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If there was one thing Amelia Lovell was known for, it was her love of reading. You could always find a book being held between her dainty hands. The binds of which had all worn loose and ragged--only her leisure ones, she'd never treat anyone else's books as roughly--were strewn across her room most days. The amount of knowledge you could acquire from books was so vast, her mind couldn't imagine there ever being an end to it. With the world's knowledge at your fingertips, how could you not always have a book in hand? It's a question she often asked herself. The Ravenclaw remembered the times of being teased as a young child for how often she wanted to read rather than play some imaginary games. Amelia realized now that she felt unbothered by such things.

With that thought in mind, the first year decided that she would take her very first trek to the Hogwarts library. She hadn't even been there for a couple months, and she had spent most of the beginning of her time here holed up in her dorm. Amelia had grown up as quite an introverted child, very reserved. It never bothered her much, though, and she never really thought about her lack of friends or social interaction. The brunette was much happier exploring the outdoors, or her parents estate. Sitting around the fire and reading a book, or practicing her magic. Though over time here at school she had realized how many friends the rest of the students have, and how they still flourished within their academics. She didn't try to think about it too hard, though, and brushed the thought away as she arrived at the double wooden doors of the library.

Ms. Lovell's excitement level increased as she grabbed the knobs with pale hands, expecting the doors to be on the heavier side. It opened with ease, though, and what was inside made Amelia's big, brown eyes grow wider than she felt they ever had before. There were hundreds of narrow rows, filled with what looked like millions of books to the eleven year old girl. The smell of novels, old and new, and that comfortable "library smell" no one could quite explain, filled her nose. She couldn't help but feel a smile tug at the corners of her lips. Walking a few more feet into the huge area, the Ravenclaw couldn't help but feel instantly at home, yet overwhelmed all at once. In the middle of the corridor were wooden tables filled with students, studying and whispering amongst themselves. Looking around, Amelia suddenly felt alone, not knowing where to begin with so much to look at.

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Horace was in the library, as always, looking through books containing all sorts of hexes and jinxes. This was his place the shy introvert boy totally changed when around so many books. He didn't have time to think much about his social demeanor as he just got lost in the potential these books hold. He wanted to know it all at least he tried to. 

Well this time while he was always carrying a pile of books to a table. He came here for some "light reading" but he just can't stop with his "Just one more..." lie. Anyways so he was walking to the table covered by the stack of books when he heard the door open. It was nothing unusual but Horace just kept the books on the table and gave a glance to see who is there. He saw a girl, a ravenclaw as her robe specified, she looked fascinated by the huge library as she looked around with a smile. Horace smiled as he remembered his first visit to the Hogwarts library it was pretty much the same except that in a few seconds he just started running around the place stacking piles of books on a table which he couldn't even read all at once. But she was looking rather confused as where to start. 

Horace wouldn't approach someone usually but then again this is the library so he is an alter ego of himself. He walked to the girl "Hey! looking for something maybe i can help?" he said with a smile.

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Growing up Amelia had a handful of friends, as anyone did. They were all girls for the most part, though, and those were the people she was comfortable around. When it came to boys, the Lovell girl had the tendency to get irrationally nervous. They didn't make sense to Amelia. At such young age, she viewed them in an almost alien-like way. It had been quite a bit easier to ignore and stay away from boys being an only child on a large estate. At Hogwarts, there were hundreds of students, and it was almost unavoidable to get away from the variety of students here. In most aspects it was good, but for anxiety-ridden Amelia, it was bad as well.

That’s why when a boy approached the Ravenclaw girl, she felt her hand move up to her hair, catching a dark brown curl in between two fingers and twirling it nervously—it was a bad, absentminded habit. His immediate friendliness through the first year off guard. Nobody tended to approach Amelia in such a way, if at all. Her eyes big, the Raven stared at the boy for a second too long before responding. “I’m not necessarily looking for anything.” Amelia’s answer was short and to the point, as most of her conversations went. It was the truth, though, she hadn't even thought about where to start in a room so vast.

