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The silence of the shelves  PV Evelyn R.   Fin. 

Everyone was at the main part of the library, most with their own books, doing homework while others play chess and fool around. Emily finished her homework in class, it was quite easy, and was hoping to extend her knowledge out a bit more.

She isn't a Ravenclaw, but she loves knowledge and learning knew things. You'd almost say that she's half Ravenclaw and half Hufflepuff.

The shevles at the back were silent, no one looked at them much. She went to the last shelf, the thick books were covered in dust. Some were about stories while others were informational. No one read books for fun these days. The library is grand, so much information around everyone and yet...

She took a book, a thick, sturdy, brown one and blew the dust off of it. She started reading.







Six books.

Emily read six, heavy books in 5 hours.

Is it possible? Well, she did it didn't she.

Even though she blew the dust off, she could still see how not many people have read these books. Even though not many people were at the shelves, the stories these books had to tell were beyond words, she was quite happy to be on of the few being able to read them.

She sometimes loved talking about the characters to someone who knows the book as much as her. It's fun to talk about the backgrounds and sometimes make fantasy versions and joked out of them.

As Emily was going to get a book from the top shelf, she heard footsteps, making her stuble and almost drop the book. Almost. She embarrassingly tried to cool down her red face as she nervously looked around at who would come this far into the library.

If I can’t make people happy by my own self, then I’ll reach they’re expectation. Because to reach other’s happiness is a sacrifice on one’s self.

The silence of the shelves  PV Evelyn R.   Fin. 

For Evelyn, this was just another day spent where she liked the most in the depths of Hogwarts Library. Shelves after shelves filled the giant room with only wooden tables getting in the way and their Victorian chairs pushed neatly up to the tables. Students manly Ravenclaw could be seen coming and going most of the time especially from the back and few students from other houses would rarely dare go further towards the ancient tomes that rarely are touched.

She could remember clearly the first time she stepped into this realm of ancient knowledge, she had been searching for a book about wands but couldn't find anything till she came to the back. For her, that book was better than any of the current ones.

Evelyn made her way through the aisles to continue from where she had left off yesterday except when she looked where the book had been left the spot was empty and the other book was slightly slumped against the other. Slightly annoyed and thought it was mostly a member of her house and could ask them later.

She made her way around to the other side of the shelf when she ran into a young girl with glasses.

The silence of the shelves  PV Evelyn R.   Fin. 

There wasn’t anyone at the very back, just her and the girl. She had short brown hair and green eyes. Emily has seen her at the Ravenclaw table before. In a class they share, Emily remembers overhearing a conversation.

“She...didn’t she often ride rollerblades? I think that’s what the conversation was about...”

Realizing that she is staring, Emily awkwardly smiles at the person in front of her.

“is it just me or...does she look slightly annoyed?”

Panicking, she thought of the reasons why that could be.

“Am I in her spot? Do libraries have spots? Is she trying to get through? Does she not like Hufflepuffs? Oh no what if I did something without knowing...or...”

She looks down at the book she was holding. She was three fourths of the way through it.

Though she was taller then the girl, she looked extremely panicked, making her look like some form of a victim.

Shiley offering the book to her she finally stuttered the question out:

“U-um, I’m sorry would you l-like to have this book?”

The girl looked like she was about to speak but the 1 second pause made Emily nervous, making her ramble on:

“I’m really sorry, you do want this book right? It just looked so interesting I didn’t mean to take it- oh is this also your spot? I’ll move right away, it’s just that it was really quiet here and it seemed comfortable and all, you see I’ve read a bunch of these books and they were brilliant and, and, and, um, and....”

If I can’t make people happy by my own self, then I’ll reach they’re expectation. Because to reach other’s happiness is a sacrifice on one’s self.

The silence of the shelves  PV Evelyn R.   Fin. 

Evelyn stood there for a minute just observing the other who was carrying multiple books. She looked like she was having some internal freak out that resulted in the other looking so panicked. It was a little strange to find someone other than her house so deep in the library. The girl with glasses suddenly offered Evelyn the book then this left her unsure what she should do when it happened the girl suddenly started off with one thing and just seemed to continue and get even more panicky.

"First no one owns the library... Well except the current Headmaster, just surprised to find someone else this deep that's not Ravenclaw. Also, I've already finished that book someone took the one I was currently on." Evelyn said in a quiet and calm voice knowing from her time in an orphanage some people responded better and they would calm down.

