boy out of the maze.

The sight alone was enough to make Eris elated. Grinning in triumph, the girl stopped her frantic run away. How many boys were left anyways? Just Dorian and Max, right? But what about Sebastian? Was she allowed to hit a Professor? Sebastian was still in the maze, carrying the laughing boy out. Angling her wand at the Professor, Eris paused, about to say the spell.

Perhaps it wouldn't be a good idea to attack her head of house with a spell. That would get her into unwanted trouble, and not the good kind. There would be plenty of time to target Sebastian later.

Turning away from the Professor, with an extreme amount of will power, Eris ran back into the fray of students. There weren't many boys left, just Max, Alan, and Dorian. Without thinking it through, Eris attempted to send the spell at the closest two.

ACTION: cast Rictusempra on Dorian Gray and Alan Vanes

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Rictusempra Tag  PV Gryffindor   Closed 

Nothing seemed to be working for him. Every attempt he made to land a successful cast was thwarted by terrible aim or a lack of spell control. What was he doing wrong? So he had missed Lucy yet again and was probably the only boy to not have landed a hit on any of the girls yet. There go his chances of being MVP. Dorian decided that with so many out there was really no point in doing all the running and ducking and hiding anymore. It was a kill or be killed scenario and he was ready to face it in the open. Spotting Max, he figured he might be the only boy left in the game besides himself. And then he quickly spotted Eris and another girl running towards cover.

There was some distance between her and the next available stronghold, so without further ado Dorian leveled his wand much as he had with Eris when the game just started, and flourished with the gesture and fired. The flash of light in the corners of his eyes alerted him to someone aiming their own spell at him; Eris. His wand was at the ready, facing her and the oncoming spell. He fired as quickly as he could at her in hopes of his own spell being strong enough to break through her own and hit its mark. All he could do was hope for the best.


Action: Tickle Mardella and Eris

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Rictusempra Tag  PV Gryffindor   Closed 

Mardella nearly tripped as a beam of silver light shot out of her wand, upwards in the direction the spells from above had come from - it had worked! Yes! On her first proper go too! She let out a bit of a gasp in delight that quickly morphed into a yelp as incoming spellfire nearly caught her in the shoulder. She dropped to a crouch and then sprinted off, catching a glimpse of Parcel on the ground, shrieking in laughter as she ran to duck into her new hiding spot.

She wasn't sure how many boys were left, but from her position she could see a silver-haired girl bundling her hair up with a fiercely determined look on her face and Iris/Eris (she still wasn't sure) giving as good as she got before disappearing from sight. And as for the boys... brazenly, a blond boy had taken up stance right in the open clearing, wand readied... it looked like the boys were gearing for one final stand.

They just needed to outlast the boys - right? She was nearly at across the open clearing and preparing to dive into the new hiding spot, if need be - but maybe, a few last shots wouldn't be amiss?


Action: Tickle Dorian Gray and Max Avery

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Rictusempra Tag  PV Gryffindor   Closed 

Lucy's excitement had died down by now, She honestly thought she was gonna be out soon and she probably wasn't wrong, She could see spells flying around which actually kinda scared her.
She was planning to go for Dorian or Max next..Or why not both? She had tried to get them out of the tag multiple times before but her accuracy was horrible.

The running around her distracted her even tho she was eyeing him down like an angry mother after she had asked you to take of the food from the freezer but you didn't.
She heard really loud laughing coming from somewhere around her ''What in the world of witchcraft and wizardry is happening?'' She asked herself as she tried to shield herself under the bigger structure next to her.
She saw one of the boy's run past her and immediately recognised him, It was Dorian.
A sly smirk grew on her face even though she was probably going to miss..Again..
Taking a deep breath as she crept from behind the boy as he was looking at one of the girls Eris.
The girls were keeping up pretty well but it was probably because they were more girls than boys to begin with, Yes some people might call it unfair but Lucy called it luck, Aiming her wand at the boy she closed her eyes and opened them soon after, If she was going to be taken down she was gonna take one of the guys down with her.

The grip on her wand got tighter ''RICTUSEMPRA''
This time it was different from the other times she cast the spell, She actually believed she was gonna hit him or well she hoped it would.

ACTIONS: Hide & Tickle Dorian Gray

"One must know pain before they know peace"
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Rictusempra Tag  PV Gryffindor   Closed 

Max misses both.
Eris hits Dorian and misses Alan.
Dorian hits Mardella but misses Eris.
Mardella hits Dorian and Max.
Lucy hits Dorian.

Dorian is escorted to the Hospital Wing. He is unable to control his bladder from the impact of multiple spells and seems to be in an infinite loop of laughter. Everyone who aimed for him managed to hit him. He will need time to heal under the Nurse's care. He did manage to hit one girl, Mardella, before he went down. She giggled for a short time before walking off on her own power. Max is also hit by Mardella and manages to leave under his own power, but both of his shots missed their targets. Eris missed Alan who managed to stay hidden away. Eris goes unmarked as does Lucy.

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