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The obstacle course was full of structures to hide under and things to climb. Mardella couldn't help but wonder how they'd set it up so quickly - she was sure the space had been completely clear yesterday! The benefits of magic, she supposed. She darted into the maze after her roommate Aurelia but split off in a different direction and hoping to perhaps just hide this one out - at least at first? It seemed like a lot of fun but she wasn't sure how well she'd be able to cast a new spell. She'd been one of the last people in class to get Lumos right, so she wished the Professor had given them a practice run first!

Ducking into behind a wooden climbing wall, she hunched a little to fit inside the corner made by the structure and the supports. It was dark within and a little damp smelling. "Rictusempra, ric-tus-em-pra. Rictusempra." She murmured, trying to remember exactly how the spell had been demonstrated.

There was a commotion not too far away, and despite her caution, Mardella peered around the corner just as a boy yelled "Flippendo!" and then jumped as the spell missed it's aim and collided with one of the neighbouring obstacles with an explosion of splinters. She winced, the sound was sure to send people her way.

Casting a quick glance around (the boy was still standing but wobbly, and he didn't seem to be paying much attention) she ran out of her spot and hopefully to a sneakier spot.

ACTION: run and take cover
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Max just barely managed to avoid getting hit with the intervention of Dorian's yell and some other kid firing a spell at the girl who'd shot at him. He hadn't caught who it was - surely not Anatole, there was no way the kid would help him - but either way he was grateful not to be out right away. He kept running, weaving through the maze of obstacles as he searched for anyone to hit or avoid. He winced when he heard Anatole's laughs... they were definitely going to be overtaken by girls soon at this rate.

He decided to double back to where he'd heard Dorian so they could possibly team up. Sprinting that way as fast as he could, he caught a glimpse of movement out of the corner of his eye and spun around, running backwards and getting out a quick "Rictumsempra" at some girl who was hiding. He wasn't sure how much good it would actually do since it would have to have enough accuracy to get through the two slats of wood protecting her head, but this was around where he'd heard Anatole laughing and he decided to try to avenge the other boy even if they weren't friends. They were still a team.

Spinning back around to keep running, he realized not concentrating had been a mistake as he ran headfirst into a board at face-height, falling backwards and landing hard on the grass. With a hiss of pain, he clutched his forehead and scrambled inside the structure he'd been clotheslined on, blinking and squinting as he tried to make everything go back to normal instead of seeing double of everything.
Action: Tickle Xailah & Take Cover

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One of the girls had gotten out already! That wasn't good. Eris looked up from her hiding spot, seeing flashes of light as other children attempted to cast the tickling . Then there was a loud bang, and the little red head leaped up from her hiding spot. Someone, a stupid cootie giving boy, had tried to cast a spell that was different from Ricusempra, and was now standing stunned. He had destroyed part of Eris's hiding spot, and was in perfect aiming view.

Holding her wand in front of her, Eris muttered the spell, under her breath, not wanting to seem too loud. Once the spell had been uttered, Eris took off running. She didn't want to get hit out. Not when some of her teammates were already out. Well, just one of them. More girls were joining the fray by the minute. They were going to destroy the boys.

Eris caught a glimpse of brown hair, that was long enough that it was either a girl's hair, or a boy with extremely long hair. Figuring it was a girl, Eris took off running towards the flash of brown. Maybe if all the girls joined together in one group, they would be harder to attack.

But of course, to state that plan out loud, Eris would need to find the other girls. And not be killed by an angry boy. All the boys in Gryffindor had anger issues. It was honesty slightly alarming.
ACTION: Cast Rictusempra on Dorian Grey then run
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Xailah was delighted to find that she did in fact hit her target, but now she was at a disadvantage- or so she thought. Closing herself off might not have been the best choice; if she knew someone was after her- but she didn't know; how could she have known?

So once again she lay in wait; ready to pounce at any unfortunate soul that happened to pass by her. She watched several people run by- but none of them close enough for her to grab. Thats when she saw him- it was the boy who was defended by the boy she took out- he must have seen her go under the stairs for cover. As soon as she had noticed him, he pointed his wand in her direction and shouted:
She now knew she only had seconds- maybe not even that; before the spell was to hit her. She was now faced with two choices- stay there and get hit, or run and get hit....but wait! A third choice came to mind, and that was the one she went with. Xailah rolled out of her hiding spot halfway; just enough so she could have a better chance of hitting the kid, since he had taken cover. She quickly pointed her wand in his direction. "Rictumsempra!" she shouted the spell with a snarl. If she was going down, she was taking this boy down with her.