I'm Amelia Lovell. Nice to meet you.” A small smile lifted her lips, but she did not extend a hand, as that was not custom to her. She always remembered her manners, though. “Do you know the library rather well? It’s my first time really here.” She gave the room a once-over again, wondering if she should start at a certain corner, or in a certain section. She had heard talk of ‘a restricted section’ that sounded almost made-up. With a smile that matched his in full, now, the eleven year old tried to sound confident when she asked, “Would you mind…showing me around? If you've got the time.” Unable to keep eye contact with the boy, her dark gaze fell to the ground where it stayed, studying the floor, waiting for a response.

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The girl seemed rather nervous as Horace approached her. But after a bit of casual introduction the awkwardness seemed to be gone. "Horace Vargas. Nice to meet you too." He said with a smile. "Well not to boast or anything but i would say being a first year i know more than enough." He said with a bit of pride as library was the only area of the castle he really knew apart from the common room. "Of course i will be glad to show you around. More people in the library just means more people for me to talk to." He continued with a grin as he gestured Amelia to follow him. 

As they walked through the vast library Horace kept on blabbering about a bunch of random stuff mixed in with some real history and facts about the place. "....So thats the invisibility section you can go there if you wanna know anything about....well invisibility or if you just want some alone reading time. Then theres the Dragon section full of stuff about dragons and how to take care of them. And thats the legal section with books about the laws and rules of the ministry. The people who named these sections weren't that creative were they?..." He joked around as he kept going on. ".....Its the reference section where you will be spending most of your time it contains help for almost every subject.

He then paused a bit as he pointed out a specific area sealed off from the main library. ".....And thats the infamous restricted section. It contains everything we shouldn't know. It has books about dark arts and well every horrifying aspect of magic." He whispered to her. The dark gloomy mood from the discussion of the restricted section suddenly goes away as Horace cheerfully exclaims " So thats the library tour mam! it will be 5 sickles." He chuckled a bit of course he was just joking. "Now anything else you want help with or will you finally choose a book and accompany me to my table?" He said smiling.

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The conversation with this boy seemed so easy, so casual, that her nervousness began to fade away into nothing. Gratitude was what replaced the anxious feeling, and when he said he knew quite a bit for being a first year, Amelia’s smile grew larger, feeling more comfortable here already. Out of all people to approach her, she’s glad this boy did. ‘Never thought I’d hear myself say that sentence.’ She thought to herself, shaking her head a couple times to get back to focusing on what Horace was saying. He gestured for her to follow him as he spoke, and she did just that, nodding her head in a thankful way.

Walking through the library, the sections seemed almost endless. It looked as if each shelf was categorized among magical world events and subjects, making it relatively easy to find what needed to be found. Amelia felt like she should’ve assumed it would all be nice and organized, but with how big the library felt she wondered how they kept it all together. It seemed the farther back they walked, the older the books were. Listening to Horace’s overview of the library, she nodded along to what he was saying, trying to absorb as much as she could. She let out an audible laugh at his joke about how creative the people who named the sections were. “Right? I’d assume they’re just trying to make it as simple as possible.

They came to a halt near the very back of the library, where Amelia’s gaze fell on to a sealed off area. Before the question could be popped, Horace explained to her that it was in the infamous restricted section. “So it is real!” She exclaimed, taking a few steps closer to the sealed off area, trying to find any way to take a quick peek in. His whispers about dark arts and the like didn’t steer the Ravenclaw away from the section, it only peaked her curiosity more. A cheerful joke and question were spoken right after the whisper, to where Amelia let out another laugh and turned back to face Horace. “Thank you so much for the tour, Mr. Vargas.” Amelia curtsied in the way she often did at home during pureblood events and then gave the library a quick once-over.

Finally choose a book? A little impatient, hm?” She joked with the fellow student, but she was actually very grateful he asked her to accompany him to his table. The brunette didn’t want to venture to find a table full of people who looked familiar, and she certainly didn’t want to sit by herself and draw any unwanted attention. Returning his smile, the brunette pointed to the left side of the library where they had passed by earlier. “I saw some Divination books back over there, and I’ve been curious about that class for ages.” She started moving towards the section, expecting Horace to follow suit.

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Horace just smiled as he noticed Amelia's interest in the restricted section as he himself tried to trespass a few times but never actually made through all the charms stopping him. Amelia thanked him in a way he wasn't unfamiliar with as he himself was raised under such mannerisms. 

