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Searching Forever  Closed 

Eri had been searching in the library for a book her aunt had written. The book was about advanced transfiguration and animaguses. Eri really wanted to read this book since her aunt gave it to Hogwarts to keep. That was just interesting to her.

After searching for what seem like hours, but in reality was thirty minutes Eri realized she was lost. She had wandered in the midst of all the shelves and didn't know which way was what. She kept searching for her book.

She felt like a fool. How could Eri a very smart girl get lost in a library. Then she realized she had been reading every title of the books and reading made her forget her surroundings. "Seriously." She said out loud.

After wandering again Eri tripped over something laying on the ground. Her aunt's book. At last! She picked up the book and put it in her bag. "Now I have to find my way back." After walking some more she found out she was next to the restricted section. Finally she got back to the front of the library.

Looking at a clock she saw the time and she was already ten minutes late for defense against the dark arts. "Drats." She thought to herself if she should stay in the library and skip class or go back to class. 

{Dreams stay dreams until you make them reality.'}Eri Windstone. STR:10 AGI:7 CNT:5 STM:4

Searching Forever  Closed 

Edith had gotten lost in the library again. You would think that after the first, second, or third time she would've learned. But no. The looming shelves above her made her look up instead and gaze instead of focusing on looking for the books she needed and NOT getting lost. But here she was. She noticed that she had come across the restricted section. If a teacher caught her here she would be screwed. Another girl was there too, a first year, and definitely not a Slytherin. "Uh... do you know where the exit is? I got lost..." She laughed awkwardly and shifted her position on the stack of books she was carrying as she waited for her response. 

Searching Forever  Closed 

Eri turned around and heard the Slytherin girl speak. Eri nodded and turned toward the way back and motioned for the other to follow. "This way." She started walking away from the restricted section's gate and straight through one of the rows. Eri didn't mind helping the girl as long as she didn't have to speak very much. Looking behind to see if the other girl had followed her Eri looked briefly at the shelf next to her.

After allowing the girl to catch up Eri began walking to the front of the library. Eri had probably already missed half of defense against the dark arts by now and it would be foolish to show up. She would explain herself later.

Looking around the library she continued walking hoping the girl was still following her. It was no wonder how people could get lost in the library. This place was enchanting and very interesting for people who got distracted easily. 

Finally they arrived at the front of the library. Eri walked to the front and sat down at a table and placed her book down to read. She looked up at the Slytherin girl. "Here we are." She smiled kindly.

{Dreams stay dreams until you make them reality.'}Eri Windstone. STR:10 AGI:7 CNT:5 STM:4