Actions: Tickle Max Avery, and Run.

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With a frustrated sigh, Rhea saw that her spell had missed Anatole and instead bounced off elsewhere. She decided to get comfortable in where she was hiding, before scouting for a person to hit. She decided to just hide for a while, waiting for something to happen. She examined everyone around her, trying to see who would be worthiest to hit. She decided that it would most likely be Dorian - she saw him trying to cast flipendo, a spell that most certainly not Rictumsempra. And, he cast it at Lucy. No one could attack Lucy, not under Rhea’s watch. 

The young Bishop stood up, a determined look on her face, and ran to hide behind another wall, closer to her target. Her lips were pressed and she finally thought that she had a good view. Climbing up to a reasonable height, just enough that she could see almost everyone without a radius of twenty feet, Rhea pinpointed Dorian and prepared to cast her spell. She focused with all her might, and waved her wand with the right encantation. 

Rictumsempra!” she exclaimed, a burst of light exploded from the end of her wand. Rhea hoped with all her might it would hit him. It was then that she noticed that another girl, Eris, had aimed her shot at him as well. With a snort, Rhea ducked back under the wall and waited with anticipation to see if her spell would hit him.
ACTION: Hide and Tickle Dorian Grey

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Aurelia suddenly was on the floor giggling. The feeling was awful but bearable. It continued for a few seconds and then subsided. Aurelia had been hit she looked around, she couldn't identify who attacked her. What was worse was that the spell she previously cast had missed the target. She groaned. Aurelia reluctantly walked out of the maze.

She noticed that a few people had been hit too and was sent out. Most of them were boys. The girls still outnumbered them. They still had a high chance of winning. She stood outside the maze watching. Her lips pressed into a pout, she envied the fun they were having. She wished she would have been more aware fo her surroundings. Then she saw Dorian Gray, the notorious boy who attempted to cast the Flipendo spell but apparently failed.

"Girls, get Dorian! Get Dorian Gray!" She yelled loud enough for them to here while cheering them on. This boy should go down for bending the rules. She continued cheering the girls on. They needed all the support they could get. A few balls of light were directed at him. She crossed her fingers and hope at least one would would hit him.

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Lucy quickly turned around as she heard something behind her but she was all too late as she heard the boy yell ''Flipendo'' It was a knock-back jinx, Before she knew what just happened she was already knocked back on the ground, She didn't have time to react so all she did was roll under one of the obstacle's. ''Dammit Dorian I'm going to push you into the lake next time I see you'' She glanced over at the other boy who was supposed to hit her with the spell but was late to do so.

She didn't know any of the girls there since the only two people she met were a Slytherin boy and a Hufflepuff boy. ''Grouping up with friends huh?..not bad'' She mutters under her breath as she peeks from underneath the obstacle, She observed her surroundings. ''Well I have no plan what so ever'' She sighed as she slowly got off the ground and climbed up the stairs that were next to her to get a better view of everything and well everyone.

She didn't actually have a plan of what to do but she was determined to at least get one of the boys out, She didn't know how she was going to manage but she was hoping she actually could succeed in that decision. Aurelia and Anatole were out already, Even if this was a girl vs boys she wished everybody luck even if she knew only one team would be the last one standing.

Taking a deep breath her eyes looked over at the boy who was supposed to hit her after Dorian had used the Flipendo spell on her. If she wasn't wrong the boy's name was Max Avery.
''A charming boy it seems...Would be a pity if somebody's hand slipped and actually hit him'' She grinned at that thought as she pointed her wand at the boy. ''Come on Lucy you can do this, Make Cazarez proud...'' Her grip on her wand tightened as she took another deep breath following after a sigh.
Her eyes followed the boy's movement soon after she yelled ''Rictusempra!'' She ducked down trying not to reveal where she was, Her back against the wooden object. ''Please tell me that hit him''

ACTIONS: Tickle- Max Avery & Hide

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Parcel tried to look as inconspicuous as possible while sticking close to the obstacle walls. He had been a bit later out than some of the other boys. While it seemed like most of the boys was able to do the Rictusempra spell at once. He had been stuck at the farthest end of the field just trying to get the spell right. But now, finally! He thought he was doing it right!
When he started to move in on the others on the field he had already started to hear the sounds of kids running, and also the first spells going off.