Amelia joked about Horace's impatience to which he replied in his sassy way "Of course i am impatient its not everyday you get to spend time with a future Quidditch star...." He grinned "...What? i do stay away from Quidditch but i also have all the news about the current tryouts. I know you will do brilliantly". 

Amelia then started walking to get some divination books. Horace kept talking as he followed her around "Divination?! Having soo many great subjects you choose divination?!! And also its for third years not us" Horace didn't like divination much. he continued "...I heard that they just study about tea leaves and stuff like really seems like the most boring class ever" He kept on going about how divination makes no sense while he looked through the shelves to find some more books as he was still not satisfied with the huge stack already waiting on his desk.

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Something Amelia was unfamiliar with was being treated ‘normal’. Especially because of the way she spoke, or the way her mannerisms were, the first year was treated quite differently at times. Not a lot of people held the ideals her Pureblood parents did anymore, and there were lots of families who judged her for being her father’s daughter. There were times where she’d be seen mostly with the Slytherin house, and she’d be shunned from her housemates. Having your own library, or ball room, or grounds were not normal for most children her age, either, so talk of her home-life often made the people around her uncomfortable or confused. Amelia took all of this with a grain of salt, never really minding being on her own.

That’s why, when Horace replied back to her sassy comment in the same way, yet complimented her Quidditch abilities, Amelia had to stop her jaw from dropping open. He had seen her play? The try-outs had been such a difficult and stressful task, but she had wanted to make her parents and her school proud. The Ravenclaw had practiced as much as she possibly could as a child, and having heard that she made the team had given her such joy she could hardly contain it. A bright, toothy grin graced her features as she practically radiated happiness. “Oh, no, no! I’m not as good as some other students.” Though she hated to admit it because of how competitive she was, the first year definitely knew there were better players than her. “Thank you so much, though. It’s honestly one of the most exhilarating things here at Hogwarts so far.” Her dark eyes shone just as bright as her smile as she thought about it.

Snapping quickly out of her train of thought to focus back on the boy, asking “Do you play much Quidditch, then? We should go out on some brooms and toss a quaffle back and forth a few times.” The competitive tone in her voice was obvious, although she tried to hold it back as much as she could. Her excitement was cut short, though, when Horace told her he thought Divination was boring and almost make-believe. Her brow furrowed in disapproval, shaking her head in the same fashion. “You can find some very interesting things in tea leaves, from what I’ve heard. It is definitely not boring. Imagine if you could tell your friends future, or if you were born an empath and you didn’t know it. That would be so cool.” Thinking about it smoothed the indent between her brows. The boy was right, though, it was for third years.

Maybe I should freshen up on some of my Astronomy, then. The homework has been a tad hard to understand. I think it’s more of a muggle concept than a magical one.” Having grown up with little to no knowledge about common and/or simple muggle concepts, the subjects the Ravenclaw struggled with tended to be the ones that were rooted in the non-magical world, as well. Muggle Studies was something the first year didn’t even want to think about. Searching the shelves with Horace, she enjoyed his presence and energetic demeanor.

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Amelia seemed too humble about her talent in Quidditch though she did seem to think otherwise. She told Horace that this was one of the most exhilarating things she heard in Hogwarts so far. "Well then you don't have many good friends who would appreciate you". She then invited him for a bit of Quidditch practice with the quaffle. "Oh no no looks like you didn't hear me there i stay away from Quidditch. And if i would try i don't know about the Quaffle but i would certainly be tossed around in the air as i fly straight to the Hospital wing with a few broken bones....well hopefully a few." Horace said in usual witty humor though he didn't seem to be joking about this. He never ever even came close to riding a broom. Since he learnt there was a teleportation spell he desperately kept trying to do it but, Of course, he still isn't successful at all. 

Amelia seemed to be against Horace's idea of divination. "Well i would agree that knowing the future would be rather amazing. But i still don't find any excitement in staring at some tea leaves and i am still suspicious about the ways" Horace still was reluctant to believe in Amelia's thoughts about the subject though he didn't seem to mind it. "I myself am not so good at muggle related subjects. So i haven't even completed my astronomy assignment yet though i would eventually. Its hard you know i need time to look through the books. And if you are looking for help too there are some books on that shelf i would recommend looking through." Horace pointed towards an adjacent shelf containing books mostly related to muggle topics and theories. "And by the way did you know muggles can fly without magic on silly looking contraptions called airplanes....." Horace said with rather curios expression as he seemed to remember some things he read about the muggles.