Are all Hufflepuffs so fidgety Evelyn wondered. "It is more comfortable back here with fewer people, just don't spread that around we don't need more people to make it less comfortable.""I suggest not using these for classes they are way out of date and could potentially hurt you if you try them."

As a way to try and break any further panicky ness, Evelyn remembered that the girl said something about how she liked books and it seemed like a good topic to enter "What kind of books do you like?"

The silence of the shelves  PV Evelyn R.   Fin. 

"What kind of books do you like?"

"Wh-what kind of books? U-Umm..."

Emily didn't neccesarily have a 'favourite' genre of books. She enjoyed all of them. Well, maybe not horror, she didn’t like them very much. Even in movies or anything, she was such a scary cat.

"Umm, I guess I like informational ones. Fantasy books are great too, visualising them are just amazing. B-but I also like history and knowing how things are made!"

That wasn't the best answer she could have gave. She worried at what the girl thought of her. She was a Ravenclaw after all, they were quite intelligent. The library always had different genres of books, and each told a story, even if it's informational, it was just told in its own way.

"So, what kind of books do you enjoy reading? M-my name is Emily Lashkhia by the way, first year from Hufflepuff."

She stuck her hand out for a handshake when she froze. She had forgotten to stop shaking hands when it wasn't a formal meeting. She was too used to this due to the many meetings her parents made her go to. Her hand shook a bit due to anticipation. She couldn't take it back now, it would be concidered as rude.
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If I can’t make people happy by my own self, then I’ll reach they’re expectation. Because to reach other’s happiness is a sacrifice on one’s self.

The silence of the shelves  PV Evelyn R.   Fin. 

Cameron entered the Library and kept to himself. Knowing that the Library was full of students that were talking, reading, or doing homework. He decided to search for a book relating to Care of Magical Creatures. He thought about reading ahead and knew that it wouldn't be a problem if he did. Learning a few magical creatures wouldn't hurt him since around the castle there are many magical plants and creatures. Coming into contact only recently with a magical plant did spark his interest and seeing an magical creature from far away in the grounds did excite him. Cameron picked up a book that was on the recent studies of magical creatures. Carrying the book to the desk he sat down and began to read. The first page was rather fascinating for it showed a magical creature that had more than four limbs. He started to scan the paragraph quickly reading about the magical creature without taking his time with actually reading about the history. One thing that did scare him was a student sneezing just down the way that made him jump as he took a few deep breaths and then got back to reading. Cameron shook his head. 

Cameron Harper

The silence of the shelves  PV Evelyn R.   Fin. 

Now known as Emily, the young Hufflepuff with glasses put her hand out towards Evelyn the poor girl seemed to freeze up except for her hand that had started shaking. Evelyn not wasting anytime shook the others hand but before letting go, her other hand also came up to clasp, leaving both hands on the girl and said "You, really should calm down everything is fine," Evelyn simply smiled as she let go of the Hufflepuff's hand and added "My mother had a large fashion business so I know its a perfectly normal action."

"And to answer your question, I will read basically anything if it catches my interest currently I'm interested in wandlore and tracking the history of wands," Evelyn said, "Have you seen any books dedicated to such a thing, I've looked but you may have seen something that I didn't?"

Under her breath, Evelyn mumbled, "Might just have to ask Mr. Olivander." Whether the other could hear what she had said or not wasn't really a problem. Though I won't be able to contact him until next Thursday, think he said he was going somewhere to get more materials for the wands, she thought. I wonder if they are rare ones or if he's gonna buy them.
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The silence of the shelves  PV Evelyn R.   Fin. 

“History of wands?”
She thought

“That’s very interesting, not many people want to know more about the accuracy of our magic...”

She glanced at Evelyn when asked if she knew any books of the sort. Completely oblivious to the muttering, she smiled.

“Sure I do!”

It wasn’t everyday people ask her for help other than for homework. She steps infront of Evelyn and motions for her to follow. Emily leads her to the very left of the library, and then closer to the main entrance.

“It should be here somewhere...”

She saw a boy sitting at a table very close to the shelf she wanted take a book out of. Being tall for her age, she easily reached the shelf she wanted- but her height doesn’t change her clumsiness. It was heavier then she thought it would be. She grabbed it, but then before she could hold it with both hands, it came off the shelf straight to the ground.

Not to mention the boy was reading quite peacefully when it slammed near him.

Emily didn’t know what to do. She apologized while bowing to the book, for some reason, and then to the boy then to Evelyn and then repeat. Blood has rushed to her face- she went to the shelves for peace and quiet but now she just caused a huge noise.