He started running to close in on where he could hear the loudest sounds coming from, he noticed someone casting a spell that clearly was something other than Rictusempra.
Sticking his head out from the wall he had stopped behind he was just in time to see a boy stunning him self by the aftermath of a spell he tried to cast. With Parcel's not so extensive knowledge of spells i could not make out which spell the boy used, only that it clearly wasn't the spell they where supposed to use. So a bit dumbfounded all Parcel could think was "that's a bit to much, is it not? it's only a game, right?"
He had instinctively moved out from the wall when looking at the boy, and only then, in the corner of his eye. Did he notice the girl peeking out, about to cast a spell on the stunned boy.
In sheer instinct Parcel jolted into a tens state, lifted his wand, and in a almost scream-like shout uttered the incantation.


Action: Run and Tickle [Rhea Bishop]

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He had been too sure of his own ability to cast the spell and was now feeling the backlash of a failed attempt. Not only that, but two of the girls, Eris, whom he had first attempted to attack, and Rhea, one of their current Prefects, were aiming their own spells at him from opposite angles. Before he had cast the knockback jinx at Lucy in an attempt at teamwork with Max, he had already been half poised to dart away without even watching the effects of his spell unfold. So one could say he was already irregularly gaining momentum, however slight, to move, and so when the reverse effect of his recoiled spell transpired and he found himself stunned, he was already falling to the ground to land unceremoniously on his face.

This all happened quickly, the two spells seeming to launch simultaneously as soon as his own spell had recoiled. Playing through the chain of events carefully, the two spells launched by the girls would collide in midair directly above where he had now fallen on his face. If the two spells did miss in such a fashion, Dorian's fleeting paralysis would wear off in seconds flat and he would be back on his feet, hurtling towards a nearby structure to take cover. Should the attempt prove possible, he would remain hidden and gather his bearings, scoping out the competition and finding his next target.


Actions: Should this scenario occur, he runs to a nearby stucture and takes cover out of plain view.

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Now Siege wasn't all too glad that he was tickled. The sound of the man did not startle him, but what he felt next did. What? What was happening? Was he being attacked? Killed? Taken away to prison? It was something he hasn't felt for a while, if not forever. He fell down, the sensation crippling him, a gasp escaped his lips, more of a giggle as the slow seconds came to pass. "F**k..." He would whisper, as he finally stopped gasping for air.
"C'mon Sebbie, why'd you have to do that?" Siege would get up, patting off the dust and dirt on his pants. "I don't remember ever volunteering for anything..." A lazy yawn would come from the boy, as Sebastian had sent everyone out. That was also another bad thing about volunteer, he was smack dab in the middle of the attention spans, albeit short, of any of these given kids.

"...Uh prof? I'll be going now while these kids practice." A devilish smile would place itself upon Siege's face, a smile that would make Serena flip out and watch over him to make sure the stupid boy wouldn't do anything. He would casually just do round path, around the area, and climb one of the buildings as placing himself on one of the higher vantage points of the place. "If this was a movie would I be called the Hogwarts Sniper?...Nah I doubt it." A thought would appear in his mind as he before unleashing the spell on several students without taking cover.

Action: Casts Rictusempra at Eris Fawley and Lucy Howell

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Miss... Miss... Miss... Miss... almost everyone has horrible aim or their target hits cover too quickly. Only one person even scored a hit.

Paracelsus hits Rhea Bishop with a solid tickle and she is out of the game.

Siege made a daring move but his skills did not mean results. He almost hits Lucy but otherwise is not too accurate.

Keep going!

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Mardella ducked behind a new obstacle - much lower hanging and with far less cover than she'd had before - and crouched low, one hand anchored to the ground for balance. Her heart seemed like it was hammering hard enough to give her position away. There wasn't time to catch her breath.

Quickly, she peered out past the edge of the obstacle, back in the direction she'd come. Her eyes widened as she registered the quickly advancing shape running towards her. "Rictus-" Red hair. She bit her tongue in her haste, spell dissipating. She didn't think she'd met many boys with red hair yet, and now that she had time to recognise the figure as a girl, she breathed a sigh of relief at not having cast wrongly. Eyes skipping past the safe figure now, she scanned the pitch/battlefield once more.

Someone seemed to have clambered to higher grounds, flashes of light coming from above to strike down at the grassy area. She couldn't see if they hit or not, but she didn't want to linger here too long in case it was a boy. Her hiding spot really wasn't the greatest.