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When Horace told her she didn’t have good friends who appreciated her, her brown eyes glazed over a bit. She tended to not think too much into the fact that she could count her close friends on one hand, and that she wasn’t necessarily the most likable girl at school. The way she showed her successes was mostly in her academics—that’s how people knew her name. It was either through that, or through her parents who were closely knit with almost every pureblood family to date. A small frown had taken over her expression and she shook her head a few times to shoo away the dark thoughts. It didn’t matter if she had very many friends. Popularity wasn’t important to her. She wondered for a second, though, if the friends she did have really did appreciate her.

Snapping back into reality at the talk of Quidditch, Amelia realized she must’ve missed his comment about staying away from the sport. Her brows furrowed in slight confusion, head tilting to the side a degree or two. It was almost incomprehensible to the Ravenclaw how anyone couldn't like the sport. It was competitive in a majorly friendly way, you could rise to fame if you honed your skills well enough, the wind in your hair and the cheers from the crowd filling your ears. Those mornings where she could go practice with her team were some of the best at Hogwarts, one of the only times she felt completely carefree. Flying stripped her of all her stress and anxiety about being the best, it felt natural to her.

A small giggle left her mouth at his joke about coming out of Quidditch with a couple broken bones. “I’m sure you’d do just fine. You must have a little more faith in yourself.” She commented back in a friendly way, a note of determination in her tone at getting him to set foot on the pitch. The first year used to be scared of getting high in the air herself, but once you’re up there it wasn’t as bad as you’d think. Giving Horace a once-over, she agreed to herself that he had the build to be an agile Quidditch player, and if she could just get him on a broom for a minute, he’d come to love the sport as much as she did.

Instead of completely writing the Lovell girl off, the fellow student listened to her disagreement with him about Divination and combated with his own logical reasoning. Something about this boy made it very easy to talk to him and Amelia wasn’t used to feeling comfortable around her peers, let alone boys. When he admitted that he wasn’t too good at muggle related subjects, either, the brunette was filled with a sense of camaraderie. When she first arrived at Hogwarts, it seemed she was surrounded with so many people who all had a muggle-like upbringing. She had expected those people to be a minority in the castle, but that just hadn’t been the case. Having someone to be able to talk about that struggle with was a nice change of pace.

I completed it, but it was not an easy task.” The Ravenclaw nodded in agreement with what he was saying about their homework, and at the mention of something called an ‘airplane’, a look of confusion crossed her face. “Air…planes?” The concept of not riding a broom or apparating where you needed to go was very strange to Amelia. They had the Floo Network and portkeys and so many means of transportation that any other ideas just didn’t seem necessary. “Muggles are so strange…” Her thought was absentminded as she looked towards the shelf Horace had previously mentioned that would have some astronomy related books.

After leafing through a couple books, the eleven year old stumbled upon one that was about the different names of the stars and the movements of the planets. “Ah, here we are! This is exactly what I needed.” Clutching the book between her dainty hands against her chest, the brunette looked back at Horace and asked, “So where is it that you’re sitting?” With a small smile, thinking about how glad she was to have made such a great acquaintance so seemingly easy.

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Horace noticed that Amelia didn't look particularly happy about his comment about her friends. He didn't mean anything wrong by it but he realised he shouldn't speak without thinking or it may hurt someone. Horace always spoke his mind and sometimes the words didn't reflect what he was really thinking so he usually remained quiet and reserved. Horace gave a bit of guilty frown but he thought it best to just forget he even said that.

Amelia also seemed confused about Horace's fear for flying. Amelia tried to put some courage in Horace so he would at least try flying. Now that he thought of it he never actually tried flying out of fear. He didn't even know if he was actually bad at it or was it just his mind playing tricks. Horace thought about it for a second "Hmm...maybe i would try it sometime...later" but he immediately shrugged it of as he didn't even want to think about it.

When Amelia mentioned that she already completed her astronomy assignment Horace thought he better be quick or he may lose some grades which is the last thing he wants right now. Anyway he just made a mental note about it and focused back to what Amelia was saying.