If I can’t make people happy by my own self, then I’ll reach they’re expectation. Because to reach other’s happiness is a sacrifice on one’s self.

The silence of the shelves  PV Evelyn R.   Fin. 

Evelyn was surprised to find that the Emily had known a book about wands and where to find it considering she was certain she had looked almost everywhere where one would be. She followed the Hufflepuff back towards the front of the library.

Emily pulled out a book with one hand but suddenly dropped it, making a loud noise in the somewhat quiet place. The poor girl was clearly freaked out with her bowing at a book and then to the two other people there. No doubt the sudden noise must have been surprising to the poor boy that was sitting there reading not expecting what happened.

Evelyn started laughing with her hand covering her mouth and between chuckles, she said "man your just adorable."

After a small while, she was able to gain control of herself and stopped laughing. She bent down and picked the heavy book off the floor, seeing how big the book was she was surprised. If I just read this it'll take an hour maybe but since I'll be taking notes two to three hours she thought. For a while there I thought I was gonna have to look for personal journals of wandmakers.

Evelyn placed the book on a table not too far from where they were, she definitely was not the strongest of people making the book heavier than it would be to others probably the reason why Emily dropped it in the first place.

The silence of the shelves  PV Evelyn R.   Fin. 

As Evelyn put the heavy book on her desk, Emily got an idea.

"Evelyn, wait right here, okay?"

As quickly as she could (without running of course), Emily went to the front of the reference section. She easily manoeuvred around the shelves till she got to what she wanted.
A history of Geraint Ollivander
There was not much about how to make a wand, but it talked all about his life. It was a small book, an 11 year old could easily hold it with one hand across the cover. It was quite dusty.

"I guess people really don't read about wandmakers, huh..."

Emily walked back to where Evelyn was. She was concentrated on the book, and Emily didn't want to interupt. She pondered on if Evelyn could tell more about her wand then the basic Mr.Ollivander had told her. She knew Mr.Ollivander was an expert, but wanted to see how much Evelyn knew. Sliding the A history of Geraint Ollivander over to Evelyn, Emily got her wand out.

"U-um, Evelyn, sorry to interupt, I know I could ask this later but I was curious-"

She points the wand at Evelyn, the bottom facing her of course,

"Can you tell me more about my wand than what Mr.Ollivander said?"

If I can’t make people happy by my own self, then I’ll reach they’re expectation. Because to reach other’s happiness is a sacrifice on one’s self.

The silence of the shelves  PV Evelyn R.   Fin. 

At first, Evelyn was paying great attention to the book and hadn't even noticed that the other had taken off. She pulled a small notebook that contained many pieces of paper inside of it and placed it right next to the book, then pulled out a much smaller feather for writing, than they use in class and a small bottle of ink. Evelyn turned around after finishing and said "Hey Em... Where did she go?" I'm certain she was right here,she thought slightly confused at how the other could disappear so quickly.

She pulled her personal notebook closer and opened it pulling out some of the papers and started organizing them properly between woods and cores. The information she had obtained from Mr. Olivander from their many owls and put them back in the book. Then she dusted off the book about wands slightly annoyed that many of the books are in this condition it just went to show how little people learned about the very instrument that enabled them to have better control over their power.

Once again Evelyn had not noticed that Emily had returned until suddenly she had heard something being slid on the table and a voice saying "U-um, Evelyn, sorry to interrupt, I know I could ask this later but I was curious-". Evelyn won't admit to it but she may have slightly jumped a bit at the sudden noise.

Turning to look at the other she had said "I'm not at Mr. Olivanders level yet but it can't hurt anything," she looked down at the wand "Oh my god that's cherry wood, I still haven't seen one yet they are supposed to be rare outside of Japan."

She took the wand from Emily's hand but as soon as she had it was almost as if a sudden gust of wind or magical power had come from them causing both of the girl's hair and clothing to move slightly. Suddenly she started speaking "The wood is over three hundred years old from an ancient Cherry tree it has a lethal power, the phoenix feather is from a phoenix that has died and regenerated five times it is capable of great magic but hard to win over. The wand thinks you are amazing but not using your full potential and won't lend you its full power till you do."

As suddenly as it started it ended but Evelyn dropped the wand and fell back on to one of the chairs clenching her head "Crap a migraine, sorry about dropping your wand."

The silence of the shelves  PV Evelyn R.   Fin. 