There! There was a better one about ten feet away, but she'd have to run out into the open to make it. "Watch out - up top!" She called out in warning to the approaching red-head - Iris? Eris? - and then darted out into the open, her wand out, as a spell splashed into the ground next to her teammate.

ACTION: Tickle Siege and run
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He was still in the game somehow, even after his spell had rebounded and afflicted him instead of his intended target. That was behind him now, however, his focus never once leaving the life and death scenario that was this game of tag. It would have probably proven to be smarter to find a new target seeing as the one he had initially aimed for seemed to be safeguarded by some magical luck, but Dorian was stubborn like that, and completely one-track minded when it came to having his way. Lucy, the poor girl, had caught his focus and was to remain his target until she left the game. He kept the other girls in his periphery and glanced in their direction occasionally to gauge their distance and see what they were doing, but his main focus was Lucy.

He had noticed her attack, and miss, with her spell aimed at Max. He was still in the game along with Siege and another guy that Dorian didn't know. That made four of them if his math wasn't completely off, and the girls seemed to be coming out of the woodwork. He swore he saw a new one everytime he blinked. Divide and conquer may be a good strategy, but he felt it would be much more prudent to isolate and strike them down one by one. A glance chanced his observation of Siege perched on high, and he quickly darted his eyes away, not wanting to give the boy's position away. He would be useful there while the others remained grounded and drew attention.

Silently, Dorian crept around the wooden structure that Lucy had ducked against after she had made her attempt at Max. With all the chaos in the form of stomping runs and laughter that surrounded the playing field, his advance would remain silent, at least long enough for him to do what he did next. He turned the corner swiftly, wand point-blank with Lucy's face, almost touching it in the lowered position where she sat with her back against the wood. "Rictusempra," he hissed, eyes wild and wand hand steady. Should his attack miss somehow, he would lunge at her and wrestle her wand from her hand, disarming and leaving her hardpressed for offensive strategies. Should his attack be a success, he would run to a new hiding place vigilantly, leaving her in a laughing mess.


Actions: Tickle Lucy and run if he hits OR physically disarm her if he misses

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Lucy's breathing was heavy she felt like this was an actual war, She was been running around for god knows how long and honestly she was getting tired. Her back against the wood she looked at the area around her. She didn't think this is what it would be like when her head of house said they were playing tag with a little twist.

She mentally slapped herself and dusted herself off. She heard something from not that far from her position, She let a out a small squeak and ran off. She would try to tickle somebody but all that happened to her she had no idea how. She almost got hit twice and had no plan to follow.
She rolled up her sleeves, She had a choice...Either attack Siege that almost hit her, Or play along with the little war she started with Max and Dorian.

She already saw a girl trying to tickle Siege so she left him in her hands while she went after Dorian, She had already tried to tickle Max but her plan failed miserably, She tried to find Dorian but there was so sign of him ''Is he already out?'' She muttered under her breath. Her walking quickly turned into running around the area tying to find the boy. ''Dorian you are being a huge pain you know that?'' She said in her normal tone of voice not caring if she was heard. Which was a bad idea since soon after she felt somebody presence closer than she wanted. Her body stiffened up not knowing what to do next. ''Shouldn't of said that'' She said as she hid behind the closest thing next to her. ''Please be with me lord''

ACTIONS: Run & Hide

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Parcel could finally breathe again, tensing up like this really isn't good for the soul he thought. Feeling a bit good about himself he could hear laughter from the person he hit. Ahh, the sweet sound of forced laughter! Can there ever be a lovelier sound? Thinking while feeling just a tiny bit good about himself he imagined the roaring crowds, clapping and cheering him on as he told the story of how he! the great hero of all heros bested a girl in combat! A 11 year old gir.. a.. a 11 year old girl that wasn't even focusing on.. *ahem*... that wasn't even focusing on him...
Parcel started moving again with a bit of a redder shade on his face. He probably wasn't going to tell that story he thought.. yeah, not to anyo..maybe to someone?.. Probably best to keep it from my mom.
While thinking of who he might tell of his oh great accomplishment, he started running again. He ended up running a bit in a zigzag around the obstacles. He had lost sight of the boy he saw stunned by his own spell, so he had to go at it alone for now.
Looking up past some of the walls he ran past he thought he had seen a.. thought he had seen a boy? ahem, standing on top of some of the taller obstacles.
Choosing to run closer to that boy, he almost missed seeing a girl standing out in the open, shouting something. Making a abrupt halt in his running he raised his wand and yelled out "Rictusempra!"

Action Run and Tickle[Mardella Bram]

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