Amelia seemed equally confused about Muggle ways. Horace was actually happy about it not because she didn't know about muggles like him. He had plenty of pureblood "friends" even before hogwarts who didn't know much about muggles. He was instead happy because she was a pureblood who didn't know about muggles AND was not a prick about her blood status.

After she finally found the book she turned to Horace and asked about their seats. "Just look around the biggest pile of books that would be it i guess" he said with a grin. He walked towards the table in the corner beside a window as he almost hid behind the books as he sat. Horace just opened a random books from a stack and starting reading something.

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The smile had stayed pretty consistently on Amelia’s face throughout her and Horace’s entire interaction, and his passing comment about his table incited a small giggle from her once more. “My tables tend to look the same, so I shouldn't have too much trouble finding it now.” She responded playfully back, but it was also an honest statement. Often times the Lovell girl would drown behind the numbers of books and parchment and other essentials piled around her while studying. She wouldn't mind getting lost in the backs of the rows in the library, in a far-off nook on her own in this vast library. Thinking of all the possibilities made her even happier.

Scanning the sets of tables and chairs in the library, it was almost instantly that the Ravenclaw girl spotted her newfound friend’s table. Pointing towards it, she inquired suddenly, “Are you a Ravenclaw, then?” His robes might have gave it away, but it never hurt to ask. She realized most students didn’t include their house in their introductions, and she made a mental note to start doing that herself to avoid confusion in the future. Beginning to walk her way towards the table, she momentarily got lost in thought—as she often did. Quidditch took up a good portion of her thoughts of late, and that was right where her mind went to, their conversation earlier.

The fellow student had brushed off the sport so casually, and it truly baffled her as to how one couldn’t get as excited as she did when the activity was even mentioned. Hadn't he ever gone to see a world cup game? Hadn't his parents ever told him crazy plays, stories of famous players and their favorite games growing up? Then again, the first year had to constantly remind herself that not everyone grew up as integrated into the magical world as she had. Speaking exactly what was on her mind, something she was known for amongst her friends, Amelia glanced at her fellow student. “So, about Quidditch, would you like to come see our first game this year?” If she was a substitute, they could watch the game together, but if she was on the team, he'd be able to see her preform and maybe understand how great of a sport it really was.

She'd get him on the field at some point, she promised herself, now sitting at the table that the two first years now shared. He had cracked open a book, and she hoped he wasn't the type to get upset about small-talk. Looking down at her own book, she cracked hers open to the first page and started scanning a few lines, awaiting a response whenever he was ready.

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Amelia seemed used to piles of books as upon hearing the description of Horace's table she talked about how her tables tend to look the same. Horace was a bit taken aback as even if she was a ravenclaw he didn't except her to be fond of studying. Amelia was just the ideal student he wanted to be good at sports she made the team in her first year and good at studying. Horace wasn't jealous or anything he was actually happy as he may get to learn from her.

As they were walking towards the table Amelia quickly pointed it out and asked if he was a ravenclaw. Horace didn't expect this either as almost no one seemed to ask or introduce themselves by houses as their robes did the job for them. "Yep i am i didn't realize did i wear a gryffindor robe or something? you know even being magical laundry still messes things up sometimes." He knew he was wearing the right robe and laundry isn't that bad here but he never lets a chance to tease someone just pass him.

Amelia asked him if he would attend the first Quidditch game this year. Horace just gave her a strange look like it is obvious "Of course i would although i am scared of those bludgers but even a bludger to the face can't stop me from cheering for my house and now i even have a friend on the team more reason to come...but more reason for you to better perform well in this game." Horace considers everyone who made the team an amazing player and they are just gonna trample through this. He almost knows nothing about how the game works or how hard it is to win.

Sitting on the table after a few moments Horace realized he was just getting lost in the book again. And didn't want that awkward silence he hated it so he decided to start a conversation. "So what can you tell me about Quidditch?like i may try to learn something at least be able to fly a broom" This wasn't something he was interested in but he knew Amelia would love to talk about Quidditch and he always tried to pay attention to what his friends like more than his own interests and it wouldn't hurt if she actually helped him with his fear of flying.

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