Emily was shocked. Evelyn was correct, she had a wand made of cherry would with a Phoenix core. Suddenly, Evelyn dropped the wand due to a migraine.

“Oh no- uh, are you ok? Well of course you aren’t. Um, here,”
Emily pulled a bottle out from her pocket.
“I don’t use it much, it becomes less and less affective the more you use it, but I get bad headaches sometimes so for emergency I have it.”

Emily, panicking, puts the bottle in front of Evelyn.
“Ahhh, you need water hold on.”
Emily quickly goes and comes back with a plastic cup.
“It’s from the water bottle thing outside the library. Except the jug was empty.”
She tries to explain, not knowing what the item was called. Retrieving her wand from the chair, she points her wand to the tip of the cup.
She whispers. A stream of clear water successfully goes into the cup.

“Sorry to make you wait, here.”
She motions to the cup of water and the painkillers. She had no clue if it was a short migraine or if it was still continuing, but she did it anyways, just in case.

She then sits down in front of Evelyn.
“Do you often get such sudden pains?”

If I can’t make people happy by my own self, then I’ll reach they’re expectation. Because to reach other’s happiness is a sacrifice on one’s self.

The silence of the shelves  PV Evelyn R.   Fin. 

Emily's eyes sparkled as she giggled.
"It just sort of came to you? That just means you're a natural! "

This was quite exciting. Putting aside the fact that Evelyn just had a headache, she may be befriending (or if not friends acquainting) a genius of sorts.

But there was something off.
"She wasn't trying to cast a spell but...what was with that gust of wind? Perhaps they're connected with the huge, sudden headache? "
She shook off the thought and pushed it deep into the back of her head. It was none of her buisness anyways.

Emily put the pills back into her robe.
"Good thing I had that in here. Maybe I should carry more than painkillers and bandages... "

"Well, I hope you enjoy the books I found, they may not be much, but I suppose they're better than nothing, and also... "
Evelyn had a small bottle of ink and a small feather. Emily looked over at the notes Evelyn wrote. In the notebook, some papers, in which some looked like letters, seemed to be loosely fitted. Seeing some letters being addressed to Mr. Ollivander, Emily questioned;

"Do you write to Mr. Ollivander a lot?"

If I can’t make people happy by my own self, then I’ll reach they’re expectation. Because to reach other’s happiness is a sacrifice on one’s self.

The silence of the shelves  PV Evelyn R.   Fin. 

"Ya, mainly if I have some questions since this school doesn't have a class for the subject... I wonder why they don't" Evelyn says. She sat up a bit straighter since her migraine calmed down some and it was just a small stabbing in her head.

Man, I hope that doesn't happen again or every time I hold someone else's wand. If it does then there goes maybe being a wandmaker, she thought. Though there are a few things that I want to try as well.

"I'm gonna have to ask him about this though, I take doing that isn't normal for a witch or Wizard right?" Evelyn asked the other. She was slightly annoyed that sometimes due to her birth she still wasn't sure what could be considered normal for someone with magic.

"Maybe, it was one of those special abilities I read about like Parseltongue or that Animagus thing, though I actually do want to try that last one out sometime. Turning into an animal might come in handy one day." Evelyn says.

By this point in time, the pain is just a slight headache and nothing like the ones from her anemia, meaning it was going away. I wonder if doing that again will fry my brain, she thought.

The silence of the shelves  PV Evelyn R.   Fin. 

"Ohh, I see..."

Emily hasn't talked to too many people this casually and for this long in a long, long time. Usually they're with people who she has known for a long time. Someone she was comfortable with in silence, and Evelyn was a new person she has just met, so she wasn't one of them. She desperately tried to find a topic for coversation. She could have left Evelyn alone, let her read in peace, but was afraid she'd take that as rude or make it awkward the next time they meet.

It was probably awkward right now. Emily's tempretrue rose as she started to panic. Her head felt a little fuzzy as she had trouble breathing.

"Ahhh....what do I do? Does she want to be left alone? I should wait for her to go if she wants to go right? Do I go find more books on wands? Are there any? What if I come bac empty handed?"

At least Evelyn's headache seemed to be getting better. But if she did have anything like Parseltongue, that would be quite cool. Oh, that's it!

"Maybe you should talk to a professor about this? I mean, if its something they've seen before within their experience..."

If I can’t make people happy by my own self, then I’ll reach they’re expectation. Because to reach other’s happiness is a sacrifice on one’s self.